Hey there

I’m Teresa

I'm an award-winning speaker, best selling author, podcaster and 6 figure online business owner! And I help business owners like you to build a life and business they dream of! 

So how do I do that and what makes me qualified to do so!

Well to be honest it’s you and only you that can create your dream business, because it’s exactly that ‘YOUR’ dream which is very personal to you. But my job is to support you and motivate you to do so.

I do this 3 ways

I give you a clear path – I have spent a very long time putting together my Dream Business Growth Path which you can work through with my support and it tells you what to do in each area of your business for every stage. Getting started no problem, ready to scale and take over the world I’ve got you! 


I give you personalised support and motivation. You know that the success of your business mostly comes down to your mindset, that is often the thing that keeps you in your comfort zone and holds you back from really succeeding. And I have had a lot of experience in helping people with this very thing. I equip you with the mindset tools and strategies to dream big and get there! But this is not a one size fits all. I take time to get to know you and how you like to work! 


I create a safe community that is a safe place to share when things are tough and celebrate when things go well and it’s an amazing community at that! They are so supportive and genuinely care about each other and support each other's businesses!


I create a safe community that is a safe place to share when things are tough and celebrate when things go well and it’s an amazing community at that! They are so supportive and genuinely care about each other and support each other's businesses!

With the right direction and support I know you can achieve anything and create the

business and life you dream of.

I think at this point it might be helpful to share my story of an unemployed single mum to a 6 figure business owner! 

After finishing a degree in marketing I spent a decade working in every different marketing role you can imagine. I was a great employee and I loved it! 

However, in 2013 I found myself as a single mum, after separating from my husband. Months later and getting my life back on track a few things had changed with my job and I decided that I wanted a change. I had worked in Marketing for 10 years and was good at what I did. I thought, I'll easily find another job. 

I have no idea what I was thinking!

However, having to keep a roof over my 4 year olds head and food on the table was a massive motivator! I worked super hard and managed to get clients and started bringing money in as a marketing consultant and agency.

However after a few months I was exhausted and was working longer and harder than ever before! I was overwhelmed and worn out! 

And in an attempt to be at the top of my game and started to pay to do online training, join communities, memberships and masterminds in order to increase my knowledge.


I loved how you could go online and have an experts training at your fingertips. I also loved the fact that they could help so many people from around the world 

And I wanted the same!

Fast forward a few years, I now have my own 6 figure online business! I am also an award winning international speaker & TEDx speaker and have spoken on some of the most amazing stages with amazing people! 

I am a bestselling author of a multi author book that hit the number 1 slot in 9 categories in the amazons charts.

I have been featured in places like…

I am the host of the popular weekly podcast “Your Dream Business Podcast” where I get to interview entrepreneurial royalty like  Amy Porterfield, Michael Hyatt, Dean Graziosi, Jasmine Star, Stu Mclaren, Mike Stelzner and so many more! 

I am now recognised alongside some of the world’s social media & digital marketing thought leaders and am widely regarded as one of the United Kingdom’s leading Marketing influencers.

Down time

I have a lovely husband, daughter and two stepchildren, and I love spending time with them. And as far as hobbies go… well, I don’t have many. I just love what I do so much that I can’t help but do it all the time. But I enjoy the garden and I love travelling and luckily it’s one of the best things about my job as I often travel to speak! 

A little bit of magic!

When I first started my business I remember thinking – how hard can this be? I mean I have worked in Marketing for a decade and am good at it. 

Oh how wrong could I be! 

I had no clue about how my mindset could affect what I do everyday! 

I soon started to realise that in order to have a successful business, it would take more than just having the right tools, systems and strategies!  

Because I had all of them and I didn’t launch my online business for a year because I was scared!

I was worried about everything.

What if no one bought. What if people do buy and hate it. What if the information I put in there is wrong. What if they disagree, what if people who don’t like me say something. What if people think “Who does she think she is?”

Honestly, I had every bit of fear, self doubt and imposter syndrome going that you could imagine. I was stuck. Too scared to do anything. I had built a course and sat on it, too scared to share it with the world!

This is where the woo comes in…

I realised the power of personal development, visualisation, goal setting, self belief and a little bit of magic! I went on a content rampage, consuming as much information as possible. Through books, podcasts, conferences, online training and paid thousands in coaching programs, it has paid off more times than I can tell you!

That's why in everything I do, I bring in a little woo and a lot of self belief, because without it I would not be where I am today!

What's next...

If this resonates and you need help building your online business click below to find out how you can work with me.