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In this video from the Build My List Course I explain all and give you a sneak peek to what you can expect in the course.

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Step by step lessons

The course is broken down step by step with everything you need to complete each part of the process. At the end of each lesson you have some actions to take which will ensure you are ready for the next step of the process. There is also a workbook that helps you plan and work through each step


As well as the pre-recorded lessons and live calls you are also getting workbooks, Lead Magnet & Social Media Post Canva templates, step by step instructional videos on the tech elements, email copy swipe files, landing page copy swipe files and so much more.

All of these bits and all the recordings will be put in the course and you will have lifetime access to it. 


I know coming up with the PDF download can be time consuming and frustrating if you don’t think you are that creative and coming up with the images for social media can be hard. Thats why I have created all the templates you need. Not only for the download itself but also for all the social images in landscape, story and square. There is even a training video on how to use them and how to use Canva.


Stuck on what to write in the download or the emails that you are going to use to welcome your new audience to your list? No problem I have written them all for you – all you have to do is tweak and add your own personal style.


If you have tried to put together an email automation before you might have been defeated by the tech! I know it can be something that puts people off. 


That's what makes this course sooooo good! Because I am covering the tech


I have picked 3 of the most popular platforms, Each tech training is broken down into 4 videos where you can follow along the simple steps and by the end you will have a landing page with pop up and automation so your emails send automatically, when someone opts in.


Mailerlite (great for getting started and also a great alternative to Mail Chimp) Active Campaign (a good middle ground one) and then Kajabi which is a great one if you are running an online business with membership/courses.

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I joined Teresa’s course as I had no idea what a lead magnet was, or how to create one. I also knew that I would need help with the technical side of things and left to my own devices it wouldn’t get done.

I absolutely loved the creative part of the course and was able to create a lead magnet that resembled the ones I admired from other people because of the fantastic templates. Teresa’s step by step tech tuition was fantastic and I just would not have been able to complete the tasks without this guidance.

I would highly recommend this course to others. Thank you Teresa.”

Kim Prince Carr
What’s a lead magnet & Who do you want on your list

In this lesson I will introduce you to what a lead magnet is and then we will go through a perfect customer profile exercise, so you can work out who you want on your list and also what is the reason they want to be there! Once you have identified your perfect customer and work out what they need help with, then come up with the perfect lead magnet to get them on your list. 


What you get – Pre recorded lesson with workbook

Coming up with the Lead magnet including copy and coming up with a perfect title

In this lesson I will look more in depth and explain what goes into your lead magnet. I will explain all the copy that is needed and how you should structure the copy as well as my proven formula for coming up with a perfect title!   


What you get – Pre-recorded lesson, Swipe copy for lead magnet so you only have to add in your 5 tips

Designing the lead magnet and the social media images

In this lesson you will create your lead magnet & social media images using Canva. Don’t worry if you are not a canva pro, I have created pre designed templates for you to use and will show you how you can make it consistent with your brand. 


What you get – Pre-recorded lesson. Canva lead magnet templates and social media templates.  Instructional video on how to edit a Canva template to ensure it's consistent with your brand.

Understanding the funnel process & coming up with the email and landing page copy as well as looking at GDPR

I will walk you step by step through the funnel process of a lead magnet. I explain what emails you need to onboard your perfect customer. We will also create the copy for your landing page and your email copy, using my email onboarding swipe files! 


What you get – Pre-recorded lesson. Landing page and onboarding emails swipe files.

The tech!

This lesson walks you through the tech, in the prerecorded lesson I will introduce you to how it works and then you will have a video that will walk you through each step! You can choose between any of the three platforms or if you offer email support as a service you can learn how to do it in all three!  


What you get – Pre recorded lesson, tech walk through for 3 email systems

How to get people to sign up!

In this lesson we look at all the ways we can get people to sign up to your list! I will show you examples of lead magnet promotion and go through all the places you can share your lead magnet. 


What you get – Pre-recorded lesson. Marketing list of places to promote your lead magnet.

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Mailerlite, Kajabi and Active Campaign.

As you can imagine I have had experience with a lot of systems and therefore I am confident you will be happy with one of the ones I have picked.

No problem.


Even if you have already started building a list this course is still going to be super helpful. The aim of the course is to walk you through all the steps needed to come up with a lead magnet idea create the lead magnet, set up the funnel and promote it. Once you have these key steps under your belt then it's just a case of rinse and repeat!  

You get instant, lifetime access!

100% YES! I wish I had started my email list on day one of my business. This is the perfect time to start. 

n Build My List Self Study you get everything in Build My List minus the live calls! So you can work through the step by step lessons in your own time and get all the bonuses too.

I am confident about the course I have put together and if you do the lessons and follow the steps you will be able to start your email list. But it requires you to do the work. Which is why I don’t offer refunds for this course.

It might be one of the ones I have picked included in your training videos but if not, I will show you some of my favourite platforms.

No problem. I have recorded two videos for you on how to use canva with the templates I have provided. 

100% YES! 

Everything I am going to be teaching you is done in the email system you will not need to use a website.

If you love Build My List and feel you would like to work further with me to grow your business you can join my academy waitlist here.

Just completed Teresa’s Build My List course on lead magnets & it’s been an absolute blast! I’ve learned so much that I can continue to use throughout the rest of my career. Without this course I’m not sure I would ever have coped with the tech side of this process. Best professional investment I’ve ever made. A week after I launched my lead magnet I had 49 people opt in, no subscribers (yet!), spent £30 on FB boost & got one sale! Over the moon!”

Lets do this!

One of the best things I have ever done that helped grow my business is to build my email list. 

There is no nicer feeling than sending out an email and getting replies from your community who are loving what you are sending them. 


The only problem with my email list is that I wish I had started it on day one! There is never a bad time to start your list and I promise once you have completed this course and started your list your future self is going to thank you!

Cheering you on,

Teresa x

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