Let’s get back to basics

When was the last time you reviewed the basics on your social media platforms?

With the ever changing world of social media and constant updates on each platform, it is easy to forget the fundamentals of social media that are just as important in making sure your social media profiles are doing what you want them to do.

Profile Picture

If you are marketing yourself, your profile picture should be a clear image of you as you are the face of your business. If you are selling a product or service, your profile picture should be your logo. Always make sure your photo is consistent with the images you use on your website and other social media platforms. Your logo should be clear and simple so it can be easily recognised and viewed in a small thumbnail.

Cover Photo

This is the first thing people see when they visit your profile so you need to make sure that it is telling them what it is you do, as well as grabbing their attention. You can also use your cover photo to promote any upcoming events, promotions or new launches that you may have. It is good practice to change your cover photo at least every quarter, to keep it seasonal and up to date.
Your Facebook cover photo can link to your call to action button by pointing to it on your page which can draw attention to it and encourage visitors to use it.


Your bio should also tell people exactly what you do and use simple phrases/words. You are limited to the amount of characters you use on each platform; Facebook allows 155 characters, Twitter allows 160 characters and Instagram allows 150 characters. Facebook does now allow space for a longer “About” section on business pages where you can include your business story and a photo which can really help grab attention and encourage people to read. There is also opportunity to include a link on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, this is a good place to link to your website. Another way to use the link section on Instagram is to use LinkTree or Shor.by, which allow you to have multiple links for people to click through.

Why not make one of your tasks today to check that your business pages are all up to date and your basics are all being used to get the most from each platform?

Facebook F8 2019 Updates

You may have seen the news last week that Facebook announced some new updates to both Facebook and Instagram. So I thought I would give you a quick update on what was said and my take on what that might mean for you.


Platform Makeover
The Facebook brand and platform now has a slightly new look which is focusing on stories at the top of the page. This bigger focus on stories would make me believe that they want us to do more stories on Facebook. This has been a theme for a while and I think they see the platform becoming more story based. Personally I love stories on Instagram, but for whatever reason I am not keen on Facebook stories and don’t watch them!

Dedicated Groups Tab
You will now see on your mobile app that you have a dedicated tab for the groups that you are in. One of Facebook’s key themes is to use the platform to build community snf groups fit this perfectly. Hence while one of the headlines in their own news article was “Putting Groups First”. Are you currently using Facebook groups? If not, maybe you should think about setting one up.

New Tools For Groups
Facebook have identified that different types of groups need different things, so are now introducing new tools to help. Again they are creating an attractive package for anyone using groups in hope more people do.

“Different communities have different needs, so we’re introducing new features for different types of groups. Through new Health Support groups, members can post questions and share information without their name appearing on a post. Job groups will have a new template for employers to post openings, and easier ways for job seekers to message the employer and apply directly through Facebook. Gaming groups will get a new chat feature so members can create threads for different topics within the group.” Source https://newsroom.fb.com/news/2019/04/f8-2019-day-1/

Meet Friends Feature
This new feature is not that dissimilar to the suggested friends feature we have at the moment . Again I think this is just demonstrating how they are trying to foster more of a community spirit on the platform.

Facebook Dating
Say what! Yes you heard right Facebook are testing a new dating and relationships feature within the app. You will be able to create a dating profile that is separate from your normal profile. Interesting new feature, not one that I will be using as a happily married woman!

New Events Tab
Coming in the summer this new tab will show you what’s happening around you, including local businesses and can help you plan events with friends.


Instagram Stories Camera
Instagram are introducing a redesigned camera called Create Mode! Their aim is to make it easier to build creative stories from scratch. It is also taking on a more snapchat style format and they are introducing new shopping tags so influencers and celebrities can tag what they are wearing.

Hiding Like Counts
OMG shock horror!! Currently being tested in Canada, it will only show the number of likes on an image to you and not your followers. Their reasoning behind it is that it makes it a less pressurised environment, which personally I don’t think it’s a bad thing! However if you are going to be working with influencers then this will make it harder to see how popular someone is.

“We want people to worry a little bit less about how many likes they’re getting on Instagram and spend a bit more time connecting with the people that they care about,” Adam Mosseri F8, conference.

Selling From Instagram
Before you get super excited this feature is still in Beta testing with no date to go public, however they are testing the ability to sell right from you instagram account. It will work similar to the tagging products feature, but will then take them to product details and then check out.


Desktop App
Messenger was also featured in the conference as they announced a new desktop app for messenger. This will be an interesting development as messenger offers a way to communicate that others like Slack etc don’t, such as group video calls. We could see this being used more in the business space.

Other updates

The other key area that came out from the conference was the focus on privacy – Facebook have been under fire about this so demonstrated that they are making big strides to improve it. And also they are releasing a Facebook portal which is classed as a smart display for the home/office that you can make video calls through. It obviously has some other smart features like an augmented smart-camera which can auto-zoom and follow people when they move around.


This conference was a big one with lots of cool updates and features coming our way. Personally I think this was Facebook’s way to prove that they are still way ahead of the game and a huge player in this industry. Also from a business point of view I think overall Facebook and Instagram are really pushing community and meaningful interactions. Which in my mind can only be a positive.
Just as a quick heads up!
When they do updates like this not everyone gets everything at the same time – so for instance at the time of writing this I don’t have the new look instagram stories camera, however other people do. So if you don’t have these changes don’t panic I am sure they are on there way!

Let me know what new features you like or don’t like? 

Kajabi Impact Summit: What I Learnt from the Amazing Speakers!

I’d like to start by saying I’m not a massive fan of blog writing, don’t get me wrong blogs are awesome, it’s just that I would much rather talk than write. However, I’m so compelled to tell you about the weekend I have just had that I don’t want to wait for my next available episode of my podcast.

So I’m sat here with a pen in hand (yes I’m old school) ready to share with you all of the amazing things I learnt at Kajabi Impact Summit and why this was one of the best events I have ever been to.

If you follow me you will know that I attend lots of conferences and I think they are an awesome way to learn and network, but for lots of reasons this event stood head and shoulders above so many that I have attended previously.

One of the main reasons for this (and believe me there are lots) was because of the speaker line-up. In all honesty, I wasn’t even a Kajabi customer and saw the line-up and knew I had to attend.

Oh my word the line-up did not disappoint – they were like a power house of digital marketing geniuses and goddesses.

On a side note – that was the other thing about this line-up, lots of females which is unusual to see, but most welcomed. There were also no fillers in this line-up, just amazing speakers, one after another. They all shared amazing content that either motivated, inspired or full on blew our minds and I’ve picked the highlights to share with you here.




Roland Fraiser
Bullet-Proof Copy: Instantly & Easily Create Uniquely Effective Marketing Campaigns Using These Proven ‘What-To-Say-When’ Magic Messaging Models’


Roland Fraiser

Kicking off Kajabi Impact Summit was Roland, and he got the conference off to a great start and talked about one of my favourite subjects, customer profiling and the importance of knowing who you are talking to – a man after my own heart. He shared with us his avatar blueprint and then his frame work for writing sales copy, which was…

  • Speak to a NEED
  • Describe +/- OUTCOMES
  • Stir and Allay their FEARS
  • Frame it in a Gain>Logic>Fear SEQUENCE


Amy Porterfield
The 10 Battle-Tested Lessons I wish I knew Before Launching My Very First Digital Course (and What I’d Do Differently If I Were Starting Over)


Amy Porterfield

Next up was my friend and online marketing rockstar Amy Porterfield. I have seen Amy speak lots of times, she is always amazing and her talks are always packed full of awesome practical tips.
Amy shared with us the key things she wished she had known, before launching her first digital course. My key takeaways from this list were:

  • For anything you are selling, priced over $500 you should offer a payment plan however also have a pay in full bonus.
  • One webinar is never enough, you need to offer at least 3 or 4 – you will get better each time.
  • Send more emails even if it feels to aggressive – send 3 on cart closing day.

Click here to listen to me interviewing Amy on my Podcast


Jasmine Star
The Ultimate Instagram Launch Strategy: How to Convert Followers into Customers


Jasmine Star

The first thing I should say about Jasmine Star, is if you have never seen her speak, you must – I love this women she is an amazing, vibrant and a passionate speaker who says it like it is.
Jasmine shared how she uses Instagram to launch an online product with her 4 week launch strategy:

  • Week one – warm up sequence
  • Week two – nature sequence
  • Week thee – promotional sequence
  • Week four – deadline sequence

“The best business owners don’t sell they create need / desire / solutions”

Jasmine Star

Click here to listen to me interviewing Jasmine on my Podcast


Casey Graham
The Forgotten Funnel: Increase Customer Value Without Selling More


Casey Graham

Casey is the founder of Gravy (and my brand new BFF) which is a full-time, virtual retention specialists, which help online businesses with recurring memberships, recover failed credit card payments and retain customers. Other than being a super smart and funny man, he gave an awesome talk all around loving your customers, and you know what?- this subject is so important and is so often not talked about.
People are desperate to get a bigger email list or customer list, but they’re not looking after the people they already have, so my main key takeaway from this awesome talk is simple:

“Pay attention to the paying people – treat them like gold”

Casey Graham

Rachel Hollis
5 Things You Didn’t Know You are Actually Totally in Charge Of


Rachel Hollis

Rachel is a motivational speaker and author of ‘Girl Wash Your Face’ and ‘Girl, Stop Apologizing’. Having read ‘Girl Wash Your Face’ and seeing her previously speak in the UK, I knew she would be awesome. She reminded me of some key mindset areas to focused on, including one area of her talk which focused on comparison and how much this can impact on us as business owners. My main takeaway from her talk was…

“Keep your head down and focus on your own work – forget what everyone else is doing!”

Rachel Hollis


Roger Love
Voice of a Kajabi Hero: How to Speak So Others Perceive You As the Most Authentic and Irreplaceable Expert.


Roger Love

Starting day two for the Kajabi Impact Summit was Roger Love, and in all honesty I had never heard of Roger before this event, so I had no idea what to expect…. OMG I loved him! Firstly go check out his show reel the man is famous! Secondly, I non-stop laughed during his talk because he was absolutely hilarious, the room loved him. As a speaker I found his talk really helpful in terms of the difference that the tone and melody in our voices can have on the people listening to us.


Brock Johnson
Storytelling and the Power of Stories in Social Media


Brock Johnson

The lovely Brock focused his talk around storytelling and the importance of it in modern day marketing. He reminded us that stories build trust empathy and like-ability and gave us a 7-step process for story writing:

  • Conflict
  • Hero
  • Journey
  • Failure
  • Guide
  • Solution
  • Call to action


Brendon Burchard
How In the World Are Influencer Making $10M per Year?


Brendon Burchard

This was a personnel highlight, I have been reading Brendon’s book ‘High Performance Habits’ and have been a recent follower of his content. I was hoping he would be good, but oh my word he was AMAZING! I’m a little ashamed to admit it but his talk was so powerful that he had me in tears! There was so much amazing stuff in his talk, however the bit that got me was when he said the following:

“At the end of my life, will I have lived how I wanted, done what I wanted, loved more and lived intentionally – Everyday is a second chance – earn it”

Brendon Burchard

Chalene Johnson
How to Use Social Media to Sell Your Course – Without Selling


Chalene Johnson

The words that spring to mind when thinking back on Chalene’s talk are awesome music, dancing and energy – she had all three in spades! Chalene is a master at making videos and being on camera and it was great to hear her share some straight forward advice on this:

“Talk to the camera as if you’re speaking to a friend”

Chalene Johnson

Also, as a queen of online selling Chalene shared with us her comprehensive 12 step sales funnel.


Sean Cannell
How to Use YouTube to Get Free Traffic, Build Your Authority and Sell Products on Autopilot


Sean Cannell

Sean is a full time YouTuber and an expert at using YouTube for business. Now, even though this is not an area I’m focusing on at the moment, I still took down everything he said as this is a goal for the future and there was so much good stuff.

One of his main points was “research before you record”. Think about what do I want this video to achieve? And who do I want to see this video?

He also gave a really good link for seeing what keywords you should be using.

Click here to listen to me interviewing Sean on my Podcast



Neil Patel
7 Shortcuts to Becoming A Global Brand


Neil Patel

I obviously knew who Neil was and had seen his content, however I’ve never seen him speak. He was really lovely, down to earth, a smart and funny guy. Neil gave good solid marketing advice and one of the things I loved the most was that he gave really honest advice about the work it takes and the time you have to put in. This statement in particular stood out for me:

“Brand building never stops. If you stop growing your brand, people will forget about you”

Neil Patel


Russ Henneberry
Copy the 4-Step Framework We Use to Generate Millions of Dollars in Information Product Sales


Russ Henneberry
Photo credit bpm.photo https://www.instagram.com/bpm.photo/

You know those times at a conference where you don’t stop writing notes and take photos of every slide as there’s so much good stuff, this was that talk! Russ has been in this industry a while and it shows – He drilled down on the following 4 steps of marketing:
• Attention
• Subscription
• Acquisition
• Monetization
These steps show you how to take a customer from not knowing you, to then subscribing to your email list and then at the acquisition stage they make a small purchase (such as a tripwire product) so that you can see if they have an intention to buy before you take them to the monetization stage.


James Wedmore
Beyond the Course: How to Double Revenue and Deepen Impact with a Product Path


James Wedmore

If you follow me you would know I could write 20 blog posts about James, my husband and I are massive fans and therefore I knew he would be awesome and of course he didn’t disappoint! He always says the most profound things. You know the types of things you would want to turn into an Instagram quote or have on your wall!!
James talked to us about beliefs and how they can be holding us back in our business and how we can change our beliefs so that we can move forward. However, the main take away I want to share with you from his talk is:

“If you are not doing what you love you are doing the wrong thing”

James Wedmore

Click here to listen to me interviewing James on my Podcast


So, as you can see from my mammoth blog post the Kajabi Impact Summit was an amazing event with so much good stuff! Even though I want to wrap this up (because my hand is hurting and my poor husband who is typing this up keeps giving me a dirty look every time I add another sheet of paper to his pile) I can’t finish this post without mentioning Kenny Rueter, J-Cron and Kevin Richards who were the amazing hosts and from now on I will call them ‘The 3 Fathers of Kajbai”
Their passion and knowledge was evident in everything they said and did. Also, their passion and dedication to the platform has turned me into a devoted Kajabi customer!



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