Create a business and life that you love.

....and that makes you money!

Business, Marketing & Mindset Strategic Coach

I am a female business coach and work with business owners to help them love what they do and earn money while doing it. 

I thought coaches were full of s**t!

Most of the coaches I knew were straight white middle aged men in suits  and I used to think how can they relate to me let alone help me achieve what I want.

But that was the first problem – I had no idea what I wanted (other than to earn loads of money and travel the world – you know live the dream lol) 

I tried a few large group coaching programs with industry “guru’s” which ended up being a massive waste of time and money – they didn’t even know my name, let alone what I did or how to help me. And they would give generic, cookie cutter advice and if it didn’t work for you – you were the problem, not them! 

Does any of this sound familiar?

And then I found a real coach, a real amazing human, who got to know me and my business and what I wanted. They worked with me to understand how I was holding myself back and full on sabotaging my own success and provided me with the tools and strategy to move forward 

And you know what, it changed my life! No joke!

And I finally realised, this is what a coach is meant to be like.

Why did I become a Coach

After my 15 + years in marketing I started working 1-2-1 with business owners to help them grow their businesses and over time I realised that it never just came down to strategy alone.

More than just strategy

I could tell them the best marketing strategies in the world, however if they didn’t have the confidence to do it or something kept getting in the way (ie them and their mindset) they would get no further forward.

Becoming a qualified coach

As my personal interest in coaching and mindset grew so did what I could offer my clients.  I hung around with the right people and learnt from the best, I invested hours and hours into learning and reading and in 2022 I spent the year completing a coaching certification.

I am a certified business and mindset coach

How I can help you.

I thought long and hard about what to include on this page to explain how I can help you, but the truth is I have no idea until we have a conversation. 

Because everyone is different, with different wants and needs and a different view of what they want their dream business and life to look like. 

Female Business Coach

But to give you an idea - these are some of the amazing wins from my past clients

Thank you so much for your support on the 90 day programme. It’s helped me to get stuff done, focus on the right things at the right time and not get waylaid by the shiny objects! I can’t believe that I have made more money this year (so far) than I’ve ever made before in my life. And the investment in the 90 day programme was worth every single penny (or cent) and then some. Aileen Edgar ACCA tax tutor

If you are thinking of working 1-2-1 with Teresa I highly recommend it! Teresa helped me out together a new course and launch it and it completely sold out. So I couldn't be more grateful to her. I have also continued to work with Teresa since then and do to this day, That should tell you everything you need to know! Michelle McCance The Small Business Ad Club & Tiny Shell Media

Coaching with me

As a business, marketing and mindset strategic coach I bring three key areas into each session. 

All these three areas are a powerful combination. I can support you with the strategy and marketing plan that I know works from my almost 20 years experience but then a can coach you through any blocks you have and keep you accountable to ensure that all important follow through.

Why you can’t coach yourself

I am a coach and I have a coach – and do you know why?

It’s because we need someone on the outside looking in! We need that person to unpack all the stuff we have put to one side and make sense of what we are trying to achieve. 

And when you are in your business everyday it's very hard to step back and be objective or see that clear path ahead. The same can be said about our own heads!

The other thing that most of us are not great at doing is being accountable. If someone needs something by a certain time you can do it, a client, a child, school etc etc 

But when it comes to us we are last on the list! 

Which is why we all need someone to hold us to account, to set deadlines (realistic but firm) and to check in and make sure we are showing up for ourselves. 

And that's the job of my coach for me and my job as a coach for you! 

Who is my style of coaching for?

It's personal!

Having a coach is a very personal thing and the only real way to know if they are a good fit is to get on a call and see what they are like. 

However, in my experience that type of person that fits well with my coaching style is…

Why it might be the most, but best money you may ever spend!

This was so true for me – I remember that conversation when my coach told me the price and my mouth calmly said ‘great thanks’ with a smile but my head was like ‘what the what’, ‘how much!’ ‘Thank you but no!’

To be honest it scared me. I had never spent that kind of money on me and my head was saying ‘who the hell do you think you are’. But I knew that I couldn’t do this on my own and something had to change and boy did it change!

I now understand the importance of investing in me and my business and know after finding out the hard way that the big  ‘guru’ programs were a waste of money. The only way to move forward is working with someone who can get to know you and your business!

And I promise any investment in yourself will pay you back in spades.

What is the investment?

I know that coaching is as individual as we are and therefore I aim to be flexible as possible when building a coaching package to fit around you and your budget. 

Like most things in life the more time and effort you put into the coaching the more you will get from it. That is why I don't offer single sessions. 

My coaching can be anything from 2 – 12 months and I also offer full day intensives. 

My 1-2-1 packages start from £8,000

Do you resonate with what you read?

what next...

So you have read my thoughts on coaching (luckily I am a better coach than copywriter!)

If you think I could be a good fit to help grow your business and you want to investigate it more then click here to fill in my coaching form and we will organise a call. 

I'm ready to invest in myself, Teresa let's do this!