Instagram’s Latest Feature – IGTV

IGTV is Instagram’s latest feature, which gives users the option to create hour-long vertical videos (although mine says 15 seconds-15 minutes when I try to upload – strange!). IGTV is accessed through a little TV icon next to the DM icon. Having previously been limited to 15 second videos, this is a huge update which means users can now have 240 times longer to share!

So why are they doing this?

This new feature is going to let anyone be a curator, not just big-name influencers and celebrities. This means anyone can upload hour-long videos immediately. There is currently no ads in IGTV but this does not mean Instagram will not offer a way to monetize this in the future to encourage curators to use it.

Facebook is pushing longer videos so this could be Instagram’s version of this and as we know, Instagram is owned by Facebook. Have they seen the potential and influence in longer videos that they now want to integrate it into Instagram?

Are they trying to take on YouTube?

Instagram has opened up an opportunity to become the TV of mobile. YouTube may always have a bigger amount of content, but if curators and video publishers start to shift over to IGTV, it could be a great way for people to watch videos on a small screen.

Problems with it?

There could be an impact to professionally made videos as they will now need to be portrait. I’m also not sure if I want to watch a longer video in vertically on a small screen. But maybe this is just because I’m not used to it! Also one of the reasons I like Instagram stories is because of the speed and I don’t have to just sit and watch, so I have to ask myself will this feature fit with what users want to use it for?

The Advantages

IGTV doesn’t disappear unlike Instagram Stories (unless you highlight them), so this means you can create more of an identity with it as all your videos will be visible.

I have also noticed they were giving everyone the option to swipe up to an IGTV video, even if they have under 10,000 followers. This means even if the viewer doesn’t have the IGTV app, they can swipe up and watch your video. However, this seems to have disappeared overnight! Maybe this was just a test and this is coming soon? Also does this mean the swipe up feature is going to be coming to everyone?! Fingers crossed, I would love the swipe up feature and it may be a little while before I get 10,000 followers!

What does this mean for your business?

We have already seen big brands such as Gucci, Netflix and Nike using IGTV to create one-off interviews and I found a great case study on DIGIDAY ( which highlights how Chipotle used IGTV to create a longer video which received a really good response.

This is really going back to the idea that video is crucial to businesses and is the perfect partner for social media. It just opens up more opportunity, especially if you haven’t been leveraging YouTube and have been using Instagram to build a following.

It also shows a lot more transparency, as authenticity is becoming a real attraction to consumers. Showing the behind the scenes of your business and telling a story, showcases your business in lots of different ways, in different formats.

What do you think of IGTV? Have you set up your account? How do you think you’re going to use it? DM me on Instagram and let me know


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