Wednesday 14th June 2023

Your Dream Business Live!

Get ready to turn 2023 goals into business gold.

Everything you need to set the 2nd half of the year firmly toward success. With support from expert business & mindset coach Teresa Heath Wareing.


The biggest challenge when you’re an entrepreneur...

Is keeping focus on your plans and goals. You’re an entrepreneur for a reason, right? You love new ideas, you thrive on challenges and learning new skills. Finding new shiny things to try sets your soul alight. 

Which is great – but also distracting. Those goals don’t seem to be getting any closer, do they?

Tell me if that rings a bell for you?

The joy of going to business events

One of the best things about being an entrepreneur is going to business events. I should know – I’ve spoken at some of the world’s biggest and best (like Atomicon, TEDx and Inbound2020). 

Honestly, there’s no better place to learn new skills, meet new friends, and top up that inspiration bank for months to come.

Almost everyone I know loves going to them. If you’re into your business as much as I am, there’s nothing better than taking time away from the daily grind to be inspired. 

And when you leave, you’re excited.  At the end, you have a notebook full of ideas and a renewed commitment to your business. 

Michelle McCance

The Small Business Ad Club / Tiny Shell Media

“I drove the 400 mile round trip for Your Dream Business Live and it was worth every one of them. Teresa packed a tonne of content into the event and forced you to actually spend time on your business instead of just running it. It was great meeting so many fellow business owners and take a breather to think about what you actually want to achieve. Everyone there was so supportive and it has been one of my favourite events I’ve attended. I would recommend it to anyone!”

But here’s what happens when you get home from the event…

Real life. 

Client work has piled up. So has the washing. Your kids/pets/parents/responsibilities are all still waiting for you. 

You have a lot of catching up to do. And before you know it, overwhelm creeps in and the familiar voice of self-sabotage stops you in your tracks.

Here’s the truth:

It’s always hard knowing what to do next in business

Especially when you have a head full of new ideas and things to try out.

Most of us have one clear goal in mind: make more money in our business. But with so many new ideas, resources, recommendations and tools to try out (aka ‘the shiny things’), how do you know what will work for you and your business?

Reach your goals by doing smart work and focus on tasks you enjoy doing, tasks to take you closer to success (not further away from it)

Debs Horsham-Batley

Happy Balance

“I absolutely love being a part of Teresa’s world. She’s a genuinely lovely person and is always so patient, kind, and generous with her guidance and support. I really feel like I have a friend cheering me on which means a lot.”

Before you go adding new things into your plan, ask yourself:

Wouldn’t it be great if you had time set aside to work on this stuff so you could start each day knowing exactly what to do next?

Even if you haven’t planned to go to any events this summer, wouldn’t it be great to set aside dedicated time to work on your business goals for the rest of the year? 

And wouldn’t it feel amazing if you no longer had to battle with yourself, the self-sabotage and negative self-talk that holds you back whenever you aim for the stars? 

Yes, it might feel like such deep work – but you don’t have to do this alone

Spend the day with me at Your Dream Business LIVE and I can do all of this hard work with you. 

Take your ideas, turn them into action & celebrate the wins

Spend a day working with me after Atomicon* and you’ll have everything you need to make those business dreams of yours a reality in the next six months of 2023. 

This is the essential work that makes everything fit together. You’ve gathered the ideas and inspiration from Atomicon* (or any other event you’ve been to), now you get to figure out how to make it all work for your business in Your Dream Business LIVE! 

Your Dream Business LIVE is no ordinary event. It’s an investment of time: learning time, working time and (most importantly), time to take action!


Tell Your Family Stories

“It was a great day with Teresa and the Dream Business community. It was a good balance between working on my business in the sessions and activities, as well as sharing with others and networking. This is such a warm, friendly and supportive community. I felt that people understood what I am reaching for and supported me in that.”

After working with me, your business, mindset and marketing coach, you will:

The ticket price for this is £111 for a full day of coaching, learning and connecting. And yes – that includes lunch! 

*This event isn’t just for Atomicon attendees. It’s for anyone who needs to pause for a moment to refocus on your business and set the next six months towards creating a your dream business. 

Grab your ticket (limited spaces, seriously) and let’s get to work!

Self-sabotage and confusion can bring your business down

I’ve met so many business owners who have real clarity for making their business dreams a reality. But, they skip the mindset work, so every step is a battle with self sabotage, procrastination and distraction.

That’s why working with me is so different. 

The mindset work isn’t a ‘nice add-on’ – it’s at the heart of all of my work. I’ve spent 18 years working as a marketing and business coach and without mindset at the centre, nothing can ever change. 

I know this. My clients know this. And now I can help do the same for you.


Your Dream Business LIVE is so much more than an event

At my events, you won’t just hear my ideas and stories. You put in real work so you leave with a plan. And you don’t just learn from me – you learn from some of the best in the business. My own business journey comes from years of learning from some of the world’s best thought leaders, busines experts and marketing masters. 

I bring every ounce of those experiences to my events and share them with you. 

I’ve been where you are now - and I made my dreams happen

I worked so hard and tried many different ways to create the success I deserved. Nothing worked until I did the real work – the mindset work. That’s why I’ve structured my live events this way – you want real change, and I want to help you get it.

There’s magic in connection

Coming together in a room with other entrepreneurs – all talented, experienced and professional business owners – helps you focus on what’s important in your business (and life). You never know, you could be sitting next to your next collaborator, client or business muse!

Kim Carr

Kim Carr Coaching

Teresa’s dream business day was excellent. A perfect mix of networking, planning and fun, a great space to gain a top down view of your business and to leave with a thousand ideas and an implementation plan.

The Details

Date: Wednesday 14th June 2023
Time: 9am - 5pm
Location: Hilton Newcastle Gateshead Bottle Bank, Gateshead NE8 2AR, United Kingdom

The ticket price for this is £111 for a full day of coaching, learning, and connecting.

Grab your ticket (limited spaces, seriously) and let’s get to work!


Hilton Newcastle Gateshead Bottle Bank, Gateshead NE8 2AR, United Kingdom

The Hilton Newcastle overlooks the Tyne Bridge and are less than a mile from Gateshead metro station and eight minutes from the A1 motorway. 

Claire Henley

Treehouse Social

“What a fantastic event surrounded by inspirational business owners. Teresa's event was a fun-filled day, jam-packed with opportunities to learn, reflect, and plan steps to create my ideal business.

Your DREAM Business: LIVE!

The 2023 reset your business really needs

A full day event packed with mindset shifts and business learning so you feel ready to reach your business goals in the 2nd half of this year. 

For amazing entrepreneurs like you who want to banish self-sabotage and make a clear, realistic plan to elevate your business.

If you’re thinking ‘I’m already going to business events this year’...

Let me just stop you there. Your Dream Business LIVE isn’t simply a business event. Business events are designed to give you ideas to try in your business. 

They are spaces to network – to meet and learn from other people who have the same challenges and barriers that you do. 

Business events are all about taking time off from your business to be inspired.

But the last time I checked, inspiration doesn’t pay the bills

Your Dream Business LIVE is about taking those ideas and turning them into goals. Then we do the work (together) to find the right path for YOU so you can turn your goals into actions, and your dreams into your dream-business.

Caroline Cox

Caroline Cox Marketing

“Teresa is a fantastic facilitator with great practical ideas that I know are just what I need to take my business to the next level.

What Your Dream Business LIVE is all about…

I’ve spent years building my LIVE sessions into something that is an amazing experience, that also gives you what you need to move toward success.

The mindset shifts and practical tools to:

Know exactly what has (or hasn’t) worked for you so you can reset for success.

Stop the self sabotage so you can embrace the change and create the wins.

Set a 6-month goal plan to create your dream business (and life)

If you’ve been struggling with moving forward in your business…

I’ve got two words for you…


Here’s the truth, at times it can feel like there’s nothing stronger in this world than the power of our own saboteur.

But that’s just one of the stories your saboteur uses to stop you from doing the work that can help you create your dream business. 

Your Dream Business LIVE will help you shift your perspective so self-sabbotage, procrastination and self-doubt fade into the background, while you make your bold dreams a reality.

You deserve this for yourself. You’ve done the hard work so now it’s time to do the smart work – one mind-set shift at a time.

A day at Your Dream Business LIVE

No cookie cutters at my events!

I don’t bake cookies and I don’t use a one-size fits all approach when I’m helping clients. Whether that’s working 1:1, in my memberships or at my events. 

I don’t believe in throwing mud at the wall either…

Sometimes you can’t help thinking that some experts rely on saying the same thing to different people and hope that something sticks. 

This is not true of my events. We both know we’re better than that!  

Here’s what our day together looks like:

Leigh Clarke

Soul Resuscitation

“Taking time out to work on my business, and gaining new ideas & inspiration is the best thing I’ve done for refueling my vision in ages. Not only was Teresa’s enthusiasm infectious & encouraging but the fabulous company & conversations with other like-minded owners were rocket fuel for helping to bring the dream alive!”

Already got your travel and
accommodation booked for Atomicon?

That’s such great news. 

I’ve built Your Dream Business LIVE around Atomicon for a few different reasons. I’ll be speaking at Atomicon again this year, and having been before, I already know what an incredible impact it’s going to have on you and your business. 

Booking a space at my event the next day will help you implement the new ideas and skills from Atomicon (and any other event you’ve been to). 

It’s that wonderful combination of inspiration and insight from Atomicon, and doing the planning and real work with me after a day’s rest that will make sure the changes you want to bring about will not just happen, but stick for the long term.

Turn inspiration into celebration

You’ve got ideas, motivation, determination and plans to make your business a real success. It’s not  your fault that you don’t know what to do first (or next) to make your dreams happen. 

Work with me – and a group of other amazing entrepreneurs – as you reset your business plan for the rest of the year. 

Set new goals that actually lead to success

Shift the self-sabotage so you can face challenges head on

Do the work to create the dream business you deserve

All of this is possible when you join me for Your Dream Business LIVE.

Grab your ticket with both hands

Events like this is part of my dream work. I love doing them because I see the transformations before my eyes. 

And they’re always popular. It’s the rich combination of mindset, connection, learning and action-taking that makes them so special, so I always sell out. 

If you’re ready to make the next six months really count – get your ticket today. 

They sell like hot cakes (not one-size fits all cookies!).

When is the last time you invested time & energy on your business?

It’s not easy to do this alone. Working on your business instead of in your business is a cliche we hear so often, but there’s truth to it. 

Taking time out to focus on the work you do empowers you to take a bold step, and then another.

Do the work with me to figure out what your dreams are, and set yourself on track to reach them – and more.

What else do you need to know?

I don’t believe in small print, and there’s no hidden secrets. If you have any questions about this (or any other) event – send an email. Or maybe it’s covered here…

Atomicon is one of the best big business and marketing events in the UK. You’re going to have an incredible time.  My event has been designed to complement Atomicon. Be inspired, ignited and motivated at Atomicon, and the next day – sit with me and work on a realistic and tangible plan that makes all the good stuff happen.

Great news – I can’t wait to see you at Atomicon. Most of the people booking into my event: Your Dream Business LIVE! have been able to add an extra night of accommodation easily. Rail and bus travel are usually pretty flexible too – just give your service a call and see what they can do about extending your return.

The main thing to bring with you is a willingness to learn. An open mindset, ready to fill with great ideas and new skills. 

Bring your favourite notebook and pen, and you’re all set.

Look – I know the word ‘woo’ can put people off, but I’m not asking you to strip naked and dance around a fire calling to the moon (although that might be fun for a future event…I’m kidding!). You might not be into woo, but you’re definitely into growth – and that’s why I thread open-mindset work into everything I do. Growth is physically and literally impossible in a closed environment. So embrace the open mindset. This is where  you’ll truly learn about you and your business.

Tickets for Your Dream Business LIVE are non refundable and do not come with money-back guarantees. If you come with an open mind and a willingness to learn you will get so much out of the event.

Food is included with the ticket. Tea, coffee, snacks and a two-course lunch comes with your ticket price – making it incredibly good value. 

Yes it is fully accessible for wheelchair users

Get your ticket today!

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