How To Stay Focused, Positive And Keep Self Doubt At Bay!

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My Mindset Hacks ForBusiness Owners

Focusing On My Mindset Made A Big Difference To Me & My Business Success!

When I first started my business I seriously underestimated the power of mindset! I knew how to do marketing (the service I was selling) and thought how hard can this be!  I know I was so naive! 

After learning the hard way, I have spent a huge amount of time gathering up tools and strategies to help me stay positive and keep motivated. And I am sharing a few of these with you in this FREE download.


  • Some of my favourite mindset hacks that I use every day!
  • Journaling prompts.
  • Links to my favourite free meditations.
  • What podcasts I listen to and what books I suggest.

Hello there!

If we haven't met, my name is Teresa Heath-Wareing and I believe that every amazing business owner can create a business and life they dream of! That is why I am passionate about giving you the marketing know-how & tools and developing your mindset for success!

I am not a one size fits all expert and understand that everyone's priorities, lives and businesses are different. And what your dream business looks like, might not be the same for someone else.

It's what YOU want! What YOU dream of - and I can help you achieve that!

I am also an Online Business Owner, International Award Winning Speaker, TEDx Speaker and Bestselling Author.