How to Use Tailwind to Schedule Pinterest Pins

When it comes to Pinterest one of the most important things is too consistently add Pins to your boards, as well as others. Whilst you can do this lengthy process manually, automating and scheduling this is a much more effective way of growing your Pinterest – and I am all about saving time!  

But how can you schedule everything you need AND save time? 

Luckily, there is an incredible tool that allows you to do exactly this – Tailwind.

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is essentially a complete Pinterest marketing toolkit for small businesses. The Pinterest scheduler allows you to drive traffic and increase conversions, investing very little time and money into your strategy.

Depending on which plan you have, Tailwind can allow you to:

  • Schedule posts
  • Post at the times that are best for your engagement
  • Repeat content at a chosen interval
  • Discover relevant content to your brand
  • Connect to other pinners and times
  • Monitor you Pinterest analytics

How can Tailwind help you grow on Pinterest?

Once you have linked your Pinterest account, Tailwind can help you grow your account, increase traffic to your site and ultimately result in sales and conversions.

Tailwind will analyze your Pinterest account and your niche,  generating a Smart Schedule that highlights the best times for you to Pin if you want to gain optimal audience engagement.

By telling Tailwind how many Pins you want to schedule each day you can streamline your account and post regular content to both your own, and group boards.

Whether you’re working, putting together your master plan or on holiday – let Tailwind do the work for you.

How to Schedule Pins on Tailwind

When it comes to scheduling pins using Tailwind, there are three different options – scheduling from Pinterest, using your website to schedule or by uploading your pins directly to Tailwind.

The first or second method are definitely the quickest and easiest ways to add pins to Tailwind, especially if you add the Tailwind extension to your browser. If you’re on a webpage you want to pin, all you need to do is click the extension and you can add as many pins from the page as you need, all at the same time. This method is perfect for those that have a lot of imagery on their site, as you can quickly add pins into Tailwind using multiple images from one page.

Once you have added your pins to Tailwind using the Chrome extension, clicking ‘save for later, you can begin to schedule them to fit into the automated schedule Tailwind has created for you.

Note: when you get to this stage, it will work best if you have multiple boards of your own to add different pins to.

Under each image you have saved you will see the option to choose what boards you want to schedule your Pin to – luckily, you can add more than one per image, including boards you are collaborator one. Underneath that, there’s the option to add in your description. Remember, Pinterest is like a search engine so be sure to optimise it for this!

At the bottom of the scheduling box there is the option to ‘Add to your tribes’ – which we’ll come to later.

When you’re ready to schedule you can either schedule a specific time for your pin to go out, or add it to your existing queue.

If you want to reshare a Pin you have already published, you can do this under the Published tab on the scheduler. Simply click the ‘Re-schedule this Pin’ button next to each of the Pin you want to add back to your queue – it will give you the option to change the board and description if you wish.

Once you have started scheduling your pins using Tailwind, there’s so many other aspects to the app that can help you grow your account. Let us know if there’s anything you’d like us to cover in an upcoming blog post or on the podcast.  DM me in your favourite platform!


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