A 7 Step Process To Launching A Product Or Selling A Service Online

  • Before you get started you need to work out who your ideal audience is.
  • Consider everything they like, where they’re from, how old they are and what they’re doing for a living. The more detailed, the better.
  • Your potential audience may have never heard of you before, so the first thing you need to send them a video ad. This could be as long as you like, as long as it’s over a minute. What you’re looking for is people that stay and watch the video. Once you have done this, you can start remarketing your lead magnet back to the people who have watched the video.
  • Your landing page needs to be consistent with your advertising and not something that should be on your website. This is because they shouldn’t be able to click on any other link other than saying ‘yes I want the thing’.
  • Once your potential clients have clicked through and filled out a form, you need your landing page to link to an email system that will automatically send them the thing that they have asked for. Whether it’s an eBook, a checklist or an easy to use a guide, you need to deliver on your promise.
  • Using video when taking potential sign-ups through to your masterclass is a great way to connect with them before you begin. It gives them a reminder to carve out the time and place your webinar or masterclass in their diary, helping increase your overall live turnouts. This can also be encouraged using emails.
  • Following on from your live training or masterclass – where you will have mentioned your product – you’re going to want to send emails out to your email list based on whether or not they attended live. Having a fast access bonus is a great way to encourage sales and a sense of urgency.
  • Your sales page should follow a structure, including showing what you’re selling as a physical product, even if it’s digital.

The important thing to remember is that this step by step process is similar to baking a cake. If you’re baking and you use salt instead of sugar your cake is basically ruined, so when applying that logic to this process it means if you get one step wrong, your whole strategy could fail.

  • Warming Up Your Clients 07:30
  • Creating Your Landing Page 11:00
  • Connecting an Email System 14:00
  • Taking Your Potential Customers Through to Your Masterclass or
  • Webinar 16:00
  • Following Up with Emails 22:03
  • Going from Training to Buying 23:32
  • Perfecting Your Sales Page 30:25
Transcript below


Hello and welcome to Episode 52 of the Social Media Marketing Made Simple Podcast. I am your host Teresa Heath-Wareing. And today I feel like I should have a fanfare because Episode 52 means that I have been going for an entire year, 52 episodes of the podcast.


Wow. I can’t believe a year has gone by already. I am so so pleased to have started the podcast and I am loving the fact that I am 12 months in and it’s been the success that it’s been, that I get all you lovely listeners listening to me. I get great feedback. I’ve had some amazing guests and I have loved every minute. Don’t get me wrong you know because I’m very honest, it’s hard work sometimes creating the content coming out with ideas getting the actual thing out there you should see the spreadsheet. My team and I have to make sure that we’ve got ourselves organized. But I do love it. And compared to other bits of content I much prefer talking over writing. So for me this is just the best way in order to help you guys, to give you ideas and to share my information.

So today is going to be a fairly full on episode. I’m really excited about today’s episode and I’m gonna share a couple of reasons why that is. So today’s episode I’m gonna be taking you through a formula to launch something online or off the formula that I used to sell online and I’ve likened this formula to baking a cake. This might seem a little bit odd to you right now but I promise you as this episode goes on you’re going to see why I say that.


So the other reason I’m really excited about doing this episode and some I just want to pay there to you. And I would love a bit of feedback from you is that obviously I started the podcast and I started my business with social media in mind. Social media was always a thing. I was well known for. It’s the one thing that obviously I do an awful lot of. I talk. I train and I love social media. It’s brilliant. However one of the things that I really love and you know when ever you heard the term your zone of excellence I think that’s what the term is. Then one of the many books I’ve read that basically when you find that sweet spot of the thing that you are really good at and you just love it doesn’t seem difficult at all.


And for me I always thought that was social media because I do love it. And I do find it interesting and easy. However this thing that we’re going to talk about today the online selling element. Oh man, I just love it. I geek out over funnels and ads and the landing pages and sales pages and processes and emails and amazing technology that can do the most phenomenal stuff. So I’m a bit of a crossroads at the moment because I’m obviously really well known for the social media side and this podcast has seen a few tweaks and changes.


We’ve done episodes that aren’t necessarily social media related and I want to get your feedback. Do you want this podcast to be absolutely dedicated only to social media and not have any of the episodes around digital marketing, e-mails other aspects of marketing aspects of running a business which also I love doing too and the other area that I love is the whole mindset thing as well. So again I’ve had some great guests on about that such as James Wedmore and I’ll link up to that in the show notes but I’m just interested. Do you want all of that? Are you happy that I’m doing all of that? Because for me I love the variety. Like I said social media sits very firmly in what I do. Everything tends to span from it or to it. But I just also love filling in the other bits and sharing those those other parts of what it’s like to run a business what it’s like to run a business online and what it’s like to try and sell and get known using online tools so you know what come and find me.


I’m always in my DMs. Normally Instagram’s the one you’re gonna get me quickest in and come and tell me what you think has I’m really interested. I’ve built up a really lovely following on a podcast. I want to keep growing it further and I want to know what you want. So the other reason today’s episode is a really cool one and I’m excited to do it right now is because I am currently right in the middle of this process I’m about to talk you through. I am currently when I’m recording this and as you know a batch. So I am a little bit early recording this I’m probably about four weeks. Yeah four weeks from when this is actually going live.


And so by now the thing I’m halfway through will all be out there and you’ll see it and it’ll be tentative to say isn’t that silly because I’m thinking, oh no what if something goes wrong and it’s not gone like by them they’re going to think positive and I’m going to tell you that by the time you listen to this I will be selling a course online. So go and have a look for that. I’ll hook up to that in the show notes as well. Anyway so as I’ve said I’m right in the middle of this process. And the funny thing is I’m actually a bit tired and I’m a little bit worn out because it’s a full on process but I wanted to do this episode now so I’m going to try and be super positive about it even though I might be feeling a little bit tired right now so I’m going to talk you through. Straight from the beginning all the way through to selling how you take someone from having no idea who you are.


Right the way through to getting them on your list to warming them up using something like a webinar master class which is what I’ve just done and then taking them to the sales page that basically I’m going to talk you through what I am doing currently in my business because I want you to understand a couple of things actually.



So first off, I want you to hear the process because boy it’s a fair sized process. And then I want you to understand the analogy of. It’s like baking a cake because I want you to understand that there are so many steps to each of these things and each of these things I’m going to mention. There are so many other aspects of each individual part that if you get them wrong it can affect your entire funnel so it can literally… If you put salt in instead of sugar your cake is absolutely ruined. It’s funny that I should choose cake because if you know me you know I don’t have a sweet tooth and cake isn’t something I eat, in fact I can’t remember the last time I ate cake. I’m trying to think no, can’t remember anyway but it just is such a good analogy because it’s like a science baking a cake, isn’t it? You’ve got to get it right. So for me, a funnel or a sales funnel is exactly the same. If you don’t get all those aspects right you’re ruining your cake you’re ruining your outcome at the end. So let me start by walking you through how we take someone from not knowing who I am up into getting them onto my email list.


So I’ve talked about this lots of times before. This is the use of lead magnets but I’m gonna take a step before if I’m known to want to introduce myself to a cold audience. So obviously this might be an audience on Facebook. I’m going to want to warm them up a little bit first so I wouldn’t suggest that you go straight into a cold audience and go hey I’ve got this amazing download or I’ve put together this check sheet for you or I’ve put together this PDF for you, download it if they’ve never even seen you before. If they don’t even know who you are.


So one of the first things I do is I create a video advert and I might advertise this obviously I’ve already profiled my client or my ideal client. I find them on Facebook. I’ve picked out the audience I need in particular. See this is what I mean right. The very first step if you haven’t sat down and worked out in detail who that person is you’re trying to speak to you might fall of the very first hurdle. So okay I’ve worked out who I’m going to speak to and I’m going to send them a video ad and all I’m going to ask them to do is watch the video. Now time wise it might be over a minute. It might be up to two or three minutes. It might be 10 minutes. All of these things are variable things and can have an effect on your overwrite come. But you do definitely want to over a minute because what I’m trying to look for here are people who stay and watch the video now they don’t have to watch all of it. They can watch a certain percentage of it again that can vary. But what I want to see is people that have actually come in and clicked and watched that video or have seen a certain length that video because you know what if I’m advertising a video to you about let’s say how to create content or how to use Instagram for business then you’re not going to hang around and watch that for any length of time. If that is not something that is of interest to you the same as in your niche or your business you’ve got to thing.


Let’s say you are someone who offers something to people who are pregnant women that are pregnant. So you might put a video on how to deal with a certain element of being pregnant. Now if I’m not pregnant or that is not obviously appropriate to me I wouldn’t watch it.

So we’re trying to think of give them something that only your target audience will want to see. And like I said send the video out now you can put a call to action in there of find out more or go look at my website. But the idea is when not trying to get them to convert or give them that email address at this point now you can always ask them but don’t expect that to be necessarily the thing that they’re going to do. And the reason I do this and likes it this is my formula these are my steps you know they work for me and my clients. You might find that something else different works. The reason I put the video out is because then I remarket to video views.

Now you’ve got to have a fair bit of budget to do this just because you need to get that audience fairly big. And the more niche you are that might be difficult. But once I’ve got some people who have watched the video then I can start remarketing back to those people. And obviously it’s a warm audience, so people who already know me or people who are have already interacted my page. And then I send out a different advert and that advert is the one with the lead magnet.


So you literally go from having an ad which obviously you have an image and some text a headline A Call to Action button. They’re all separate ingredients. If some of those are wrong you’re not going to get them past that advert. I’ve done split testing, I pretty much split test every everyone we do. So we’ll have different images and different tacks and different call to action buttons if you can get them to click past the ad or on the ad the next place you’re going to want to send them is your landing page. And again the science that goes into a landing page where you put your call to action buttons what color they are. In fact one of the very early episodes which I almost don’t want to send you back to cause I don’t know how sound. I talk about the sort of make up of a landing page. So I will up to that and the show notes if you go to, you’ll find the show notes there and you’ll be able to go these links but obviously your landing page is where you’re going to be offering the thing that they’ve clicked to get. So you should make sure it’s consistent. You should make sure the images you used on your ads are similar to the images on your landing page. Then from your landing page, you’re going to ask them to give you their details and I do this in a lead box. So once they click the button say yes I really want this. The lead box pops up on the landing page and I should just mention the landing page isn’t on your website or I don’t have mine on my website because landing pages are very specific. They shouldn’t be able to click on any other link bar the button that basically gets them to say yes I want the thing. Now what’s going to happen is if they don’t want it for whatever reason if they get to that page and go Oh no I made a mistake then they just closed the browser window day and they just shut down which is fine in this instance because the thing you’re really trying to get them to do is give you their details if you have it on your website. The risk scares they might see Europe by a section and want to read that or look at something else and then forget completely how they got there and not fill in those details so landing page really specific they click on that button the button then opens a lead box that’s where they’re putting in their name and their email address. I asked for the most minimum amount of information because for me if you’re ask them to fill in too much stuff they’re not going to do it. And also things like I often have a progress bar at the top of that lead box and it says like 50 percent done already. So they can see that they’re not going to go from that lead box to them 20 more questions and then from the leave box once they click the button to say yes. Great. They then go to a thank you page and obviously the thank you page isn’t as crucial if you like as the landing page because you’re trying to get them to convert on the landing page. But you really want to try and make the most that thank you page you then might want to get them to connect with you on social media. You might want a video. I know on my lead magnet, one of the ones I’ve done I have a video that introduces me to them because at this point they may not have seen me, they might have just seen the thing that they’ve asked for and the thank you page can then send them off to your Web site or like you said get them to link up with you on social media.


Also you can do things like share buttons so you can encourage them to share the fact that they’ve just downloaded their whatever airs and share it with their friends on social media and then what’s going to happen is you’re going to have this connected up with a email system. So the systems I use are lead pages and that’s to help me build my landing page and my lead box, my thank you page and then, I use Infusionsoft but I’m also going to put in the show notes I linked to those but I’m also going to link to drip which I did used to use which is excellent. I just moved to Infusionsoft because I wanted a few more of their functionality but Infusionsoft is more expensive so you might want to have a look at Drip as well and are linked to all of them in the show notes but that email system that you connect up you, need it to be able to do some automation because what’s going to happen is the minute they submit their name and email then it’s going to connect up to your email provider who’s then going to start your campaign normally call campaigns within the system that sends them the thing they’ve asked for.


Now normally at this stage I would do two or three emails to do with the thing they’ve asked for. Also you want to be thinking about GDPR and how you’re getting them to agree to basically stay on your list as well. Obviously GDPR applies to businesses in the EU and anybody marketing to the EU anyway. So then you’re following up where the number of e-mails and in these emails you’re going to deliver the thing they’ve asked for in e-mail number one and then in e-mail number one you might have another call to action but a soft one so you don’t put your next big thing in e-mail number one because the likelihood is they’ll miss it. So you might per click here to come and find me on social media or come and have a look at the websites email to you might be more deliberate with a call to action. So e-mail two might be how are you getting on? Here’s another bit of information. How can I help you? That’s when I would tend to get them to come and listen to the podcast or I would encourage them to consume some more of my free content. And then an e-mail number three that could be where you try and lead them into the next part of your funnel. If it’s all set up like this now as we speak mine isn’t. It depends how quick you want to take him through the process. For me that might seem a little bit too fast but for some people they absolute do take through the process that quick. Oh I should have mentioned your e-mails your 1, 2 and 3 emails. You would have a delay between them and all of this goes automatically. So literally you press the button on the advert to go live. Once you’ve set up that lead magnet it will all do itself. You didn’t have to do anything in the email provider you also wanted to things like tag people with certain tags so you know what lead magnet they’ve had whether they’ve downloaded it and that sort of thing. Okay so that’s the lead magnet thing that’s bringing them into my email list. Now I am literally throwing information at you here. So I apologize but I just want you to get almost the sheer scale of it. And then the other thing I want to do with you if you are happy to is over subsequent episodes of the podcast I want to deep dive into some of these aspects.


So once you’ve got them on your email list I’m going to now talk as if we’re going to do a webinar or a masterclass to them which again is what I did. So you would then offer them to come and join a webinar master class and you’re going to do this one of a couple of ways you’re going to either put adverts out there and they’ll see an ad. Which again I would probably do to my warm audience which hopefully should be building up quite big name because you’ve been doing your lead magnet. And also I’ll be sending emails to my existing list so I’ll send them an email to say hey look we’ve got this master class that we’re doing so you’ll be having people come in to your landing page from multiple ways. And of course I posted on my normal social media, I’ll talk about it in other places. What you need to think about at this point is obviously what your life class webinar must class is going to be about and what images and text and headlines and calls to action you’re going to put on the advert and what text you’re going to put in the email because really this needs to be really convincing selling type text to convince someone to click the button to go and look at the landing page in order to sign up. So once they’ve got to the landing page The idea is that you’re just giving them some more information. So you’re going to be giving them the information at the time and the dates you’re going to be telling them what they’re going to be learning. You’re going to be telling them maybe what life might look like after they’ve done this webinar or master class and you’re going to be encouraging them to sign up. And again you’re going to want a consistent feel look and signed between your ad or your email and the landing page itself.


Now the other thing that’s quite useful especially on webinars or live events is campaigns and lead pages have a campaign option where you can drag an account down you put the time and date of the thing that you’re doing and it will count down. It creates a sense of urgency. This is really useful when someone goes to a landing page and they feel like oh wow I’ve got to get this done because it’s only X amount of time away. Now I made a little bit more difficult for myself at this point because I wanted to do three webinars all on one day at different times and also because my audience is so wide which is awesome. I wanted to make sure I’d put enough time zones on there in order for people to see where they might be so I included obviously the UK ISTM PSAT in the states and an Australian time zone just so that they could immediately see.


So my landing page actually had three main call to action buttons. So when they clicked on the one that the time they wanted it both at the lead box of that time and that started a campaign and everything else that was specifically to do with that timeframe. So I had to create three of everything.



I told you we’re right in the middle of there we’re really tired. But for me it was important because I wanted to make it slick. So when you go to that landing page and you click that you want to come on the 8am Master Class the lead box that pops up next where you put your name in your email and says 8am when you go to the Thank you page it reminds you when that webinar is or when the master classes and says 8am and the emails that come out say 8am.



So that’s why I decided I want to duplicate them and obviously once you’ve done the process once it is just a case of duplicating it and changing the time. So maybe it’s not as bad as I’m making it. Obviously there’s always room for error which again makes a bit of pressure on you you are doing it but that’s what I wanted to do so I have made a bit of extra work for myself but I felt it was important for my audience to give them several different times in which they could come on the webinar or on the master class because obviously I’m dealing with a wide time zone.


So I wanted to give them those options. So as I said you’ll have a landing page where you’re trying to get the sign up to the mast class or webinar and then you’ll open the lead box. Again I still only ask for name and email nothing more than that. And then the thank you page that they’re going to in this instance. Again I’ve done a video. And the reason I did a video was because one of the things that are really important when you’re doing a live training is that people turn up live. Now great. Obviously it’s always lovely if you do miss something that you get a replay. But actually for me and the rest of the people on the more people that are on the better. And you just get more from it. You actually get to carve that time out in your diary that says you know I’m going to work on my business and also you get to ask questions which for me is really valuable. I have done a ton of webinars and life trainings and being able to put a question forward and get that answered is great. So my thank you page like said I remind them when it airs I tell them to go put it in their diary and I tell them to turn up live. Then you’ve got emails that are going to go out afterwards.

Now the emails on a live training or a webinar are really important because like I said you want people to turn up live so the emails are all going to be about encouraging you to remember to put it in your diary and to turn up live on the day. So for me I think in this process I’ve done four emails I’ve done one immediately when you sign up that says yes great. Here we go here’s all the details I’ve done another one I think about four days out from the actual training that says. Only four days to go or something like that and gives them a download which I want them to use during the training and then one 24 hours before a morning an hour before. Now this might seem excessive but I promise you having been on the receiving end of these emails they are essential because I sign up for stuff they go in my diary I forget they’re happening which is terrible because they’re in my diary I really shouldn’t forget they’re happening but that email that comes through and says one hour to go or the email that says 24 hours to go is great.


And I know that if I think about Amy Porterfield she’ll do on literally five minutes to go. So I’ve just opted for the one, one hour to go. And for me I think four is sufficient but it’s about trying to get them to turn up life. So at this point they’ve filled in they said they’re going to come live they’ve had all their emails saying yay come live and hopefully you’ll see us there and ask questions and whatever it might be then they will attend the actual training. Now there’s a couple of things on the training.


Obviously if you have a hashtag then that’s great you want them to go is involved and possible and at the end of that training as with most live trainings or webinars or master classes there’s something we want you to buy. Now obviously we’re not try to sell you something that we don’t think you need and therefore don’t ever feel like oh this is bad I shouldn’t be doing the selling bit. Well I think most people know that if they’re going on some live free training that there’s going to be some pictures of some sort and hopefully if they’ve chose their audience correctly then you’re going to want the thing that they’re selling. So for me I never mind someone trying to pitch to me at the end. I don’t want to. I don’t want it. And thank you very much and that’s fine. And actually for me the same goes if someone wants to come on my training and watch my stuff and learn and go. Brilliant. Thank you Teresa and feel motivated and I’ve got some new tools to use and they don’t buy then that is still as much of a win for me as someone who’s buying as well.


Because ultimately I want this to be useful. Which is one of the reasons I’m doing them. Now following on from the live training or the master class. You’re going to want to send some emails again. Now one thing that you’re gonna have to think is you’re going to be sending sales emails but you’re going to be speaking differently to different people. Now let’s imagine your email list you’ve asked your email list come on the training you’re going to have excellent people who just ignore you and don’t go on the training or don’t even register. You’re going to have people that registered and didn’t attend live and then you’re going to have people who registered and did attend live. Well the only people who know you’ve put a new offer out to sale are the people who attended live on your webinar or your training. So you’re going to want to try and speak differently to these people as well as the other two groups because again they’re two different types of groups. So ideally your system if you’re using Drip or Infusionsoft, they’re going to be able to tag when people do certain things. We use Zoom as well to run webinars through and we take the attendee list from Zoom and we then go into Infusionsoft often mark whoever attended live because the idea is the following day or later that day an email goes out to the people who attended live.


And also this is where it gets a little bit full on I guess. So if you’re selling on that webinar you’re going to have people hopefully buy on the webinar. Now if they buy then they’re going to go through a whole other process. But with that process they’re going to go through it is going to start them with a tag it’s going to give them a tag. So when I send that email to the people who attended the webinar, I don’t send it to the people who’ve already bought because obviously the idea of that is that you’re trying to convert them into the sales so you’re going to send an email to people who did attend the webinar but didn’t buy the thing you offered and your email is very much going to be focused on here’s your replay. Did you enjoy it? Have you got any questions? And also I want to recap what the offer is basically and it’s going to be more of a sales email. Now the people who did register but didn’t attend life they don’t even know you offered something. So that email to those people needs to be focused on “Hey, here’s your replay. It was awesome. We covered this this this this this go and watch the replay.” And by the way. And it would be you know let’s say it would be less than half of the actual email text but then you would mention also at the end of the webinar I offered you x y z and then you’ll put the selling in and then obviously the people who didn’t even register you can kind of go straight in with hey I’ve got this new thing because they didn’t attend the webinar. They didn’t register and therefore you don’t really need to talk about the master class of the webinar at all.


You can just go into the sales so then you’re going to have subsequent emails that are going to be going out to those people. And again, depending on whether you’re doing a car open or car close situation depending on whether there’s early bird offers or one thing I missed which I must say which is a really good one on your webinar or your master class having a fast acting bonus is really really good. So often you will offer the people on the webinar something that only they can get if they buy within the first 24 hours the first hour whatever it might be. So that depends on what it is you’re offering how much the price is again lots of considerations in on so like I said you’ve had people who have bought and if they bought they go into their own funnel that welcomes them to the course or the membership or the whatever it is you’ve sold them.


But if they haven’t bought then like said you’re going to have some different emails going out over a length of time and all that’s very variable depending on your offer and your early bird and that sort of thing. But you can have e-mails going out encouraging to try and buy the other thing you can do at this point is you could always do some remarketing depending on how many people went to your sales page you could read market back to them. Have a great example. It was so good. So it was actually B school by Marie folio. Now I had looked at B school just out of interest.


Again I told you I geek out on this stuff. So anytime anyone’s selling anything I go and check out their sales page. I look at what they’re telling me and I actually look at how much they’re convincing me to buy that thing. And I have to stop myself sometimes but I look at like wow you know this is X and I would actually want to buy it. So then I try and think about why. Why do I want to buy this? What is it that’s making me want to do this?

So anyway I had gone to look at B school sales page with the possible intention of buying but didn’t, in the end. But then when I was on Facebook later on there was Marie folio video face to camera kind of pointing I think it was an actually saying I saw you looking at the sales page you’re going to miss this opportunity because B school opens and then the cart closes. So there really is urgency on that one. So she was like you’re going to miss this opportunity. So you’re looking why didn’t you do it. And that was so direct and it seems really like bullish is that the right word but actually it wasn’t. It was fine. I wasn’t at all like oh stop bothering me. It was absolutely fine that she said it. There are many reasons why people go to a sales page and don’t complete you know the kids distract you. You’re in the middle of something the phone rings. The internet goes down.


So actually remarketing you might end up capturing a few extra sales that you wouldn’t have got if you hadn’t have done it. So there’s all that side as well. And then obviously from your sales page so the page that you send people to to actually buy why there are some ingredients that you want to really think about on that page. Now the building of a sales page is a really fine art. So there are certain things that you want to say and do. There’s a structure of the page. There are things like. So for instance even if it’s a digital product you need to show people what you’re going to be selling to them. So for me with my course even though it’s all online I have screenshots of the inside of my course of the Facebook page or the private group that you get if you’re part of the course. So you know it’s it’s all those kind of things that go into making a sales page. Lo and behold the actual text itself and the kind of tone of voice and things and then obviously you’re going to have a thank you page and then you’re going to have welcome emails when they actually sign in.


Oh my word. Are you exhausted? Because I feel like I’ve talked nonstop and I’ve drawn this flowchart in front of me to remind me of all the steps and it’s immense. Honestly it’s a big process. And I’m not saying it’s to put people off.

I promise you I’m saying get that if you have tried to do something like this whether it just be the lead magnet whether it just be alive webinar or alive training or you’ve just tried to sell something and it didn’t work and you are sat there going while no one wants it. It’s terrible. I’m trying to get you to understand that actually there is so much to each of these elements. There are so many things that can make and break all of those elements that can literally be the success or the failure of the whole funnel.

So for instance like I said you don’t get the audience right in the first place. They won’t even start the process. You do the wrong. You do an amazing advert but it goes to a landing page. It makes no sense. You lose him at that point. You might get them on the actual live training but you might be terrible at selling to them and you lose them at that point or your life training might not fit nicely with the thing you’re trying to sell or you send them to your sales page and you don’t do a good enough job of convincing them that the thing you’re selling is worth the amount you’re charging for it. So like I said there are a million reasons, there are million ingredients in this cake that you’re trying to bake that I don’t want you to think… If someone hasn’t bought. If you’ve had a failed lead magnet a failed life training or a fail sale that it’s down to the fact that actually, it doesn’t work. Cause I promise you. It does work. It just might need a tweak or a change or a different image, different text it might need a different audience. There’s going to be something somewhere that you’re going to be able to tweak and change that will make a difference to that funnel and what’s the most amazing thing about marketing now is every single step that I just read I out the advert, the landing page, the Thank You page, the e-mails, the sign ups the registrations the people who attend live, the people who don’t turn live, the people who buy every single one of those steps I’m going to be able to get some stats for. I’m going to be able to see how many people came in and how many people move out. At what point did they just drop off. At what point did that funnel fail me and I’m gonna be able to make a difference.


So absolutely, go ahead and work through these funnels and put these things together but to bear in mind there’s a lot to it. There’s a lot of places it can go wrong. A lot places that it can go right but it takes those all those various different ingredients to all come together in this beautiful way to create this amazing cake at the end.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode. Like I said I’m a bit exhausted and I literally think I’ve recorded this pretty much straight off in one go because it’s a process that I’m currently going through and not only am I currently going through it we do it for clients all the time. Like I said this is one of the favorite things I do. I particularly like setting up sales funnels, lead magnet, sales pages.. All that sort of stuff that excites me which I know probably to get out of it more. But yeah I love it and likes it I’m writing it at the moment. So for me mapping that is great and actually going forward, I would really love to do some more teaching on this. I would really love to take my business a bit more down this route.


So like I said, remember I said at the beginning if you’ve got thoughts around if you mind or don’t mind the various different aspects of marketing and business and entrepreneurship coming into the podcast then great let me know. Also I have threatened many a time and if you’ve been listening to the podcast you’ll know that I really do want to do a YouTube channel because I’d love to get on video and actually if I’m going to do that it’s going to be a slightly different subject and probably more around being an entrepreneur mindset and running a business in that sort of thing. So anyway, that’s enough for me today.

You can get a lay down and if it’s morning, coffee. If It’s gone midday, a gin or a wine and just think about all those steps and things. And like I said going forward I’m going to be focusing on various parts of these so look out for future episodes and also I’m going to be doing some downloads in the future episodes where I go into more detail might give you those details so I really hope you found this useful. I really hope I haven’t completely made your brain hurt and that you managed to keep up and I can’t wait to speak to you next week!