All things social media with Andréa Jones

Today’s episode of the podcast is an interview with the lovely Andréa Jones who helps businesses and podcasts build profitable online communities through simple social media solutions. Andréa is also the host of Savvy Social Podcast. We talk all about social media in general – including all the different platforms, what we should focus our energy on and how we can overcome overwhelm.


  • Be on the platform(s) you enjoy, then it will feel easier.
  • The top two platforms – Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • There is a lot of opportunity on Instagram and part of the culture is to engage with others on it.
  • LinkedIn is great for B2B for connecting with your target audience and it’s less used so there is no expectation of creating as much content.
  • Twitter works well for activism, powerful messages, and conversation-based brands.
  • If you produce a lot of video content, YouTube is a good platform to be on.
  • TikTok is great for people to discover your video content and you can repurpose your content.
  • Clubhouse is good for dynamic conversations but it can be a bit hit or miss.
  • Don’t look at the new social media platforms until you are established on the main platforms.
  • Facebook can be hard to use if you don’t have a paid ad budget.
  • Facebook groups can be really good for interacting with others.
  • You can have a presence without having to interact too much on some of the platforms.
  • You do not have to be on every platform – just pick your favourite!
  • We can’t focus our engagement on every platform – there is not enough time in the day!
  • Content creator – your job is to create content and that is how you make your money.
  • Business owner – your job is not to create content but you have to promote yourself on social media via content.
  • Focus on the quality of the content you are producing as opposed to the frequency.
  • Pick a time limit each week to create content for your chosen platform(s) and commit to it – see how much content you can create in that time.
  • We can only do as much as we can at certain points in our business – we can’t compare what we do on social media to other experts.
  • When you first start your business, it is HARD to be consistent on social media.
  • Put on your blinders and focus on where you are right now – only improve yourself.
  • We are all on our own timeline.
  • The amount you can do depends on where you are in your business, team size, and income.
  • Overwhelm comes from a lack of clarity around how social media actually helps our business.
  • We don’t actually know the difference that being on social media is going to make to our business!
  • Always make sure you are engaging intentionally – assign yourself tasks.
  • Engagement idea – go to someone in your niche who is more established, go to their latest post and see who is liking and commenting on that post for you to then engage with.
  • Reels are great for potential discoverability – Instagram are pushing them out a lot more.
  • Reels are not as user-friendly as TikTok.
  • The Instagram algorithm reduces the reach if you upload a video straight from TikTok but if it is a great video, it will still do well.
  • The TikTok algorithm is one of the best as it learns your preferences, likes and what you want to see, then serves you that content! The potential for discoverability is a lot higher as you are shown content from people you don’t necessarily follow.
  • Video is a really powerful way to connect with people on social media.


We can’t be active and engage on every single platform, every single day. We have to do what is realistic for us and where our business is right now.




  • An introduction to Andréa 05:37
  • Social media platforms today 11:15
  • New social media platforms 13:40
  • Is Facebook effective anymore? 15:10
  • Can we use the same content on each platform? 17:28
  • How often should I post? 23:20
  • Social media at different stages of your business 28:20
  • How to avoid overwhelm with social media content 32:20
  • Engaging on social media 35:58
  • TikTok & Reels 43:07
  • What should we be doing on social media right now? 53:40




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