Creating Successful Content: Why Blindly Following Experts Advice Won’t Work

Today’s episode of the podcast is all about the importance of creating content as an online business, but why it is important that only you get to decide what type of content that is.

In this episode I delve into the key things you need to be thinking about when choosing what content works best for you and your business, and why blindly following the advice of big name experts won't work.

If you have not consistently produced content yet in your business, I want you to take some action from this episode. I want you to think about what content would work best for you and then make a commitment to make it happen!

I'd really love to know what you choose, drop me a DM on my socials and let me know!



  1. Why creating content as an online business is an absolute must
  2. Why you shouldn't try to replicate someone else's content
  3. The key to success, no matter what type of content you choose to focus on


Listen to my interview ‘The Power of Content Marketing' with Marcus Sheridan

They Ask, You Answer: A Revolutionary Approach to Inbound Sales, Content Marketing, and Today's Digital Consumer by Marcus Sheridan

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Hello, and welcome to this week's episode of Your Dream Business Podcast. And as always, I'm your host, Teresa Heath Wareing. So this week is going to be a short and snappy episode because something was brought to my attention the other day and I just wanted to take a minute to talk about it and to kind of reassure you on something.

So someone said to me the other day, had I seen Gary Vaynerchuk's post where basically he said, everyone should have a podcast. And if you haven't got a podcast by 2024, like you're missing out basically. And It was really interesting because as you know, I'm a huge podcast fan and I am a huge advocate of content like content for your business is one of the most important things that you can do.

So. Why was I so triggered by Gary saying everyone's got to have a podcast? And I think one of the reasons that I am is it because it comes back to pretty much everything that I talk about and everything that I say In terms of you get to decide and you get to choose. And some people are just not designed to have a podcast or are not designed to do video or write or whatever it is. And I think what happens is people look at someone like Gary V and think, well, if he does it, I should do it.

If he says we've got to do it, I should do it. Or you look at someone who is in a different season of life or have a different team size, and you look at the content they're putting out and think, oh, I must be doing the same. But the truth is, You shouldn't and there are so many reasons why you shouldn't be doing the same.

The first one is You're not them. They are someone completely different to you. They have different skills. They do different things. They talk about different things So you do not have to Create what they create. You do not have to show up the way they show up and secondly they have maybe a team. Now, I googled Gary Vaynerchuk's team.

He apparently, and I wrote it down so I can just check my notes. Apparently Gary has a team of 20 plus people who work solely on his content. And those 20 plus people produce 80 to 100 bits of content a day. That is a machine. That is almost corporate level content to production. And no one in their right mind can manage that other than someone like Gary V.

Also, the other thing is when you think about how he produces his content, he is being filmed constantly every time he speaks to someone, every time he goes somewhere, every time he does something. He's probably got a… Camera crew following him around 24/7, which means they are constantly given the ability to create content out of what he does every single day.

So that's the first thing, trying to look at someone else's content and think I've got to replicate that. They are like, two very different things. You shouldn't necessarily recreate someone else's content, how they're trying to do it, because you're not the same person, you don't like the same things, you're not talking about the same things, and you don't necessarily have the same team.

But one thing I do want to stress, the essence of why he thinks you should produce content wasn't the thing that triggered me. In fact, that's the thing I agree with. Now, a lot of businesses that I deal with and a lot of businesses that I will continue to deal with in the future are online businesses.

So by online, I mean, they have memberships or courses or coaching, and basically they work from home over a screen and they are working online with their audience. There is not one single business owner or person I have seen who shouldn't create content. And when I look at the people who have succeeded, the people who are doing brilliantly, it's because they're producing that content.

Now, yes, some of those have got podcasts and the podcasts are 500 episodes old. You know, take someone like Louis Howe, his podcast obviously has got hundreds and hundreds of episodes, and it's not to say that you have to have a podcast, it's just to say that you have to produce content. So I'm going to get Becci who does, the show notes for the podcast to link back to an episode that we did.

Episode 200 and no 122. Yeah. 122. And it was with Marcus Sheridan, and if you don't know who Marcus Sheridan is, it was, he is an author of a very, very good book called, and I always get this the wrong way around, so I will double check, They Ask, You Answer. I always get the wrong way around. So basically he talks about how he worked for a business, a failing business that did pools, I think it was, and Basically, he started to learn about content marketing, started to produce content for this business.

So it was very much a physical product, bricks and mortar type business. And he started to produce content and it had the most amazing results. And like I said, there is not really a business out there that I don't think shouldn't produce content in some guys. But if you're an online business owner, then you really have got to produce that good quality content and something like a blog or a podcast or a video.

It could be going live every week on your social media, whatever it is, you should be showing up and going “I know what I'm talking about.” But you don't have to show up doing it as a podcast.

If you don't want to do a podcast, you don't have to show up doing it as a blog. If you don't want to do a blog, so you get to decide the format in which you produce that content, but it is crucial that you are producing content. So if you have not produced content to this point, I want you to take some action from this podcast.

I want you to think about. What would I rather do? Would I rather show up live? Would I rather create videos and edit them? Would I rather do a podcast? Do I like interviewing people? Do I like writing? Whatever it is, I want you to make a decision to decide, yes, I'm going to do that. Now, you can change it.

That's fine. You can change as time goes on, not a problem. But today, let's make a decision. If you had to pick one of them, which one's the one that immediately comes into your head? And there's going to be one. As I say that, There you go. You've just thought of the thing that you would do. So, think about which one you do, then think about a consistency.

So, obviously, and this is the other thing that I want to mention actually when it comes to content. The consistency piece is so important because people start producing content. And they go, it doesn't work for them. And what happens is they did it for like 10 episodes and they stopped. Or they did 10 episodes.

They had a bit of a break and then they did two and then they had another break and then they did one and then they hadn't done one for three weeks. And that does not work. My episodes, my podcast has gone out consistently every single week. And I don't say that to show off. I don't say that to be like, look at me at all.

I say that to say. That's how it's been successful through, through showing up consistently. If you tell someone you're going to produce something and do something, do it. Because the minute they see that you're not doing it, they're going to lose the faith they have in you. They're going to think. You know, well, what's the point in going and checking if the podcast is there because it's probably not going to be. So Creating that content deciding what it's going to be deciding on the frequency of it And like I said, it doesn't have to be every single week.

It can be every other week It could be once a month ideally not once a month It's probably not quite frequent enough, but it doesn't have to be every single week or every other day it can be whatever frequency you want it to be and then Start thinking about what is it that your customers want to hear from you.

Go check out that episode of Mark Sheridan. Go check out his book cause they are great places to start. But also I have done a ton of episodes on producing content. So. You can go and find those and see what it, you know, what, what I say in those different episodes. We've got loads of different ones and especially producing content when you've done as many podcasts as I have.

And it gets tough. I'm not going to lie. You know, this is episode, in fact, I don't even know. Is it 300? I don't even know what it is. Like 314. This is like. 314 episodes. I have talked about so much different stuff that there comes a point where you think, okay, well, I'm not entirely sure what to talk about now, but that's when you start repurposing.

That's when you go back to some of your most popular blogs or popular episodes or popular videos, and you start repurposing that content and maybe giving a new take on it. Or maybe there are stuff I talked about years ago in the podcast that I don't agree with now, or I think differently now. So, There's always content, there's always something to put out there, but your customers need to see, not only that you know what you're talking about, but they need to see that consistency of you going, here's something new, here's something to learn, here's something else you can get from this.

So they need to see that you are producing stuff, you need to give them a reason to keep coming back, and one of those reasons is going to be your content. So, like I said, a really short and sweet episode, because… I think sometimes when people see things like, oh my gosh, I've got to start a podcast. Gary Vee said, if I don't start one by 2024, I've missed the boat.

Well, the podcast might not be for you. So if it's not, then that's cool. Do something else. So I hope this helped. I hope I've given you some action steps. If you haven't got content for your business, then really that is the number one thing you should be working on right now. Okay, I will leave you to it until next week where we're gonna be talking about following up on proposals.

So often lots of people talk to me about when I put a proposal out and they ghosted me, what do I do? So we're gonna fix that next week. I'm gonna talk you through the steps that I suggest they take and how many times you should reach out to them. So I will see you next week. Have a wonderful week.