Everything You Need To Know About Using Pinterest As A Business With Jeff Sieh

Key Takeaways Covered In The Podcast

Try not to worry too much about what you’re pinning. Pinterest is about pinning what you like and if you want to Pin a cupcake recipe, Pin it! Whilst a niche is important, you want to give your audience what they need. That’s why they’re following you!

Pinterest is a visual search engine. You don’t go to engage with people, but rather to discover and dream.

Males is currently fastest growing demographic on Pinterest, so don’t rule it out if your business is geared towards men. Ultimately, a user’s feed will be geared towards them.

Although it may seem as though you need to create a pretty picture for Pinterest, often this isn’t the case. Yes, as a visual search engine it is important, it’s not the be all and end all.

If you have a product that you think is hard to market on Twitter, reconsider the content that you’re writing. There is an opportunity for everyone, just some may have to work harder.

If you’re using Pinterest for business reasons, you need to upgrade your account to a business account in order to comply with the terms of service. A business account will give you more features, lots of stats and use of promoted pins.

When designing your Pins remember that a high percentage of viewers will be viewing your Pins on mobile. If you can’t read the text or see the image clearly, the likelihood is they can’t either.

Although you can use large amounts of hashtags, it’s best to stick to 4-7 per post so you don’t take up your description space.

To draw more people to click through to your website, consider the different ways in which you can design your pins. Different images, text and quotes will attract different people so it’s important you’re creating 3-4 pins per piece of content.

Use other networks to push people towards your Pinterest account using ‘Pin it for later’ buttons.

The one thing you need to remember above all else…

Although people believe Pinterest is a lot of hard work and something they don’t have time to do, often it’s just adding in one more step to your process.

Highlights You Simply Can’t Miss
  • Introducing Jeff – 06:59
  • Pinterest As A Discovery Engine – 14:20
  • Pinterest For Men – 16:00
  • Using Rich Pins – 21:20
  • Using A Business Account – 24:20
  • How To Ensure Your Pins Are Noticed – 28:12
  • Using Group Boards 32:57
  • Finding The Time Use Pinterest 39:40
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Hello and welcome to this week’s episode of the podcast. So lovely to have you here. Now before we dive into this week’s episode, I want to just talk a little bit about the podcast and how so excited I have been over the last few weeks seeing all the new downloads that I’ve been getting on it. I can’t tell you literally okay a wake up a morning, one of the very first things I do is I go on to Libsyn which is who I host my podcast with and I look at the downloads. Every morning without fail. My husband travels and I screenshot them and send them to him. Honestly we get so excited at the downloads and I am loving seeing everyone that’s downloading. I’m loving receiving messages and dm’s and emails. It’s so amazing to think that I sit here in my office on my own, wittering away to myself and then you guys are out there listening. I couldn’t be more thankful. I honestly I am over the moon. I love doing this. I love helping and teaching and it’s one of my most favorite things in that I was talking about it just this morning because I was talking about a talk I’ve got coming up and how I really like to do practical talks because I like people to go away with something that they can physically then do in their business. So for me the podcast is just the best platform because every single week I get to come in here, tell you something that could change the way you do something in your business.


And of course even better it might help you sell more or promote more or get more customers or more people on your email list. Which for me is just awesome. So it’s so so good to hear from so many of you. Now, if you are listening to the podcast and your new please come and say hello to me or if you’re not new and you haven’t said hello then please come as they hello to me, please come and find me now you will most often find me on Instagram and Twitter but I am everywhere. Please come over and say hi. Tell me what you think. And also if you haven’t done a review on iTunes then I would be so very grateful if you did.


It was just really lovely to hear the amazing reviews I get on there. And again it helps get the podcast out there even more so and the bigger the podcast gets the better guests I can bring. So it really is such a wonderful thing to see it growing and honestly it makes my heart sing. I get so genuinely excited and so very very grateful.


So thank you anyway enough of me going on about how grateful I am but I am by the way in case you hadn’t realized. I have got a really good episode for you today and it’s why I interviewed a little while back actually. So I have to go back and re listen to the episodes so I remembered the things we discussed because sometimes they when I do it long time in advance it can blur into other things.


Anyway if you remember back in episode 49 about sort of six episodes ago I interviewed Alisa and she talked about Pinterest and it blew my mind. I honestly promise you if you listen to that one you would have heard I mean I thought I knew about Pinterest until I listened to that. Also I suddenly realized what have I been doing. I should totally be on it and be making it work hard for my business. Now I am still that’s still on the list of things to do sometimes you just get super busy but I promise it is on my list and as soon as I’ve started doing it, I’ll let you know. However I also interviewed the very lovely Jeff Sieh.


Jeff is a visual marketing consultant specializing in Pinterest, Instagram and video. He is also the owner and creative director at his Design Inc. Where he has worked to help clients market themselves in the best way possible using a variety of mediums over 16 years. He is also a head beard at Manly Pinterest tips where he is the creator and host of the Manly Pinterest Tips Show. Gosh that’s hard to say. Jeff is also on the social team at Social Media Examiner and manages that Pinterest and Instagram as well as appearing in and producing much of their live video content. What was so good to have Jeff on talking about Pinterest was often it’s seen as a very female led platform with only really women that go on there and you can only really market things to women and for women. And it was great to get him on to talk about his take on it and what he thought about it. And also after the episode that we did with Lisa on episode 49 I’ll link up to that in the show notes. It was great that she gave us a really good foundation of what Pinterest was. And Jeff takes us a little bit more deep diving into a few other aspects of it.


So for instance we talk about the types of things that you want to post. We also discuss rich pins and he kind of blew my mind with the technology that’s available now that basically you can create a pin and that pin is connected with the product on your shop and therefore when people click on the pin they can check right there and then really seamlessly which I just think is an amazing tool. Also if you change the price on your website it changes the price on the pin which again if you’ve got a product that are selling online. I just think that’s a really amazing thing to be able to do. We go into lots of other details about how to use Pinterest as well and why it’s good for your business. So this is definitely another must listen. If you enjoyed the other Pinterest episode you’re definitely going to love this one. And also if you’re sat there thinking you know what Teresa, Pinterest isn’t for me and my business please give it a go because I promise you just listening to this will I hope open you up to another possibility.


Now you know I am a massive advocate of not trying to do too much and I only do things if I can do them really well. So therefore I know Pinterest is super important and I am going to do it. We’re just trying to work out a way in which me mean the team can do it within our current sort of set up and with ease. But actually for some of you out there Pinterest could work way better for you than maybe even Facebook or Twitter or you know lo and behold Instagram and you know I’m a massive fan of Instagram so just take a listen because you could be missing out on a platform that actually could work super well for your business anyway enough of me. Here’s the interview with Jeff.


So I’m so excited today to welcome Jeff Sieh to the podcast. Welcome Jeff.


Well thanks for having me. I’m excited to be here.

Great, so thank you. I had a small intro to Pinterest and on the podcast already we’ve had a small introduction to Pinterest and I know that I just have a million other questions. I’m very excited to find out more because it’s like I thought I knew about Pinterest and then I realized I know nothing. And I feel really embarrassed about the fact that I don’t know anything to do with Pinterest so I am really excited about finding out more and how we can use it. But before we get onto that it would be great if you could share with my audience who you are, what you do and how you got what you do now.


Yeah. When he was Jeff Sieh and I’m I live in a place called Longview Texas so I’ll try. I don’t think you’ll hear any like Southern stuff because I grew up in Kansas. We’re kind of.. Like okay with the accent but yeah. So I started I’ve had for almost 16 years, I started in web development for a company and then got into started my own company and was doing that and then I say I said well I better do this. I keep telling my customers to get in to social media. So I better start doing it. So I wrote a.. I started a blog. I started writing a blog in one of them the blogs it was called Manly Pinterest Tips number one because I was I was listening driving back from a road trip and I was listening to Social Media Examiner Mike Stelzner’s podcast we had this lady on named Cynthia Sanchez and she had this website called Oh So Pinteresting. And she talked about how Pinterest drove so much traffic to her blog and I’m like “Man I just started a new blog I should do this.” Yeah. So I started using pinterest and it really started to work for me. And so I wrote this blog post called Manly Pinterest Tips Number One and it was about creating a secret board on Pinterest with my daughter and we were able to share you know stuff she wanted to craft you want to do and recipes or whatever. And it was a great way for us to do that kind of online together. And I wrote this blog post and it really took off and about that time Google Hangouts was really taking off so the live video shows and for other guys somebody said “Hey you guys you need to do a a show on Pinterest. And so we decided this Manly Pinterest podcasts. I had four other guys and they all had huge followings compared to what I was at but they think for some reason went to the show with me and we started doing this and we were able to interview people like Geico Saki. We got to interview like the producer of Pretty Woman. So it just kind of blew up. And so I continue to write content content and do the shows and then eventually I decided to launch my own podcast called Manly Pinterest Tips Podcast and then took off on my own and I started doing live shows that led to me being asked to speak for Social Media Examiner on their digital conference when they used to have what was called The Summit and then they had they asked that I guess I did OK and they asked me to come speak at their their conference and about that same time they asked me “Hey will you run our Pinterest account for us?” And I went, “Sure”. And so that led to my my gig at Social Media Examiner and doing Manly Pinterest Tips the website and it just kind of blew up from there so I can trace everything back to using Pinterest. Everything has occurred, this happened in these last four or five years.


Can all be traced back to..


It’s all thanks to Pinterest. Thank you, Pinterest Yeah. So what was it. I guess when you first look because from what you were saying you decided you had to use social media or do more in social media but what was it then that kind of pulled Pinterest out for you? Was it just the traffic source or or did you like it?


One it was easy. And also I knew when I first started I couldn’t compete with a J Bear… Already all those had there was niche stuff in there and at that time it was still Pinterest still and it still does a little bit that it’s only a network for women. And I thought oh this would be funny. Mainly Pinterest tips do some humor with it and and so I said I said I could I could kind of this could be my niche. I could go in here and do this and imposes. For me it was really easy to do. The traffic was huge specially for a new blog. Seeing that that comes in and people don’t understand. I just I can’t. It’s hard for me to fathom if you have a blog or especially if you have a product, Why not use Pinterest? Because it drives so much traffic and for example Social Media Examiner. This the the largest driver of social traffic is from pinterest. That’s in front of Twitter, Linked In, Facebo even though the biggest driver of traffic back to our articles on our site is Pinterest.


That is amazing if you think men because one thing one of the reasons I’m so excited to have you on and talk about Pinterest is because I know that that’s where my social media knowledge falls down at that point, Pinterest. Now I am on Pinterest and I was actually very excited because I’ve got to 2,000 followers which I’m quite excited.. But the thing was as I’ve discovered now going on this journey starting to find out about it is the people that followed me they followed me because I share or I was sharing at the time dinner party because I like it in the party and I like tables nice. That’s a really proper girly franchise. So of course I’ve got all these followers that follow me for that not necessarily what I want to do


That’s the cool thing about Pinterest. So you have people following your entire account. They just say I love whatever she does I’m going to follow her. Then you have people who follow specific boards. So if you look at what I’m pinning, I pin stuff because my brand can be pretty broad so I paint a pin Manly foods you know wood carving stuff that I really like and people follow me for that but I also paint a lot of social media content and a lot of my content falls underneath there. So you have all sorts and I really… when I first started another one of my mentors and she really kind of took me under her wing to help me with this was Peg Fitzpatrick and you watch her account as well. She’ll pin cupcake recipes she has one that comes out every year because the holiday times where she just gets tons of traffic on it because has to do with a recipe and that kind of thing. But it you know people follow or just because they they like her her her style and I I tend to kind of move away from some of the hardcore you know pinners is I don’t think you really need a niche down and like if your business is a flower shop I don’t think all you have to do is pin flower arrangements. Yeah because you want to give your content. It’s just like any other social media platform. If you want to give your audience what they need you want to be helpful. That’s why they’re following you. And so take that flower shop example you don’t just have to pin your own bouquets you could pin other people who’ve written articles about how to do you know a table arrangement, how to you know how do you give flowers for a funeral whatever. And so all that content serves your audience. And I think that’s what people kind of get confused about on Pinterest is that it’s not just your own content all the time, it’s what you’re doing to serve your audience.


Yeah. So tell me them or let me know what you think. Why do you think when I speak to lots of clients and lots of people around in their businesses that need social media.


Pinterest Isn’t even on the radar. And in fact I can happily tell you that there’s only one client ever we’ve done pins for. It’s not even on the radar. I don’t hear many people talking about it in terms of specialism is on social media. Why do you think that is? Do you think they just don’t know it? Or do you think…


I think so and also Pinterest and they’ve even said this the founders even said this that they don’t consider it a social platform yeah they consider it a search engine and it really is. It’s a discovery engine you go there to plan for stuff you really don’t. I mean you can talk to people inside of pins and say you know make comments and things but it’s mostly where people go to discover and dream. And so it’s a search engine. It’s a visual search engine. And the other thing I think that people struggle with especially like bloggers and content creators is it is if you’re writing a blog it’s hard enough to get that you know horizontal blog image and Pinterest is really those tall vertical pins and it’s one more step and I think people struggle with visual creating visual content and so that’s just one more thing that I don’t want I take the time to use. Make one for Pinterest because I just don’t. And so they forget about it which is really to their detriment because it really does drive so much traffic.


Yeah and so the other thing I want to pick from from what you’ve said already is the fact that obviously you’re a man just in case no one’s like that. And obviously that is the one thing that’s interesting because. Am I or am I..I’m Not sure whether I’m right or wrong saying this but the concept the perception is that it’s female that it’s like that. And I remember some time ago when I did that it was a lot of females that use it.


So is that still the case? Do you see there’s an opportunity for a more male side of it?


Yes. Males are the fastest growing demographic on Pinterest in fact a couple years ago they even said that there’s more people on Pinterest than all of GQ and Sports Illustrated subscribers combined. So they’re on there. They may just be lurking. Now in the United States it does trim a trend higher for women but in other countries where it’s opened up or pictures opened up in other countries it’s more of an even I think the UK is actually a little bit more even than the states is. So there’s no reason for if you even I’ve seen some in fact I’ve discovered some great brands on Pinterest like there is a carnivore club which does a meat of the Month Club which is huge and they get a ton of stuff over there. There is a there is a called The like Man Crates which is a gift subscription company that’s huge on Pinteres/t there’s tons of guy stuff on Pinterest and what it is is that you know it’s an algorithm based just like any other social any other network. Is that what you paid and what you look for. Pinterest will start serving you what what you want to see. And so the more you save and look at and pin you know stuff that you want to see than the feed is going to be curated for you. So there’s tons and there’s sports teams on Pinterest. There’s I mean it’s just huge amount of things better.


Yeah. And like I said I remember you know using for myself and I know I guess initially when if I had a client that sold shoes or wedding dress to the whole approach you know very female let things I think you that’s good.


And the other thing that you said was that was interesting and actually maybe like you said this is what is cutting people off is one the size of the image is entirely different.


Two, do you think that or do you agree that I feel like I only pin very beautiful looking things because like you said you said earlier that it’s a way you go to dream. So if I’m going to be pinning stuff it needs to be a really attractive looking house, or a lovely lounge or a nice bedroom or a nice pair of shoes or whatever. So do you think that that’s what’s putting them off. Because if you’re going to say well I don’t know you tell me do you have to have an amazing image to succeed on that?


It’s funny you say that I share a couple images in my talk that are kind of funny one. I mean there’s some horrible images on Pinterest that are just doing crazy. There’s this picture of a carpet that I use for an example and the top it’s really moldy and at the bottom it shows that it’s clean and it’s from a carpet company. It’s from a more personal place. And that thing had been pinned like I mean it was like one hundred thirty six thousand times which leads to their site which has their services on it in it. And it was an ugly pit. I mean it’s ugly but it shows what the result is you know and it works. So of course pretty pictures work well but they don’t have to.


And the other thing is is we talked about where people go to dream. I was doing some research and I was doing pins for a big clothing company from New York and I was doing research and a place I think was like like Neiman Marcus or something. And it was really strange as I was looking at their account on Instagram and then I was looking there account on Pinterest and comparing it even to their website catalog and on Instagram they showed the really pretty picture of the like the lady in the sweater and she was you know full screen and and then when I went to Pinterest I noticed that they were just showing the sweater and they cut off it was the same image with the cut off the head and I’m like, What in the world? And I went and I dove into it and I found out when people go to Instagram there you know they want to see what’s pretty and everything but when they go to Pinterest they want to see themselves in it. So by cutting off the top of the head, they could imagine themselves in that sweater. And I thought. That was genius! And that really shows the difference between like Instagram and Pinterest is that people go there and they want to plan and dream and see themselves there.


Mm hmm. I love that. So do you think a particular type of business service product that is better suited to Pinterest and vice versa. Other people that you just don’t even bother.


You know I used to think I would say and I’d said one time on a live show and I said well I I don’t think you know like a funeral company should be on pitches and then making steps like the undertaker. And then I got all these things back like no you they should because they could pin articles about how to deal with loss and how to do well with grief and and so you just be creative and anything works. I mean I’ve seen like pet services like for when a pet die and like how to deal with your pet loss and there’s an article and a pretty picture of a dog. And people that they go crazy for that stuff and there’s there’s how to save money. I mean anything you can think of there’s probably something on Pinterest. And so there’s an opportunity I think for everyone. Now some will do better and some you really got to maybe stretch to think of OK how can I get an image for that. But I think that because they all do have to your site. I just I would try it no matter what. What industry or product you have. I would try it on Pinterest to see what would if it would be if it would work because of the traffic. And do you think as well that.


It needs to be helpful or purposeful or do you not because the examples you gave them with things like you know advice around this not now.


So obviously if you’re talking in a blog post that it’s going to be that you think that’s definitely an angle you should be taking on Pinterest.


There’s tons of different ways you could do stuff on Pinterest you know the helpful articles always work. A lot of products work. I mean now that they have so Pinterest has things called Rich Pins and you tie them into your site with them made it metadata and stuff but for like product pins like if like I have I have a site called mainly plunder and it’s mostly for me to test shopping with pins on Pinterest. And so I have T-shirts that I sell there and I can just pin that T-shirt and it’s got the price on there and they can click it and check out so products are huge and you could just do a product on Pinterest.


A lot of tweets to clarify you can check out in Pinterest.


Oh yeah. So it goes right. They’ve just changed it. So it used to be it would it would check out on Pinterest now they’ve moved it so your e-commerce site like if I have a Shopify account. So it would go and it checks out on top of fi but it’s seamless and it works. And it’s. And if you’re if you lower the price the price lowers on your pin you don’t have to create a new one. And so that site is huge for e-commerce. So yeah.


And is that a big attack in the background tying these.


But Shopify use pretty much automatic. You can set it up really easy. It’s almost like you protect somebody on talking about the Instagram shop about pins I mean shopping mall post it’s the same kind of thing. So it’s really easy to setup and it’s not hard to set up these rich pins like if you’re a blogger you have an article rich pan which gives you a little snippet of your article and lets you click on it to go read it. Not hard to set up on your site if you use WordPress or use it to use blogging it’s really easy.


That’s different to me creating an image and then telling it where I want it to be sent.


Right. So you want to. Well here’s the I know if I get into this but there’s a difference between a personal account and a business account. Yeah. So a business account if you’re doing any sort of blogging any stuff you really need to have a Pinterest business account because otherwise you’re breaking terms of service. You really need to have a business account. Plus the business account gives you stats lets you do promoted pins which is kind of like their Facebook ads for Pinterest and it also gives you these rich friends availability where you can have no one can. There’s usually a big problem with spam on Pinterest where people would upload a pin and they could go back and make a change the where the pin would go and you know kind of hijack your pin but when you have rich fits rich pin setup they can’t do that. There’s no way that it’s locked into your side and even you know you have your website verified through Pinterest and so it just gives you another layer of security.


So business accounts are really important and it’s only business accounts that can do this rich pins. Yes. Like what. Well widgets done that what other reasons or what other things do we need to look for. Or why do we need to bring kind of onto the business accounts.


Well it gives you a lot of a lot more features like I said the stats are incredible. The Pinterest has their own built in stats which are really good and you don’t get that at all. If you’re on just a personal account you always want to be sure you’re not breaking terms of service because you take to build up your account and then take it away and then the the promoter pins and then those are doing really well for people because they’re a little bit cheaper than Facebook ads and you can really do some cool targeting with it.


That’s awesome. So explain to me as well about the facts of or just clarify for me when I think of sort of a Facebook page or a new twist is a bit different but I imagine that you know if you’re a local business then obviously people come and follow that page and local on Pinterest it’s not like that. Is it it’s it’s wider. Is there.


They used to have map pins but I’ve seen a lot of let’s say real estate brokers really well on Pinterest because they can put their listings up there and they can take them down but they can. People can follow those certain board boards like in certain areas so people can like if it’s a big city and there certain Burrows or certain areas they can follow those those with certain pins that they’re posting up there and so there’s a lot of a lot of people go in and dream about houses and so that’s just really really cool for real estate people. They also with some discovered ability now. They used to not have hashtags but now they have hashtags on Pinterest so you could also use that because local hash tags just like Instagram work really well. So you could do that as well on Pinterest.


OK so I just want to bring up something to set that about when you delete a pen. So obviously if you put a pin on there and you you’ve created it you’re the originator of that pen and and obviously then it gets shared and chat and chat and chat and chat. If you then delete it does it get removed off everybody’s no just years.


It’s just that your. So that’s why you want to be really careful and you want to make sure that you’re printing good stuff. I mean yeah you want to make sure that all your everything is tied together the way you want so if you delete it it’s just off your board somebody pins it it’s still there but there’s no reason for you and there’s a big debate probably the first part of this year about should you delete pins or not Pinterest even says you shouldn’t. Now third party pins like if it’s somebody else’s content that’s fine if you want to delete those but your own personal PIN. That’s just that’s content that’s out there unless there’s a big mistake on it. I would never delete my pins and I and I repent my content quite a bit. So I just don’t pin it once and leave it. I continue to pin that to different boards and then recycle them because just like Twitter there’s a kind of a feed in the main feed and you want to keep dropping your content in there throughout the week in a month.


Yeah. And that’s something that I discovered that I am a binge Pinterest user.


And so it’s not bad to do that. I mean it’s fine because I go on those sprees all the time. Yes. That’s because the algorithm is not going to dump all those in like it used to be when it was all chronological. Yeah it figures it out. So but what I use is, I use a scheduler so I use a schedule called Tailwind, and that allows me to schedule those and loop certain pins that I want that are my content. So I mean it’s no matter how many people want to be on Pinterest they usually don’t want to be on it 24/7. So now as lets me spread out the pins and we do that for social media Zamata as well and it’s always drip in our content into the different boards in the feed.


OK so if you’re creating a pin and it’s not being pulled from your Web site see you’re creating it. Just talk me through then what do I need to consider when putting together that pen How do I make people find it. What sort of things do I need today.


So you’re talking about my pen that you’d like your content.


Yes. So let’s say I’ve got a blog post I want to tell my pinterest board how am I going to maximize that.


So an easy way is there’s a there’s a site called Canva which is kind of do your own graphic design a lot of people use it. There’s a Pinterest template that I love and so I will use that on the fly real quick if I went to one of the things is as you want to mix up those templates don’t just use the stock one because a lot of times of this revealing Oh that’s from Canada that’s in Canada. And so you want to mix it up and make it your own and make it different. And you could do that really easy in Canberra but there is 735 by eleven or two is there pixel count. And so in Photoshop that’s what I do. Pinterest has actually said that they they have a specific size that they like and that fits in that ratio. And so I do that one of the things is that I talk to a lot of people and I know and I see this a lot like with a lot of the food bloggers and even some of the the marriage I mean the wedding and event planners is they love to use those. Those really scripted fonts. Yeah and those look really cool on your big screen in Photoshop which you’ve got to remember that 80 to 90 percent of people come to your site on Pinterest through mobile and so with a scripting font if they’re hard to read like as a text overlay. People are like What is that about. It looks just like jumbled and it’s only a few seconds it captures people’s attention. So make sure your text overlay is clear make sure your links going back to the right the right place. Make sure your web website is optimized. Nothing will make me go away from a article quicker than if I’m on mobile and a big pop up pops up on my screen and I can’t find the extra click out of it fast. I’ve had some time to cover up stuff and I’m just like yeah I’m done.


You know exactly saying that I literally couldn’t get past the pop up to even get to the thing I was trying to look at.


Right. Exactly. So those are a couple of things you just want to make sure and make sure it looks nice on different devices. So those are kind of the standard things.


What about the. I’m going to say the common but obviously not common. It’s the powder description. Yeah. Description. Yeah. So you want to make those fit your keywords.


But yeah. And so think of it like like us because Pinterest is a search engine so you want to be you know want to stuff keywords in it and make it not sound natural but you want to make sure you use that as well. One of the things that I talk about a lot is cause your boards can also be indexed by Google. In fact instant Instagram tips always comes up as engagement. Yeah just love can rank on Google and so a lot of people who title boards like stuff I like or no fun recipe.


Look I might get dressed.


So those are great for personal accounts but if you want to use a business think about something that will make it like Peg and I have instant Instagram tips. It ranks right up there and Google really high. And so that. Is awesome. For that they have a great released relationship. Google and Pinterest so think about that. So you want to think about he were descriptive. You don’t want to make it sound robotic but you want to make it have your keywords in it so you want to do that for your board title the board description and also use your pin description and do it that way. So am I making it signed.


A human to read and also is there a kind of links. Say for instance on Instagram. When I write a comment I write a comment. Know it’s literally like really long.


So is that kind of an optimum. There is. I can’t remember the character count if you guys Google it. It’ll come. Yeah. I just think it’s 500 characters. I may be wrong. The thing is now that you can add hashtags those count as part of your description. So you gotta have a balance and I always recommend on Pinterest not I mean not to use a gazillion hashtags like I think you use like 30. Like you can’t on Instagram. I think that’s overkill. Kind of best practices for that is I like to use my branded hash tag first and I do that for Social Media Examiner and also mind. So like when I post to paint off my blog the first hashtag would be hashtag Manly Pinterest Tips. Yeah because if they click on that all my content is gonna be up. Yet. All the feed. So that’s what I can do and then I’ll do hashtags like social media know if I’m doing a Facebook particle or b hash tag Facebook hash tag Facebook ads do probably. Four to seven maybe or maybe even a little bit less. Just don’t do it because you’ll take up your description space.


Okay. And then something that I just thought about completely off the cuff them. But then I get invited to collaborate on other people’s boards or group boards. What’s that about.


And what would I what my group boards are great when you’re first starting Pinterest to get your content out to more people group more and there’s good group cause and there’s bad reports and so there’s nothing wrong with joining one and then leaving one when you go. You want to look and see what there’s always rules like you can’t open up in these sites images like I’m sure. Portrait style. You’ve got to know you can only do one of your own content a week. You’ve got to share three goals. Three other people’s content so they’re great. So it just depends you want to make sure that those boards aren’t spammy. You want to make sure that people’s stuff is being seen. So some of the huge big boards you know it goes so fast it’s hard to get traction. So you know some of the smaller ones or medium sized one might be good to start with just you’ve got to go and try it for a while. There’s nothing wrong with leaving a tailwind now has a thing which I call group boards on steroids called tailwind tribes which allows you to get into these really niche groups and there’s as there’s even a counter tops. How many times you’ve shared how many times I’ve shared your stuff. What’s new. It’s been great for traffic so I’ve been using that for my personal account and also for social media and it’s just a great way for people who like I’m in some blogging ones that are just blogging or just Pinterest. So I’ll share my Pinterest pins there and they get shared out and so remember every time you get a rip in that’s another. Link back to your site and another chance for somebody clicking on your on it to come in to visit your site. So those are great to be on as well.


Great. So then with the analytics that they give you because obviously there is a difference between someone pinning your pen and someone clicking on your pen right. So obviously someone can click and still visit your site and they haven’t saved your pen or you can have someone save every time but never click once. So right does it slip that I can you see.


Yes you can see rebounds and you can see traffic and so that’s when you. That’s why when you are setting up your business account you want to verify your website because that gives you that OK they’re going through their Google Analytics reports it as other. And so like on my pins I like to use. And this is gonna be super geeky right now. A UTM parameter OK. Yeah. Traffic and Google traffic and create those really easy when you create a pin. So I know what’s been driving traffic. So you can set it up in like a spreadsheet and it’s not hard to do it sounds really nerdy but that gives you even more analytics of what is really working.


And that’s what you want to see really. Because I think that I mean like you said it does seem very techie buy only because we had to do it the other week. I know you said it’s fine. And if I can do it I promise you anybody else can do it. And but you want to check that it’s actually doing something. So again I wouldn’t say anything is is also a lot of people like.


Don’t even think about this. But you don’t have to have just one pin for a piece of content like a pin a pin like I have like six tools for social media and that parents kind of dying down. I can create another pin that looks totally different. And part of that is going to say and you can do multiple pins and Fitzpatrick does this all the time. She’ll have a like four or five pins that lead back to the same thing and that’s fine. Because it gives you your traffic more. I mean you’re you’re like more life and more people visiting your site that may have not before you do split a b testing really easy so yeah. So make those games as you want.


That’s awesome. Such a good idea. And like you said I think generally with people when they put content out and we are in this world where as marketers and social media people were saying we need content many content many content but then actually when you think about and especially as you’ve done with the podcast online videos and blogs and oh my god you produce so much content there is literally like you know just and I’m only one episode well I don’t know what this episode will be what number is yet but I live I think Man episode forty one. But of course you know that’s 41 weeks of content that’s gone right the hash and actually you know how many times and how much good stuff is in each of those podcast episodes. You know like you said people aren’t using that stuff enough they’re not putting that stuff back out there. And by using just like a different image pulling out quotes or tip or stat or something that was in that content you’ve just put a different spin on it or you’ve just had a different angle that that might attract someone rather than maybe your title maybe someone saw the time on not really. But then obviously decided to see something else and think Oh no I do want to read that side note that’s awesome.


Well one of the things that’s gonna blow your mind is you know you’ve always been I’ll take YouTube clips and pin them to Pinterest and I’ll paint they’ll play natively so I’ve had boards with just youtube videos. Now they have a thing called Video pins and if you looked at Pinterest you’re scrolling through an often it on your mobile pin starts to move and you’ll see this video. Those are the new video pins. Well they’re open to everybody now. And so you could actually takes out like a one to two minute. I mean you could do a longer one but one to two would be probably the work the best clip of this show and put it on Pinterest and it would automatically play and people could click on it and go to your site and read the thing I guess. And so I’m really excited about the video pans because I think it opens up a whole new thing because Pinterest has been static for so much is when you see movement on Pinterest it’s just like what. And people click on it and want to find out more.


Yeah. No that’s awesome isn’t it. I feel like honestly like consider it like. Well my entire life in marketing social media for the last four or five years purely kind of working hard on that. I honestly feel like I’m discovering something brand brand new images every day. And I can’t believe that.


I ignored it for so long and I can’t believe so many key other people are ignoring it. And I feel like and you must fill this whole time that people are missing a huge opportunity here.


The traffic is just try it for. And Pinterest takes you know it’s a slow like it’s a snowball effect. Yeah. So you’re not going to pin one thing like all this traffic comes in. Yeah. Thing is is like the half life of a tweet or a Facebook posting all that stuff is super short. I think the half life where a Pinterest pin is like three months which is crazy. And so I still get pins in from stuff when I first started on like I forgot I made that point it’s bringing traffic back to my site. I can see it in google analytics. So it just lasts for such a long time and it brings traffic in. So try it for two to three months and that happens. B. You say I’m going to do you know I’m going to make what I make a blog post part of my process is I wanna make a Pinterest image and I’m going to pin it and I’m going to put in a scheduler and I’m going to repaint that so many times a week and and automate you you can sit down and do your pins for the week on a Monday in 20 minutes. Yeah it really doesn’t take that off.


And like you said it’s just literally bringing another step into the process that you’ve already got. Anyway so I vote I Oh God I wish I hadn’t but I write out my process for the podcast because I’m taking someone on to help me manage the most cost because it’s huge.


And I write the process and I did this spreadsheet of right. Okay so it will take when we’ve done this thing or did we get this and have we got that. And what day is the interview digital. And it’s huge absolutely massive. No. Oh God really. Do you have to do all this stuff. I was doing it anyway. I just didn’t realize. But like you said either in there. It says Have you created the social media pace. Have you scheduled on Twitter. And one of the things we’re going to do now we’re being really strategic about the podcast because I want to get it out there even more than we have done already over. I want it to grow and grow and grow is we are creating four five sometimes even six different types of post for one podcast up side. So on Twitter for instance we can literally post every single day for that week because obviously then the following week we’re focusing on something else. So like you said it’s just a case of saying when you’ve done that. And we use camera. I love Cam. Huge huge fan of camera and obviously because I have the paid version. It’s magic resize right. It really isn’t that much more effort. You know it’s really not too difficult. Good thing I do that I’m interested see what you can do using the video posts is. Have you heard of wave dot co. So I use wave so we obviously produce the image in Canberra. Then we take that image from camera into wave. We upload our audio files to case people weren’t sure what I was talking about. And then what happens is if you see any of my social media you’ll see that they have this wave movement thing going on. Yeah yeah. And it just helps attract attention a bit more and it just makes it more interesting. So they do have a long thin one which I can’t use for insta stories right which may fit the ratio size for Pinterest.


I would try. Because yes we used to but this is before video we used wait quite a bit for for Examiner to buy cars with and it did get a lot of engagement and so I would try it on Pinterest and see the results because they do like you can do any size video you do landscaper square works really well they have actually promoted pin right now where you can actually have yours take up both sides of the feed which means it’s full screen and then they click on and it goes even bigger so there’s some really cool stuff you do but yeah and I think the best sides are either square or the story size for the videos just because that’s that seems to work the best on mobile.


No that’s awesome Jeff it’s been so good to see you and I have loved to great interests like that. I feel like I need to go in and do it. So to finish off can you. If someone sat there thinking OK you’ve convinced me and I realize I need to go in deep interest. Tell us what we need to do to kind of get started or what our plans should kind of be if we’re going to get started and we want to take this seriously and do it. So first of all what I would do is.


First get a business account you know verify your website get that all set up and then start creating pins in your your schedule like when you make a blog post. Take this step and I can’t I can’t do them the magic resize I make like four different images for every post that I do one for my blog one for Instagram one for stories you know and for Pinterest and so to just add that into your process and then look at a scheduler. I mean most people who really are succeeding well use some sort of scheduler to make sure. And I I’m always that they are a Pinterest verified partner because there have been some schedules before in the past like even the last three months that weren’t verified and we’re breaking Pinterest terms of service even though they did some great stuff and a lot of the power printers use them. They went away. And. Everything that you had worked on was gone. So something like tailwind buffer has a scheduler. There’s a couple other ones. Look at those and start scheduling your pins. And remember it’s just not your content you’re serving your audience. So like like I do social media. So I I’ve been stopped from paying. I have a group of people that I trust that I pay their content because I know their links always work. I know that they’re always doing good content and so pin those and gradually ramp up there you know a lot of people recommend like 20. To 25 pins a day. And the only way you can really do that is with a scheduler. Now you don’t have to do that when you first start. Don’t freak out OK. I was freaking out work that. But that’s what our scheduler comes in. So you want to start curating content look at some group boards do some collaboration because we have almost got a circle of people that I know that they pen my stuff and their ideas their speakers social media marketing world that I know are individual marketing. And so you’ll find those naturally when you start doing that but just added to your process and it really probably takes them the least amount of time out of all the social networks to do.


Well one thing I thought was fascinating which I find died and I hadn’t really thought about it but of course it makes sense is there’s no engagement. That’s like a maze there.


There can be like and don’t ignore comments you just won’t get a line of damning comments. You know you can just go and like once a week and people say this was a great blog post and I always say thank you I really get that kind of stuff it’s best practice just like any other thing. But it’s not as intensive as the other ones are.


You’re right. And because I think I said on another podcast that Tyler Jim Cole said that when he came on for Instagram he said you need to engage more than you post.


So of course then an engagement is always a huge thing in social media world. You know that I’m constantly talking about. But if you’re on social media you’ve got to engage. That’s the whole point. It’s that conversation Bob about it. And then of course you can Pinterest like I said it’s weird because as you’ve said and I’m discovering Pinterest really isn’t a social media account it’s a search engine. Right it’s odd that it’s being put with social media and it kind of sits in the social media space but actually it’s it’s not that’s all is it. It’s very different.


Yeah it’s very different. And you know like I said Make sure you do go back in and commit and comments. But I really don’t get as many as I like. Yeah like you said with Instagram and stuff and so and also you can use other your other networks to push people towards Pinterest a pay kind of thing where she would always put future and image and she’d say pin it for later on Facebook because some people couldn’t read the article right away or whatever and she would have picked it for later which is a great call to action. Also brings people to your Pinterest account so you can use Twitter and all those different things to do to kind of if you’re just starting out to kind of drive people to your Pinterest account and I think like you said you’re going to have to give an element of teaching in the sense of.


And that’s a great thing that packed up because you’re right.


I will see an article and I might even I’m one of these people that I’ll get an email and an old say hey we’ve done this new blog post or whatever and I’ll click on it and I’ll open up the screen and then I don’t read it because I’m busy. And then I get another one like look at that screen and then again and I listen I’d like 20 tabs I kind of things that I think I do want to read it and I’ll get round to reading it at some point. But like you said by chance I just pinning it to a. To a board somewhere that’s like I said I want to read this I want to check this or whatever I say and then also I don’t know about you. Honest I feel so stupid now like I should know all these things but I. I read blog posts and then I am I. Who was that again who did that. That was great stuff in now I should have kept that somewhere where would I keep it. Oh I know Teresa. How tragic.


But in the end users make sure and we didn’t dive into this too much but one of my favorite slogans is social warfare because it lets you get an image based on the different networks. And so one of the ways to help get your content out there is have your social sharing plugin set up right. So it pins the correct image that it’s not just punitive but puts the image which you had while on Pinterest. No but if you like if your family picture steps and you click on the Pinterest image it brings up a Pinterest image. And so that helps turn and build upon your staff and also visit your account. And so you said when people don’t have time to read my stuff they want to save it. That’s the way to do it. So. Very unforeseen.


Honestly Jeff this has been fantastic.


Thank you so much for coming on and sharing these and I feel like we are literally just scratching the surface and there is so much more it’s buzzing around my head about advertising about kind of how it’s all connected and driving people to these patterns and so you know I’m sure at some point in the future we’d love to have you back on your list in on all those things as well. So Jeff thank you so much. I really appreciate being on the podcast.


Well thank you. Appreciate you having me.


So there you have it yet more great reasons why I should definitely have got my backside in gear and saw today at Pinterest. Now as I said on that I love Pinterest as a personal tool I use it lots I like saving images to things and and collecting recipes and House interior stuff but I haven’t been really strategic in using it for the business. So I promise you listening to this and rerecording this today as it inspired me to get it on my list in fact I have a team meeting tomorrow and I’m going to put out on the list with them and we’re going to work out how we can start really maximizing Pinterest for our business because honestly after listening to what Jeff and then back in Episode 49. Elise had to say it some really really good tool but like a lot of things it’ll take time and I know we all want these quick fixes and we want all these amazing results really quickly but sometimes we have to do these slow things in order to get some big results in the end. So I really hope you find that useful today. I know I did.


Anyway I’m back next week with the solo episode. And in all honesty at this point in time I don’t know what that’s going to be about which is hilarious because literally last week I did an episode on battling content and coming up with guns and ideas. I know I promise you I have a list of ideas. I’m just not sure which one of those I’m actually going to do. And I have got a bit behind these first few months for me of being crazy. So I have got a little bit behind in terms of how far ahead I’m scheduled up to. So I am kind of doing it week by week again which is a little bit frustrating. So I’m definitely gonna get my backside in gear and make sure that I get ahead again. Anyway, thank you so much again for listening. I really do appreciate it. And I will see you here next week. Take care!