Falling Out Of Love With Your Business: How To Decide When To Pivot And When To Persevere

Today’s episode of the podcast is all about what do you do if you are not happy in your business, or if you think you might need to pivot.



  1. What to do when you feel out of alignment in your business
  2. The questions to ask yourself, to move towards a solution
  3. Practical ways to explore all the available options

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Hello and welcome to this week's episode of the Your Dream Business Podcast. And as always, I am your host, Teresa Heath Wareing. How are you doing? So. If you are new to the podcast, welcome. I forget to welcome new listeners and this might be the first episode you've ever listened to. So if you are new, welcome.

If you have been hanging around with me for some time, then I appreciate you greatly. And I'm so grateful you are giving me your time because I know the world gets busy and our time is so precious. So I do not take it lightly that you are spending your time with me. I appreciate it so much. So today, We're talking about What do you do if you are not happy in your business, if you're falling out of love in business, or if you think you might need to pivot?

So we're going to talk about all that, but before we do, I just want to give you an update. So as you will know, for those long term listeners, I used to do interviews and I got to a point where I'd done a ton of interviews and in all honesty, it was getting more work than, than my normal work. So. We were getting a ton of applications every single day, and the time it was taking me and my team to process them, decide, go back to them, book in interviews, do the interviews, and all of that stuff, it was just becoming like a beast, and becoming an unworldly amount of work.

So I decided to take a break this year, and pretty much at the beginning of the year, I paused the interviews, and I just did a load of solo episodes. And… I'm ready to go back to interviews, which is very exciting. So, first off, I have got a ton of interviews already recorded that are actually mostly people from my membership, but they also happen to be amazing at what they do, or I absolutely wouldn't have them on, just so you know.

I'm not just being kind to people who are in my world. But obviously if they are amazing, then why not get them on the podcast? So that's cool. So we've got people talking about social media. We've got people talking about, Facebook ads, like real proper experts. Who know what they're doing? Google shopping ads.

We've got people talking about how to be brave and put yourself out there on social media. We've got people talking about, how to set yourself up on Google and all that good stuff. So lots and lots of good and interesting, conversations coming your way. I want to buy chat GTP, which during it, I changed the name from chat G P T to chat G T P.

So you'll just have to excuse me for that, but basically lots of cool interviews coming. So they are coming back next week. I'm super excited about that. It's just really nice to have conversations with people again. And as I've said before, if I am not the expert or if there is someone better than me on a given subject, then it makes sense for me to get them to come on and talk about it, not the fact of, you know, me trying to bundle my way through an episode.

So that is going to be fun. But today let's talk about, what do we do if we are not happy in our business? Because one thing I want to get clear first off is you can have bad days in business, but still love what you do. Okay. And there is absolute guarantee that that is going to happen. There are going to be days and there are going to be points in your business where it is so hard and you doubt that you're cut out to do it and you feel unhappy and frustrated and all the other good stuff.

But that doesn't mean you're not happy in your business anymore. It just means that you are having a bit of a tough time and struggling. So that's the first thing. That I want to kind of get clear. This isn't about I've had a bad day. Let's change our business. This is a more ongoing thing of, do you know what? I'm just not feeling it anymore.

And when we talk about these kind of things, it kind of comes down to alignment. You know in your body and As people in general, especially females, we shouldn't ignore our intuition. We shouldn't ignore what our body tells us. There is a good reason why it's not feeling right.

So we need to kind of tap into that. We need to think about that. So. You know, I'm not suggesting you do all the woo things. If you want to, that's great. If not, don't worry about it. I'm just saying, like, normally if something is out of alignment, and you'll know it if you've had clients, I've had clients before where you've gone and met them and you thought, this isn't right.

Like something just does not feel right, but I can't think of a good reason why not to work with them. You work with them and it turns out to be an absolute disaster. So. That's what I'm talking about. That's when it's not an alignment and when your body is probably correct in telling you that this thing isn't right.

So, what if you've not been happy in your business for a while? What if it's not felt for a while? Now, how long is a while? It's really hard to say and it depends on how tolerant you are. Now, If you work with a coach or are in someone's world like being in my world where you're a club member and you can come and speak to me then it first step is really helpful to have a conversation because sometimes when we're in our own heads it's really difficult to actually be super subjective about what it is we are struggling with and whether it really is a case of actually this is not an alignment or whether we're just having a hard time and therefore In having that hard time, we're now doubting whether we want to do it and whether it fits.

So having a conversation with someone is really, really happy. And like I said, subjective, great. My partner, my husband is phenomenal. I love him. He's super supportive. However, he is not the person I would have a conversation like this with because he has his own agenda. Whereas a coach, if I go to one of my coaches that they don't have an agenda, so they can be really analytical with me.

So the first thing is to sit down and decide what is it that you're not happy about, okay? And this is where we talk about becoming the scientist and not the judge. So don't judge yourself going, well, I should be happy and I've created this thing or, you know, I should be grateful or it's not fair that, you know, this, this, this, that's, that's just putting a load of rubbish on you.

You don't need that and it's not gonna help. So becoming the scientist and asking your questions about what don't I like about it? What is it right now that I don't like about it? And that will really help you understand if it's in alignment.

I had someone come onto a coaching call once and they were like, I think I'm going to stop. I'm done with my business. I don't think it works for me. I'm not happy. I think the concept doesn't work. And was basically at the point where she was about to pull the plug. And we had a conversation and I said, if you had customers, cause she was struggling to get some customers.

If you were full, fully booked, would you feel the same way? And she said, no. And I was like, okay, so it's not the business. It's the fact of… Because you haven't got customers. You are concerned that your customers are validating to you whether this business will work. You don't feel great because you haven't got customers.

You feel like you are not good enough. And we worked through it and it wasn't the reason she wasn't unhappy with her business. She just was so frustrated and so down and so done for like she was so like basically, You know, felt defeated in her own business because she wasn't getting clients. So asking yourselves, what is it?

Why am I not happy with my business? Asking things like, what do I love about my business? What things do I enjoy doing? What don't I love about my business? And another thing to go back to, and we did this exercise recently in the club, every month we do mindset sessions. And one of the mindset sessions we do every year is the values exercise.

And it's such a good exercise. If your business is no longer in alignment with your values or your values have changed, then that might be why it doesn't feel great. So doing a values exercise is really, really helpful. So, what do we do if we've sat down and we've looked at it all and thought this isn't working?

The other things to think about is, whether you pivot or whether you kind of decide that actually the business is done for and actually want to go get a job, which personally, I couldn't actually imagine anything worth, was what isn't working? What don't you like? What's too hard? Like, try and find those things out first.

Try and understand what's not working. And then also, have you given it long enough? So we as business owners tend to hope and wishful thinking that we'll do one thing and it'll suddenly make a world of difference. And the truth is, It doesn't work like that. It takes time. So how long have you done something for?

Have you been measuring it and have you tweaked as needed? And that is really, really important. You've got to give yourself, it's like saying to a child, you know, I've had a, I've got a daughter who's 13 going on 23, went to a party the other day and someone said to her. God, you look about 17. I was thinking, please don't tell her that.

She terrifies me as it is. But anyway, bye bye. But like if she was trying to do something and she'd given it two minutes, would I be like, yeah, you gave it long enough. Let's crack on and you obviously can't do it. No, I'd be like, okay. You, it didn't work that way, let's try something else. Let's do it for four or five weeks a month and if it still doesn't work, then we'll think about doing something different.

So have you given it enough time? Can you honestly sit there and say, I've done everything I tried to do before you've given up on that thing? And like I said, if it's not in alignment, if it's not in your values, then That makes sense why it's not fitting and why it's not working. However, I don't want you to use that as an excuse as to pivot and do something else, because that's one of the things that I see in business a lot.

And thank goodness, not with the people in the club, but often someone go, this isn't working. So I pivoted and that's not working. So I'll pivot. And it's like, it's not working. You're just not giving it enough time or it starts to get hard and you pivot and therefore you're going to reach another point in your business going forward where the same thing happens where it starts to get hard and you'll want to pivot again and you'll spend your entire life pivoting and never actually creating the thing you want to do.

And I know that sounds a bit harsh, but the truth is, I see it. I see people doing it and they're no further on ever, you know, they don't give it long enough. They haven't really tried all the options. They haven't measured what they've done and then tweaked what they've done. They've just gone. This doesn't work.

Isn't for me. Pivot. When the truth is it's not that it's not for them. It's just that it got hard and that made them stop. So what do you do if you're not feeling happy, if you're not sure? So, like I said, there's a few things that you can have already done. Like I've just said, you know, ask yourself the question, sit down.

If you like journaling, journal. If you like meditating, do all that. If you have a coach, go and speak to a coach. If you haven't got a coach, come and check out the club and come and talk to me. But once you've kind of had a look at and thought about it, the next thing you need to think about is writing down the options.

Now what happens is we get overwhelmed and frustrated and disheartened when we don't have options and there are always options. Now that might sound like a very privileged thing to say but the truth is there are. There are always options but you get to Well, the truth is that not often people like the different options.

So, I have this conversation, and I always get careful about saying things about my family, because what if one day they decide to listen to this podcast? I don't think they will. But, you know, I had a conversation with, my sister, and she was like, I've got no choice. And the truth is, we do have a choice.

The choices, though, that we have might not be ones that feel nice. So, okay, I'll use the example of my daughter. Again, teenagers, she's obviously playing on my mind a lot. But she was having trouble with the teacher and basically she was marked down for being disrespectful, which quite honestly is like, one of the worst things in my book.

So I was like, you cannot be disrespectful. She's like, I don't like the teacher, it's awful. And I said to her, well, sorry darling, you've got no choice. And then I stopped myself and went, no, you have got a choice. These are your choices. Choice one, you stay at that school, and you learn to, you know, accept and behave in a better way towards this teacher.

You don't have to like her, that's fine. But you do have to respect her. She's your teacher. Option two, I pull you out of the school and we homeschool you. Which I was thinking, please God, don't say yes. And option three, I move you back to the school you were at, which I know she doesn't want to go to.

And so those are your options. So she had options, none which she likes. And so she said, okay, I'll stay. Okay. Will you stay? You've made the decision and therefore you need to, you need to now sort this out type thing. So that was the kind of conversation that we had. So she had choices. They just weren't. Any good choices.

But the minute you think you don't have any options or choices, you feel stuck and that's not a good place to be in. So the next step is if it's, if you say, you know, you're still not happy, it's still not right. What are my choices? You could go and get a job. I would rather stick needles in my eyes.

Quite honestly. I can't ever imagine a world where I would ever want to get a job, but it's a choice. I could change what I did. I could go back to having an agency. I could, stop doing some particular things and do more of something else. There could be lots of different things that I could do in my business if I'm not happy, and if I'm in a bit of a funk.

So that's the next option, working out what are your options. I could go and take my skillset and move out of the online space and do something else, or move out of marketing and teach something else. There are lots of different options that I could do. And even if they're the most absurd, craziest options in the world.

write them down because, you know, I could just not work and we could live a much more frugal life than, I mean, I could have a big garden, I could grow my own veg, I could sell it at a farmer's market. I've got it all planned out. But you know, there are options. So having options is great. So really giving yourself space and time to think about it, really deciding whether it's out of alignment with you or whether it's just you're in a bit of a funk.

Then going through the options, if you're sat there going actually it is more than just I'm having a bad day, then write all your options and then work with someone who can help you become clear about those things. Now, at the end of the day, only you can decide, only you can decide because you're doing the work, but having someone to work with, someone to talk these things through someone to figure these things out with you are really good.

Try to choose someone who ideally is a coach or a mentor. Try not to choose someone who has an invested interest in you or your business, because they're not going to be, subjective enough. They are going to have an emotional connection to it. So that's what I would suggest you do. If you're not happy in your business, if you're wondering whether you need to pivot, wondering if something else is for you, give yourself some time, give yourself some space to think about it, give yourself the chance to discuss through how you feel with someone else, and then come up with options as to what you could actually do about it, whether it's.

Literally doing a 180 and doing something completely different, or whether it's getting a job, or whether it's just making some tweaks. Only you can decide, but make sure that whatever you do, you tell yourself, I'm going to give it this length of time, before… I then make a decision as to whether this is working or not.

I hope this has helped. It's a bit hard to do when it's not someone telling me directly what their problem is and where they're at, which is why it's so good to work with someone like me. Anyway, I'm going to leave you to it. If you think this was useful, if you think someone else found this useful, please go and send it them.

Share on your socials. I would greatly appreciate it. And if you haven't yet given me a five star review on Apple. I would love it if you did. Okay, have a wonderful day and I will be back next week with an interview. I will see you then.