Five Years of Running my Membership: Mistakes, Lessons Learned, and Key Takeaways

Today’s episode of the podcast is a solo episode where I share an honest and insightful look into the highs and lows of running an online membership for the past five years. From strategic shifts to personal growth, I reveal what worked, what didn’t, and how my mindset and experiences have influenced my business. Whether you’re a course creator, membership owner, or coach, this episode is packed with valuable lessons and actionable strategies.



  1. Importance of Niching Down
    Initially, I aimed to serve everyone, which diluted my focus and messaging. Over time, I learned the importance of clearly defining my target audience and tailoring my offerings to meet their specific needs.
  2. Value of Continuous Adaptation
    The membership evolved significantly over the years, from strategic marketing content to incorporating mindset and personal development aspects. This flexibility allowed me to better serve my members as my own skills and understanding grew.
  3. Strategic Pricing and Value Perception
    I experimented with different pricing tiers and eventually raised the membership fee to reflect the high value provided. I also learned that having lower-priced options could sometimes devalue the overall perception of the membership.


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After five years of having my membership, I'm taking you behind the scenes to share what has worked over those five years and what didn't. Also, how has that membership changed over that time. I share all the mistakes I made and what I would do differently if I was to do it all again. I also share with you what the future looks like for my membership and what things I might be doing differently now.

And one of the things I think you'll find surprising is how my own mindset and my own life experiences had an impact on what my membership looked like and what I offered. This is a very honest look into having an online business and running a membership.

Hello and welcome to another episode of Your Dream Business podcast. How are you doing this week? Isn't it funny how sometimes things just line up without you even trying or realising? And this is exactly what's happened for the episode this week. Now, I decided I was going to talk about my membership and memberships in general, because of two reasons.

One, I am speaking at Membership Momentum. Which is an amazing summit put on by Krista Miller, who also is speaking next week. She's doing an interview next week and the membership momentum is going to run from June 24th until the 26th. And I am doing a session for it all about how launching, I probably should know the title of my session off by heart, but I don't, how I use open houses to basically launch my membership or to sell my membership without feeling sleazy and salesy.

And I'm really excited about the talks. I've never done this talk before. It's a brand new one. So I'm really excited to be able to bring that to Krista and her audience. And also it's got an amazing lineup. So I do want you to go and check that out. There will be a link in the show notes.

If you had to, then you will find links to the membership momentum event. Also, if you check out my socials and if you're on my email list, then I will be sharing it all over that place. So yes, that's one of the reasons I want to focus on membership.

And then like I said, next week, Krista is on the podcast as well, where we'll be talking about more stuff, which is awesome. Okay. So weirdly, this is where the weird date thing comes in. I go to start to plan as to what I'm going to talk about. Yes. Sometimes I plan what I'm talking about, although it may not feel like it sometimes.

And I looked at how long I've had my membership for. And this episode comes out on the 10th of June and at this point I have had my membership for five years. I started my membership June 2019. So how weirdly awesome is that, that I wanted to write memberships and then when I looked it was the fifth year anniversary of having my membership.

So I thought what I would do on today's episode is talk you through some of the changes, some of the things, the good, the not so good of having a membership, some of the things that have gone really well, some things that I haven't done so brilliantly, and where my membership is today. And then hopefully if you've got a membership, this is going to give you some ideas and thoughts in terms of things that maybe you can try or things that maybe you shouldn't try because I did and they didn't work.

Or if you're thinking about a membership, then great. This is going to give you lots and lots of information in order to take forward with your own. If you are not thinking of a membership and have no plans or whatever to have a membership, then this is going to be a really fun look behind the scenes at my business.

So hopefully there's lots for all of you. Let's get cracking. So I want to start off by talking about what the membership started as, because this is one of the things I guess has been most surprising is the progression of the membership over the years and how much it's changed and tweaked and moved and just not the same thing.

I started my membership, like I said, June, 2019. And it was initially the Marketing That Converts Academy. That's what I called it. And I had a very clear idea from day one, what I wanted the membership to be. And I wanted it to be so that the name Marketing That Converts came from the fact, and actually this just isn't an insight into the membership.

It's kind of an insight into the journey my business has gone on. And actually how my personal life and what I've gone through has affected my business. So this really is like a bit of a warts and all. So I started the membership from a point of view of at this point in my life, I was doing a lot of work for online businesses and I was launching online businesses and I was helping online businesses and I was coming from a very strategic marketing point of view.

If you are new to me, if you've not heard me say this before, I actually have a degree in marketing and I spent 10 years in marketing prior to starting my own business and then I started as a marketing consultant. So when I say I know marketing, I really know marketing. Like it has literally been what I eat, sleep, breathe since 20 years ago now.

And I'm 45, I think. like since I was 25. So the whole point of the membership was people who were trying to grow their online businesses and start their online businesses. And I started it with the premise of this kind of thing of get seen, get emails, get customers, or get sales, and then get fans. That was the last one.

So I had these four very clear things of which they would go through or they would work on and they would get successful online business. And then I launched it in a way that wasn't clear enough. In my head, that was how I wanted it to be, but I did the typical thing of, I want to serve everybody. So even though those are my key areas, and actually a lot of what I talked about was online stuff and building an email list and lead magnets and funnels and emails and sales pages and all that awesome stuff, I just kind of opened the doors and when everybody come in, like whether you're a marketer, whether you're a business owner, whether you're this, whether you're that.

And within a very short space of time, I'd lost that niche altogether. Right. Not only had I lost it from a content point of view, but from a marketing point of view, I just made a terrible mistake of basically going, Hey, it's amazing club to come and learn marketing for your business. So I started with this brilliant intention.

And I remember. planning this out, right? I remember we were sat in San Diego. My husband was there with me. I can even remember the restaurant we were at, the table we were sat at. If you've been to San Diego to the conference, you will know there's a corner restaurant that's French right over the road from the exhibition place.

If you, if you know, it's something that you're like, Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. I can hear it now. And we sat in that restaurant on one of the high tables in the sun and I planned out. I think, was Biz Paul with me? I think Biz Paul might have been with me, my friend. Anyway, planned it out, got it all sorted and then obviously ignored all of that and just went and offered it to anybody and everybody.

So that was my first mistake, that basically, I just wanted to be kind and let people into my world and have people who I loved hanging around with and let them join the membership. Which is fine, but there was no clear, this is who it's for. Okay, so what is probably a good idea to talk about now is the price when I opened.

So I opened my membership at $29 a month, $290 a year. This is pretty typical if you have a membership or thinking about a membership, you would ordinarily give a discounted price for an annual place and that normally is two months free. So just the price times 10. So I did this fine and I opened the doors and I got like 30 something members, which obviously I thought was amazing and is amazing.

So if you're starting with 30 something members, well done, you go brilliant. Right. And bearing in mind, I had a bit of an audience, but not a ginormous audience by any stretch of the imagination. Okay. So that's where it started. I, basically did masterclasses every month. I did coaching every month, but even though I called it coaching, I wasn't a coach, but I call, like I did call it a coaching call, but basically it was a come and pick my brains call.

I did, what else did I do in the early days? I must've done more stuff, but I can't remember at this point. Oh yeah. We used to do like social media stuff. I think I had, Ann, who used to work for me, come in and do content as well. So we did like a few different things, but all very strategic and practical marketing stuff.

So as the membership started to build, and when I say build, I don't necessarily mean numbers, although it did, I mean content. So when you first start a membership, the content that you put in from day one is obviously nothing compared to the content that's in five years later, I can assure you. So, As the content builds, I started putting the price up.

Now I want to try and address the price separately, which I might do now actually. Yeah. Okay. Let's, let's look at the price thing now. So I started to put the price up as, and obviously you always start a membership at like a beta price or as a first, you know, with the intention of this is not going to be the price.

This is, dirt cheap to get people through the door. So that's what I did. So within a fairly short space of time, probably a couple of months, I upped it to $39 a month. So already it was feeling pretty expensive for a membership, if I'm honest, because a lot of the memberships that I had seen and been in were like 20 pounds, $20 a month.

Then I upped it to $49 a month. Then, and I can't remember the timescales. I'm sure I could find that if I wanted to spend that much time, but then I upped it to $59. Bearing in mind, like I said, I've had this membership five years. Then a couple of years ago, I upped it to $97 a month. And now it's $222 a month, right?

Which you might be sat there going, holy moly, man, like 29 to $222. Like what on earth are you giving in this membership? How much content is in there for me to justify that lift? Okay. So let me tell you one other thing on the pricing. So. I made a decision and this might feel like this episode's going all over the shop, but like I said, I'm trying to keep it to a kind of light format.

When I put the price up to 222, the reason I put the price up is because the membership changed completely, right? In terms of what I offered, how I was doing it, my own level of. What I could bring to the party. I was no longer just doing marketing. I was no longer just doing one particular thing. And actually I had really upped my game in terms of what I knew, how effective I was, what I could do for people's business.

So the pricing actually didn't bother me too much. The fact that I put it up, I had been in other memberships at that price by this point, in fact, more expensive, like $300. And they gave nothing in comparison to what I gave. In fact, I'd been in a couple of memberships at that point at that price. And I started to realize that actually I was bending over backwards for my members and I could charge more for that because.

And again, I'll get to kind of the membership and the members in a bit as to how it is now, but I know my members really, really flippin well. So I realized that actually the service I was providing was above and beyond where I was at. And also by this point, I had been in my business like six, seven, eight, and now 10 years.

So my knowledge was so much bigger than it was when I first started. I made a decision in 2023. So obviously remember what normally happens in memberships is when you bring someone, when you start a membership at a certain price, you grandfather them in, which basically means if you join at that price, you stay at that price.

So all of these price increases, the people who joined to $29. continue to pay $29. Like if they left and came back, they would have to pay whatever the price was at that point. So at the point I put the price up to $222, which I am very confident and happy that my level of what you get from me and the club is absolutely worth every single penny.

So I didn't have a problem with charging that amount because, and again, there was a big strategy behind why I charged that amount. What I had a problem with or what I was concerned about is I had people in there paying $29 and now I'm attracting people who are paying $222. And there is something, and I'm trying to say this in a really kind way and in a, so it doesn't come across sounding judgmental or anything.

'cause I promise you it's not, there is something very different from someone who is in a business that is giving them the income that they can pay $220 a month or scrap that all together. There's something very different about someone who is willing to pay $222 a month or $2, 220 a year. So that, that didn't sit right with me.

I didn't feel right having people in there, the lower costs while I was asking people to come in. So I remember speaking to the membership geeks who are good friends of mine and I spoke to Callie at the time and I said to her, I'm thinking of removing the lower levels, like, as in, the lower cost points, and I said, but that's not the dumb thing.

People, grandfather people in, they get to stay on that price. And she said, it's your membership. Do what the F you want. And I thought, okay, I'm going to do that. So I made a decision in 2023, which was probably a terrible timing of for it. Because as you will know, if you've listened to the podcast, 2023 was not a good year for me from a business point of view, because it stood still while I got sober.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, then please go back. I will link to the episode where I talk about it briefly. And actually I have a whole nother podcast about me getting sober called losing part of me. So do go check that out if you're interested. Anyway, 2023, I decided that I was going to approach everyone in the club and basically say to them, if you are paying less than $97 I am putting your price up.

Now, when I did this, because I do know my members really flipping well, I actually had a list of all of the people who were paying less than 97 and I knew them personally and I had already written down next to each one of them whether I thought they would stay or go for various reasons.

Okay. It's not they couldn't necessarily afford it. Some people couldn't afford it and that was fine. Some people wouldn't have put the investment into that. Some people wouldn't have wanted to pay that. There was so many reasons, but I'm basically made a decision based on knowledge of will these people stay or will they go?

And I knew they would go. And they did. So I basically maybe halved, if not more than that, my membership overnight. Now, the money obviously didn't half because They were paying a lesser amount, but it was still a massive decision to make, and it did have a financial impact, and it did hurt me a bit that year.

But I felt that it was the right thing to do for the long term space of the membership. Obviously what I didn't expect to happen is, I did that at the beginning of 2023, I didn't expect them to sit and do nothing for the rest of 2023. And although I've done a little bit of stuff at the membership in 2024, actually As part of my big business review, the membership is being reviewed.

And as you will hear from this episode, when I get to it, there is lots of things that need to change and tweak and be improved. Okay. So that was a big decision to make. Let me talk about some of the changes of the membership and some of the things that really didn't, didn't work. So. I was doing content every single month, masterclasses, man, it was a ton of work, a ton of work.

Cause I wasn't just like going on for an hour and teaching something in an hour zoom. I was actually creating a mini course every single time. And it was too much work. I was constantly creating content for them. And in truth, if you have a membership, go and look at how many people have done all the things in your membership.

Cause I can assure you, it is teeny tiny in comparison to the amount of stuff that's in there. And actually that's a really good point for me to say that is exactly what a membership needs to be, right? No one should ever come into a membership thinking, right, I'm going to get through all these courses.

I'm going to do all this content. That is not what the membership is about. And that is very much how I market my membership now. It is definitely not about coming in and doing all the courses. No way. For me in the membership as it sits, it's about having conversations with me and then me telling you what courses are available that would work or help at that point.

So there came a point, probably, and I'll talk about that a little bit more in a minute, but there came a point where probably a good year or two in, I know it was more than that. Cause okay, a year or two, I produced courses. Then I got to a point where I had built my audience and not necessarily the membership to an enormous size, probably like to a hundred people.

But like I said, by this point, the price had already started going up. So I decided to bring people in and I had amazing people who very kindly came into the club and did courses for me. So I probably say two years I did it and then a good year or so I had people come in and these were experts. So. You know, could someone come and help me or come and do a talk about list building?

Could someone come in? Although that is obviously my bag, so I can talk about that. So really the stuff that I can't talk about. So I'm not trying to think like someone talking about PR, someone talking about tapping, someone talking about various other things. So then I started having an app and now we don't do any courses because there is that much flipping content in there that literally they could come in and watch every single thing.

And it would take them forever. So the way I look at it now is you have got that much content. And actually, again, this is changed as to how I see the club at this point. And obviously it's not called marketing that converts anymore Academy. It's called the dream business club. The club I see now is very much about action and accountability.

It's about let's do the work, which again is a really good point as to why it's priced at what it is, because I don't want people coming in being completely passive. I want people coming in going, okay, I've paid this money. I'm going to do this work and we're going to make this work. So now I don't bring courses in unless there is something specific that I can't teach on or help with, or we don't have a course for it, which is very unlikely because we have a lot of stuff in there.

I mean, there is literally tons of courses. Then I'll bring someone in, then I will find an expert. And in fact, I've got someone that I really want to come in and do something. And I haven't asked him yet, but that would be a completely one off. We've got someone in talking about this thing. One thing that I would say is a not mistake or a problem or a thing, but in doing that, I think people forget what's in the, in the club.

And I think I need to find a way to actually ensure that I am bringing those courses back to the forefront. So for instance, I have a sales page course in there and this sales page course could stand alone as a course easily like most of them could in there. And I could sell that for $300 easily. right?

Easily. It's a flipping brilliant course, right? It's one of the ones I'm most proud about. And I have people that I will say, they're trying to write a sales page and I'll go, have you done the sales page course? And they're like, no. And they go and do it. And they're like, Teresa, this is gold. And I'm like, I know it's brilliant.

It's absolutely brilliant. So I think I need to do something where I bring people more alert or bring to their attention what is in there and, and probably almost like recycle some of the courses from it. Okay. We're going to focus on this this month. Here's the course. Let's talk about it. So I think that's an action for me as to how can I bring in like the courses that are already in there rather than trying to bring a new training all the time.

So if you're thinking about a membership and a structure, then maybe could you have a focus a month or could you have a focus every three months or something like that? Okay. So. Like I said, all those courses stopped. So the other major change I made was when I started to work on my mindset and personal development.

So again, There's a part of me that doesn't want to keep bringing up the fact that I'm sober, because I don't want that to be how you know me now. However, actually, weirdly, this has all had such an impact. So, about four years ago, I started therapy. And maybe it was a bit more than that. Maybe it was three, a bit less than that, three years.

Anyway, and at that point I started to really go in on the personal development on the more woo side of stuff. Because at that point, and what I didn't realize until now, is I needed that because I was not in a good place. I was drinking very heavily. I had an addiction to alcohol, not that I admitted it, not that I wanted to admit it.

But, I was in a bad mindset place, right? Which is weird because if you go and look at me back then, you would not have thought that. I didn't think that, right? But now, now I'm in a different, completely different space. I can look back and think, Oh my word, I was a mess. I was broke. So what happened was, or what I am now thinking has happened, is I did all this work to try and fix me without really admitting there was a problem with me.

And because of that, I bought all of that into my work work. So bearing in mind, five years ago, when I started the membership, it was like, I help people who are online businesses. I help them launch, help them write sales pages. I help them do funnels. I help them do strategy. I help them build their list.

And then that started to blur and that started to like dilute. And then I picked up the mindset thing. So then I started to go more down the mindset, the coaching, the kind of really heavy, you know, let's talk about business in general. And again, all this time, I am really messing up my, who is my customer, right?

So, so then, and also if you look at the club, I have got like, or I had so many different people from so many different places. So again, even that was not a mess, but even that was like, okay, what are we doing here? And then I, so I bought in, that's when I bought in the mindset sessions, which are still in and I will keep cause I love them and they are very useful.

However, I think I am moving back to strategy a bit more and I am moving back to online business a bit more than I have done. And that feels really good to me. I feel really happy about actually I can help you build a successful online business. That is my thing. And yes, what makes me extra special is that I know a lot of mindset and I am a certified coach because I qualified as a coach in 2022.

I think again, all this kind of makes sense. And, and that's just a bonus that you've got someone who's really flipping strategic and knows what to do but also has these other skills. But instead of like looking at it that way, I looked at it like, okay, can I do half and half marketing and the mindset? So that's when everything changed to your dream business.

That's when the podcast changed its name because then I was like, no, I want to talk more about business, more about mindset, more about the woo, more about those things. But like I said, at the time I didn't realize that actually I needed that. And that makes perfect sense as to why I then bought that into the business.

So I created this amazing space where they were getting coaching, they were getting mindset stuff. We were doing challenges that were more practical. And then I decided Because by this point, I think the cost of the membership was up to $97 and I thought it's expensive and I want to help and serve everybody because I am, I do pride myself on being very generous and kind and I love helping lots of people.

So I thought to myself, what if I opened up a lower level? And it was at this point, I also opened up a higher level. So at this point I opened up the exec club. Okay, man, this episode, I'm so sorry. Like there is a lot to unpack here. Who knew? So I then had the club, the club plus and the exec club. Okay. So the club I marketed at $19.

The club plus was $97 and the exec club was $157 I think when it started, which the irony of that, given that now it's The normal club's 222. Okay. So the reason I don't want to go into the exec, we won't talk about that so much in this episode, but the reason I mentioned that this change is because I bought in a lower level to the club thinking that all these people that were now in my world, because again, my audience had continued to grow.

And again, I think this was 22, yeah, 2022 ish time, I thought they are going to come flooding in. They are going to be over the moon that there is a lower level price that they can join me in. They are going to be absolutely ecstatic. I am going to make a lot of money from this lower amount. Brilliant.

Fell on its ass. literally didn't work. I did have people come in at that level and it meant that I ended up offering more. So I was then doing more in the club than I wanted to. It ended up me splitting things out, making the whole thing very confusing. And I think that was half the problem. Half the problem was it was confusing.

They weren't sure what they were getting. Half the problem was they didn't believe there would be any value in it when actually there was an insane amount of value in it. And when people joined, they were like, what? I get this for $19, which was kind of half the problem. And then. The third aspect was my brand.

My everything is about the best quality. Okay. I want to be the best at everything I do. Like I said, I was offering coaching, so I did a coaching qualification. I have a marketing degree. Like I really put my all into these things and I don't think that price worked for me because people. Like when it's, it's like buying a Louis Vuitton handbag, you know, my husband said to me, we're in Turkey once and he's like, Hey, look, do you want a Louis Vuitton handbag?

Cause they would like some fake handbags. And I was like, no. When I get a Louis Vuitton handbag, I want to be like, look, I've got a Louis Vuitton handbag because it's real and genuine, not because I've got some cheap version of it. And I genuinely feel that that's what happened when I opened the lower price.

It was like, people would say to me, I aspire to work with you. So they don't want the lower price cut version of me. They want the real version of me. So anyway. Six to 12 months later, I closed that part of the membership. And again, I had to have conversations with people. So again, I personally spoke to every single one who was on that level and said, I'm stopping it.

And I'm then, you then will have to go up to the main price. And obviously bearing that in mind, obviously then I did this whole thing back last year, where I took everybody off the low prices full stop. Okay. So I am super conscious of how much, how much time this episode is going on for, because like I said, it was really surprising that there was this much to talk about.

So let me talk about one more thing and then I'll bring you up to current day. The other thing I did was in 2022, I decided that I didn't have a pathway. Right. And this is something that is really kind of hitting home to me even more. So this year about the transformation, what is the transformation? And this isn't something I don't know.

Obviously I teach marketing. I know this stuff, but for whatever reason, sometimes it's hard to do it for your own stuff. So. What is the transformation when people come into the club? And there was a big thing on memberships of, you need a pathway, you need something for people to follow so they know where they are.

So I created this insanely amazing, again, I don't do things at half, insanely amazing pathway. It has three stages, level one, level two, level three, and it covers the main aspects of running a business. So we have social media content, sales, email, community, and team. So for each of those areas, there are three stages.

And basically you start at stage one, you go through like some amazing mini courses. You get some mindset stuff to work on. You get some actions to take. If you're stuck on any of those points, I then direct you to the courses that are already within the club to help you then move through that stage.

And once you've done that stage for a little while, because this isn't like a course as in great, you know how to post on social media, move to stage two. This is like, have you consistently been posting for three months? And if you have, then you're ready to elevate the business to the next level within the social media stage.

Honestly, anybody again, who goes through this is like, this is insanely good value. It's so good. I just don't market it well enough. I I have not marketed it well enough. I have not talked about it enough. I have not fully understand what it's doing and what the transformation is and how it's working. And therefore I create this amazing thing that basically has done nothing for the membership.

Now, the people who are in the membership love it, right? Absolutely love it. The people who aren't in the membership don't really know about it and I don't really talk about it. So yeah, that was a bit of an epic fail on my part. Okay, so let's talk about where the membership is today. So the way that my membership looks, it's the smallest, it's not the smallest it's ever been, but it's the smallest it's been for a long time from a numbers point of view.

It offers coaching once a month with me in a group. It offers mindset calls. It has content hours that aren't run by me. They're run by Becci McEvoy. It has co working, which again, is run by Becci McEvoy. There's two things that I do, two things that she does. And she does two things because one, she's better at content than I am now.

And two, I don't need to do the coworking. It doesn't need to be me. It's just coworking. We do challenges. We have a members only podcast. So that's something cool that I bought in. And actually that's really good. As an, a little audition thing that actually takes no more work. So what we do is every coaching call and some mindset calls, we strip out the audio, we upload it to the podcast, and then they get to listen to private podcasts so they can listen if they want.

And then we do things like challenges every so often, every Monday, I do an insider, not an insider. I do an insightful action where they can do something. And then one of the things that we do is every year, and we've done this pretty much from the beginning, we have what we call SOAR which is our online event.

So it's a full day where I bring in speakers, we do sessions, and we get to hang out for the day and then online, obviously, and the members love that. So we tend to do that at the end of every year. So normally November, December time, and it helps us get ready for the next year as well. Now, one thing that I am looking at for the membership for the future is, how it fits with all the other stuff I do, how I know that when I'm, my dog is shaking himself next to me.

So I really hope you can't hear that because he's decided he's got an itch. I know that the value in the club is phenomenal, but what I need to do, and one of the things that I'm looking at is how do I better market it for my perfect customer. So as I've said before, and if you haven't heard me say then this is a good place that my customer now I am niching down to course creators, membership owners, and coaches, people who sell online.

So people who I'll try to build an audience, people who are trying to become the go to person for the thing that they do to build their community, to build their email list and to have an online business that actually makes the money. Because one of the amazing things about my business was last year, when I sat and did nothing and my business sat still. I still turned over just short of six figures, which blows my mind that I sat on the sofa for most of the year and watched Grey's Anatomy and yet my business did that for me, which is amazing. Now, could it have stand that this year? No, absolutely not. However, it, It did that because I had a really good online business.

So I want to help other people do the same, not necessarily sit on the sofa all year and watch Grey's Anatomy, but create an online business that actually brings them in proper money. So they don't have to do the one to one if they don't want to, and they don't have to do the done for you if they don't want to.

Okay. So one of the main things I need to do is, like I said, work out how I tweak my current club to better fit and better suit the perfect audience. Now I know the content in there already does, but is there how I deliver it? Does it need to be different? Is it just the marketing I need to show differently?

There's actually some courses that I'm removing from the club because actually we just don't need them anymore or they're old or they're outdated. So I'm going to be doing a good review of like the courses that we have in there. And are there any good still, which Sales page, 100%. It's like one of my best.

And then we've got a really good webinar one. And again, like looking at it from an online business point of view, what is in there that is really going to help you grow your online business. So I really hope this has been an insightful episode, mainly to my brain and how it's working and what my business has done the last few years and how it's changed.

And I'm excited. Like I'm excited for this year already has been insanely amazing with so many cool things happening. But I'm excited to see what I'm going to do with my online business because it almost feels like I am starting again with everything. And that's kind of the view and the freshness that I'm trying to see it as, and that's okay.

It's fine to tweak and change and move. And I, as you can see, I have done many, many, many times, and I'm still not in the right place at this point. There's still needs some tweaking and that's fine. And 12 months time, we could be having a whole nother conversation I really hope you've enjoyed this episode.

Like I said, next week, I've got the awesome Krista Miller coming on, talking about summits and talking about my summit and talking about how launching memberships through a summit is amazing. And also, like I said, go to the show notes at to go and find the link to her summit membership momentum.

If you enjoyed this episode, then please do go and give me a five star review on Apple or Spotify and share it with someone. If you know someone who's got a membership and they might want to hear what someone who's had a membership five years has done and how it's changed. And please do share this episode with them.

I will be back next week, same place, same time. I will see you then.