From List Building to Lucrative Launches: Krista Miller’s Summit Secrets

Today’s episode of the podcast is an interview with Krista Miller where she discusses the evolution of summits from list builders to comprehensive launch tools, detailing how they can drive successful, engaging, and non-salesy launches.

I also share my own experiences with summits, the challenges faced, and the lessons learned. Emphasis on the need for adequate planning and the benefits of following proven strategies.

At Summit in a Box®️, Krista helps online business owners replace slow-growth and costly marketing strategies with high-converting virtual summits that lead to record-breaking course, membership, and group program launches.



  1. Launching Through Summits
    Krista Miller discusses innovative strategies for launching online courses and memberships through virtual summits. She emphasizes that summits can be more than just list builders; they can be a powerful method for successful, non-salesy launches that feel good for both the host and participants.
  2. Importance of Niching
    A critical takeaway is the importance of niching down for summits. Krista explains how targeting a specific audience with a clear, focused topic can significantly increase engagement, speaker interest, and attendee conversion rates. This specificity helps in creating summits that resonate deeply with the audience, making them more effective.
  3. Membership Launch Strategies
    The podcast delves into advanced strategies for launching memberships through summits. Krista shares how offering trials and integrating the membership seamlessly into the summit experience can lead to high conversion rates. She provides examples of clients who added hundreds of members to their memberships using these techniques, demonstrating the effectiveness of a well-planned summit.


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Teresa: As an online business owner, launching is an integral part of having a successful online business. But what if you could launch without feeling like you're launching and without that sometimes sleazy and salesy feeling that launching can have? Today, I am talking to Krista Miller, and she is talking about how to launch using summits.

In the past, summits have just been seen as a list builder, but what if they could be the way for you to have a successful launch that feels good for you, your customers, and the speakers. We talk through some of the pros and cons of launching in different ways, and then Krista shares with us one of the most genius strategies for launching a membership through a summit that I've ever heard. You do not want to miss this episode

Welcome to the your dream business podcast. I'm your host Teresa Heath Waring, an international best selling author, award winning speaker, TEDx speaker, certified coach, [00:01:00] and the host of this number one ranked podcast. I am so excited to guide you on the journey of creating a business and life that you not only love but one that perfectly aligns with you and the season of life that you're in.

In each episode Episode I'll share with you easy, actionable, and insightful strategies to grow your online business. Plus we'll be diving into some mindset, tools and strategies that keep you focused, motivated, and are going to stop you from getting in your own way. So if you're a course creator, membership owner, or coach, you are in the right place. Let's get started.

Hello and welcome back to another episode of the Your Dream Business Podcast. How are you doing this week? This week I have a brilliant. Brilliant interview for you. I am very excited. And as an online business owner, you should be excited too, because there's some great stuff in this episode.

This week, I am interviewing for the second time, Krista Miller. Krista is the founder of Summit in a [00:02:00] Box that helps business owners replace slow growth and costly marketing strategies with high converting virtual summits that lead to record breaking course membership and group program launches. Now, as I've already said, she's already been on the podcast, but I needed to get her back because as you well know, if you listen to this podcast, I did my own summit at the beginning of this year of 2024.

And I did it with the help of Krista and her accelerator program. And I am a massive, massive fan of her and what she does. And I don't just say that from You know, she's amazing. I went through her accelerator program. I was part of her or I'm part of her world and she delivers absolute flipping genius stuff.

She is so smart and the stuff she talks about, the stuff she shares is just phenomenal. So I know that you're going to love her too. And you're going to love this episode. Also, if you have a friend that has an online business, you do not want them to miss out on this [00:03:00] episode. Like I said, so much good stuff. Other reason this is such a cool episode is because You will hear a very honest account from me of all the things I messed up when I did the summit and all the things that Krista said, you need to do it this way.

And I didn't do it that way. So it really is a kind of behind the scenes, not only look at my stuff, but then she shares genius strategies going forward about how you can launch using a summit. And the stuff around membership launches, boom, they are another level stuff. The other reason I'm really excited to have her on is that one, she was a sponsor of my summit, which is always kind of good news.

If someone who creates summits wants to sponsor yours, that makes you feel very good. And two, I am going to be speaking at a summit that she's putting on called membership momentum. I'm going to make sure that all the links are in the show notes. So if you head to, as in the numbers three, five, one.

Also follow me on social, check my emails. I'll be sharing it all around there, but I am doing a [00:04:00] session at her summit on how hosting an open house for your membership is the key to easy non salesy sales. Not only am I speaking, but there's some other phenomenal speakers, especially in the world of membership, like Mike from the membership geeks and the amazing Lizzie Goddard who spoke at my summit as well.

So it's a hell of a lineup and I'm super honored to be involved. Anyway, without further ado, I will let you get on with today's episode. Here's the amazing Krista. Krista, I am so pleased to welcome back to the podcast, Krista Miller. Krista, how are you doing?

Krista: I am so great. I'm so excited to chat again. It's always a pleasure. I know this is going to be awesome.

Teresa: Me too. And I always like, you know, what's funny having a podcast for such a long time, there are now people that I'm like, Oh no, you definitely need to come back. Like, but you're the kind of start of people coming back. Cause it's like, It's such a lot.

I can't even remember when we did the podcast first time, but it was years ago, like literally years ago. And now of course, my lovely listeners will know that [00:05:00] I have a completely different perspective on the conversation we have because I have done a summit, but very quickly, because I do want to jump straight into all the good stuff we want to talk about.

Just tell people who you are and what you do today.

Krista: Yeah. So I'm Krista. I run a company called Summit in a Box. I teach people how to run virtual summits in a way that are more accessible than how you're used to them being taught. I want anyone who has a business that is doing something awesome to have what they need and know they have what they need to go out and host a really incredible summit that makes them money, grows their email list impacts their people, all that good stuff.

We've branched into teaching people how to launch through summits, how to launch through challenges. I just want to help people get their amazing offers out there.

Teresa: I love it. I love it. And like I said, I now have a completely different perspective, not only from doing my own summits, but also working with you and your team in the sense of how you go about doing summits. Because Anybody who's been on the receiving end of being a speaker for a [00:06:00] summit would have had some real varying degrees of how summits have run.

But just in case someone is listening and they're like, what do you mean a summit? What is a summit? Just explain to people like roughly what it is.

Krista: Yeah. So if you, if you don't know what it is, I'm sure you've seen one before. So usually it's one person hosting, sometimes more than one, usually one person hosting, and they have a group of speakers can be as little as 10, as many as 30, I've seen as many as a hundred.

It's a terrible idea, but I've seen it. So they have a group of speakers that are all coming to give a presentation on one specific topic. So it's going to be the goal of. This is a terrible example, but like grow your business. So I don't know, I'm hosting a summit for membership site owners. So maybe it's like, add a hundred people to your membership through X, Y, Z, and you bring in people who can speak to that.

Summits are free to attend. There are several ways built in to make money, but they're free to attend. So it's a really great way to grow your audience with leads that you then, you know, have other things to do with, but you just give them a great experience. It brings them into your world, gets them excited, gets them some quick wins [00:07:00] and making progress, and it's just a really powerful strategy.

Teresa: And I rebelled from this strategy for some time for various reasons. One of them being, man, this is going to be a lot of work. And I'm not going to lie. It was a lot of work. However, the amount of work I put into that, I've put into other things and have not seen the return that I had from a summit. So that was cool.

The other thing that put me off and like, you know, this is one of the things, and actually I'm just going to touch on this. It was, was being experiencing being a summit speaker and how some summits are run. And one of the things I love about how you teach and what you do is that it's not forced upon your speakers to basically make your summit happen.

And that, you know, one of the things that is the most interesting because I've done four summits since my own summit, and I worked out Like I worked so hard to promote [00:08:00] my own summit and I worked so hard to create a summit that my speakers would want to be part of and want to promote that now I'm really seeing when I'm part of a summit that some of them do nothing and that blows my mind.

Like, and I think that was where I wanted to get away from, and that's why summits weren't something that I thought was for me, or are my bad impression of them, because how some people teach how to do summits, not you, is that.

Krista: It's bad. Like, it gives. I know so many people who have just a horrible view on summits because of that.

I've had several people come into our programs being like, I never thought I'd host a summit. I don't even want to call this thing a summit. I don't like summits, but I think this is what I have to do. And like, they try to be all crafty and disguise the fact that it's a summit, but then afterwards they're like, Oh, this is actually really great.

And you taught me how to do it the right way in a way that's not. Like it doesn't need to be gross and sleazy and pushy and slimy and those summits are out there and there are people who [00:09:00] teach those strategies, like teach like your speakers have to have a list of 5, 000 and they're not even worth it.

They have to promote this many times or kick them out. I've gotten myself kicked out kicked out of summits as a speaker before cause I just don't stand for it. I'm like, I am not going to do that if, if that's the requirement, I guess like, like have fun with that presentation. You can't use now. I'm not like, I'm not going to be a part of this.

Yeah. Like. But that's how people are being taught. And a lot of times it's not the host's fault. Like, they don't know better. It's what someone is telling them to do. And when their eyes are open, they're like, Oh, dang, you know, but they need to be taught the right way.

Teresa: And I think that's the thing. I think, so if you're listening to this thinking, I'm not sure I ever want to do a summit.

I think, and like I said, that was me a few years back. I thought, no, it's not going to happen. And there was a million reasons, like I said, a couple that I've already said, ones of like, no one's going to speak at it. Like no one will say yes, like, and I had the best fricking lineup in the world. Like, I'm not even kidding.

Krista: You're laughing, your lineup was fire.

Teresa: I had such a good lineup, but that was one of the things that is like, it would [00:10:00] be a concern of what if people didn't want to do it, what if people didn't sign up, like there's all the concerns, but actually one of the things, the way in which you teach and the way, and I am like, And you guys are going to hear this in this episode, like I flip in love what Krista does, like love it.

Like I wouldn't be having it back on. I wouldn't be promoting her stuff. I wouldn't be speaking at her. So I wouldn't be doing any of this. I wouldn't have asked to speak at mine. I swear to goodness, her accelerator program that I was in, and I didn't think I'd go down this route quite so quick, but with it was like the flipping best thing I've ever been in.

And I have paid for some seriously expensive stuff, like ridiculously expensive stuff. And yet the support, the help, the guidance, the, the done for you aspect, it was so good. But I gave her a difficult task at the very beginning, because there was a couple of things that you talk about. that I just basically did the opposite.

Right. So [00:11:00] one of the things that Krista says, and she is so right, is she talked about the specific nature of the summit. So just touch on like why it needs to be as niche as it can possibly be.

Krista: Yeah, so I, I always say that niching is like one of those things that can make it or break it. You can have the most well run summit out there, but if the niche is it right, no one's going to show up.

And like an example I can give, I'm sorry, I'm going to give this example. The example I'm going to give, because I always give it, is a summit for online business owners to help you grow your business. It's hard to catch people's attention.

Teresa: Yeah, what did I do?

Krista: It's hard. It's hard to get people's attention with that versus a summit to help wedding planners book out their client schedule with Instagram.

Yeah, that's going to catch people's attention, right? That they're like, this is made for me. Yes. I want to do that. Yes. I have to sign up for this. It's getting specific and niching down is what lets you get speak, get the right speakers, makes them want to promote, makes people want to sign up, makes people want to buy, get you the right kind of people.

[00:12:00] It benefits you every step of the way, even though it's really uncomfortable and difficult at first, like I host summits. Not very frequently. And the reason for that is because the positioning is hard for someone who has a business that's positioned very broadly like ours, it's hard to figure out how do I niche this down in a way that's going to.

And just makes sense, you know, but it's important.

Teresa: And the funny thing was, you had said that, and I was like, oh yeah, that's basically my subject, right? But she had said it before you had even spoke to me. I watched something you did, and your example was exactly that example, and I was like, yeah, damn it.

And then like you, it was like on this training that I watched before we started speaking and got signed up and things, It was like, I, You did a laundry list of don't do this on your first summit. Don't do this. Don't do this. Make sure you do this. And it was like, Oh yeah, I basically have done the opposite of everything you've said.

And there is so many things that like, you know, Krista is right. Like when she said, do it this way, even though I'd already [00:13:00] started doing it the other way and couldn't really change it the next time I will do it the way she says, like, because there is a really good reason that she teaches the way she teaches because she knows a ton about this.

So one other place that I kind of, I'm not even going to say messed up because it wasn't messed up. It was just a second thought for me. And, and, and the other thing is we'd come in really quick. Like, so the timing that I wanted to do it on, I was already like way behind where I should have been for having the summit so soon.

And one of the things that a summit is so useful for and something that you have focused more on going forward is, in the last few years is, is. how you can use that summit, not only to list build, but also to launch the thing or launch something. So not only are you building your list tick, that's the one thing you do a summit for.

You are covering your costs and hopefully making money tick. That's another thing based off selling your pass or whatever it is. But really now the focus is, okay, how do [00:14:00] I sell at the end of it? And again, like I did a terrible job, which because I gave myself too little time and all that, but it was a steep learning curve and I've learned so much from it.

So let's just talk about that next step because people might have, you know, and we can go back and listen to, you know, Krista's original podcast interview. I talked about my summit. I've done a debrief about my own summit. So let's talk about the kind of using something like a summit. Or a challenge to launch into something.

Krista: Yeah. Yeah. It is. Oh man, it took actually a couple of years of running this business and teaching people summits before my eyes were open to the power of launching through the summit. And I used to have this thought that I think a lot of other people have too, is, well, I'm just hosting the summit. I'm sending people so many emails.

I just need to give them some time before I launch. It's going to be too much, but that is like the exact opposite of what we want to do because we're bringing in thousands of people to this event. They're pumped. They're excited. They're making progress. They're engaged [00:15:00] there. They have a sense of community.

They don't want that to just stop and be like, chill here for a couple weeks. I'll be back. They're not going to do that. They want the next step right away. And that is why launching through a summit is so powerful. You are giving them that next step. And When you go in with that intention, you can craft your summit perfectly to lead into your offer.

And I don't mean this like in a sleazy gross way where it's like, your summit is just like a bait and switch type thing. It's like, no, for those of you who loved this, who are making progress and want to continue, here's how I can help you make so much more, you know, on an, of an impact in your life, your business, your relationships, whatever, through this next step with me, you can serve them better in your paid offers and you can in a free summit and.

Yeah. So, so many people see the summit as a list builder and maybe like a moneymaker through the cause past, they don't see the power of tying in a launch. And the first time I did this was September, 2020, I believe was the first time I ever launched through a summit and I didn't know what to [00:16:00] expect up until then.

I was fairly new to launching digital offers. I had had one really great launch of our program summit in a box program, right when we opened the doors to it, and I was Experimenting with the idea of what's going to happen. If I launch with the summit, how can I do it in a way that is going to feel good to the speakers where they're not going to feel like I was just taking advantage of them for the purpose of a launch.

Teresa: Yeah. I didn't even think about that side, but yeah, good point.

Krista: There's a lot to think about how I can make it feel good to attendees again. So it's not a bait and swear. So it's not a pitch fest, but so it leads to a really great launch for me. And. Benefits the people, helps the people, serves the people who need my program as that next step.

So we went in and did that. I wasn't sure what to expect. I made this, you know, strategy where I was really trying to balance getting the program in front of them without ever pitching them until like it was time after the summit was over and I had my biggest launch ever. I had my 60, it was a $63,000 launch.

And that didn't even seem possible to me through a digital product before them. I had had summits. [00:17:00] I had made more than that with all excess past sales, but I'd never had a digital product sell like that before. And that just opened my mind to like, holy smokes, like, why wouldn't I bring in thousands of people and then give them my offer right away?

And I also tracked that in the months that followed the 18 months after that summit, we tracked how many people that came through the summit, then went on to buy one of our offers. We made at least $180, 000 extra. From just that, from just those attendees who then went on to purchase in the following months as they became ready.

What, what even, what even is life? And like today, just this morning, I had an interview with a client from our launch of the summit accelerator program. She had, she had a membership. She came in, she told me, I have, I have the words. It's written down somewhere here. Like it was her last ditch effort. That's what she said.

It's my last ditch effort. I was going to have to close my business if this didn't work. I couldn't get people in my membership. She had a $30, 000 summit launch and added 260 people to her membership. I mean, that's life changing. That changed her entire life. [00:18:00] Like that is what I want for people when they do this.

Teresa: Because you know the thing that I love about you and your world and the people in your world, because you are so real and authentic. And I pride, you know, I think there's a reason we attract like, because we are both very similar that the people doing it in your world are not trying to just make money and get rich quick online.

Like that isn't the case. They love the thing they're doing. They are all in on the thing that they're doing. So to be able to finally make that money doing the thing is just like, hallelujah, because actually. I love this. I love what I do. Like, I just want to make really good money doing it. Like, and I want my effort to turn into that money.

So let's talk a little bit about If you don't mind sharing with us, you talked on one of the trainings I saw about the conversion rates that you can expect. And when you're working out the money, like, or working out, because it [00:19:00] is a lot of work and we're not sitting here pretending it isn't, there are many, many steps, which thank God for Krista and the team and Summit in a Box for talking us through all those many millions of steps and the emails.

Boy, if I had to write one more email, oh my God, I'm not even kidding. Like the pages of emails that I wrote were insane, but you talked about some of the stats. So give us those kind of, okay, if you've got like 2, 500, whatever it is that you want to use the number of, how many can you expect to convert to say an all access pass?

And then how many can you expect to convert from a launch or some of the figures that you've had from launches?

Krista: Yes. I love this. Numbers are my favorite. First, I want to kind of set the stage with like industry standard numbers. So if you are someone who thinks you want to go out and kind of see what happens, do it yourself the first time and then see how it goes.

And if you want to join a program afterwards, whether it's, whether it's mine or someone else's, what we're seeing for industry standard conversion rates, and this does include conversion rates for some other people's programs, because I've had clients come in and share those results with me. [00:20:00]

We expect industry standard registration page to bring in about 20 to 30 percent of the people who land on it. So, you know, I don't know, I, I shouldn't, I should have calculator pulled up, but it's kind of a sad number. So if you have 4, 000 people in on the page, 20 percent convert that gives you, I don't even know how many people have registered.

From there you can expect two to 4 percent to buy your all access pass. And I'm sorry, but that's not even worth it. It is not worth, worth that conversion, rate. It's not worth your time and effort as for then trying to launch. Usually we see them flop or not even happen because people don't know how to do it.

Well, they don't know it's an option or something like that. So overall, I feel like hosting a summit and just winging it is not worth it for most people.

Teresa: No.

Krista: I always like to caveat that because I don't want to share these numbers. I'm about to share and think someone can just go out and do it on accident because like we haven't been doing this for years.

Just for the fun of it, right? Like we are experimenting with what works, what doesn't, all of that. And our summit we have coming up, you're [00:21:00] going to see me do a ton of experiments. And if it works, it'll go on our programs. So for our clients, our registration page conversion rate, we expect 50 percent or higher.

I would say 60 ish is more common all the way up to even 85%. It is, you know, something we see every once in a while. So three times as many people who see your registration page signing up. From there. The conversion rate to your all access pass, which does matter, I want your all access pass to make you a good chunk of immediate revenue where you're like, I can live on this for a little bit.

The conversion rate we like to see depends on, you know, of course, a well done summit, but it also depends on niche. So for those of you who are B2B, you're targeting other business owners for a well done summit. We're seeing about 8 percent right now. 8 to 10 percent is kind of the range we're aiming for with our, People who target other business owners.

It's just harder to stand out in the business space. That's just the truth of it. And there's just so much noise in the online business space. For those of you who target consumers, like we have a lot of people who are targeting [00:22:00] parents, different types of crafters, people who do different kinds of, types of sports and hobbies and all this stuff.

They're getting significantly higher conversion rates. And a 12 ish, but even up to like 18 to 20 conversion rate, conversion rate for your all access pass. That is great. Both of those numbers are wonderful. So say you have 2000 people signed up for a summit. I would like your revenue goal from the all access pass to be around 20,000 in revenue.

So those numbers kind of match up as for conversion rate into your offer. This depends on your type of the top type of offer first. It also depends on your existing conversion rate for that offer. If you do launches all the time and the numbers are terrible. A summit's not going to fix that. It's not going to fix a broken offer.

Teresa: Yeah.

Krista: What I typically see is that it converts similarly to, like, if I were to do, maybe not an email launch. Honestly, my email launches have been terrible lately. Back in the day when email launches worked, I would say that it kind of matched up with that. A webinar is going to convert higher than a summit because people are signing up for this direct webinar, right?[00:23:00]

Teresa: You're not going to reach the audience that you would with a summit.

Krista: Exactly. Exactly. So the conversion rate kind of lines up with what you would expect. For something that's not super direct, like a webinar. For me, the program programs we typically launch through our summits range from $2,500 to $6,800. I usually see about a one and a half percent conversion rate.

That's just for me. And that lines up with all our other offers as well. We've had people with lower priced products who, and it's not all about pricing by the way, but we've had people with lower price products convert at 5%, 8% percent of summit attendees. So really what I'd like you to do when it comes to judging that conversion rate is look at your previous launches.

Teresa: Yeah.

Krista: Now there are times where people are like, I have this amazing offer, I just can't get it to gain traction. And they do launch it through the summit and that's like the secret bullet. Like where the community lights the people up and they are ready to join suddenly and they're like, oh, now I have a thriving membership or whatever it is.

But usually if your offer is struggling, the summit isn't magically going to fix it. Something else that has a big part to play in the conversion rate you [00:24:00] expect is the type of offer you're launching. So like memberships, there are certain things you can do when you launch a membership that are going to make that conversion rate way, way, way, way higher than anything else, like our clients are consistently seeing like 40 to 50 percent of their all access pass buyers join their membership because of specific strategies we can do with memberships that you can't do with courses and high ticket programs.

It's great. It is powerful not to say that the other things aren't worth launching. It's just that it's a much different conversion rate to expect.

Teresa: And I think that was the thing. So obviously I was taking part in the accelerator and I got my head down on my own stuff. And one of the other people in there were doing a summit on something that is very close to my heart, gardening vegetables.

So I obviously saw this summit and was like, Oh, I want to sign up to that. And the funny thing was you had said to me or your you and your team had said to me, like, cause I had gone to a call. Literally about two weeks before my summit going, I'm not sure what product to offer it. And they're like, are you [00:25:00] literally just looking at this now?

And I'm like, yes, I know. I know. Like I'm your best, worst example. So anyway, I, and you guys had said to me, your membership. needs to be a membership. But the problem with me launching my membership off the back of it was my membership didn't fit with my summit. So that obviously wasn't, and obviously you guys didn't know how well it did and didn't fit, but it was like, yeah, my membership's ace.

But the problem is this summit is very much designed to grow your online business. And although my membership could do that, it's not marketed that way. And it doesn't show that way. And the members aren't in there at this, at that point are doing that thing. So I kind of went, no, that's not going to fit.

I can't see. And this is the other thing, going back to your niching and going back to the, how important it is in terms of the title and the goal of your summit that I guess now when we're talking launches, it needs to be the prerequisite. It needs to go, Oh, if you're here, the summit can teach you this.

And if you want to [00:26:00] do this, then you need to come over here for the product. And it didn't fit for me. So I went with something completely different that I'd only ever sold very smallly and with a beta thing and tried to sell that. So obviously for me, I literally could go, there's my hole, there's my hole, there's my hole.

That's why it didn't work. But what was brilliant was I went and signed up for this other summit and I signed up for the all access pass and I started watching. I started watching the emails and I started looking at what they were doing. And I was like, this is genius. Like, this is so, so good. And I think that was one of the things I came to you with and said, I can see how, so I'm going to ask you just to talk through the membership bit in particular, but.

I could see how good it was. And I was kind of so bummed that like, I just knew the fit at that point because my messaging and even still at the time of recording this, I'm waiting for my new rebrand to come through, which I'm very excited about. And my messaging is changing and I am niching down, which I [00:27:00] haven't done because I've done every kind of marketing for the past 20 years.

Like there is nothing I can't teach and that's cool, but it makes my own marketing flipping terrible. So I have had to go through a process myself and the summit was the start of that process. So it was almost like, Oh man, if I, if, if I did the summit, the like third or fourth quarter of this year, the differences I'd have done would be insane.

But anyway, Let's just talk about some of the strategies when you have a membership and launching that off the back of the summit.

Krista: Mm hmm. Let's do it. I'm excited to dish it. This is like one of my favorite topics because I used to think that memberships were like less than, like not as powerful. Like, okay, yeah, you can launch a membership.

Teresa: And hard sell. I have said numerous times, hard sell.

Krista: Yeah. Yeah. And then we did it for a client. We, we have produced one summit ever. We were, we will only ever produce one summit, but it was a client who had a membership. And I was like, Oh, memberships are pretty great. Cause she added over 500 people to her [00:28:00] membership with it.

I was like, I'm not going to ever get 500 students. That's for dang sure. Plus the ongoing revenue. Anyways, when it comes to launching a membership through a summit, again, you're going to start with the positioning that we've talked about. So I won't go into it again. You need to make sure that you're summit leads to your membership naturally.

But you also need to think about how your summit can consistently over the course of the promotion period, over the course of the summit itself, consistently point people to your membership, not pitch it, not sell it. The carts not even open unless it's, unless you like literally have an always open cart, which is fine.

You're never pitching it. It's just. Yep, there's this thing here. They always know there's this thing. Awareness is constantly being built. You know, we want people to see things over and over again. So the awareness building aspect is big. One of the things I really like to do is like do a scholarship. So I'll give away like a free spot in our program as a part of the summit, and that's, that's a great way to serve your people, right? It's so fun to be able to give something like that to someone as a part of your summit. You can use it as a way to [00:29:00] get more engagement going and things like that. But it's also a great way to be able to talk about your offer.

Because you need to tell them about what they're applying for. I even like to do like behind the scenes videos. Like here is a behind the scenes look at why you should apply for this scholarship. And people are on that call being like, Take my money. Like, can I buy this now? We're like, where's the buy button?

Not, it's not open. Sorry. You know, I mean, you could open the cart if you want to, but there's so many ways you can build into a summit to grow that awareness and excitement for your offer when the cart's not even open, no one needs to be upset about it. There's no bait and switch. Yeah. You're benefiting your people.

And then there's, I could talk about this all day. I'll jump to one of the key pieces that makes a membership stand out from launching other offers, and that's your ability to play with trials. And this can be done. I've seen it done very poorly, but with the way we teach, it's the reason people are adding hundreds and hundreds of members to their memberships with Summits.

The lowest one I've seen lately with our clients is 148 and that [00:30:00] is wonderful. I would take that, right?

Teresa: Yeah, who wouldn't?

Krista: 148, the person I talked to today. Had 260 new members with their first summit, 180 with their second, 300, 500. We always have these numbers coming in. A lot of it is because of the trial.

Come try it out for a month. There are certain ways you can build it into your summit where some people just get it. Like, for example, we like to, we like our all access pass buyers to just get a free 14 days, free month. Just for buying the all access pass. It's a great way to reward them. It's a great bonus to be able to offer.

You can email them reminders, like, Hey, remember to sign up for this. There's some other things you can do to get them in the door really, really quickly and make it like, oh, duh, sure. I'll, I'll click that button. So that is powerful. Again, like if you sell a couple hundred all access passes, 40 to 50 percent of those upgrade to your membership trial, and then you'd expect kind of your normal retention rates, normal free trial retention rates, that's great.

And that is. That is, I guess, one of the bigger pieces to the power of a membership is being able to add those hundreds of people as for the [00:31:00] retention. Cause that is important. Right? Yeah. We talk about adding hundreds of members all day, but if they leave, who cares? Retention really depends on the retention of your membership.

How good is your membership? So that client we worked with who added 500 people, it was a new membership. They hadn't tested it before they found out where the holes were. I think they only kept 30 ish percent of the people, those 500 people, which is still great. It's not 500. Now this client. I talked to this morning and I think the one that you probably are talking about, I don't know for sure, but I think both of them have 70 percent of people.

Yeah. That's what, like, now we're talking, but their memberships are really wonderful. So you need to have those, those strategies. Working your membership as well to keep people, but, oh man, they're so great. Like, it makes me want a membership. Like, I don't, but I do.

Teresa: And this is the thing, because, and again, I kind of tell myself off for, for saying this, I have said, and We'll stop saying that memberships are a harder sell because subscription based stuff, even though it's like, [00:32:00] sometimes it's absolute no brainer, like for the support you get, for the, the access to all the courses and stuff you get is a no brainer.

It's that subscription model that I think puts people off. I think it's like, and of course, when times get difficult, it's like, oh, well. I can cancel that. Right. And obviously that's normal membership retention thing anyway. And obviously the better you make your membership, the longer they will stay. But I just like some of the strategies that I saw on the receiving end.

And obviously this is me in my marketing brain. I can't help but unpack what I see people do, but I literally was like, this is genius. And of course, at the same time, I'm like, Oh God, I'm so annoyed because I couldn't do it for my own stuff. Like, and it's so funny because I look at like, I look at the stuff now and I'm like, Oh man, if I not, if when I do the summit again, like I am a little bit nervous of how I talk, why did it drive?

Because in some ways it was so flipping brilliant, like, can I make it that good again? But in other ways, there are so many places I can [00:33:00] improve, like, and not even just, you know, the. I think the actual days of the summit were great, right? I think the speakers were amazing. The content was phenomenal. Like the all access pass was brilliant in terms of what they got.

And like, even just the speakers alone and the replays were worth every single penny, like, but there were so many things that you were teaching that I was like. I need to do this, but I didn't have the headspace or capacity or like just couldn't. And although I worked really hard and we got a whole lot of work done in a very short space of time, it still could have been so much better.

So tell us, like, if someone is thinking about doing a summit, should they, like, what kind of, you know, I like windows of how long should I have for these things? And if I'm launching, how, like, how long should I have to prepare the summit? How long should I promote the summit for? How long after the summit do I then sell the thing?

Like, just give us some idea of timelines. If someone's sat there thinking, actually, I might look at a summit, [00:34:00] like what, what should they be doing in a realistic world?

Krista: Yeah, no, I love this question because I want, I don't want someone to, to join and have the experience you did where you're feeling rushed.

Like you're feeling like you're missing things. I want it to be fun and enjoyable, and there will be some high pressure times. That's just how it works with a project like this, but overall I want you to enjoy it. So I, I, I never try to hide the amount of work as how it is. It would be way better for me to be like, it's easy.

Launch in 30 days. No problem. And I see people do it. And I'm like, how do you sleep at night? But anyways, if you are just hosting a summit without launching, I'll give you the big picture timelines first, and then we'll kind of break some of it down. I would recommend at least 90 days. And I know some of you that kills you.

You're like me. You want to do it yesterday. Yeah. Please give yourself the time. It will let you do things well. When you come up with things where you're like, I need to think about that. Yeah. You'll have the time to think about it. When you see ideas that you want to implement, you'll have the time to implement it.

90 days. If you're just doing a summit, if you're also launching an existing offer, I would recommend going out to [00:35:00] 120 days, even I, as someone who made the process. I still give myself 120 days and even more. We start early most of the time just because I want space. I want to be able to do other things. I don't want to just eat, sleep, breathe, summit, and I want it to be fun.

I don't want it to feel like a ton of pressure. So 90 to 120 days if you are launching, please give yourself that extra time because it's a lot to put a summit together. And put a launch together all at the same time. Both of those are big projects by themselves. And you're crushing them right together.

With a new offer I don't even recommend, like I straight up do not recommend launching a brand new offer through a summit because now you're planning a new summit, planning a launch and making a new offer all at the same time. Nobody wants that. I have other easier ways.

Teresa: Exactly what I did.

Krista: Exactly. That's why I have a, that's why I have a offer now about running a challenge.

Cause that's a much easier way to test a new offer. So 90 to 120 days. As for kind of breaking down that timeline, I'll kind of give you the best shot I can off the top of my head. And I am in the middle of this process for [00:36:00] myself right now. So hopefully I can get it right. It's not going to be perfect, but I like to have like two weeks where the initial ideas are flowing, where I'm working on What's the summit going to be called?

What's it going to be about? What am I going to help people with? Who do I want to speak? I better go look for speakers. What do I want the All Access Pass to look like? What are my goals? What am I going to launch? How am I going to tie it all together? You know, doing all that planning. And as I rattle it off, some of you are like, Oh, dang.

And some of you are like, Oh, that's easy. But you want to give yourself space. Yeah. A lot of times I see people need. A week or two just to figure out the positioning and like in our programs, that's the thing we work with people most closely on, like, let's make sure we are slowing down and getting this right.

Let's talk to some of your people. If we need to, let's play with these words a little bit. Let's make it sound really great because you want all of that done before you start reaching out to speakers, which is kind of the next big step. If you want sponsors, like. That should have been a long time ago, even, even longer timeline for that speakers.

You want to give yourself weeks, like several weeks to first figure out who you're going to reach out to. For me, [00:37:00] that process takes days of focusing and just trying to find the perfect people. And I have. podcast episodes where I kind of talk through my own process that I can, you know, share if that would be helpful.

It's probably getting more in the weeds than we need right now, though. Give yourself time to figure out who you want to pitch and then to pitch them. Because like for my first round of speakers, this time I pitched people who I knew quite well. I think everyone I pitched. I knew, and after a couple of days, like two people had responded.

I was like, come on guys. So I have to go like, how and all these people, it is normal. You're not going to hear back.

Teresa: And those are people. And I had exactly the same. Cause I pretty much knew everybody that I pitched. Like Those are people who know and love us, right, ?

Krista: Yes.

Teresa: And they're still taking time. Yes.

But like, so if you are pitching people that you don't know, it's gonna take a bit of work. Yes. And you're gonna need that timeline of, well what is it? Can I have a chat about it? Da da dah. Like what can I talk about? What? It just takes a lot to and fro in, doesn't it?

Krista: It does. It does. It does. Yeah. So I allow like three weeks for that.

And it's not like you are doing other things during that time, but that is something to consider. It's gonna take several weeks to [00:38:00] line up your speakers and then guess what? We need to add several more weeks so they have time to create their presentation or book an interview. For my summits, I don't, I don't like doing interviews.

I don't want to do any interviews. So I, and I want to give them at least a month. To find time to make a presentation. So we've got a couple of weeks to plan several weeks to pitch several more weeks to let them create their presentation. And like, then you need time to get those presentations and work with them and get the summit ready really preferably before you start promoting.

Sometimes it's happening at the same time. Then you want three weeks of promotion, you know, so all of these things are adding up and even those things I'm listed. Or I listed, it's barely scratching the surface. There's so much more. Talking about the hundred, like we have a lot that goes on behind the scenes, but those are the bigger picture things that make you need that really great longer timeline.

Teresa: Yeah. Yeah. And I think that's the thing, like with anything, the more effort you put in, the more you are involved in all the different things is that's the things that can make all the difference. Like, [00:39:00] you know, you could do a very basic summit a very basic pull people together, check out a lot of videos.

Yeah, that's cool. But you're not going to have the results that the results that you see from your clients, because when you're going all in and doing it, I mean, I am very excited that you're in my world. And I get to even talk about the next summit with you before I've even done anything, because I literally walked in and went, I'm doing a summit.

This is what it is. Tell me all the things I need to do. Like, so I had made some of those very crucial decisions poorly, by the way, before I'd even like stepped into working with you. Whereas I am really excited that actually this time I get to write all those things that. And, and like I said, I am really proud of the summit I put on.

I was, you know, I loved it. I thought it was brilliant. I got great feedback, but there is so much more I could have done.

Krista: You see the potential.

Teresa: Oh my God, so much. And not only that, but I see the potential in terms of like the money the All Access Pass can make. Again, there were lots of different things I did on that, that [00:40:00] I can change.

The money that a launch can make, like the membership, I want to launch my membership off the back of it. Like that is the next thing I'm doing because that was so flipping powerful. It was amazing. And I think, I don't know about you, like you've been in this world a long time, like I have, I think the days have gone of, you can do something small and have a big launch and earn loads of money.

Like these things take time and you have to put the effort in. And as far as I'm concerned, every single second I spent Working on the summit, working with you guys, creating all the stuff, writing those million of flipping emails was worth every single second. And even I have not feel like I've scratched the surface of what it could do for the business because I went into it so fast.

And with some things already decided when technically I can make some major changes. So for me, it feels like If people want these launches, if they want to bring in the money from an online business point of view, you've got [00:41:00] to take a big step and do some good, big things.

Krista: Yeah, exactly. I'm so glad, and I'm so glad you brought that up because.

Like, I never want people to feel like I'm saying to host a summit, you have to join my program. I've never want people to, to feel like that. But if you want the results I talk about, you probably do. Like, it's not normal for people to get results, like really incredible results. You need to know how to do it.

And I just want to make it easy for people. I want to make it so you can do that on your first summit and not have to take. I don't even know how many to figure it out on your own. You know, I want it to be doable for anyone, no matter what stage they're at in business to host a summit that will change their life, change their business, impact their people.

Yeah. I'm a little passionate about it.

Teresa: And rightly so, cause you're really good at it. And like, you know, for those guys, if you haven't listened to the episode where I talk about my, I literally break down the whole of my summit, including signups and what, you know, what percentage came from affiliates and what percentage came from mine and like, and everything I did for the summit, [00:42:00] like.

It was good. I got good results. I made money on the summit and my summit was very different from maybe what Krista would teach day to day, because I did invest in a big system. I did run it live. I did like I bought in a producer to like, so I ended up spending quite a lot of money out, which obviously took a big dent off my income, but I did make money from it.

And I grew my list and I did those other things. Like, even though I've said that, you know, I joke that I did everything wrong and everything against what Krista says, it's like, I still created a, you know, I still hit lots of really good targets, which is really, really, like, I'm really happy about it. Krista, I'm obviously going to link up to everything in the show notes and we've got some stuff that we're working on, which I, at point of recording our interview, I will make sure I do a much better job at the beginning.

So if you're listening to this, you're like, yeah, you've already told us, Teresa, about the membership momentum thing, the like upcoming stuff that we're doing together, but where can people come and find you? Where do you [00:43:00] hang out most?

Krista: Yeah, well, I mean, my summit, my website, summitinabox. co is a great spot to go to figure out where should I even start with all of this.

We have different paths for you based on where you're at in business, what kind of business you run. I'm always on Instagram, at summitinabox. I spend way too much time there. If you ever have a question about anything, need a link to something, here's my situation. Where should I go? Ask. I'm on there. You know, it's a great place to be. So.

Teresa: I love it. I love it. And I know you are genuinely that kind of person who will respond and you genuinely want to help. So I love that. Now, before we finish, I do need to say one thing, because this is something that we have been laughing about in my team since I did my summit. So if you're from the north of England, okay, the word something is pronounced summit.

Right? So every time I said to one of my team who happens to come from the north of England, summit in a box, she would laugh because it sounds like something in a box, like, Oh, what's in the box? There's something in a box. So I needed [00:44:00] to share that with you because literally every time, and it's a very specific, you've got to be from the north of England, but like, Summit is something.

So it's like, what's in the box? Summit in a box. Like it literally cracks us up and it cracks her up every time. It cracks me up every time. But yeah, I needed to tell you about our little funny British language, but yeah. So.

Krista: Now I'm going to think of that all the time. I've never heard of that before.

Teresa: Now you're going to think of that. I've cursed you with the same thing that she cursed me with. So I'm sorry. I love it. I've ruined your business name. Yes. When it changes in a few months time, we know we are to blame. I'm so sorry. Krista, it's been so lovely speaking to you. Thank you so much for being on the podcast.

Krista: Thank you for having me. This was great.