Getting vulnerable with my members – A sneak peek inside my membership coaching calls!

In today’s episode of the podcast I am giving you a sneak peek into some of the coaching calls I do every month in my Dream Business Club. This is my member’s chance to get tailored advice and support from me about their business and anything they are struggling with.


  • The to-do list of a business owner is never done! So we have to make sure we schedule in times for ourselves.
  • If you are service-based – make sure you pre-qualify your leads and let them know what your prices start from.
  • Once you have initially got in touch with a lead, follow up in around 4-5 days with your link to book a discovery call to try and get them to take the next step. If they don’t get back to you – follow up for a final time after a week.
  • Not every lead will be right for you – you don’t have to say yes to everything!
  • A tripwire needs to be a no-brainer price so they don’t have to think about it too much – around £19.
  • To increase sales – add value to orders such as a bonus gift or double up the order.
  • If you have a Facebook Group for your ideal customers/clients – you need to give them a reason to join! What value will they get? What will they learn?
  • Your social media posts should speak directly to your ideal customer and the benefits to them.



  • I talk to Becci Hollis about work/life balance and how to make sure you are having time for you whilst running a business.
  • I talk to Becci McEvoy about following up with sales.
  • I talk to Heather about tripwires and how it works.
  • I talk to Nic about sales and how to get more.
  • I talk to Wendy about social media content and how to structure having a Facebook Group.



Becci – Blossom Academy

Becci – Be Heard Socials

Nic – In Craft Corner

Heather – Body Image Consulting

Wendy – Camelot Crafts

Dream Business Club


Hello and welcome to this episode of the podcast as always I am your host, Teresa Heath-Wareing. How are things going this week? So I've got a bit of a special episode for you this week, and I'm a little bit nervous if I'm honest. I have been talking a lot recently and you might've seen in my post, if you follow me or in my emails of showing up even more transparently and more authentically than I do already. Now those are real marketing buzzwords, which can be really annoying because people use them all the time.


But I think I am genuinely quite a authentic person. So for instance, you know, we don't do too much editing to this podcast. We just clean it up a little bit. If I forget what I'm saying or. You know, stutter, like I just did then it gets left in because it's important to know that, uh, I'm a human and I make mistakes and, and we're not all perfect.


And it's not scripted. In fact, this one in particular, I'm sat here. I know roughly what I'm going to say, but I've not even written it down this time. And I would just want to show up as real and as me as possible, and that's going to look like various different things. It might look like less curated images of me.


So when I say curated, I mean like the photo, not photo shop, the photo shoot images. I've been really lucky to have lots of photo shoots, which is ACE and they take really beautiful photos. But I can appreciate that that is like the Instagram version of me. It's me. Absolutely me and they don't do that much editing.

They do a little bit, obviously I got terrible bags into my eyes really bad. So, uh, you know, they might tidy that up a bit, but otherwise, you know, it is me.


However, I do get the fact of, you know, it's all really looking like photo shoot in sunny places and that sort of thing. So, so I'm trying to show up a bit more.

A bit more rough and ready, but in a professional way to show you that I do know what I'm talking about and that I'm good at this stuff. So today's episode. One, like I said, I'm a little bit nervous about, because what I've done is I have taken some clips from coaching calls that I have done within my membership.


And these coaching calls come from Executive Club and Club Plus. Club don't get the coaching calls because this is where they get the kind of me-time. So as you will hear from these clips, you talk to me, you know, we have a discussion about the problem that you've got and we hopefully aim to solve that problem or give you ideas or thoughts or whatever it is.


And we do it collaborative collaboratively is if me to say as a group as well. So it's not just me. I am open and hopeful that people will share their thoughts and ideas because everyone's got something to add. I am not the only expert in the room. So I have picked five different clips.

Let me just remind myself it is five. Like I said, either Executive Club or Club Plus coaching calls. Now I'm going to shout out each of the people that allowed me to play their clip because it's not just me being a. Sort of open and honest in terms of how I am inside the club. It's also them being very brave is not the wrong word, but you know, allowing me to share some of the problems that they've had and some of the things that we fixed and some of the conversations we've had, because it's very vulnerable.


You know, they're talking about their business, they're talking about how they are with their business. And obviously these calls are only ever meant for inside the club. And so I appreciate greatly that they are allowing me to put these publicly. I've obviously gone to all of them and asked their permission, given them the clips so they know what's going out.


So there's a couple of things to say before I tell you who's on this episode and give them a shout out for being so amazing. The first thing to say is the audio quality may not be absolutely on amazing. Because again, these were never intended to be podcasts. The second thing to say is I know my members very, very well.


Okay. And this is why I was a bit nervous to put it out cause I might say things that are funny or flippin or trying to be, you know, hilarious. I will say things to them because I know them and I know how they would react to it. So. I didn't want you to listen to this and think, “Oh my God, does she speak to everybody like that?”


Or “Is that what it's like in there?” It's, it's the fact that I've worked with these people. Some of them been in the membership for years. Some have only been in matter of months, but they attend the coaching calls. I know them, I know their businesses. This is my hopefully superpower is that I see everybody in the membership.


I hear everybody. And they matter to me, all of them, every single one. If they turn up and I see them in there, then I know them and they are super, super important to me. So, like I said, if it sounds familiar as in, I am being very familiar with them, that will be why. I've tried to pick a bit of a range of questions.


So I can give you the idea of the breadth of stuff that we talk about. I can show you how I coach, but just to kind of give you, like I said, an idea of, of the type of stuff we're dealing with in there, but also to hopefully you will listen to this and you'll go, “Oh yeah, that's me.” Or, “Oh, yeah, thank God I'm not alone.” Because like I said Thanks to the amazing vulnerability of my members. They are allowing me to share it and show you that, you know, you're not the only one who might be struggling with this particular thing. Okay. So, uh, we have got the amazing Becci Hollis. Now you will know that Becci Hollis is one of my team members, which is.


Well, she is, but at the point that this probably goes out, she has left me, which she's listening to this cause she's writing the show notes. And probably now is the time to tell her that I feel terribly let down and heartbroken. She's going to be listening to this like, “Oh, God T, please don't say that.” No, I adore Becci.

One of the things that she has done with her business since working with me, which is just phenomenal, is not only did she have this online business manager side of a business, but she also has a business called Blossom Academy. And Blossom Academy is a academy for nail technicians and for want to be nail technicians.


And she has lots of online courses and she does do in-person courses. However, the reason Becci is finishing working for me is because she's kind of created the dream. Like yeah, just thinking about it. It makes me so proud of her. She's going to Australia for nine months, hopefully longer to travel and experience life over there.


And she now has an online business that is paying her money through course sales, which, you know, very realistic. You know, don't want to make out that that's easy peasy and it isn't, and she has worked really hard for this, but yeah, she she's doing that, which is crazy amazing. And the fact that I have been any part of that journey with her is just phenomenal.


So anyway. Lovely Becci Hollis. Uh, it comes on and we talk a bit about how difficult it is to switch off and have some time for you. Uh, then we've got the amazing Becci McEvoy. I have all the Becci's in my world. So Becci McEvoy is a social media manager and she does strategies, just content hours. She actually does the content hours in the academy. I recently bought her on to do that. And I very recently taken Becci on to help me with my strategy in social media and content. So that's really cool. I'm so excited about that. Becci's question is around how you follow up with sales and that sort of thing. Then we've got the amazing Heather who is a body image coach.


And Heather is asking questions around a trip wire and how big it should be and how much you should charge for it and how the whole trip wire thing works. Then we've got Nic who's from Incraft corner, who is a handmade business. So she makes baby products. I have had a few products from Nic and not that I have babies, but I have friends that have babies and she's actually very kindly, uh, oh, I did some memory bears for my daughter, which was the best thing ever.


So basically I'm going to go from a bit of a touch of it, so good. Go and check it. We'll check them all out. They're amazing. But check Nick out for this. So, uh, basically what you do is you send off the clothes of when they were babies. So, you know, how you keep the clothes, which I do because it's like, oh, that memory or that thing, or so-and-so bought them that.


But of course they were literally in a suitcase in the loft and some of them had gone a bit funny because they'd been there and I said, my daughter's 12 now. So basically I went through these two things at the suitcases, and I gave Nick a load of clothes and Nic turned them into a bear and a Fox using all of these clothes that my daughter was a baby.


So, so cute. So anyway, that's a bit of what Nic does. And Nick came on and talked about sales, and at the point she asked the question, she was struggling to get some more sales. And we talked about various different and unique ways in which you can get more sales on a particular product. And then we have the lovely Wendy who has a craft shop.


So an actual bricks and mortar shop, because we have a big, vast variety of people in the membership and she sells things like. Uh, fabrics, she sells things for sewing. She does quilting and she came on and had a question about, she was really funny actually. Cause she was like, “So you know, how I'm not very consistent on social media. And I struggled.”


I was like, “Yes.” She said, I think they should have another Facebook group. It's just like, and obviously this is cause I know her very well. I was like, “That's exactly what I was going to suggest Wendy you've literally read my mind.” you'll hear this in the, in the recording. But so we talk about how you structure having a Facebook group.


So that you have a reason to, for people to get in the group. And I go through this kind of content plan with her in terms of how I would do that. So I'm really hoping you're going to enjoy this episode. Like I said, it's a bit of a vulnerable one for me and my members, because obviously you see me as I am, but they see of me that is a bit more relaxed maybe, or a little bit more. I don't know, just that I know them so I can have fun with them and everything.


So, yeah. Anyway, I really hope you enjoyed this episode. Please do let me know what you think of it. And I will be tagging them all in they're all in the show notes. Please go check out these amazing businesses and give them a bit of a, like a bit of love for being so generous in sharing their personal questions with you all. So enjoy.


What about yourself? What are you going to do to get some rest?

Uh, I don't know. I've got like most of the weekend off, so I'm going to try and not look at my emails and stuff and just try and take the weekend.

Why only most of the weekend?


Just because I've got like a, just a really short course on Saturday morning.

So I'll only be a couple of hours cause it's just a nail all on. So it will be most of the weekend. But yeah, I just struggled not to look at my emails, so I need to just be better at that because I go, I'll get ahead for the week.

And I was going to say, you say that. And so do I I'm like if I do this now, it's not going to have so much free time and never do ever, ever.


Yeah. There's never not a million things to do. None of us are ever sat here going done, like literally that never happens in your own business. So. Sometimes not looking at it is the way we manage. Like let's not tell ourselves are going to get ahead. All we're doing is into Sunday. We could just start it.


Yeah. And like Geraldine said, I think I'm a bit of a kind of active relaxer as well, because I find it really hard to just kind of sit and watch Netflix. I can always plan things in, like, I almost have like a schedule full Saturday and Sunday, any, you know what I mean as well, because that's just how I am and I just kind of have to have that.


I don't know why I can't just have nothing in my day. Cause it just makes me feel really like it's a No, unmotivated and just, yeah, it's, it's just not good. So yeah, definitely. Related to that.


Yeah. And I think it's hard. And even I said about everybody else, even if I'm watching Netflix, or watches that, and I still on the fricking phone I'm on, but I think Jesus, we can't like, why am I doing this?


Something is taking my attention. Why am I getting my attention somewhere else? Like, or I'll have my laptop canvas. The one that I do, I'll do Canva while watching something else. And it's like, no, just turn off. And I'll come back to that thing that Nick did when she sat outside for 4 hours with nothing, like how do you flippin not, I can barely do 30 seconds, let alone 4 hours and a half to say yesterday.


Cause I was in a really not great place yesterday afternoon and I put music on and I felt better. And I thought I should remember that. And I thought to myself, I've not listened to music while working for a long time. Because I just got out the habit of it and I was by myself, singing away while I was peeing around in Canva, always Canva.


But so, yeah. So, you know, that can really help as well, but, okay, cool. Becci, you are really good with your goals and stuff. Yours are actually great. Yours are more about just getting on with the work now, isn't it?

Yeah definitely.

I think it's quite a quick question. And it only really came up this morning in the last couple of days, which is really exciting.


I've had a lot of people message me on my socials about working with me. I don't know where they've come from. So that's exciting in itself. I might, I'm hoping it's my content, but I know I had a couple before Christmas as well. Basically, I send them all the details of me. I'm a bit of a chat and I don't really hear back.


And what I'm not very good at is what I, I kind of leave it before I sell it. Cause I don't want to come in like sleazy. And I think a bit of my imposter syndrome is going, “Oh, they've looked at my website. I'm too expensive. So I'm just going to go away.” And yeah. So I was wondering I don't know whether you had any advice on sort of how long you'd leave it before you follow up.

And also because I know you don't do this, doing it in a way that's not sleazy, like.

Tell me your process now. So they DM you thru Insta.


Yeah, so they they've messaged me from Facebook or Instagram, and I've sent them a message back and explain a little bit about what I do sent them the link to the services that I offer or more detail about what it is they've asked for and said that if it's something that takes them interest and they want to chat a bit more about it, they can book a discovery call and send them a link to the discovery call and that's, and that's it.

So is your pricing on your site?

Yes. Well, it is. Yeah, it's from, cause I don't really have set prices, but I've got a, from price, a starting price, basically.


So as long as they've got an idea of price, so therefore they're not wasting your time. You're doing the right thing, obviously I'm sure you give them all the like, oh, this is so exciting, you know, can't wait to whatever, whatever.


Like it's done, done and the stuff that you sent them, that's actually fine. Make sure that you see where the pricing starts from. Then. You've obviously got the link in there to book in a call. I would literally give them four or five days and I'd email them again.


But just, what would you say though? Cause that's where I'm sort of like.

I just to follow up that just want to check you've got this, check you got the email. Here's the link. The next step is to book a discovery call. If you think that this you're interested. I would also try and say something about there is that social, you know, you could almost, at that point, you know I love what you posted about so and so for like a couple of posts just so they can see you're in the radar.


Then offer them to get them a discovery call again. If they fact you that wrong, then I would give it probably another week or so and go because these are people who outreached to you. So it's not called reach it. So there's nothing wrong with you wanting an answer. So you could reach them again and say uh, I just wanted to do one final follow up.


Is if you got this, if you're not interested, if I don't hear back, I'm assuming that you've managed to get sorted out to it. Which I'm really pleased about uh, you know, thanks very much. If I hear back great, if I don't well, I'm thinking you don't.


I'm sort of thinking as well in the next week or so I'm going to launch the, my very original audits.

I'm going to do them like a low ticket thing as a lead generator and a bit of a way for people to get to know me. So I did think like I could, at some point, come in with like, have you seen, I've just launched this. It's only gonna be £9 or whatever it is. So, uh.


Yeah, that probably used that on the last email rather than, um, yeah.

Yeah. So you've emailed them saying great, really excited. It's not the look of the, if you've got some experience in there, I would Chuck that in the first email as well say, you know, I've worked with so-and-so and so-and-so and you know, we've done, I've worked on that industry or whatever. So you do that in email one you give them the link to discovery call. And so I try and kind of say to them, this is the next best step we need to get on. And I actually think to them to see if you are a good fit to me, and I'm a good fit for you. Because it's a two-way street. So like, I think like I quite like saying that, and then they she's booked in.


And in fact, she came back to me and when, I don't know if I'm ready, I might need to do it in quarter two. Should I have a call anyway? And I went, yeah, but also it's a very genuine thing. And I've said no to people. If I do not think they're a good fit, especially from my experience for long. Yeah. I think rather than saying join and book, a discovery call, I would say, but the next best option is to have a chat and see what help you need.


And whether I'm a good fit. So it doesn't sound like you selling to them. They'd be to go, I need this, this, this, this, this, and you don't do that or offer that, then you're going to get. Yeah, thanks, but no. That's not what I thought. Always best to get them on a call. Then it's always what you sell to them.


Yeah. And I heard, I mean, with some of the messages like I have, when I first applied to some of them, I've sent a couple of voice nights as well, because I think like they're just much more personal and your personality comes across in it. But yeah, I always say, and that's what I need to word. I need to be stronger on that if I then want to work with them. So yeah. I need to be.


You know, when you're in the early days and I'm looking at Shannon cause she's you know, just starting out building on her own. You know, take it on the thing that's to do with kingdom pools or whatever it was. And it's like, it's hard because you do go, yeah, I can do that. You want and need the money, like you said, sometimes it works like your time and energy is just wasted.


And it's so much hard. And also you don't want someone who's going to quibble with the price. Like someone applied. I shared Caroline's gluten-free cookery class in a gluten-free group and someone came back and went £69? But the ingredients and and the lesson that's a bit steep. So I just spoke and it was worth every penny.

Like you're not her customer then. Yeah. So I think, I think if they're going to quibble about the price, they're going to be difficult anyway, and they're not going to see your value. And if you get them on a call and have a conversation with them, and then what I tend to do on the call, because I do hate the money conversation.


I confirm what the price is. And I say, this is what it is. Unless I get a straight feeling of, they want to say yes immediately. I'll then say, so I'll leave you to have a think about it. And I'll come back to you in three days time. And let me know. Yeah, it's not right. It's not right. Leave the door open for them to leave because the last thing you want is no decision.


You just want efficient. So that's why you have to give them so many emails and go, this is going to be my last email. I'm assuming there's, I've not heard back from you that this isn't something you need or want at the moment. And that's absolutely fine, but I won't follow up back to the scene now have a nice life.


Yeah. And as I've been told a million times, and we say, can't remember the interview is going out yet or not. I don't think it has. It might be naturally bulleted cable and sword. She was like belonging, but she, and I think I gave this example. She gave the examples, she asked me what cart I got. And I was like, 19.

She was like, is it a nice one? I was like, oh, I think so. You know, I was like, it's a QA it's, you know, we've got a couple of nice ones. Let's say much, like you'd walk into the garage and they look at you and go. Because they think that's all I could afford. I'd be livid. I'd be so angry but we do that all the time.


We look at someone and go well you can't afford us. That's a shame and it's a business. Everyone can afford everything. If it's important enough to them. I knew people who I've thought of had no money at all. And then suddenly. You know, pulled out some chunk of money from somewhere and gotten there. There you go.


Thanks. I mean, Ben basically says I can sell a minute then. So, you know, and next week I've got some special water.

But we've kind of osmosis reverse kind of just like passing money around in this black girl.


You upset. But yeah, it's honestly the competency in, I'm doing a good job. I'm not going to sell to you if this is for you. This you've, it's not the, the confidence that comes from you. Not trying to sell it from this huge.


Yeah. Yeah. And I think that's what I've been trying to change my mindset. But then I questioned myself cause I'm like ahh I sounds really arrogant, but I'm in a position where I don't actually need them. So like, I mean, I'd love to work with them, but I don't actually need them. So that's where I'm trying to sort of put my mindset is like, don't actually say no, you say no, but yeah, that was really helpful. Thank you.


Have you've got any questions for me today?

The only thing that's in my mind is I'm planning tripwire that she's doing my accent.


It's obviously find my head because. Yeah, it really worked but yeah, so I've put it now, but it's soldiered and I'm thinking about the pricing of it. So at the moment, it's what is body image, body image tip, which are both about 12, 10 tips, in there. And I work them down and spoke about each one. I bought watch what nations.


Why they do them then affirmations, body image. I've got lighter Puget journal, a journal prompts, creating good habit on a habit tracker as well. And for 21 days. So I can say it's improving body image in 21 days. Yeah, it's worried about price there and this is where my money mindset comes in. It's not there if I'm perfectly honest.


It is not there. So I'm thinking about, you know, an introduction price for it, you know, just the what seven to 14 days. And then just say in that. But obviously it's going to be a low cost item. Yeah. Yeah. I just don't know where to price it.


What's your thoughts? If I said what's your price now? What would you say?

Oh my gosh. I, I mean, this is my money mindset. I would say between 15 to 20 pounds at the introductory rate and that's 50% off and then put it up to full price. But I have had somebody say to me, oh my God. That's really cheap.

Okay. So could the purpose of a tripwire I would say that's the approach need to aim at. To two problems here in the sense of one it's a trip wire.


So there's only so much someone's going to spend on it because the whole idea there for those of who your tripwire is that basically they come into a lead magnet, they get offered something straight away to buy, but it needs to be an absolute, no brainer price. It needs to be like. So for instance, Brendan Bouchard has a course for 230 something that he tripped wire down to something like $7.


Wow. Yeah. So like that's the kind of tripwire craziness that people do. Now have to say if it's too wide. I don't believe it. I think what it probably was pointed that in the first place. Um, however, did it stop me buying it? No. Did they do the course? No. So I don't even know if I get access to it anymore. But anyway, so yeah, I think for a trip wire, price, I think I would stick around.


£19 mark. Okay. The other problem you've got is that this is what someone would deem a luxury. It's not a luxury. These are like how I live my life now in the sense of journaling and habit tracking and all this jazz. And it can make a huge difference to someone's life, but they might not know this at this point.


Yeah. I would do the tripwire of it would be great if that course could be sat on your site at full price, but the trip wire is only ever at that £19. I couldn't the only get it while it's on that page. So it tends to be on a thank you page. And once they close that, thank you page. They've lost the deal.


So I think I would do that just to see how the land lies. Like I said, some trip wires I've bought, I've been big ass calls. The very little money because they do it as a loss leader. They do it as a cause. It's just the case of one on testing you out to have the burner reach out when I didn't even know.


I mean, it's ridiculous. And he did a tripwire on a trick one. He did a book, get my book for free, just pay posting, but of course it comes from America. So the post I paid that can probably get it on Amazon cheaper. But anyway. And then the trip wire off the book was, and they get this course, and then there was another one, but I didn't buy that.


I didn't fall for all three thank God. Um, just two, I did read this book to be fair and I do read like him. He's very good, but yeah. So I think have it full price somewhere to buy, but then only have a trip wire at that.

Okay. So having that full price.


On your site, on social. If someone wants to buy it, they can then have a trip wire when they download that thing that they then get given the thank you page that says you can now get this for £19.

Could I still do like an introduction rebate to £19 for like seven days or something.

Yeah, outwardly, yeah.


Yeah. But then after that, perhaps 50%. Yeah. And that's it. Yeah. Yeah.

But still have that tripwire as the low price. The other thing that, yeah. Remember as well on that tripwire pages, the sales page.

So what's the transformation I'm going to get. How do I feel now? How am I going to feel?


Right. Okay. So it's like, it's taken you from hating what you've seen there that, to loving this up just a bit more, because obviously we don't want the whole.

Yeah. How would it feel? Not look in the mirror and think, and, and use those words that people use.


God you're disgusting. The hell is wrong with you. Like the horrible stuff we say to ourselves. Well, you never say to anybody else.

But fair heaving noises. One thing I used to always say is, oh, I put again, put my face on mean my makeup.


Oh yeah. Do you know, I said this just the other day. Yeah. I said to Paul, I have a table night makeup today and he went “If you want.” Like that.

He probably doesn't care whether you've got makeup on or not.


I think he does Heather if I'm honest, I think he does. This is not a good face without makeup. I'm not saying it's a good face with makeup, but it's certainly an improvement. And I, and you'd be like, I've got to, I've got to put my face and I've got to look like this.


I can't feel good until I look like this. So yeah. Thinking about all these words that people say.

We'll be doing moneymaking.


That's why I kind of need help on. I smelled the ideas that all I'm kind of doing at the moment is spending a lot more time on social media to kind of post in the groups. I'm getting people from like certain groups and onto the website, but I tend to get a lot more orders from like organic searches and things I do for my social media.


Okay. So, so as people in the chat, what can it do to sell more, uh, what you want to sell? Just the memory bear's Nic?

That's a bit yeah.


Okay. So obviously we've got stuff that is like, you've already, you've already made that always bothers me. Cause that would irritate me having stuff already made and then not selling it.


So like that. Trying to bring on different ways in which you can sell that. That's what I would be focused on. So, you know, bundling it up, offering sales, you know, doing like a, could you do something different? Like, you know, I was just thinking wasn't there, that thing that kind of online shopping channel.


You went to buy in and then it like looks at in a certain price and it's a risk every time. Like, do you know what? I don't even know what it is. I just vaguely remember something like that. Well, no, it's like, can't remember what it is, but it's like the, like, you know, if you're lucky now you get it for this price and it'll end up, oh, this price.


Well done. You looked at, I don't know. It's just, I just can't remember, but yeah, like some kind of like exciting sale deal. You know, as well, you know, when you go into a bar, I don't know whether you've done this and it's like spin the wheel and you can either get 10% off, 50% off all your order free. Like, could you do something like that if they buy prices? Right.


Um, they'd have an idea about that. Cause I know I can get the plug in that you can actually spend it on the website and you'd get the Lux discount code for certain amount or something like that. I did have an idea. I have done, I've tried some sales before, but sales haven't kind of really, I haven't sold anything really much from sales.


Okay. I'm wondering whether like, cause you don't want, you want people to be buying and then get the benefit. You don't want it to be the benefit before the buying. So I'm wondering if you say right for this week, anybody buys on my site, we'll get one of the following. They either get a voucher for 20% off your next order or they get their order doubled or they get a secret gift.


Like, do you know what I mean? So you can make some sense because if they're buying the key is you want them to buy. So if they bought something, you throw in something extra. Yeah. Who doesn't love a secret gift? And it basically means it could be anything. Like, you know what I mean? So that's how you use up some of your old stock.


Like I think, yeah, I think as long as you get the sale, as long as people are actually buying than throwing in something that you've already got pre-made and isn't selling. Like that could be cool. And you could make a real solid amount of it but like, you know, for the next five days, so do some emails like a week before and then do a whole week of like, it's this week, if you buy so and so and then every time someone orders you go, Jennifer, just bought and she's got a free set of beds, lucky Jennifer, on their way to you. And then you can do like a whole thing around packing it up and putting it in a secret thing. And.

So it's, it's always my, my thing about sort of the commitment to posting on social and getting around to doing it.


And I am very, very sporadic and it is the planning that I like. And it is the, you know, the thing that you say is done is better than perfect and all that kind of thing. I do spend too much time organizing over it. And with that in mind, I'm thinking of doing the Facebook page.


Thank you the words, right? Say what's this forward? Well, it's Kindles sales in the actual physical shop have never got back to pre COVID. I think the shows we have noticed the last few that we've done. Picked up the website seems to have dropped off significantly as well. But what are, what are the thoughts of doing Facebook page wise was kind of like a Camelot crafts, extra, which they get more offers rather than so that I can put tutorials in it and things.


I mean, I do one from the cuffs members anyway, which I do. I always do a Saturday afternoon life and they post pictures of what they've been working on and that kind of thing. Mostly everybody that's in that knows one another. Yeah. But this would be for basically anybody that wants to, wants to come along to it.


Yes. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. New group for anybody who can join, you're going to encourage them to join by saying that you've got different things in there, like tutorial and different games, that sort of thing. Yes. Yeah, yeah. Again, it's going to be one of those things that is, is down to me. Putting stuff in there, basically.


Yeah. It's not going to be in the next couple of couple of months. That's, that's a firearm. That might be something that I can look at during the summer when we haven't got as much. I don't think it's a bad idea. Actually. I think having that group where incentive to come in is that I'll teach things. I need to get discounts on things.


And you know, what I think you've got to do is, and we've talked about this before, and I don't know whether I've talked about it or here. Let me just, okay. Can you see this plain white board? Yep. Okay. So give me one thing that people do with Wendy that you would teach them. Um, well, wide range of things that make a quilt teaching them if we're focusing on the quilts.


So if you want to talk about making a quilt, so then on social media, what you might talk about is, you know, re tips to. Okay then on, so that's maybe a section in person and you'll normally have a few different social media posts, you know, things to think about making a memory, whatever quilts, like, you know what I mean?


So, you know, you've got some few different ideas in terms of social media posts. Okay. So then your to post ideas here, then. Feel free group. You then might say you're going to do a training on getting started or no, no training on the equipment. That you need. Okay. And then you might also do something else in that free group, because we haven't got an email list.


So what we have, but I'll ignore that for a minute. So the other thing you might do in that is you're going to give them a list of equipment that they need. And then you're also going to do a video demo. On a particular stitch or something that you use for quilting. Okay. Or whatever it is. And then your end product is to either book a course on how to quilt or it's to buy stuff from you.


So you can see. So the idea is that someone comes to see you on social media and they see this post about three tips, make a quilt and fix, think about. You know why you want to do quilts and memory quilts and Hey, lovely. They are. And then on these social media posts, you're saying to them, and if you're interested in building a quilt, building a quilt, that's not the terms, making a quilt, then come and join my free Facebook group because in it this week, or this month, they're going to get a training on the equipment that you need on a list of all the equipment.


But the key things that you have to buy or that. And you're also gonna get a demo on a particular stitch or whatever. And then while you're in the group, you're going to go, here's the equipment and here's the link to buy the equipment. Here's the demo on the stitch and here's the stuff to buy this stuff, or here's the cost to book you on it.


So it's a real natural progression as to where they're going to next. Now you can also slip in a lead magnet hanger if you wanted to. So if I wanted to bring this day into. Then you would have a lead magnet. So then your lead magnet over here might be the three pattern ideas, the quilts. So then it's like, okay.


So I've sort of thinking about quilt Lincoln. Oh yeah. I like that. I'm going to go and join a free Facebook group. Yeah. I've really enjoyed this training in that demo, whatever. Oh yeah. I definitely want those three patent ideas. The pattern ideas as these things. So either you do like, you know, so this will lead on to this.


This will lead onto this, and then this will lead on to this, and then this will lead on to this. Or you could do this leading straight onto this. But you see how I'm coming in at the top. I'm self selecting coming down, don't they? But I always know what my next thing is. Cause you're telling me, so that's what I would consider the same to Becci McEvoy.


In terms of your group, it's like, what level are you going to give them out to the group? What level are you going to give them in the group? Because the thing is, I don't want it. So for me and anybody has got an online world membership thing. This gets really tricky, which is why I don't have a free group currently because I can not distinctively.


Uh, can we have talked about this in the business? We have thoughts about it, but it's not comfortably enough for me to go. This is the difference, because if they get so much in a free group, why on earth would they ever pay to join? Yeah. So it's a little bit like that. And obviously I know yours isn't that, but you can see that, like, if you're doing a little demo on social media and you might do, like, you might have a five minute demo that's in the group, when you might literally show a GIF of that, or you might show a five second clip of it and go the rest of it's in the group.


But your aim on social is always to pull them into the group and you're able, the group is always to pull them to the sale. Right. Does that make sense? Yes. Yes. So that would be my aim, if you can have that free group, but you've got to understand what am I putting?


And that's where things are really good. So let's say Wendy, you let's say you have six main products, which is two months a year, and let's say. So you take one main product like quilting, and let's say talking about quilting for two months is that three different things we can talk about quilting for, you know, do we need to talk about reasons to have a quilt and we have a week on reasons to have a quilt or whatever do we need to talk about?


So, like I said, it's easy for me. If I take Build My List, it's like, there are so many subjects within build my list that I can then break down and break down and break down. But I can give myself a weekly theme when, whereas yours might be more over a month or something like that. But if you can have a theme and you think, okay, so if I write the word quilts down what comes up?


What do people ask me, or questions I have to answer? What products would I sell? How do you pick a fabrics. Are they buying fabrics? Are they using fabrics? Is there questions around? Well, if you're going to reuse fabrics, have they got to be a certain thing or a way, or how'd you get them to match? And like, all you're doing is then theming everything around.


There we go, there was a bit of an insight to what it's like to be on a coaching call with me and my amazing members. Like I said, I want to thank them for allowing me to play these, their vulnerability and the fact that they're willing to share with you the sort of things that they struggle with and the things that we help with in the club.