How Influencer Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

  • Influencer is brands working with people of influence. They use their trusted following in order to team up with them and provide them with their product or service, in order for them to tell their followers about you. It’s a modern-day Word of Mouth marketing.
  • Influencer marketing isn’t just about massive celebrities as anyone can be an influencer, as long as they have influence. Those that have a niche, often have large influence over a small audience.
  • The most common places people have influence over are Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Podcasts.
  • There are three types of influencers – Micro, Micro and Celebrity influencers.
  • Macro influencers have 100,000 followers, and whilst they’re not as expensive as Celebrity influencers, they will still cost. Micro Influencers have over 1,000 followers and a hold a really strong relationship with their audience. They tend to be niche specific and are dedicated to their content. They often have a higher engagement and conversion rate.
  • When it comes to costs, they will be affordable, or may not charge at all as long as they are receiving the benefit of a product.
  • If you get leads or followers from an influencer, they tend to be really relevant.
  • There are a number of laws that surround influencer marketing.
  • Although they mainly lie in the hands of the influencer, you need to ensure you are doing your due diligence to ensure they are following the rules that have been set for them.
  • In order to find an influencer to work with, you need to know who your customer is as otherwise, they won’t be able to talk to the people you want them to talk to. You need consider what size influencer you want, what platform you want them to be on, what they will be posting, what hashtags they might use, what is their main demographic and are they seen as an authority.
  • To find influencers you can look at hashtags, things that are trending at the moment and those that are authors or speakers. It does take time, but it is worth it. If you’re looking to put budget into it, there are platforms you can use to find influencers for you. These are BuzzSumo, Social Bakers and Tracker.
  • When you are looking for fakes you need to consider whether they have consistency when it comes to their engagement and likes. You may also want to look at whether or not their posts are consistent. Another thing you need to look for are odd number, meaning the number of people that page or profile in comparison to the engagement. If someone has 40,000 followers and they’re receiving 100 to 200 likes, the chances are they have bought followers. You may also need to look out for the frequency of spammy comments.
  • When reaching out to a blogger you need to follow them and engage with them in the run up to your pitch. Once you have built up that relationship, you might want to consider DM’ing them to put your face or your brand even more directly in front of them. Once you have done that, you should introduce yourself to them. Whether you do this via email or send a video DM, you need to ensure your pitch is perfect.
  • When writing your pitch, you need ensure it is personal. Take a look at their profile and mention something that you love in the introduction of your email. Explain the benefits of working with you straight away, as this will give them a clear idea as to whether or not they want to continue reading. Once you have done this, you need to share your ideas with them. Finally, give them a call to action.

When working with influencers you shouldn’t be looking at how has the most followers, but instead who has the best engagement, whether or not they are a great fit for you and if they reach your target audience. Although numbers are great, everything else is much more valuable.

  • A Little Introduction to The Podcasts Name Change 00:30
  • The Basics of Influencer Marketing – 10:00
  • Why Should You Use Influencer Marketing – 14:10
  • Laws Surrounding Influencer Marketing – 16:00
  • How to Find an Influencer in Your Niche – 17:11
  • How to Spot A Fake – 19:34
  • Reaching Out To A Blogger – 26:00
Links to Resources Mentioned in Today's Episode


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Guidelines for Social Media Influences

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Hello there and welcome to this week’s episode of the podcast. Do you know what? I start every episode saying that and I sit here right before I’m due to start thinking, what sall I say today and I literally say the same thing every single week. But it’s really interesting. And now going off on a complete tangent by the way, it’s about just being natural I guess. And I guess naturally, that’s what I would say and if I tried to start it saying anything else like hey there or how you do it or whatever, it wouldn’t be me or that isn’t how I’d speak. And I try and imagine how I’d speak if someone was in front of me and I guess that’s different, isn’t it? So it’s hard to relate that one but anyway I apologize that I literally stopped the podcast exactly the same way and pretty much finish it exactly the same way, every single week. But honestly it is a bit hard to think of something and the other thing I do sometimes is I go and listen to other people’s intros because as you know, I am a big podcast fan and I listen to lots of podcast myself.


But again same thing, if I tried saying what they say and I end up sounding like James Wedmore or one of the other amazing people that I listen to instead of myself. So I will continue to do the same if not slightly boring now intro and then we’ll just get straight into it. So that’s the only bit that’s the same.


Okay, I hope you’ve had a good week. And if you listened to last week’s episode I talked all about the fact in the intro anyways it was an interview but it talks all about the fact that I’m changing the name of the podcast. And I’ve got a couple of questions to ask you before I change it. Now the name has been decided and I apologize if you’re not keen or if you’ve got a point of view. And normally, I’d be so happy to hear it. However, I literally have tried to decide a new name for what feels like months and have messed around and have come up with every kind of name I could think of and now I’m settled on this. So it’s going to be this because if I start thinking again then I’ll change your mind again and it will just be a nightmare. So the podcast is going to be changed and is going to be called Marketing That Converts. And the reason I’m changing it as I said before is very much down to the fact that the podcast covers so much more than just social media.


However the key bit in this for me was the words ‘that converts’ because that’s the thing that I really want us to focus on. That’s the thing that I love so much about what I do and about the world that we’re in right now is that we can actually see what is working and what’s not working. So my aim is to always give you stuff that will work and that will actually result in customers or followers or email addresses, whatever it might be. So hopefully Marketing That Converts kind of covers it off.


And also I’m going to let you in on a bit of a secret that this is now the new name for several other projects that I’ve got going. So we’re going to have Marketing That Converts The Podcast, Marketing That Converts The Academy and Marketing That Converts – 90 Day Focus.


So basically the way that my business is gonna be structured is that my free content is my podcast and other free content that I put out there but that’s going to be the thing that everybody can have no matter what their budget, what access they need or anything. They get to listen to the podcast every single week. And I hope my aim is that obviously I add value to you every single week. Then the next step up is going to be The Academy and I’m yet to actually fully decide on the details of it. But basically what the Academy’s going to be is a membership. And that membership, God I feel really nervous talking about this isn’t it really funny like I feel like now I’m saying it out loud on the podcast.. It’s absolutely real and I need to get my backside in gear and finish it because we are putting it together as I speak. But I’ll carry on sorry I got almost a little bit emotional there which is ridiculous. So yeah the Academy is going to be the membership and the idea with the membership is, I’ve got so much good stuff to teach you. I teach you sort of a teacher kind of not the minimum but the the most I can get away with in a podcast. So I try and give you really good value but the membership is about taking it a step further. It’s about deep diving into actual things, going through physically step by step but not just going through in more detail but giving you videos where I talk you through things, giving you workbooks, giving you checklist and all those things that you can physically go and do it yourself. The other reason I’ve chosen membership is because the world that we’re in changes all the time. Social media, digital marketing, the platforms, the rules, the amazing technologies that we’ve got they change all the time. So for me creating courses or a big massive course of all of this just wouldn’t work because literally day one it could be out of date.


The other thing I love about the membership model is the fact that I get to help you ongoing. So you get to come into a community with me where I’m there in the group and I am going live a couple of times a month and I’m helping you and teaching you and you get to ask questions. And that for me is the best bit. Because the training is great. Giving you advice is great. But I love it when I’m able to sit and talk to people and say, ‘What do you do? I would do this for you. Or what I talked about there, I’d probably tweak it this way for your industry or your business.’ So I’m really excited about the thought of spending time in a more community led environment with a load of you guys where we can sit and I can help you take all the cool stuff we talk about on the podcast. Take it that next step further. So that’s going to be the academy and then for those of you that want to really kind of ramp up and do it quicker and want more of my time and a smaller group then the 90 Day Focus is going to be exactly that.


It’s gonna be a 90 day program where we work in a very small group, no more than say 15 people in a group and we will have some really cool stuff. So you’ll get a one to one call with me at the beginning of the 90 days where we talk through what your objectives are for the next 90 days not just from a marketing perspective but also from a business perspective. And then what we’re going to do is we’ll have a weekly calls with just that small group. You and I will then have a monthly catch up call where again we jump on a zoom call and we review what you’ve done. We set your goals for the following month. And then at the end of 90 days, we then have another call see how there’s 90 days went. And obviously if you want to sign up for another 90 days then great. We’ll do that as well.


But the 90 day focus is really aimed at much more focused smaller groups and more in-depth work. So I am excited about these. I don’t want to keep going saying I’m super excited about this program because I’m so tired of hearing people say that. And I think maybe because the industry I’m in, I hear that a lot because I hear a lot of people selling a lot programs but I am genuinely excited to help people. That’s what I’m excited about. So I can’t wait for those programs to be up and hopefully have some of you guys in there and I can help you more closely and we can really push your business forward.


Anyway, I realize that possibly sounded a bit like sales pitch which I apologize for because I’m really keen not to do the kind of uncomfortable sleazy selling nuts which I hate. Anyway but I want to explain where Marketing That Converts comes from and the how it’s going to look across the brands and what it’s all about. So hopefully you quite like that name. But the question I have for you, God I digress so much there, the question I had for you initially was when I get my new intro and actually recorded because obviously I have one for the podcast. Do I get a British accent? Or an American accent which I have currently? Or do I just do it myself and get someone to put some cool music behind it? Or do I have not one altogether? I have noticed quite a few people don’t one altogether so I’d be interested to see what you think on that one. Also in terms of the actual day it changes over. I’m not entirely sure it’s coming. The branding is done and obviously now I need the sort the intro and outro out I’d like to know your opinion but I will make sure that I do lots of marketing across all my platforms. If you are happy to share then I would appreciate that and appreciate you so very much. If you could do that just because I’m really nervous to change the name because I don’t want people to think that A. It’s a different podcast or B. I’ve gone away or whatever they might think. So I’m going to be putting together some marketing materials that basically promotes the fact that we’ve changed names and nothing’s changed. So if you are happy to help that would be awesome. And like I said if you keep an eye on my social media you will no doubt see some stuff on there and be able to share that in the coming weeks.


Okay, let’s get on with today’s episode. So what we’re talking about today is a solo episode. No interview just me rambling on in your ears and today I’m talking about influencer marketing. Now I know some of you out there on potentially lots of you are going to go, “No, that’s not my bag or Teresa, I’m not some big massive brand. I can’t afford to bring on the Kardashians and promote my products.” That’s cool because I don’t want to talk about that kind of influencer marketing. I want to talk about influencer marketing in a way that you can use it for your business and that it might help you in your business and it might be not what you think influencer marketing is. But I just want to throw a couple of concepts out that just in case either A. You are working in marketing and you want to think about it or B. You have your own business and you think, is there a way that I can do this?


So let me start by looking at some of the basics for you and giving you a bit of an overview about influencer marketing itself. So basically ensure influencer marketing is brands working with people of influence. They use their trusted following in order to team up with them and provide them with their products or service. And that person obviously talks about it on their social media following. And basically it’s like a modern version of word of mouth marketing. So whereas in many many many years ago, you would ask your friends who do you use for this or what you do for this. We’re now looking to influencers to recommend products and services to us.


Influence marketing isn’t just about those big massive celebrities as most people might think is the case. Anyone really can look at doing influencer marketing if they are of influence and you can work with people of influence, it doesn’t mean they have to be a celebrity. And actually when you work within a niche, it works really really well. And the main platforms that you’re going to be looking at on this are things like Instagram and Twitter are probably the most well-known ones. But it can still happen obviously across Facebook and YouTube and it’s rising in podcasts.


So when you talk about influencers I think about three types. We have a micro influencer, a macro influencer and a celebrity influencer. So let me start with the celebrity influence because I’m fairly confident that most of you aren’t looking at celebrity influences. Awesome, if you are obviously. But I would say for the average business out there, celebrity is probably a little bit out of their reach. So celebrity influencers tend to be people like the Kardashians they have over millions of followers and they have a vast audience, huge reach. They’re very professional when it comes to being an influencer and they tend to work with massive brands because they’re very expensive to work with and I guess when you think of influencers maybe that’s what you think of.


Now a macro influencer tends to have over 100,000 followers. They have a large audience but it tends to be in an established niche and they have had experience working with brands and the likelihood is it will cost as well. So they’re kind of in the middle and I for instance have you know Jenna Kutcher or someone like that on Instagram then I would say Jenna Kutcher is a great example of a macro influencer.


And then the last one is the micro influencer which is where I want to focus because this is where I think that actually you could properly look at using this for your business. Now a micro influencer has over a thousand followers but obviously they tend to stay under that hundred thousand follower mark. So that literally can be two three four thousand followers or 15-20,000 followers. They have a really strong relationship with their audience. They tend to be niche specific so they tend to be working within a particular area which is why it’s so great for working with micro influencers because they’re following might be a lower number but actually they’re really dedicated. They’re really interested in their content because they are more niche. They do tend to have a higher engagement and conversion rates and often they are cheaper or in some cases they might be free. They might not charge to actually put something on their post. It might be that they are happy enough just to receive the product of good at no cost in order to then post about it.


So for me, looking at micro influencers is a great way in order to think about how you could use this potential if your business but I want you to think about how it can benefit the business. So influencer marketing is on the rise. Now I just want a quick note to this that obviously there are a lot of influencers out there or people out there I should say that would call themselves an influencer that aren’t. In the agency side of the business we manage a Gin client and we get a huge amount of requests for free gin from people who claim that they are gin influencers and you start digging a bit deeper and I promise you they’re not and it’s probably not worth collaborating with them.


So I’m going to quickly cover how you can check those things in a bit as well but it’s more subtle so it’s not so in your face is trying to do advertising or kind of pushing yourself out there and it is seen even though this has been tested a bit it is seen as credible because if someone is genuinely using your product or service then obviously it’s credible that they’re talking about it and it works in lots of niches.


So for me what’s really interesting is I often talk about products and services that I use in my business. Now I tend to only talk about the ones I use and the ones I love. So for instance you will hear me talking about lead pages. I do talk about Infusionsoft which is called Keep Now. I will soon be talking more about Kajabi because I’ve been using Kajabi but I only talk about these things. I actually use and you can see on my platforms. So for me that doesn’t necessarily feel like being a micro influence but I guess it is. And that’s what I’m kind of talking about really.


And the other cool thing about working with an influencer is when you do get leads from a campaign or you get extra followers, they tend to be really relevant because for instance if you’re listening to this podcast then the chances are you’re going to be interested in the things I talk about and therefore you might be interested in the products or services I talk about. So it can be really really useful from that point of view.


Now as a quick side note obviously there are some laws around influencer marketing. Nothing for you to get too massively concerned about. They’re fairly straightforward and clear and they mainly lie in the responsibility of the influencer rather than the brand. But obviously for due diligence you probably want to make sure if you’re working with anybody that they are following these guidelines too. So in the show notes for today’s episode I’ve put some links to a couple of websites. Now they are.. They tend to be UK ones so you might need to make sure wherever you are that you’re following the rules. I know that for instance in the Middle East because I did some training out there, they actually have a certification that you kind of have to sign up to before you be an influencer. So I will link up to that in the show notes like that those links for the UK that talk about how to make sure that the influencer you’re working with is working within the law.


But of course like I said this is just the thing for you to have an idea of. And it does really kind of sit with the influencer to make sure they’re doing what they should be doing so they don’t get into trouble. So how do you go about actually finding an influencer for your industry or your niche that sort of thing. Well the first thing that I have to say is that you really do need to make sure that you know your customer because if you don’t know who your customer is and I go about this all the time and I apologize it’s so important then you know what you’re not gonna be able to find the right influencer to make sure that they’re talking to your audience. So some of the things you want to look at once you’ve worked that who you’re speaking to i.e. who your customer is. Is you want to start trying to research things like, ‘What size of influencer do you want? What sort of size is good that you think you’re looking for? What platform do you want them to be on?’ So for instance if Twitter is a platform that you’re already active on you might want them to be on there. Also you need to think about what will they be posting, what hashtags might they use. How relevant are they to you? And are they seen as an authority? And then obviously think about what kind of audience you want them to be targeting and what their demographic is? So once you’ve had a little bit think about the research, you will then want to start looking for these potential influencers so places that you can look are.. You can look at hashtags. So once you’ve identified the kind of hashtags that your customers are using you might want to have a look at. Are there any people on there that look like they’re potentially influencers? What’s trending at the moment? So that’s a good place to look especially on Instagram because you’re going to find some of the bigger accounts in there. If someone’s an author or a speaker or they are influencer in a particular demographic, those are the places to go and actually have a look for those influencers.


Now it does take a bit of time. You are going to do a bit of research online but hopefully you are going to start to find people events is a great place So for instance if you are looking for an influencer in a particular sector go and have a look who’s speaking at what events. Now there are some systems out there that can do a really good job of finding influencers for you but obviously there is a cost around that potentially. So definitely wants to have a look into so things like Buzzsumo, Social Baker’s, Tracker. I’ll put links to these in the show notes but just a few of those that you can go and have a look at if you want to use a system instead.


Obviously one of the key things when you’re looking at influencers is how to spot a fake. Now as I’ve said to you before there are lots of people that might call themselves an influencer that perhaps aren’t really the level you’re looking for. So the first thing to look at is consistency. So I want you to go onto that platform and look at how consistent they are and consistent over loads of things. So first off is their engagement consistent. Are they consistently getting the same number of comments or read tweets or likes or roughly a similar remains. What you’re looking for is that they’re not some ridiculous drops and spikes because that they are there’s a chance that maybe they could have been sort of orchestrated or they’re not as genuine as you might think they are.


The next thing to look at is the posts are the post consistent? Are they consistently posting on those platforms? Do they look the same? Is the style the same? Can you expect to get a similar look and feel on it? Now the other thing you want to look at while looking at their accounts is, how would my brand or how would my product or service look in their feed on their stories? Would it fit? So let’s pretend for a moment that I was an influencer. I am pretending. By the way, I don’t think am.


And Martha Brooke who I think I’ve talked about before on the podcast who’s a lovely stationers as in London and they do these really beautiful bespoke stationery notebooks and oh just amazing stuff. I love it. Anyway Martha Brooke color and style and everything is beautiful and sits really well with my brand so I often will put a Martha Brooke stationery in a flat lay. So for me if for whatever reason Martha Brooke was looking for an influencer and they looked at me and they thought, ‘Oh yeah you’d be good’. Then they would look at my feed and their stuff would fit really nicely. If I had a really vibrant neon colored Instagram feed that was full of like crazy colors then those lovely muted pinks and blues may not fit so nicely. I know it sounds ridiculous to think about the style but you want to make sure it fits. So the other thing you’re looking for is odd numbers in terms of how to spot a fake. And when I took about odd numbers I’m talking about odd numbers and engagement but also the number of people that like the page or their profile compared to their average engagement. So for instance you should be seeing a similar kind of lift in as their followers grow, their engagement should grow. So if someone for example has got 40,000 followers and they’re literally getting a hundred likes per image there’s something wrong there. So to give you a kind of idea at time of recording I’ve got 2,000 followers on my Theresa Heath wearing Instagram profile and I roughly get anywhere between it can probably go as low as like 70-80 anywhere up to like 140 occasions I’ve had some go over the 200 mark number of likes every time I post and like I said I have 2000 followers so I really don’t have a lot of followers compared to some of the bigger accounts.


However when I look at an account like I said that has 20000 followers and they get in the same number of likes as me for me I feel like there’s something there’s a disconnect and their audience maybe isn’t as engaged as my audience are. So I do have a look for those odd numbers also do they have a limited profile? Have they filled everything in on their profile? Do they have all the details? Is there other stuff you can go in and find them on? So for instance you Google my name and you find me everywhere. So it’s very evident that I am a real human being and this is the job I do. I keep using myself. I promise I won’t say a thing or an influencer. Can you find them in other places? So have they got lots of other things that they’re doing? Do they show up in other places? And the other thing to look for is do they have loads of spammy comments and a spammy comment. Are things like especially on Instagram, best post ever. Or just a thumbs up or just a ha or just a kind of as evident that they haven’t read the post. Now everyone’s gonna get spammy comments. There’s no doubt about it. I have spammy comments on my posts. However if that’s all the comments I have then again that’s a concern. Whereas normally I have a couple of spam and then I have real genuine comments which I then respond to which again is another really good indicator. This is a real influencer or a real account.


So again the other thing I want you just to think about here is that they don’t need to be these massive accounts. So for instance when I first got started in business, I used Twitter a lot. I really like and I still do like Twitter. And for some reason the location I mean in England. In Shropshire, there’s a fair bit of rural-ness. But the location of Shropshire tends to have a really strong Twitter community which like us that I find a little bit odd I don’t know why that’s the case. It’s cool but I’m not sure why that’s the case. So when I started my business, one of the things that I did when I was building my Twitter was I started to look for people in Shropshire that had bigger accounts than me and I started including them in tweets. And this is something that I recommend to anyone I do training whether when we talk about Twitter and I’ll say to them.. Now my accounts grown and is in the region of sort of 12000 followers which again isn’t massive but what I’ll say to them is if I’m training you then write a tweet about me or include me in a tweet saying “We’re doing some training.” And I will read tweet it’s my audience. Now obviously for me that’s cool because I’m having sort of people saying they’re training with me but of course what happens is their brand, their name, their post gets retweeted onto my account in front of my followers. So I wanted to think about influencer marketing on a really basic level like that. I wanted to think about actually if I’m trying to make it big in certain areas. Then who is bigger than me in those areas. And who could I work with? The podcast again is a great example. The people who are who I try to interview are bigger than me. They have bigger audiences than me. One I try and have them on because I see them as an expert in their field and I believe they’re going to do good content and they’re nice people. That’s my favorite thing. But two for me personally, if they share my content. If they share the fact that they were on my podcast then again that’s me reaching out to their audience. And again that that’s kind of influencer marketing in a way.


So I don’t want to necessarily think I’ve got to have a product. I’ve got to send that product to a celebrity and I’m going to pay them a whole lot of money to go.. ‘Isn’t this product amazing?’ Just even people on social media talking about you or retweeting your stuff or sharing your post is a great start for you. So I want you to almost think about it like that.


So let’s say you identify some people who would be a really good fit for your brand, your product, your service and you want to go and work with them. So how do you reach out to them? How do you get started? So one of the first things I would do is obviously go make sure that I’m following them on every social media platform. I would start to like and comment and share and basically talk about them in your social media about how you liked how they did this or this particular thing and obviously they’ll be putting out their own content so they share some of their content too. So for instance every time they advertise the fact that they’ve done a new YouTube video or they’ve done a new blog then start sharing those posts. Once you’ve kind of started to build that interaction you might want to think about dm-ing them just replying to one of their Insta Stories maybe just so that your face keeps getting put in front of them every so often and they start getting familiar with you and your name. And then try and find some way that you can help them. So for instance if they are asking you to share something, if they are in need of something, if you can add some value to them that’s a great way to start to build that relationship. And then if they have got that then and you’ve done it then great. And then I would start to think about doing an introduction to them. Now one of the things that I do for the podcast that I’ve talked about this before is when I want to interview someone I send them a video DM via Instagram.


So I literally record myself talking to cameras saying hey whoever it is you don’t know me but my name’s Teresa Heath Wareing and I have a podcast here in the UK and I’ve had amazing guests on they’re like blah blah blah blah blah. Whoever it might be. And I think my audience would love you, would you consider coming on? And I find that the video thing works really well for me because it’s it’s just more personal and in all honesty, it’s probably much harder to say no to a video of a face rather than just a text. And it makes me stand out a bit. So that’s one of the things that I do in order to get in front of people. So you might think of doing a video you might think of sending them something quirky. You might think of sending them like a gift or something and I again I love stuff like this where like often a lot of the systems that I use they have swag so I think I’ve talked about it before that Thinkific sent me a hoodie and oh my god I don’t wear hoodies. I’ve never worn her in my life. They sent me this hoodie. I put it on. It was like a revelation. I loved it but they do great swag which they give to lots lots of people that engage them. So again things like that to help people stand out is great.


So to finish off I wanted to give you a couple of tips that when you are reaching out to them how to give them the pitch as it were how to try and convince them to then come and work with you on a project or a campaign and how you can have them as an influencer for your business. So in terms of the pitch you want to make it really personal. Personal in the sense that you want to have looked at that profile and said I really love how you do this. I like the style you use for this. I love how you do this specific thing. So try and be really specific and really personal about them so they know that you’ve been paying attention. Explain the benefits to them straight away. We are all in business tend to think of ourselves first. It’s so bad but we do because we are busy and we’ve got stuff to do and therefore we pretty much need to know fairly quickly what is it that is in it for them so why should they do it. So explain the benefits to them kind of straight off if you can. Then you want to share your ideas with them. So for instance as a brand or as a product service, you hopefully you’ll have something in mind that you want to work with them about. So hopefully when you reach out to them you say, ‘I love what you did here. I really think this could work with us. I’d love to run a competition with you about X Y Z’ or ‘I’d love you to write a blog post including this or whatever it is’ to try and share some ideas with them. Set a deadline. Say to them I’d really like this to be going out by and give a margin.. Six weeks or something. So they know how quick you want to work or they know how soon you’d need a response or just keep that moving. Give them a call to action so make sure you say to them I really want to get this moving in the next six weeks. So if you can get back to me on this number and book an appointment great. If not I’ll reach back in a couple of days or something like that. But do give them a call to action in terms of how they can take this going forward.


And like I said, you can either send this in a GM you can do on a video, you can pick up an email address if they’ve got one but obviously it’s just the case of putting that out there and what the other thing I tend to do is when we have worked with influencers of clients in the past I tend to keep a note. Just like an Excel spreadsheet of which ones we’ve contacted. Whether they’ve got back to us, whether we’ve started the campaign, whether we’re still discussing it and all those various sort of good bits.


So I really hope I’ve given you a bit of an idea that even if you’d never considered influencer marketing before but hopefully I have. I’ve put it to a a level where actually I think influencer marketing literally starts are someone saying, ‘I use this this was great’ and it doesn’t matter how big the account is because someone else saying your great is way better than you saying your great and obviously in most of our marketing it’s us going look.. How awesome we are which we do need say but it’s so good when someone else does it. So definitely definitely have a think about this and how it might work for your business or service.


So I hope you find today’s episode interesting and maybe I’ve given you a few things to think about as to who you could reach out to and how you can get in contact with them to work with your product or brand. So next week I am interviewing the very lovely Callie Willows from the Membership Guys and you’ll understand obviously why I’ve been working with these guys because obviously I as I said at the beginning this podcast and starting a membership. So this is really exciting for me. It’s going to be great to have her on. She is honestly the font of all knowledge. So if you don’t know these guys as in Callie and Mike from the Membership Guys then definitely go check them out. But like I said, she’s going to be on next week’s podcast. So have an awesome week and I will see you then!