How to create a business that you love and works for you

Today’s episode of the podcast is all about your season of life and knowing how to create a business that you love and not what someone else is trying to tell you to love.

I’d love to know what season of life you are in right now and how that impacts your business, and whether any of this episode resonated with you – please feel free to connect with me on my social media and let me know!



  • how important it is, from a mindset, business and happiness perspective that you understand where you are in life and what you want from it
  • why you need to unlearn everything you have learned so far about how to build your business
  • what a coach should be doing for you and what they absolutely should not be doing
  • how your season of life can impact your pricing and what you charge
  • the questions you can ask yourself to discover what is important to you



Everyone has different lives, situations and priorities – there is no one size fits all to running a business!




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Hello and a very warm welcome to this week's episode of the podcast. I hope you are having a good start to your week if you are listening to this on a Monday. Otherwise, I just hope you're having a good day regardless. I did an episode recently that got a really good response about can you really have it all? Which I'm super glad it resonated with people because it wasn't a very clear episode.

In the case of, it was a hard question to answer because it really depends on you and what you want and what you deem as all having it all. And it got me thinking about an episode I did a while back, and funny enough, one of my teams said to me, That they listened to it when it came out originally, and they were like, it was such a good episode that it was what brought me into your world and it was about seasons of life.

And I thought, I'm gonna do that again. But also, I've just been asked to speak, not just been asked. I'm speaking at an event in Edinburgh this week, not the week of this episode, coming out the week of recording it, and I have done a presentation all around marketing mindset and why it's so important in marketing to work on your mindset, which obviously is totally my bag, and I love the mindset stuff.

And while putting together this presentation and also thinking about that episode of Seasons of Life and, and knowing how to create something that you love and not what someone else is trying to tell you to love. I thought this all sounds really good and I'm gonna put together an episode. So that's what I think I'm gonna focus on today.

We're gonna look at how important it is from a mindset, business, happiness perspective that you understand where you are in life and what you want from it, and not to necessarily listen to the experts out there who tell you that there is only one way to have it and you should have, you know, you should do it this way and do it that way, which quite honestly drives me to distraction.

So in this presentation I talk about why mindset's important, and I talk about the fact of for me, someone asked me what mindset was the other week or mindset work or mindset practices, and I described it as being aware and conscious and slowing down and really paying attention to things that you're thinking and doing and various things like that.

But for me, it can actually change the, change the money you earn, it can stop you earning money and it's so very important. So when I was putting together this presentation about, you know, what should you do in order to have a good mindset, one of the things I put as number one was to basically unlearn everything you've been taught today.

Because as I have said many, many times before, there are many experts out there who tell you, That you should or shouldn't do something. Someone contacted me the other day actually and said they wanted to work with me. They were looking at working with a coach, but other coaches told them they had to have a group program cuz that's the way it worked.

That was where the money's at. That's what's so good. And it's like she said, you know, will you force me down that route? And I said, “I won't force you down any route. Do you want a group program?” “No.” “Then no, don't have one.” It really, really drives me insane where I hear other experts and other coaches saying they're coaches and they basically tell you exactly what you should do or tell you that the only way of doing it successfully is the way that they happen to do it.

That's not a coach. Coach doesn't teach you what they did. A coach helps you understand what you want, gets you clear on what you want, and helps you create a plan for you to do that. So, like I said, number one on this presentation was basically I did the three A's and A was abandoned. So unlearn what you've been told and the reason I told people that they need to do this is because there's a lot of experts I had there with bs, like absolutely either lying straight through their teeth or telling you a truth that they want you to hear.

So one of the examples I gave was the fact of someone wanted a webinar and they said that someone with an email list of something like 130 people sold a course online and got 30,000 dollars in their first go. Well, that's all they said. They didn't say whether they had a Facebook group. They didn't say whether they had a podcast or whether they had got like, you know, actually this course was really expensive and they only sold three. Like they didn't say any of those things. They just said small list got $30,000.

So of course what happens, someone looks at that and thinks, great, I've got a small list, I can earn that. Tries to do the same. It doesn't work for them. And then where does that leave them? That leaves you and them thinking, well, it's me, isn't it? There's something wrong with me. I can't do it. The same with other experts out there.

And funny enough, the example I gave on the podcast that I did a while back was that someone had posted into a group basically saying that, you know, Their line was, “You are not busy. You just don't have the wisdom to know what to do first.” which I took huge umbrage to because I have a very busy life, as do lots of people who have other considerations in their life other than just their business.

And this person in particular didn't seem to have any other responsibilities. They were young. I dunno if they're in their relationship, but they don't have children or anything like that. And it's like you can't throw a sweeping statement out there like that. You can't just go, this is fact because it's not, not for anyone.

And. Yes, it was fact for that one person. But if you are trying to lead people, if you've got a voice out there and you are being an expert, then that is really flipping dangerous. The other thing it doesn't do is it doesn't take into account your business like, so again, when people throw these things out there, it doesn't take into account what you do for a business.

It like some things will work really well in one industry and not in another, and it doesn't take into account your season of life. So one thing that's really important and my next step in this presentation was It's about a line. How do you get really clear on who you are and what you want? Because until you do that, it's really hard to then make a plan.

So when we talk about seasons of life, we talk about who you are in the person of it, not just the business. And there are lots of people and, and I could argue that males find this easier than than females, but you know, I dunno that I wanna be so stereotypical, but as a female often, and I can only speak as myself as a female, we have, you know, obviously I am a wife to my husband.

I am a mom, I am a stepmom. I have dogs. Jezz man, the dogs are so hard work sometimes, you know, I run a home like I have my dad who. I have to see and occasionally do stuff with, because me and my sisters help him out. My brother's special needs, like there are many, many things going in in my life. My daughter, however, is now 13, going on 23, and she does not take the care that a five year old takes when I first started my business.

So one of the things that I love to do is travel and the season of life that I am in. It is much easier for me to travel with work than ever has been because my daughter is shared with her dad, my ex-husband. I can be away without any responsibilities. If my season of life was, I had got younger children, you know, 3, 5, 10, then it might not be that.

You know that that's a good thing for me to do. It might not be that actually that is in line with that. The other thing comes when it comes down to pricing and charging and all of that jazz, because lots of people are so focused on grow your business, grow your business, grow your business, charge more, get bigger income.

But again, the season of life in which you are are in dictates how much time and effort you wanna put into that. Because if you've got two young children at home, and actually what you want right now is to be able to do the school run and not work every hour that God sends, then your priority is not going to be earning loads of money.

Now great. Yeah. We always want it however, it's the fact of actually, in order to do that, you would have to compromise another area of your life and you might not want to compromise that area of your life. And that is absolutely fine. That is no one's decision to tell you that you must do this. You must.

There's nothing you must do. Whatever you decide you must do. Okay? That's it. And sometimes what we decide we still don't wanna do, quite honestly, but no other expert out there should sweepingly tell you, “This is what you should do.” So for me, actually, you know, you might not wanna earn loads of money cuz you might not wanna work all the hours God's sent.

The next thing you might wanna think about is that you might want to work with certain people who just don't have the budgets. To pay maybe what someone's telling you to charge. And actually you might like working with those people. You might really enjoy working with those people.

Another classic one, I honestly, I could tell you these stories all day long, but another classic one I had, and I've told you it before on the podcast, was someone was advised by some experts that they would never make any money doing a one-to-one program. This person was a freelancer and they did social media for people and they said, you're not gonna make any money doing that.

Like the only way to make money is to do a one to many thing. You need a membership or a course. This is definitely the route you should be going down. This is how you're gonna make money. And they came to me and they were struggling cuz Oh funny that it's not as easy to necessarily just make loads of money straight off the bat just cuz you produce a course if only.

So they came to me and this, the, the experts that they were talking to spoke to them personally. So you would think that they had had a conversation with them, but no, this is what they told them. And. She came to me and I said, “Do you like working from home on your own and talking to a screen? What do you love about your business?”

And oh, I love, she used to bike into town and have her meetings and have chats with people and meeting people and going networking and all of that jazz. And I said, and how would you feel if you worked just at home on your own with your computer, creating content? That sort of thing. She's like, “I'd hat it.” And I'm like, “So why are you doing it then?”

And it, I know it might sound really obvious, but the problem is we put these people on a flipping pedestal and it's about time they started to get knocked off, quite honestly. And I know that when I talk about this sort of stuff, I might be seen in the same vein as them. I hope if you're listening to the podcast, you know I'm not the same.

Granted, if you went back and listened to some of the early ones, I might be saying some of the absolute rubbish that I now don't promote. But we learn and I change and, and I started the podcast a long time ago. But we, we put our trust in this person that we assume they know more than us. Now. Yes, if you like me, I've worked in marketing for years and years and years and years.

I know marketing. I'm really good at marketing. However, that doesn't mean if something in your gut says, I don't wanna do that, or I don't think, like, I am gonna love doing that, that you should take my word over yours. You shouldn't. You should always listen to yourself, have faith in yourself that if someone says, you know, it must be done a certain way, that actually you can at least, at the very least, question it and question it if it actually impedes on other parts of your life and the seasons of life.

So, like I said, It purely depends on where you are and what is important to you, and it changes all the time. And whoever you work with, whoever you give your money to, should be paying attention to this and asking those questions. So like I said, it's really, really important to think about, you know, that you align in, it aligns with your season of life.

So some of the questions that you could ask yourself is what is important to me? So is having time with your family important to you? It might be having downtime and you might actually only wanna work a couple of days a week because you really enjoy a particular hobby. Is it that you wanna be financially stable or do you want to be seriously wealthy?

Fyi, there is no right or wrong here. There is no good or bad. It is just up to you, your decision and just cuz I might want one thing and you might want another, does not make me right you wrong, or vice versa. You might want more time with your partner. You might wanna make a difference. You might wanna actually create something that changes the world in some way.

You might wanna travel, you might wanna alone time. You might want to develop personally or give back or some spiritual practice, whatever they might be. So first question, what is important to you? Second question, what am I good at? Because that's really important. So again, forcing you down a route of doing something because loads of people have been successful, loads of people have been successful dancing on TikTok.

I'm not doing it like I am not good at that. I am good at like busting a move in my house when no one is paying attention. Like literally that's it. I am not doing. And I know there have been some crazy successful people who have done that. That is not for me. So what are you good at? Are you good at speaking or writing or motivating people or making the really complicated, simple?

Are you good at networking? Are you good at selling? Are you good at being on camera? Then the next question to ask yourself is, what do I like doing? So again, sometimes they don't always add up. Sometimes they absolutely do. But what is it that I like? Because again, If I like it, if I love it, then I'm more likely to do it.

So when it comes to any kind of marketing or your business in general, like often people who succeed in business, they are so passionate about the thing that they do, and. You kind of sometimes have to be completely passionate because man, it's hard work. I dunno what else is gonna keep you going, but what is it that you like or love doing?

Because if it's a pleasure, the podcast, I love doing the podcast, then it's not a chore. Yes, I might think, oh man, I've gotta make some times do an episode or sometimes I can't think of what to say. Who'd have thought? However, I don't dislike the actual exercise of talking to myself, you know, and creating an episode.

So I love it. So actually that's something that I'm good at doing, I hope, and that I love doing. So that's a really good way to look at at what I can do. And then lastly, the other thing to ask you is what do I want? And this is probably the most important thing. What do you actually want from a business?

What do you want from your life? What do you want? And like I said, this changes like it will change based on your season of life. But only you can answer that with the help of a coach granted, but a coach that pays attention and listen, not just teaches you how to do the thing that they did. So what do you want?

Do you wanna take the summer off? Do you wanna travel the world? Do you wanna retire your partner? Do you wanna be famous in your industry? Do you wanna work part-time? Do you wanna build an empire? What is it that you want? And FYI that does not have to include an online business. I am so tired of people making out like the only way to be successful and the only good business out there is to have an online business.

That is not the case. There are many successful people I know. Hugely successful people I know. Who do not have an online business at all and would never want one, and it would never work for them. So I think now I'm like, I'm trying to start a revolution. Like we need to really start paying attention to us on what we want, and working with people who will pay attention to that too.

Who will not just go, “Hey, look, I was good at this so you can do it too.” Or, and I have to say, and I apologize if you're a man listening to this, but if you're a man listening to this, I know you know you are my kind of human, there's a lot of males out there basically going, this is how you do it. Get on and do it from an arrogant male standpoint.

And it's like, no. That doesn't work. Hustle doesn't necessarily work for most people. Like some people it will. Doing a morning routine that gets up at 4:00 AM and if you don't do it, you're lazy. Yeah. Try saying that to someone who's had like two kids waking them up halfway through the night. I had a great example given to me early, which is brilliant.

Well like it's not brilliant and I'm not really laughing and smiling, but I am a little bit Marie Kondo if you've heard of her, she was the one who did like the special foldy socks things and Got you really organized apparently, and said she can't do it while she's got kids. Because obviously when she did it, she didn't have the kids, all the kids weren't older.

Like so, and there's that saying of like, walk a mile in my shoes or something, and tell me no, I dunno, I've just made that up. You know what I mean? But honestly, like, let's stop giving these so-called, you know, experts out there, authority over us and our businesses and what we should do. Work with people like me who stop and pay attention to who you are, what you want, how you do it, what you love, what you're good at.

And help you create the business that you want, not the one that I've got. If you want mine, then great. I can help you with that too, but not the one that some experts got that says, you've gotta be this way to do this thing. So that is a little bit of a rant. But I just wanted to remind you that it is absolutely fine to do it your way.

It's absolutely fine to decide that, yes, I know I could create an empire if I wanted to, but I don't wanna do that, or that does not fit with me in my season of life at this point. And I am not sorry. And I am not embarrassed. And I am not annoyed that that's the case. And I'm not wrong either. Like I am right to create my thing.

And yes, some arrogant expert out there might go, but you could do so much better if you did it like this. I don't care. Quite honestly, that's what I want you to say. Okay. I hope this episode has helped. I really would do, if there is someone out there that needs to hear this, that, and again, I can tell you millions of stories of people who've been taken advantage of and spent a stupid amount of money on stuff, and it just makes me so angry and sad.

So if there is someone out there that you think needs to hear this, please, please, please share it with them. I would appreciate it and you greatly. Okay. Have a wonderful rest of your week, and I will see you next week. Take care.