How to create a vision strong enough to manifest your dreams with Dan Mangena

Today’s episode of the podcast is an interview with Dan Mangena. Dan supports spiritually and entrepreneurial minded people who want 360 degrees of abundance.


I absolutely loved this episode, the conversation we had and the topics that came up are really fitting with who I am and what I'm learning right now – so I really hope you enjoy it too!




●     What money mindset and manifesting abundance means

●     How our emotional state impacts our ability to think

●     Why money is just numbers on a screen

●     The power of reframing your negative thoughts into positive ones

●     Why your environment is a perfect reflection of the blueprint that you're holding mentally




If you don't have clarity, it doesn't matter what you say or do, you're always going to be running around in a circle.




●     How to turn money mindset and abundance into a practical thing

●     How to create a vision strong enough to manifest your dreams

●     Why you need to bring something closer to you, to be able to let it go




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Hello and welcome to this week's episode of the podcast. I am back from my lovely trip to Nashville. And I feel like if I can just get a little bit wooer, I feel like some big shifts happened while I was over there and to spend the time and the money I did on doing something like that was was phenomenal and gave me so much to think about.

Made me realize so much about myself that I'm almost in a bit of a phase now of looking at who I am and what I'm doing and what I'm doing in the business and how I earn money and how I spend my time and all this kind of stuff. So yeah, it was just phenomenal. And if anyone has sat there thinking whether they should invest, you know, time and money in themselves, 1000000%. Yes.

Now I'm about to, When I say about, I'm literally just going through the, the thoughts at the moment, but I'm gonna make some changes to the pricing of my office in terms of the membership, in terms of working with me one to one, because of lots of different reasons, lots of things that happened while I was away. Lots that I've learned about myself and about how I am as a person and how I've invested in me and what I do.

So that will be coming and I will tell you about that at some point. But yeah, I just. And I say that for two reasons. One, because I think it's so important that you do invest yourself. And two, if you are investing in yourself looks like working with me, then you probably wanna look at doing it as sooner rather than later because I'm gonna be reviewing my pricing and they are likely to go up.

So yeah, I just wanna say that I had the most amazing time and, and it was just brilliant. And then I was in LA afterwards and some things happened, which I won't go into, but that taught me some lessons too. And even when things are a bit rubbish and you think, Yeah, that sucked, I didn't wanna have to deal with that.

Actually, sometimes they're the biggest and best lessons and for me, I finally feel like I'm stepping into who I am and my power and what I'm meant to be doing is that all a bit heavy for a Monday morning. I apologize if that's the case, but it's very apt for today's interview. I have interviewed the amazing Dan.

Now. I've just gone back cuz you know how I batch a lot of interviews and we're almost getting to the end of my batching and we're about to start rerecording some, which by the way have already, the applications have been in for 6-12 months almost. And I've actually paused any new applications cause I have too many, which is a lovely position to be in.

But Dan was recorded quite a while back, so I went back and listened to it. And I basically listen to whole thing, start to finish, and it's so good, like so, so good. The stuff he talks about, the stories we tell, the conversations we have. This is totally up my street and some great things to learn in this, and it's really fitting with kind of who I am and what I'm learning.

I've mentioned before that I'm doing Age Blooming coaching and spiritual coaching, and I am learning all sorts of amazing things, which will add to me and what I offer to my amazing community. So yeah. But this episode is perfect. I love it. I'm sure you will too. As always, I will link up to everything in the show notes about Dan.

Please go check him out. Please do go share the love and tell us what you thought of this episode and I will just get straight on it and hand you over to Dan.

I am really excited today to welcome to the podcast the very lovely Dan Mangena. Dan, how are you doing?

Daniel: I am superdupercalifragilisticexpialidocious. This how I feel. How you doin?

Teresa: Well, I've never had.

Daniel: You were not expecting that, were you?

Teresa: That was certainly, well, fairly not. That was like, You know, a great start. That that has gotta give some energy to anyone who's listening. Like, we're in for a tree. I can tell before you get going. Dan, I'm really excited to have you on one of your, The stuff you talk about is the stuff that I love.

So it's always nice to kind of pick people's brains and hear what they gotta say about stuff. But I always start in exactly the same way by asking you to explain to my lovely audience how you got to do what you do today?

Daniel: Pain. Teresa. She thinks I'm joking.

Teresa: Right?

Daniel: I'm not joking.

Teresa: You guys, you're guys think something serious and then I'm gonna think I kind of just laughed at that.

Daniel: Well, so I love to describe, I don't love, I am called to describe my life as a, a trilogy. Effectively. Right now we're in part three and Part Three's been going on since 13th of February, 2018 at six 40 ish in the morning. And you know how I can tell that's exactly what happened.

Teresa: You tell me.

Daniel: So I was at Meditation Retreat. You probably heard of Dr. Jody Spencer. I was at one of his seven day week long events. I've been doing his work for a few years. Did Tequila shots with him once. He's an awesome guy. Love him to Bits.

Teresa: Amazing.

Daniel: I was at this retreat and the crazy thing was, is that that particular retreat hadn't really been that great for me. Not because of anything to do with Dr. Joe, but I'd been on a run of going to his events literally every couple of months. So if you imagine my girlfriend at the time, someone who's relatively introverted, doesn't really leave the house that much, all of a sudden is running off to another country every few weeks. Coming back with that as you know, the spiritual communities tend to have more women than men meet with new people. They're in the States. I'm in the UK at the time, so in the evening I'm sitting there texting with random women that I didn't know before. I love you so much. Oh, this, that, blah, blah, blah. Oh wow. So she's like, Oh, this one.

She's like, I'm coming along to see what the hell's going on. All these people that you are meeting, I wanna see what's going on. Not a weird orgy thing. So she came along . So we ended up happening is between each of the sessions, I'd come out from the meditation session, should be there at the door waiting for me there at the door waiting for me in the evening there, waiting for me.

So I didn't really get a chance to kind of just unplug as I'd normally done. So it's not that there was anything wrong, but it's been different to. Ordinarily I go for the four days, seven days, whatever, phones off. I just dive in and do the thing. So the Monday after, so this was, we finished on the Sunday. Monday morning everyone's out due to walk-in meditation. I'm like, I'm gonna go and do walk-in meditation. And I had no word of life. An interdimensional fifth degree 3D virtual reality experience of exactly what my life would look like if I had answered the call that I'd been hearing throughout part two of the trilogy.

The call had been coming, the synchronous had been showing up. The invitations had been there. I'd had my donor and the well situation where I'd said yes and gimme a bit. And I'll, I'll change, I'll come and do this thing. Cause I wasn't really incentivized to, this is the thing. I wasn't burnt out in a corporate job.

I wasn't like miserable. I was living my best life. You have to understand. I'd come from the dark times of part one, I built myself up over part two. I had a lovely home in Highgate. I had a tailor I'd hang out with my mates in different parts of the world. I have more wristwatches than I needed by more names than I needed to.

Like my life was good. Making good money, working out great relationships with my friends, great relationships with my family. So I didn't have this missing thing that I often hear people talking about this, like, I need to go and find my purpose. I didn't feel that. So when this nudge was coming and these things were coming, I was like, “Yeah, I'm alright right now.”

And then, in this experience I had like, Oh, I'm getting the gooses right now. I literally felt exactly what my life would be like if I answered the call. It's like, Yeah, you've got all this stuff, but there's all this more. And that day I shut down the website for my business. I gave back money for contracts.

When I got back to the UK. I walked away from deals and within a couple of months I was packed up with a backpack suit carrier and a a suitcase traveling the world on my own dime, sharing this work that I do. And so that's where the transition was into this. And part two and part one, I've got their things. We'll probably get to those. But the point of transition was about 6:40 in the morning, the 13th of February, 2019.

Teresa: So, you know, probably in irrelevant question in all of this, but I nosy. Did your girlfriend come with you or was that the end of that girlfriend?

Daniel: It didn't last. No.

Teresa: Okay. I was just, I was just being nosy because that's a huge flipping thing. Like, that isn't, I might change my job or I'm thinking about doing this thing that is, you know, this life you've come accustomed to, you know, this, what we've got and what we do and how this works and all this that is like, “Oh yeah, no, not anymore.” And some people, I mean, I didn't do something quite like that, but I certainly handed in a job and started my business on a whim.

Daniel: Yeah. Which is no mean feat. No mean feat.

Teresa: And people thought I was crazy. They thought I'd lost my mind. And I think…

Daniel: That's probably all.

Teresa: You know. Yeah. You're God, we gotta figure way. Like what was people's reactions? What did they think? And did you first second doubt yourself and go actually, what have I done?

Daniel: What the thing is, like I've never had a, a job, job. I've never had a job, job. I made my first million when I was 19 years old. Promptly lost everything. Made it again, promptly lost everything. That was part one. You know, I taught myself to make computers when I was 13, registered my first company when I was 16 with company's house.

Teresa: What on Earth.

Daniel: And yeah, so like I was, I was always about that life, right? And. Nobody was like, Oh, dad's packed up and he's gonna go travel in the world. It's like, Oh, that's what he's doing now, kind of thing. Yeah, Right.

Teresa: Because you'd been so, it's not like you'd sat in the same job for the last 20 years doing whatever. Yeah. Yeah.

Daniel: No. No, I've had, I've had two jobs. I worked in stir sundry cinemas in Rumford when I was 15 or 16 for the summer. I didn't need the money. I was already making money. I was making like a few hundred pounds here and there, percent of my computers. But I met my best friends, Jamie and Nathan there. My friend Andrew was like, Hey, do you want something to do?

Like they need people to work at the cinema. I'm like, I'm not doing anything. Let's do it. And I got like free ice cream and popcorn and I love movies. So that was my, my job. And then building myself back up after losing everything the second time and coming out of the whole dark shadows of suicide and stuff. I got a job in a call center and I worked there for about six months while I built up another business that I, I grew that to about a hundred thousand pounds a month of revenue.

Teresa: Wow. So those businesses, were they anything to do with, or like what you do today?

Daniel: No.

Teresa: No. Completely different.

Daniel: My first business that went wrong, horribly wrong, actually went wrong because I was trying to help people because I didn't have the right licenses for the way that I was helping people. So the government come in and take everything. Thank you.

Teresa: Oh dear.

Daniel: And then, then I went into Project well consulting Really. And I built up the money doing that and I ended up getting equity slices in different deals I put together. And then everything got stolen by people. Cause I tried to be clever cause everything got taken by the government the first time.

I was like, I'm, I'm young. I'm like 20 years old. He thinks he knows everything.

Teresa: Yeah. Cause we do when we're with that age.

Daniel: Arrogance of youth, Right. And put everything in other people's names and then they're not gonna get my money. Like did Well, the people took the money. So that was that.

So yeah, I built up that. So I was doing, you know, putting deals together for people, brainstorming stuff. People paid me basically to pick my brain and I took equity slices for my brain capital going into to deals, and then I leveraged that back into consulting. That's a business that I built up. And we ended up branching into other areas of where we did some stuff with, with pensions and stuff like that, with the sips, and going into companies that had opportunities to take advantage of using pension funds for real estate and stuff like that.

I basically put things together for them and got equity slices again, and that's what I was doing. And now it's nothing to do with that. Which is one of the reasons why I was saying no, because I didn't want to have anything to do with other people. Cause it hadn't really worked to come before. Wanted to be in my safety little bubble. So it's a big, big hurdle for me to go over.

Teresa: So explain to people what it is you do today. Like, you know, how do you describe yourself?

Daniel: How do I describe myself? You ready? Are you sure that you're.

Teresa: I'm very ready.

Daniel: I support spiritually and entrepreneury hearted and minded people wanting 360 degrees of abundance. That's it.

Teresa: I love it.

Daniel: That's what we do.

Teresa: I love it. Yeah. So I can see the entrepreneurial stuff, but where did the spiritual stuff come from? Like is that something that was always there that you toyed with yourself, but it was not necessarily part of the mainstream? Or was that something. Cause obviously you talked about Dr. Jody Spencer and we just realized that we both know Mary Hyatt. My lovely Mary. And she, she goes to Jody Spencer and I was introduced to who he was through her. So obviously you were going to those things and obviously if anybody knows what Jody Spencer does, obviously he talks about spiritually and healing and all that sort of thing. So was it always there or how did it come about?

Daniel: So I've been in personal development for about 22 years and I am as young as I look cuz I was reading, Think and Grow Rich when I was 16 years old. I was studying books like Psycho Cybernetics in my teens, getting books from Knight and Gal Connet.

And my early success, I really do grant to number one, this unwavering, just knowing that I was gonna be a millionaire, right? And B, I raise, a sharp mindset that was honed by all of the study and books, the stuff that I was reading. So my mental stuff was on point, and I've always used mind and mental to create.

And then around 2015, 2016 when I got into do dispenser's work, having tried some of the spiritual stuff before, it kind of gave me a way to kind of get into it. And since then, now I practice cond in yoga there and other things as well. And one of the things that sets me aside, I believe, He says from other people, maybe in my field, in other fields, is that I don't just look at mindset.

I don't just look at the spiritual. I recognize that all of these are part of who we are as a holistic being. And so the spiritual has been, it's ended up being where a lot of people who attracted and resonate with what I do come from because they've been caught up in the spiritual stuff and haven't got a way to connect it to the mindset, habits of behaviors, action, and the intentionality, which is what I bring together. So in order to prove with me, you kind of need to get that we're more than just meet sacks, right? you need to kind of get that there's some, the woo woo's got something to it no matter what to what degree you are.

But that's just, it's an essential component. And so I kind of make sure people know. There's gonna be some woo going on here. We're gonna have some fun with it. We're gonna get some results. But there is some woo.

Teresa: Yeah. And I think you're so right. I think for me, I came in from a business point of view. I was always very corporate. I had corporate roles. Then when I started my own business, and I think I'd always had a passion and I didn't think about it until the other day for personal development. Cause I again remember reading like mind books and things when I was like probably 19, 20 and.

When I have my own business, I really got into the personal development. Cause I then suddenly realized that the importance of mindset when you are your business and you've gotta show up every day. And you've gotta do this, that is like basically make or break a business. And then, and I think it was maybe a bit of Mary like when she came into my world and, but slowly the mindset and the personal development and the more strategy has now been sort of, like surrounded by and made better by this spiritual side where because I, I always really struggled. I remember watching the secret, I never read the book. I think I tried to, but anyway, I remember watching The Secret and then like this example of, you know, I thought about having a portion there it was, and of course, I, I could only sit there and go. What are you talking about?

That is ridiculous. That would never happen. So I always really struggled with that side and it's funny, I'm much more, I love the manifest stating, I love all that, but I love the fact that there was a law of action. There was a law of like, this isn't just sitting there going, this is gonna happen.

It's wholeheartedly believing in it and it's wholeheartedly believing that you are being helped along that journey however that looks like for someone. And I was, I was not spiritual at all. You know, we weren't religious as a family. We would say we had a religion, but we never went to church. We never prayed, never.

Daniel: You're born in England.

Teresa: Yeah. Everyone, everyone has to have it. You know what I mean? It's like nothing else. You're not doing it. That's fine. That's what you are. So, you know, so we're never, it was never a thing, but now it's like, For me, it kind of brings me comfort in the fact of knowing that sometimes life delivers you stuff that is hard and tough and no matter how much work you put in, no matter how much your mindset is in check to go.

Yeah. You know, some things might deliver that you are like, Well I really didn't want that to happen, but it could be small, it could be huge, but for me, and I remember Mary saying to me, and this is a game changer, and she was coaching me and I lost some clients and they've, my  lovely listeners have heard this story many times, but, You know, put them, I'll say it again.

And you, Dan, and I'd lost these clients. I'd get on a coaching call with Mary freaking out and I'm like, What am I gonna do? I've lost them. And they didn't leave for any bad reason. It was just end a contract, whatever. And I was like, you know, they hated me. No, I'm joking. But like, I was like, it's, you know, a huge amount of money.

I'm really panicking. I've, I bought this team on what earth's gonna happen and I was really getting stressed and it in my body, I could feel it. And she said, What if you are exactly where you're meant to be? And I was like, What? What are you talking about? Like, and initially I really struggled with the concept and I was like, What do you mean?

She's like, What if there's a plan and this is part of the plan and you can't see it, but what if this is exactly how it's meant to unfold? And suddenly it was like, God, that feels nice. Like whether I believe it or not, which I do now wholly believe it, but at the time, whether I believed it or not, it just felt nicer.

It just was an easier thing to deal with because me stressing about it was changing nothing. Like all it was doing was making me miserable. So. For me, like I said, it's kind of gone from the personal development into the spiritual, which I totally get though, that you've also got the other way around of the spiritual, into the how you make this into a practical thing.

So you talk a lot about money and money mindset and manifesting and abundance. So talk us through kind of what you mean by all of that. I mean that in one sentence. No, I'm joking.

Daniel: In a sentence. I have a sentence for you. So first and foremost, money's not the most important thing. Money's just numbers on this screen.

And this is gonna go into two sentences, if you don't mind. It's alright. Thank you, man. I saw an Instagram thing the other day, whereas a guy from the Federal Reserve in the US. He was being challenged on the fact that the way that they make money is literally by pressing the button and money shows up. Right.

And literally when you realize that that fiat currency, which is money that we use these days, is literally someone in Central Bank decides this much money exists. And then it gets lent out through the banks and it numbers just move from place to place. It's not even like the printed stuff anymore.

It's just numbers and we've got this, all this emotional charge around numbers that just move around and they just move around according to value being moved around. And when you understand actually it's not that complicated, and look beneath that and actually see that everything is actually not that complicated.

What you've got with money is a measurable way to track your ability. You just make squiggles, move around a squiggle of a relationship, a squiggle of health in your body, a squiggle of numbers on the screen, and it really comes down to the same formula that sits underneath any of them operating and flowing as you consciously choose.

And so we use money as the measurable way to track our ability to consciously create outcomes that we want because there is. There isn't like, Oh, this is the way that you create this, or it's just creation. That's it. But if I'm talking about creating happiness or creating joy, I can. But if I say to you, we're gonna consciously create, we're gonna start with making a thousand dollars show up, or a thousand pounds or a thousand euros show up for you, right?

It did or it didn't? You can tell very quickly whether I'm full of it or not, because it did or it didn't show up. Yeah. And then we can take those same principles and apply them everywhere.

Teresa: I mean that. You're kind of giving yourself a real job there, aren't you? Like you are, you are definitely putting your money away in that this, in terms of like, you know, this is what you get. Cause like you said, you can, One thing I love about the word abundance and, and abundance in general is the fact of even though my family would happily say that I have very high expectations and I like very expensive things, which I do. But one thing that they don't get is how abundant I feel without all of that, like.

I can feel like, I joke that my morning coffee is like the best coffee in the world. I flip and love it. I dunno. I just have to take that oatmeal, have this particular brand of coffee and it's just like every morning I'm like, Oh my God, this is amazing. How lucky am I that I get to drink this coffee?

I've recently got into gardening in the last year or so, and I'm growing vegetables. I honestly, I don't recognize myself anymore, but I love it. Right? And I, I am, I couldn't be more abundant when looking at that stuff, when planting something in the ground and seeing it grow. So like, I get, it's easy when talking about abundance because you can, if anybody's listening to this, they are abundant in so many ways.

It's unbelievable because the fact that you can hear, for one, the fact that you've got a means to connect and hear and, and you know listen to things and educate yourself and. So that I get, But when it comes down to actual money that, that's where it starts to test me a little bit. Because also, the other thing that's interesting and, and I had a conversation this morning actually, we just talked about this, about how when you don't have money, how that makes you feel and how that, I know in my head that is sending out vibes that you shouldn't be sending and I should not be stressing about it.

But the problem is I see a number on a page like, do you know what I mean? Or on a screen and think, Holy moly, man, I really need to improve that number. So how, I don't even think I've asked a proper question in all of that. But, could you see where I'm trying to go? Like the abundance, I get the physical money. How do we do that? How do we manage it? How do we, makes sense.

Daniel: The first thing you start by doing is taking it off the pedestal. It's just numbers on the screen. That separation between the two things is being built on the emotional charge that you've got of, Oh, it's something special. It's not, It's just numbers on a screen.

And so many people are being separated from enjoying financial abundance, the financial aspect of abundance, because they've made a god of it. They've made an an idol of it that they separate themselves from, and that separation becomes reflected in your emotional state, but then we can only think to the level of our current emotional state.

So that emotional state then impacts our ability to think. And so we are holding this vision in our mind with these limitations, these limiting beliefs, ideas, narrative stories and mental projections around this thing of separation. Then our habits and behaviors, which we're running on unconsciously as much as 97% at the time.

Then follow on from that vision, and so our habits, behaviors, our actions, the environment that we curate, what we'll accept, what we do follows on from this separation, and then guess what? We end up with an experience of separation. What would happen if that snowball effect got switched to be something positive that we actually started holding a vision of connection of oneness with this, dropping the illusion of separation between any of these types of abundances and have this 360 degree approach to abundances, not this monotone version.

Well then our emotional state will be one of acceptance of allowing of receivership. Then guess what? Our mindset, our beliefs, our stories, our narratives will start bridging that gap. Then guess what? Our habits and behaviors, instead of sabotaging us will actually start conspiring to our good. And that's when we have those manifestations.

That's when we start to have things show up as synchronicities and opportunities. In our signature program, we get people from zero to 1.6 billion, and some people do it in as less, as little as a year, and I'm talking about people who have been flat out. One guy, Josh Chris didn't even have enough money to pay for the program all at once.

He had to, to part pay. Within a few days, people started paying him money back that he thought he'd written off. His business partner gives him 25 grand to put into the business. He finds out that he's a one of the beneficiaries of a $4 million class action lawsuit that he knew nothing about. And within six months, his business was doing six figures a month, and it's been doing so since 2020. 2019. Blake, no, no. I was gonna say, but it it, and it wasn't hustled. It showed up because we allowed the natural flow to show up from that opening foray of the vision, the idea, the narrative that we're holding, and let that follow through. Please carry on.

Teresa: So I like to play devil's advocate because I know some of my lovely listeners. I, I push them a little bit and, you know, they might be thinking, “Oh, where are we going with this Teresa?” Like, you know, do we talk about this mindset stuff on the spiritual stuff again. But I like it because, because for me it's, that's the way you discover things and, and learning is one of the greatest gifts we ever have.

When you say that story, there are people and maybe a little part of me that would listen to that and go, Yeah, whatever. Like.

Daniel: He's a real human. He's a real human that exists in real human form. I said his name, You can go and look him up. And see his story. I've got the screenshots.

Teresa: And so part of it is like, they might think that that seems too good to be true. Like that, that, that might have happened for him. And, and like, I don't doubt that he's not, that wasn't a genuine thing. Not at all. But like, that might happen for him, but I'm, I'm not sure that could ever happen for me. And then I think the other thing they're gonna be thinking is, what the hell did he do?

Because I need to do that. What is it? So like in a very short nutshell, cause obviously that's the program, but what, what is it like, feels like magic?

Daniel: I've got thing, I believe in abundance. I'm not holding things in my pocket unless he come to my program. You know, I'm here to serve, here to pour into your audience. I want them to have something to walk away. I want them to have some of these magical, pixie dust. So I'm gonna break down exactly what it is.

Teresa: Great. Perfect.

Daniel: Again, as humans, we are not just a meet sack moving through time and space. We will understand the concept of Mind over matter. This is scientifically demonstrated fact to be true that in times of despair, a mother develops superhuman strength and can rip a car door open.

But when we look at what that means at the really scientific level, it's that everything that shows up in our physical reality has to first be held as a vision in our mind. If we can't hold something as a vision in our mind, it can't physically sharpen our physical reality. Everything that you do, I think it's called the observer effect in quantum physics. Everything that you do experience moves through the mind as a vision that predicts out and actually causes through the observer effect physical reality to respond to it. So the stories that we're holding our mind are literally creating our world.

What I love to say, The mind doesn't lose. This is a danism. The mind does not lose, and the environment does not lie. So your environment is a perfect reflection. The stories, the narratives, and the the blueprint that you're holding mentally. But again, what we're holding mentally isn't something that we are in charge of consciously. Most of the time, the unconscious mind moves at 10,000 to 10 million times the speed of the conscious mind.

So you're not going to catch it, but you can actually filter what it receives through the thing that informs the mental situation, which is the emotional state. So when you have a clear emotional state that connects to a clear outcome, that emotional state will literally limit where you can be mentally, which sets the landscape for what you experience physically.

But here's the thing, a lot of us that say, “How I wanna be financially abundant?” but you don't know what that means for you. I wanna be financially free. You don't what your financial figure is. I want lots of money. You don't what lots is, but you don't believe in it. So we start with one thing, which is what the Dickens life do you actually wanna live?

Where do you wanna live? if you don't have that clarity, It doesn't matter what I say. It doesn't matter what you say. Doesn't matter what the beautiful Mary says or who, it doesn't matter because you are always gonna be running around in a circle or running around on a treadmill, on a hamster wheel.

You have to have that clarity. When you have that clarity, then you can actually identify what emotions create that filter that are gonna lead to that mental experience. It gonna lead to the habits, behaviors, environments, and actions that's gonna lead to the outcome. That has to be in place first.

Now, here's the magic source of what we do. Part of the magic source. When you try and tackle that image, that vision in one go it's gonna be very challenging for your mind to catch up with the bigness of the vision. Doesn't matter even if it's like, I wanna earn an extra a hundred thousand a year, that's not that big.

But you haven't earned a hundred thousand before. So your mind, which is designed to keep you safe by keeping things the same, will quote unquote sabotage you, but it's actually keeping you safe by not allowing you to step into that. Oh, you're gonna go and do a big launch, or you're gonna do this. No, you're not. You've never done it before. You'll procrastinate. You'll make a thing, something will go wrong. You'll manifest a, you know, crappy outcome. So we teach something called micro shifting, and this is part and parcel of the magic source as to why my guys get to where they get to in such a quick period of time.

Because to speed up we have to slow down. Right? And so what we do is instead of trying to tackle the whole elephant. We do the whole process of vision, emotional state, mindset, and action in baby steps. Okay. So we break down the goal. It's 14 steps using the formula that we follow. It's 14 steps from zero to 1.6 million, whatever currency you're going in.

And the distance between each of those steps is exactly the same. So you're never making a bigger leap. Quantifiably than the one that you just made. And with that progression of steps that you're making, you actually build within your mind a mental experience of belief, a momentum. That means that when you go to the next step, your unconscious is pulling on your most recent experience of success, so actually creates a compound effect.

That means that we have people that maybe they'll, they'll have a few steps, then they make a big leap. We've had people that they'll have no steps, then they'll go all the way to the end because that work of creating that clarity of vision. That emotional state, that mental experience and then habits and behaviors that match will use something called money DNA lead you effortlessly. Even when you're working hard and doing all the things effortlessly, all the way to your goal.

Teresa: So there's, there's lots there and, and I get lots of it. I understand lots of it. And I just wanna touch upon the vision. And then moving into the emotional state. So first off, let's talk about the vision in the fact of like, so I've talked about this stuff often, you know, vision boards, setting goals.

Big, massive goals. Having a, you know, imagining. So again, I've probably told the story for, but it's a really good one. And actually this is where it scares me that this stuff is so good. So I'm going to Nashville to see the lovely Mary and we've got three points. First class flights. I'd never flown first class before with BA flying at Heathrow.

They've got their own special checking area. And we'd been to the States loads of times, we'd got our ESTA's we knew the deal. Like we go there several times a year and we get to first, and of course I am buzzing, but before I get to first, through sheer excitement. I have thought about that moment more times that I care to remember.

I had seen me walking in, I'd seen me checking in. I'd seen me going into the lounge. I'd seen me getting up when they call first. I'd seen me walking onto the plane, them approach me. I'd just seen it over and over again because I was so excited that I kept thinking about what it'd be like. So we get to check in and she says, Have you got a Visa or an ESTA?

We're like, ESTA's and she's like, “Can't seem to find one.” And I'm like, Well, there is one cuz we fly all the time and I know what ESTA is acting like a bit an idiot. And she's like, And I went, Oh, it won't be in that name or be, And then I realized what was coming outta my mouth, that my name had changed and I hadn't changed my ESTA.

And I was like, Oh, my actual God. I start to have a, like, a bit of a panic attack and I'm like, “What can I do?” And she's like, “You have to apply for one.” And we, you know, an ESTA can take like 48 hours, you know? If it's, if you're kind of lucky in some senses. And I was just like, We're not gonna make this flight and we're not gonna get, This is like I had drunk about it I'd, so anyway, wed go and sit down.

I started to get really panicky. Then I thought, you know what? Thinking of Mary me getting stressed is not gonna change this fact. So we spent an hour filling in the ESTA form and I was saying to my husband, hopefully they'll realize I had an ESTA and it's just a name change and da da. And he did, He saw on the screen, he didn't tell me that.

They were like, ESTAs are taking longer than usual, please allow 72 hours. Right? So then I'm like, So he didn't have, So then he's saying to me, um, you know, what should we do? And I'm like, I don't know. I said, “If I can't go, you can go.” He's like, “I'm not fine without you.” It's like, we cannot give up those tickets.

Like they're, they're too good. So anyway, I sat there, he goes off for a wonder. I'd already been off for a wonder. It'd been about an hour since I filled an ESTA. And you had to keep refreshing to see if it had gone through. And I'm sat there and I'm thinking, There's no way we're not getting on that plane, like.

I can, I'm there already. Like I am literally sat in that first class seat. I know what this looks like. I know what this feels like. there's no way on this earth that's not happening. And I sat there quietly and I hit refresh. After one hour of filling in the ESTA and it said approved, right? I ran over to the desk and I was like, Oh my God, look at this like this poor woman.

She was like, “What?” She was like, “Let me check.” She was like, “I've never seen that before.” She was like, she goes, When you come up and said, younger says she thought, You're not getting on this flight. And I was like, I'm getting goosebumps all over now. And, and I was like, Oh my god. Like, anyway, so because I'm really cruel, she gave me the tickets, I checked the bags and I sat back down, waited for my husband to come back,

And then, oh, they just took the bags to like put them away. And then I literally lasted like a millisecond. It was like. And we go, when we get on the plane and everything is exactly how I imagine.

Daniel: Exactly as it go.

Teresa: I can get that right. I, that is my, that's the proof, like I knew I was getting on that plane. But when you get a vision, so if I've got a vision for earning a million pounds in my business. Like, so you try and do the same, and I've done this many times with many different visions of many different goals. And you're like, Okay, so yeah, I opened my bank and it looks like this. Or a thing comes in and this happens and I feel like this and, and you're going through the motions and then it doesn't happen.

Or then you go, Well, yeah, that's not gonna come true though, is it? Cuz look, you're nearly 20 quid last week. Like, how do we with that vision bit, how do we like make it like it was me cuz we were going on the flight. I could visualize it so strongly cuz I knew it was happening until it wasn't. How do we, how do we get that vision so strong? And so this is no doubt in my mind this is not gonna happen. How do we do that?

Daniel: So I refer to it as a state of being called, Being in your knowing that's where you were. Cuz that was a, that was a crossroad experience, right? When. You were sitting and looking at that application. And you hit that point and you, of course I'm going.

That is when you actually created the outcome. Because we are always going to get, not what we believe, but what we know because that expectation is what creates the vision that then becomes the observed outcome. Cuz the observed outcome is following whatever we know. Most of the time that knowingness is coming from our unconscious program.

The fact is that you've been on a plane before. And so a lot of the components were there. You'd spent time, every time that you ran that vision in ahead of time, you actually tricked your mind into believing that you've done it before, which allowed it to have the belief system that was open to the outcome.

If you've never had a million dollars or a million pounds, or a million euros in your account before, You don't have that baseline. So the unconscious mind is like, Okay, yeah, John, okay, Mary, Like you've, Yeah, and you've, you've never done that. So thumbs up. You have no relationship to the emotional state. Every time that you ran that vision, though, your body felt the chemicals on hormones associated with it.

Cause remember, I want everyone to remember this. Everyone listening, There are no eyes in your brain. Your brain has got no relationship to the outside world, apart from the electrical impulses that it gets, that it interprets and attaches meaning to it. So when your eyes are closed and you see something and you look around and you have an experience, your brain's just looking at, Okay, well what's going on with the sensory inputs?

A memory has as much input value as a visualization when visualization is done properly, right? So that's number one. So you can trick the mind into believing the whole experience. By you running that, you can run that over and over. That's what never gone work to what this is all about. Using the imagination to create.

A, a hot pot of the outcome until it becomes so real in the mind that it, it unfolds, okay? But most people, and this is where I divert from maybe some of my peers, I'm like, But 9 outta 10 people aren't gonna have that experience. They have got enough experiences in their memory. Of it not happening, of it going on, of the story of unworthiness. And this is again, where micro shifting comes in so powerfully. Remember, everything I do with money is to give you the power to go and do it with other things. And so if you want a a big goal, ask yourself what's one degree beyond where I am that's in the direction of that goal that I can believe is possible now with no resistance.

Doesn't matter, I don't want a big step. I want something with zero resistance because that's what the most important things. Then I lock that in. Then I keep doing that. Then by the time you actually get to the goal itself, All you've got is momentum, and all you've got is a continuation of building up on that first step where you just get closer, and closer, closer until when you're actually approaching the real thing, the full thing.

It's like, oh, it's a little step. And the unconscious is like, Oh, like Teresa wins. That's what she does. I guess we're gonna be winning now. And so rather than trying to go for the big thing, I always say push your edge, but not your buttons. Go to the edge of where you're comfortable. Go to the edge of what you know, and just lean over it but not so much that you start to go into disbelief. If you start to say, “Oh, that's not gonna happen.” Take a step back. If you start, I can never have that take a step back.

Teresa: So in that example then, so let's say you're sat at zero and you want a million. And so something comfortable for you would be, Okay, I can earn a thousand pounds.

Do you have to then hit the thousand pounds before you then go, Okay, I can earn 10,000 pounds. Is it a case?

Daniel: I would say yes. I would say yes.

Teresa: You almost need to like make the goals, Oh, I like this. This is really making me, because like you said, if you make the golden, of course I can. Easy done. And I've done it and therefore, like you said, the next step doesn't feel so bad. Or you at least have the confidence to do that. So yeah. And another one that's really funny in terms of vision that I, I struggle with the money stuff a little bit and I struggle, weirdly, I struggle with, and I've been very honest on the podcast for, I'm a very open book as my lovely listeners know.

I struggled my weight and I have done for a long time and I literally have done on paper, I should have lost so much weight. Like the way, the way I eat, the stuff I do. And then I was on a detox two weeks, three days of that detox. She just had liquids. I literally didn't lose a pound. Right? So those sorts of things I've really struggled with, interesting enough.

But one thing I'm not struggling with is Brene Brown's gonna come on the podcast. I literally listen to her books and I hear the questions I'm answering, asking her. I'm hearing the way she's responding. I don't have a single doubt in my mind that that's not gonna happen. I don't know when it's gonna happen, but I am, and it's not arrogance cuz like I am.

So far from Brene's world, I have no connection. I don't ever in there. I keep emailing her team going, Does she fancy on the podcast? You know, they very politely say she's really busy at the moment or whatever, but keep trying. And I know that's gonna happen. So isn't it weird how something that is within none of my control, you know?

Brene Brown, suddenly waking up one day and thinking some crazy British woman on with this little podcast, I'm gonna go and have a chat with her. I can see, feel like I practice questions and everything. And yet something that perhaps does feel within more my reach or more my control, I dismiss and think, “Yeah, I can't see that happening.” is that normal?

Daniel: Yeah. In my experience.

Teresa: Mm. So weird.

Daniel: Because you've got, because you've got a, you've got an emotional charge around the, the challenges that you've got. And that emotional charge is creating that separation that we spoke about before. Dr. Bruce Lipton. He's an epigeneticist.

Epigeneticist. I can say it. I can say the word, and in his book, The Biology of Belief, he shared a fact that's literally blown my, blown me away for the last however many years I've known this fact. Only 2% of our health conditions are actually genetic. The rest of this purely predicated on the mental protection.

So eating particular foods isn't what makes you gain or lose weight or be ill, right? What it is is the belief system that you hold around it so that the food becomes the key to the lock. That un, the key to the lock that opens up the door to the outcome. So going on a detox or all the other things.

When it's not your door. Not gonna do anything. If that was the case, then everybody who ate healthy would be, fine. Everybody who ate crap will be buying of liver disease.

Teresa: Yeah. Which typically is not the case. Which is so it not the case, you know.

Daniel: For something to be in law, it has to be the same all the time. That means that everybody who smokes should get lung cancer. But not everybody who smoke. The woman who's who was the oldest woman in the world for ages, she was smoking 10 a day. Or 20 a day or whatever, and she was a hundred and something years old with no lung cancer. It is the environment and how we connect with the environment based on our beliefs.

So losing the belief system, but the belief system is often tied up, like I said before in the emotional charge. If you are trying to lose something, you've got a resistance to it, and the resistance actually creates an an energetic and emotional bond that keeps it with you. It can't go if you're trying to lose it because you're resisting it and trying to push it away, which is actually keeping it closer.

One of the things I actually speak about alchemy of abundance is for something to be brought closer, you need to release it. And for something to be released, you need to bring it closer. And as counterintuitive as it as that sounds, that's exactly what needs to happen. Does that make sense?

Teresa: Yeah, it does. It's hard to imagine how I do that in reality. So obviously I, I totally get what you're saying and you are right. I am so desperate for it to happen. I am like, I am doing everything like and have done for years now. And my husband jokes, and he even said it today, he said, I don't understand. He said, I don't understand why you know you are not feeling amazing because my diet is what would be deemed to be, you know? Angelic.

I don't understand why you feel unwell when you're tired. It goes, Do you know what? The best I've ever seen you? And the thinnest he said, is you, When I think my husband and I first met each other, I was a single parent and I literally used to live of bread and wine. Like he would come to my house and go, What are you eating?

Because there's any butter and wine in the fridge. And I'd go, Yeah, that's about it really. I'd sit at home, have a glass of wine, probably bottle and drink eat French stick with butter. And I, yeah, Cause I was like, Oh, I can't bother to make anything. So I was a single parent as soon as my daughter out right.

And it was like, and he jokes, and now I'm Celiac now. Like, so they diagnosed me with celiac. So I can't even eat bread. And he's like, I think you should just go back to eat French stick and drink and wine. because it seemed to work for you back better, whereas now you doing things that it's not working for you.

So how do you just let it go? How do you go? I'm holding on too tight. I want it so desperately. How do I just go like.

Daniel: Self love in this case, when people come to me with that particular challenge anything to do with body and illness and idle shape or whatever that they wanna be in, love yourself as you are now.

I had exactly the same thing myself. Right. I was doing really well, getting back in shape cuz I didn't realize that I'd put on some pounds and then like, I'm gonna hire a coach. And they're like, Oh. And I, I discovered, I found a way of eating that felt really good for me. I was feeling good. I was working out a little bit.

I get, I got back to jujitsu. I was doing the thing like, Oh, you gotta do this, you gotta do that and do this. And I was like, Oh, I don't really wanna do it, but I'm gonna do it anyway. 20 pounds. 10 kilos on like that. I won't. And it took me, A year to realize, Oh crap, I don't feel good about this. I'm doing it because I'm scared of being a chubby chubster.

And the second that I just released that and just started to do active things to love myself, So first and foremost, Mirror work, looking at myself naked in the mirror and just loving on me and just touching myself and being like, Yep, yep. I love you. Like.

Teresa: Done, Like, yeah. You could see if I face people, it's like, you don't wanna know what I do that, but okay.

Daniel: But that's, but that's the barrier. And the other thing was, is that I wasn't trying to lose. I wanted to move closer to being vitality. Having vitality, being full of life and stuff like that. And so ask yourself, what do you wanna move towards instead of what do you wanna move away from? And do active practices to love yourself as you are now. Do you know your primary love language?

Teresa: Oh, damnit. I did know. Is it words? Words of.

Daniel: If it's words of affirmation, mirror work's gonna be the thing for you. And also I've got a resource I can shoot you.

Teresa: I would love that.

Daniel: Um, we've mapped the love languages. And we've done a list of things that you can do to love yourself based on your love language.

Teresa: Amazing. Yeah. That would be.

Daniel: So you can love on yourself. So do some self love languages, but don't do it for a particular goal. Just do it because you're deserving of that love. None of this, and I know this sounds weird, but don't do any of this stuff I'm telling you so that you can lose the weight. Do it because you just wanna love on yourself.

Do it because you wanna be the whole and most vitality driven led version of yourself. Do it because you deserve to have a full and complete and whole experience, and you will be whole and complete. And when you're whole and complete as a vision that you hold for yourself, your emotional state is gonna be one of something, hold and complete, then the mental image that you're gonna have is whole and complete.

And then your actions, habits, behaviors, environment will follow on with the same as well, and you'll find that you don't really have to do some special fancy pants diet or to do an amount X amount of working out. you're just gonna find yourself moving to the outcome because that's literally how the universe works.

I'm not coming up with a magical spell. I'm not making up something that I saw on a YouTube video. I'm literally giving you the cheat code for the universe that applies to anything, whether it's our health, whether it's our relationships, whether it's our money. Does that make sense?

Teresa: Yeah. I love that. Oh, Dan, you have just been an absolute gem. I have loved this episode. I'm so conscious of your time and I am so grateful for everything you've said. I've got so much from that and, and it. I think with these things, and I dunno whether you would agree, but this is your world. You're doing this all the time. it's always a practice. It's always a, it's not like one day you switch it on in your brain and go, Brilliant. I can go back my world, then I'm fine.

Daniel: No, it's, I mean, when we're talking about creating new outcomes Teresa, and we're talking about being a completely different person, because to get a new outcome, we need to be a different configuration of human. That it's not easy. And it's something that has to be maintained, which is why the vision that we're going to, and this is the last thing I'll leave the listeners, is with the vision that we're going to be must be something that we love because that's what's gonna keep putting us towards doing that work every day. But it feeling like play is something that we want to do, not something that we are making ourselves do to get somewhere that we think we have to be.

Teresa: I love it so much. Thank you, Dan. You've just been amazing. Dan, where do you hang out the most? We'll, obviously link up to everything, but where do you want people to come and say hi to you?

Daniel: I'm actually gonna get them to go to

Teresa: Brilliant.

Daniel: And what I've done is I've made a list of a few resources based on what we've spoken about today that will definitely be of help, will pop the self love languages. I've got something called How to be a Harmonious Money Magnet, which is like a little video, a couple of articles I've been in that's quite useful. And also in terms of creating the vision, I've got a visualization called the Quantum Mirror Exercise. It's about 16 minutes that will help you build the emotional blueprint for anything that you wanna create. So I'll pop that in.

Teresa: That is so very generous that Thank you so much and

Daniel: My pleasure.

Teresa: You're listening. I urge you go and check that out even if you're a little bit skeptical. My thought is as long as it doesn't hurt anybody, what's the harm? Like? There is no harm in crying. Exactly. Dan, thank you so, so much.

I really appreciate you having on the podcast.

Daniel: Thank you for having me. Appreciate you.

Teresa: There we go. That was the amazing, Dan, I hope you got lots from that. It's one of these ones that I wanna go back and like literally. Reread everything and re-listen to everything obviously as well. In case you are not sure, or in case you didn't know, we have the full transcript on the website and obviously all the show notes.

They give you the bullet points, so if you do wanna go and find them, then basically you put the numbers of the episodes you're listening to. Which today is 2 6 4. Okay. Have a wonderful rest of your week. I'll be back with a solo episode next week. Hopefully life will be a little bit calmer by then. It's been a very crazy few weeks, probably a couple of months, if I'm honest. So I am looking forward to settling down and getting back into the swing of things. So yeah, have a wonderful week and I will see you soon.