How to cut through the noise of ‘experts’ telling you what to do

Today’s episode of the podcast is all about how to cut through the noise of ‘experts’ telling you what to do, and how to choose whether someone is worth spending your money with.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences, so please feel free to connect with me on my social media!


● The different types of experts you can get help from
● The questions to ask yourself before spending money with an ‘expert’
● The importance of a good coach


Knowing what you want will really help when trying to work out who you want to work with, or who is worth spending your money with.


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Hello and a really warm welcome to this week's episode of the podcast. How are you doing this week? Seriously, how are you doing? How are things? I've got the feeling that as I'm asking these questions, you're answering me. I do that. Do you do that? If I get a voice message or if I'm listening to like an audiobook or a podcast and they ask something or they say something, I talk as if they can hear me. It's very odd.

Anyway, please tell me. I'm not alone on that. But yeah, just in case no one's asked you how are you doing, feel free to drop me a DM and have a chat with me. I'd love to know. I'm going through a bit of a phase at the moment with the podcast where I'm talking about things that kind of I'm passionate about, or I think is important to talk about, which sometimes means they're not necessarily the easiest conversations to have, or they're not like the most, you know, here, do this one thing and this all make your world better type things.

But I think they're really important discussions. This sometimes makes me feel like a bit gutted that I am not interviewing people because sometimes these discussions are better had with people. But I will pretend that I'm having a conversation with someone and you can pretend that you are having the conversation with me and then, uh, All will be good in the world. But these are the kind of conversations that, you know, I'm happy to have on Instagram lives.

I'm happy to come and have conversations on your podcast and your group on stages like, because I feel like some of the things that I'm talking about and that I'm passionate about are really important that we are talking about this stuff because I feel like the business world. Has a bit to answer for as well as the online world.

So I feel like more voices that we can get out there having these conversations the better. Also, as a side, if you've been following me on social media, you'll be seeing that I have been reminding you lovely lot that I speak. That's part of my job. That's what I do. I think I'm okay at it. Let's hope so, and I am trying to do more of it this year.

In fact, I've set myself a really big task of how many podcasts I want to get on and how many stages I want to get on this year, and I really want them to be like in person stages. Obviously always happy to do online stuff. So this is my request, if I may. If you have a podcast and I have not been a guest and you would like me to be a guest, I would love that.

If there is another podcast that you think I would be great for, and you know the host, then please ask them or DM me and tell me about the podcast and I will reach out to them. If you have an event and you want me to speak at it, do not freak out. If you think I'm gonna cost you a fortune, I'm happy for open for conversations.

I just love it so much. So yes, I'd be more than happy to have a conversation with you about speaking on your stage. If there is a group that you want me to speak in or an online thing. Whatever the size I am more than happy to do so. So yes, that's my little pitch for speaking and podcasts and that sort of stuff.

So today my passionate conversation is about how to cut through the noise of other experts telling you what to do. Now, the irony is not lost on me, that I am an expert, supposedly, depending on what day you catch me, and I sometimes tell you what to do. So I appreciate how ironic that is that I would do a podcast titled or talking about how to cut through the noise of other experts or of experts altogether, including myself if you so desire.

Now. So why am I doing an episode about that? Because one, I would hope that I would put myself in a kind of category. Two am I saying that all experts are talking utter rubbish? No, I'm not saying that. I'm not saying that at all. However, I do think it's about time we talked about the experts. Okay. And. Whether we should be paying as much attention to them as people have done.

And when I say attention, I also mean money because that's kind of the key thing. Excuse me, my dog is jumping up at my, my leg is trying to tell me something like, because that's what it often comes down to. It's not just us listening to them on free platforms or on social media. It's the money that we end up paying.

And believe me, as you Well now, I've paid a lot of money over my time, so. So, yeah. So are all the experts talking outta rubbish? And should we not give them any money? And why do I think that about all the others and not about myself? Well, I'm not saying I don't think that about myself necessarily. I can only hope that I am different in the sense, but it doesn't always mean that what I say is right either.

So, If we are ignoring them, who should we listen to and how on earth do we get help for the things that we need help with? I know it's a very complicated subject that I've started here. So the first thing, as always, and I keep going on about this, but I'm a huge advocate of making sure that you do this.

It's about understanding what you want. Okay. That's really keen, and if you don't know what you want, then you need help to help you come to that conclusion on your own. I can't tell you that. I can give you tools and strategies and mindset exercises that can help you come to some decisions, but I can't tell you what you want.

So knowing what you want will really help when trying to work out who you wanna work with or who is worth spending your money with. I think I wanna start by saying that there are different types of experts. So I think you've got like the experts that have big, massive communities and normally charge quite a lot for their communities. And I think from that point of view, it depends what help you want.

Now, if you are looking at their stuff, thinking this'll be the thing that's gonna fix everything, then no, it's not going to. If you have, so let's take, oh, I don't wanna say any name because I don't wanna like, you know, people think that I'm maybe not being kind about them, but in or, or choosing them because I think you should go to them.

But let's just say someone is teaching something very practical, right? And you have already identified that you want to do something in that area. So let's say someone is teaching you how to do a membership and you've already identified you wanna do a membership, then that is very different, right? You identifying you want a membership.

Or you think a membership would be good for you and someone can teach you how to do that, that is different. However, you have got to do the work. Okay. Because those sorts of things, those kind of like large group stuff, there's no accountability or very little accountability, and there's very little interaction with you and the expert. Okay?

So if you know that you just need someone to go do this, do this, do this from a very practical point of view, then that could help. Okay? If you are a bit at sea and a bit lost as to whether you should do something, then that's probably not gonna give you the answer that you want.

So if you are not entirely sure about where your business is going, then you probably need something a bit more one-to-one or want a small group for sure. So the first thing I would say when looking at maybe this size, not the bigger, and also if the bigger size, like. Just know that you won't be seen. So if you need that accountability, some people don't.

I have to say most people do, and I do a hundred percent, which is why I have a coach rather than in any, and I have a few very small mastermind things that I've put together with people that I know. But other than that, I don't pay to be in any big memberships or in any big masterminds.

And there's a part of me that finds it a little. Not cliquey. Yeah, no. Maybe cliquey like some of these masterminds and I get it right. I get that. If you're gonna do a mastermind, then you need people who will add value to each other. However, in my world, my next level, my executive club, They are all very different and they all have different incomes and different businesses and they all have something to offer.

So it's not a case of they've gotta hit a certain salary bracket or have a certain size audience. And I think sometimes when Masterminds are asking that, it feels more like, uh, It feels more like a click. It feels more like, what can you do for me than doing something altogether? And I've seen recently some really big names in the business online marketing space. All hanging out together. And it's all like, they're all happy because they've all got the same audiences and it's like they're all selling to each other's audiences. And that's fine. And I, I don't feel like that's right. If you wanna learn, you wanna learn. If you can add something to the group, you can add something to the group.

It shouldn't matter in my eyes. And I know someone will disagree and that's fine. But it shouldn't matter what you are earning necessarily because some of the businesses I have in my group, in the exec club, they aren't earning six figures, but because they don't want to, because they wanna spend the time with their children rather than never see them.

So, Again, it really does sort of play into where they are in their life and what they want. So anyway, so if you are gonna look to work with someone, the things that you need to ask yourself is do they get to know you, who you are, what you do, and what's important? Cuz no one can give you advice if they have no idea what your business is or no idea how you like to work or no idea what's important to you.

And anybody that tries to, I tell them to zip it, quite honestly, or to go do one. If you are working with a coach or working in a small group mastermind or something, then the person who's facilitating it, ie. in my world, me, needs to get to know you because I can't give you any advice unless I understand who you are, what is important to you and what you do.

Now, I come from a background that is in marketing of loads of different industries doing loads of different things, so I find it personally quite easy to jump from one thing to another and to understand many different industries and many different customers. . But if they're not willing to understand that, they can't give you the advice.

If they haven't asked you more questions than you ask, then there's something wrong there. So for me, you know, a key thing would be how much do they ask me? How much do they wanna know me? How much do they get to know me and my business? Then the other things I want you to think about is when someone is suggesting something, whether it be in that group thing or whether it be in like a smaller group or a one-to-one.

Do you love it? Now, you can be scared of it. You can be fearful. It can push you out your comfort zone. But do you hate the idea of something? Does it not fit with you and who you are and your business? Because if that's not the case, they're not listening to you. So, Yes, I can suggest something to someone in my world and go, I'd like you to try this.

And then they, they can go, I don't wanna do that. And when I get to the bottom of it, because that's the whole point of being coached, I'll get to the bottom of it. If it comes down to a fear and if I took away the fear, they'd be more than happy to, then I might push them to try it. But if someone is suggesting to you to do something, so let's say you have a blog and you really enjoy writing, but you really hate speaking, and then someone tells you, you shouldn't do that.

You should definitely do a podcast or a YouTube channel and you just think, well, that's not my bag. Then why are they suggesting it, like, I, I don't like doing blogs. Like I, I tried. I do try, I do have a blog on my site. There's like three blogs on there. I know I'm terrible, but it's just not for me. I'm much preferred talking, so if someone came to me and said, right there, you need to write blogs or whatever, then they don't know me, do they?

They haven't sat and listened to me. They don't know who I am. They don't know where my skills are and where my weaknesses lie. So you need to be able to have something that fits with you. They need to be able to understand you and you needs to fit with your business. And again, does it overall make you happy?

Like what they're helping you build, what they're helping you come towards? Is it making you happy? Because if it's not, what is the point? So I think. That was my first thing in terms of like, if you are going to work with someone slash give them your money. And then in terms of cutting through the noise from a, listening to someone's advice, like so you know when someone comes online and they're like, oh my God, I did this one thing and it was amazing, and now I've done this.

And suddenly everyone thinks, oh my gosh, they did this thing and it works. I'm gonna have to do it. No, no, no, no, no. Like I said, if you have a coach, you go back to the coach and you say to them, I saw this thing, this person did this. What do you think? Would it work for me? Would it work for my business?

And then have that discussion with them. I think for far too long we have been putting the hands of our businesses in other people who quite honestly have no idea what we do, no idea who we are, and no idea whether we're any good whatsoever. Because I've got some people that I've worked with in the past that their products or their offering just wasn't right.

Like, so they could have had the best marketing in the world, but actually their, their offering just wasn't right for whatever reason, it could have been that they were trying to do something they didn't wanna do. And I've definitely had that. I've had people come to me who were doing something because that's what an expert said they should do to make loads of money.

And lo and behold, they weren't making loads of money and then they didn't actually like it in the first place. So, like I said, for me, one of the reasons I am moving not away, I still have my group stuff and I love my group stuff, but the reason I am not. I'm gonna cap my numbers on everything. And these aren't big numbers.

These are like, my captain number for executive club is around the 20 top twenties, so 28, 29 people, no more than that, like because I couldn't possibly give them the time I need to give them and understand all their businesses. For the main club. Obviously they don't get me as much as exec club do, but the main club, I mean, I wouldn't get it passed.

I don't think I would do past 150, 200 because again, how can I know these people? How can I give them advice? How can I give 'em the time? That's my dog squeaking a toy. I'm so sorry. I never squeaks it. That is hilarious. I dunno if you heard that, but Yeah, you can stop that now Teddy. Thank you. Anyway, uh, perfect timing for me to finish the podcast as my dog comes over with a squeaky toy.

So, yeah, so I just wanted to kind of give you a thought. Some of these people who are, we are giving too much influence over us in our businesses and to kind of go, you know, what's made the difference. So for me, what's made the difference in my world is having my coach, is having that person who knows me, understands my business, understands who I am, where my superpowers lie.

What I actually offer and can give me a objective, not objective, that's not the word. Subjective. Dunno if that's the word. Oh, I can't think what the word is, but can give me a proper, informed view on something. So if my coach, which she has done, tells me to put my prices up, which I have done. Then I am tended to go, you know what you're talking about cuz you know me, you know what I offer, you know who I am.

If some random just goes, you should be charging more for that. Like, no, no, no, no. So. Hopefully this has given you something to think about. I'm just, I'm starting a like campaign on, we need to be more careful of who we work with and who we give our money to because some of these people do not deserve it one little bit.

And I want you to be successful and I want us all to be successful and we need the right people around us if we're gonna do that. So, and I'm here, so if you want me, you know, I'm here every week with the podcast. I'm in the Club. All the time. It's my world executive club. If you are ready to put more work in, and if you really want to go far and you're ambitious and you are willing to invest in yourself and your business, then look at coaching one-to-one with me, cuz I've worked with some phenomenal businesses and seen some awesome results.

So me and my squeaky dog. Dog's not squeaky. The toy is. I'm gonna leave you to it for another week. Have a wonderful rest of your week, and I will speak to you soon.