How to embrace you and attract your people with Kierra Jones

Today’s episode of the podcast is an interview with Kierra Jones who is an International Visibility & Sales Mindset Coach, Brand Messaging & Monetization Consultant, Speaker, & Amazon Best-Selling Author. Kierra helps women coaches, consultants, speakers, and trainers with service, speaking, and expert based businesses and personal brands expand their mindset and message to elevate their visibility, attract aligned clients, and amplify how they package, position, & profit their expertise. We talk all about the thoughts we have as business owners, messaging and how to use it in your marketing.


  • We have to believe it ourselves before someone else can.
  • You can still understand the value of yourself and charge less.
  • Energetic enrolment – people see you talking about something and how you believe in it and want to step into that themselves.
  • You need to tap into what you want to express out into the world and through your work – then think about who this serves.
  • Who do you feel most called to help to serve? “This is the ideal client I support”.
  • What is the deeper transformation that you can help with?
  • Stop apologising for how you want to do something and just be you!
  • Own your way and people will be magnetised to that.
  • You are amazing – embrace your genius.
  • It’s okay not to be everything to everyone.
  • Go be great in the thing that calls you!



There is always going to be someone who can do something better than you, but there is always going to be someone who can’t do something as well as you.


  • How Kierra became a visibility and sales mindset coach
  • Mindset shifts as a business owner
  • How to appreciate your value
  • Could vs called







Hello and welcome to this week's episode of the podcast. How are you doing? So do you ever sit there and think they're gonna find me out. Who on earth who I think I am. I joke. I blank stuff all the time. Cause then if I say a blanket, then it kind of just makes out like, while if I get it wrong, I get it wrong.

It's fine. I think if you are running your own business, you have so many of these words in your head. I'm trying to feel confident about what you're doing, trying to really own who you are and your space and what you're good at. I think it's really hard or can be really hard. And I know for a long time, I didn't feel like that.

I didn't feel like I knew what I was good at or even if I had an inclination of, I thought I knew what I was good at. I didn't want to tell anybody and I didn't want to go, do you know what? I'm actually brilliant at this? Check me out. Because we don't like to do that. So today on the podcast, I have the very lovely Kierra Jones. And we are talking all about those messages that are in our head, the voices that are in our head that talk about.

You know that we're not good enough and who do we think we are? And we talk about how sometime our superpower is actually given to us as a negative thing. And both her and I tell stories about actually how that happens to us in terms of, you know, We were told for a long time that the thing that has actually turned out to be our superpower was a bad thing.

So, and then talking about how do we take all of these things and how do we then use them in marketing. How do we then use them to find the right people and work with the right people so that we're in our zone of genius. It's a really great conversation. She's really fantastic to talk to. And I think you're going to get a huge amount from it.

So let me tell you who Kierra is. Kierra Jones is an International Visibility & Sales Mindset Coach, Brand Messaging & Monetization Consultant, Speaker, & Amazon Best-Selling Author. She has coaching programs, courses and mentorship, and speaking helps women get the Messaging, monetization and mindset they need to show, speak and sell more powerfully, purposefully and profitably.

She is passionate about helping women stop undervaluing their expertise and giving it away for pennies! Specifically, Kierra helps women and coaches, consultants, speakers, trainers with services, speaking and expert based business, personal brands and their mindset message to elevate their visibility, attract aligned clients and amplify how they package position and profit their expertise.

She's great. I think you're going to get a lot from it. If anything, you're just going to come out of it, feeling like totally empowered. And you want to take on the world. I can't wait to see what you think of it.

It's my absolute pleasure today to welcome to the podcast Kierra Jones. Kierra how are you doing?

Kierra: I am awesome. Thank you for having me. I'm excited.

Teresa: My pleasure. My pleasure. So you will last a very long day of podcasts. So I pray to goodness that I am still like, you know, I'd have the, do you know what happens? I don't know about you, but like, even when you feel tired, the minute I'm on, I'm like, boom. And I'm it's fine. I will walk out of here. My husband will talk to me and I don't want him to talk to me. He's like finally seeing you, you're laughing. You're having fun. So, yeah. Yeah. But now I, now I want to be quiet. Like you.

Kierra: I can totally resonate. I think that really just goes back to the power of the work that we do and why, you know, really stepping into your zone of genius.

It's like, It's this it's just a part of your identity and that your business, isn't your identity. Like I went into this like space, um, couple of years ago where it was like, I had the transformation of how I thought about my work. It was like, it's not actually a business. It's actually like, I'm just showing up, doing the things that I already do.

So that's why I can easily go on a call. We talked about this. I completely just came from the gym from brunch. And it was like, you know, literally two minutes ago. Let my daughter out, I'm upstairs and it's like bam, we're on, you know, and it's just, it's really beautiful actually to me. And I think there's such power for more of us women to embrace that.

We think that we need to show up away, or we need to be something else that we need to add something on. And it's actually like, no, it's actually the easiest parts of us. And then you just need those moments where you recharge and now you're able to be present to husband, partner, children whomever, you know, uh, else you need to be present to including yourself.

Um, so yeah, I think that's a part of, to me, why it comes so easy of just realizing it's, it's literally just like me being me and, um, yeah, just need to, I need to recharge before I let you, you know come in.

Teresa: Yeah you're right. And I think when it's something you love, even if you're feeling tired, even if you're like, it's been a long day, I've worked really hard and all those things it's still like, but I love it.

So that helps massively. But Kierra it's so good to have you on. We're going to talk about such cool things, but first of all, I'd like you to just take a moment to introduce yourself to my audience and let them know how you got to do what you do today.

Kierra: Yeah, I'll try to make it short. Uh, so my name is Kierra Jones, also known as the shine strategist, and I'm all about helping women of impact shine, more powerfully in their genius.

We give our genius away for pennies. We undersell it. We under uh, message it as I like to say. And so my focus is really helping women with the mindset and the messaging they need to show up, speak and sell more powerfully so that we can create the lives that we want in full alignment with who we're here to be.

So how I got into this work? Woo man, I, you know, I tell my clients I've been coaching since I was seven. I have, I understand that like, that's a part of my identity. I've always been on who thought deeper. My uncle would tell me, like, you think too deep, or like in fifth grade, my teacher, Ms. Matthew, she would say like, Kierra's always asking why, but she loved it.

The kids didn't. So I always was in this space where I wanted to ask deeper questions and, um, you know, now I joke with my uncle, you know, I'm like “Well, I get paid thousands of dollars to ask deeper questions and to speak and to, you know, do all these things that I thought used to be weird. And I was too much and I was too extra or maybe I wasn't enough and all that.”

So a part of me, one is like this, this has literally been a part of me. I just didn't know that I could actually get paid for this. And this was like a thing. This wasn't an option on the majors in college. So, you know, I did the whole, like. You know, raised by a single mother. I did the whole like okay. To be successful, go to college.

So I went to college, I got to that corporate career. I was the first person in my family to graduate from college, the first to work in corporate America. Um, I was making more money than my parents at the age of 19 already. So it was it, you know, there was, this shifted me of like, oh, okay. So I am successful now I've went to college.

I graduated early and I got it. And I worked for a Fortune 500 Company. And, you know, Teresa, I had this moment where I was managing a $5 million territory. I was 20 something years old. I was often the only woman on my team. Always the only black person on my team. And, um, you know, I had moved several times every like 13 to 19 months cause I was a sales consultant.

And um, you know, I had this moment where in 2014, my company was going through a reorg and uh, I had already had these like feelings in me where I knew something was all off. And I was that like annoying girlfriend where at cocktails, you're like, this is what happened to me at work today. And this is what and they're like “Kierra we don't want to talk about work.” I loved what I did. There was this moment where I felt out of love with it. Once I started realizing how much of what I call my shine, I was giving away. It felt like, wow, you know, here's this 5 million dollar territory. I grew by double digits, you know, fast forward I had took a demotion in 2013-14 to get back to the east coast because I was living in the Midwest at the time.

And I'm from Jersey. And I was like, man, I'm I kinda missed my family. And so, you know, getting into this space where, you know, I had on paper, like here's the top things I've done with my clients. And, uh, you know, I remember my, my management team saying, “Okay great.” You know, but HR says that for us to talk about a promotion, you know, you need to be here for 12 months.

So there was this moment of like, so I'm performing like this, but I need to wait for this timeline. And it was kind of like, uh, like something happened in that No, or that like, you need to wait. And it was like, “But y'all, don't wait for me to go to work and do my job and you know everything.” And it wasn't this like, oh, I'm in my ego.

This is what I do. It was black and white. You know, I had my largest client at the time, reach out to my management team, like, oh my gosh, she's the best consultant that we've had. Again, youngest person on my team, only black person at that time. I was the only woman. So it lit this fire in me that like, when did I be, I'm the first person to go to college in my family.

I'm like, you know, I've done things in my life where I was the first of so many things. When did I become this person who had to wait for someone to tell me and give me permission? So 2014, I came home. I had this mirror and this moment in the mirror, and I had like mascara, drippy nose was running all the things, but I had this ugly cry, this beautiful, ugly cry.

Of like, who am I? And in that moment, I didn't know what it was or what I would do, but in 2014, in that moment, I said, I'm going to do something that helps me step into me, even if it's like on the side while I still work. So fast forward, I was introduced to the online space and I had a product-based business at the time of jewelry boutique, an online accessory boutique.

And I hired a coach and I remember our first session. I was like, this is what a coach does. This is what I do as a consultant. There's some differences, but this is pretty much what I do every day, you know, for my job. And more and more, I had like style clients who would tell, like, I would give them little sales tips and everything like, “Ooh, thank you Kierra.”

Or like, you know, it would shift their confidence around how they would show up in video when, when they're speaking on stages, because I worked with entrepreneurs from a style perspective and it was like, “Kierra you're really great with this. But like, when you share with me this sales or messaging tip or this. It really is amazing. Like you're sure you're on the right thing.”

And I have my own limiting beliefs of like, well, I do that for my day job. Do I really make a business out of that? And you know, it took that year, but finally, so that was 2015, 2016 was when I was like, okay, it won't leave my head.

People keep telling me, like, I need to at least try this. And I went, full-time 2016 as well. And haven't, haven't looked back since, so that's whole life.

Teresa: Amazing. I loved it. I loved it. That's a great story. Really, really good. and it's really like, that's pretty interesting that the corporate thing that like that confinements of no, you're not at that point yet.

No, but I'm doing all the right things. You know, and, and giving that to someone else and going get that's their decision as to how successful I am. And so like coming into your own and doing your own. And I remember I never wanted my own business ever. Like it never crossed my mind that I was leaving my current role because thing, few things had happened and I decided I need to leave.

I need to go somewhere else. And I thought to myself, oh, I'll, I'll get another job easy. Like, I'm really good at what I do. I do marketing. I've done it for a long time. I'm really good at this stuff. And a joke was coming. And I was like, oh, because I was quite an extensive results. And then I started to look at my role where I bought in all this money for the business.

And I've thought of what if I could do that for me, like, you know, I was building their business by, you know, a hundred thousand whatever. And I thought, well, what if I sold me and got that? And then suddenly it kind of hit me. I could do this. So tell me about those early days. Like how was it first though?

Because one thing, like one thing that is the key thing that I didn't realize straight off the bat, I thought I've got to be amongst and I've done it all these years. I'm very good at what I do. This'll be easy, like stupidly thought this could be easy. Didn't for one second think anything about mindset and the impact that that might have on me, my business, my success, how I show up what I do, what I charge, like didn't think about that.

So, how were you in those early days?

Kierra: Yeah, mindset wise. I feel that when you were first starting out there definitely is that imposter that comes up. That like, even in the moment I show with my story, I do this for a job. I get paid a salary to do this. You're telling me I can go make a program in a package and put a price on it.

And other people, like not the people, not HR, like not my job, but other people would pay me for this? Like, there is a mind shift that I feel happens of like I could pick what that price is going to be like, you know, I used to say this joke. Hmm. I want to raise. Okay. I'm going to change my price. And I don't have to go and ask HR.

I don't have to go ask my management team. I don't need to go give you this long list of accomplishments. Nope. I decided I wanted to do it. I'm doing it. So I feel that there was this, that was one shift I had to make was like, oh, I actually it's so interesting. The moment when you see it happen for clients, especially when I used to coach entrepreneurs who were in their earlier stages more, it was so beautiful to see that permission that was granted.

So I would say that was one thing for me of like the permission that like you get to do this and letting go of that imposter of like, I'm not doing anything wrong, there's nothing wrong that I'm, that I'm doing here. Uh, the second thing I would say is actually around messaging. And I talk about messaging every day, all day, but it's, I look at messaging so much deeper than what are the words I'm putting on a paper.

What's the words I'm putting in a video or on a post email, all that stuff is so much deeper. It's actually deeply connected to you expressing, right? And so really that's to me, what's happening with sales and what's with messaging it's you expressing your value, but in order for you to not only just express it, but embody it.

You need to believe, like you need to know very much hell. I'm like, oh, I've been in coach since I was seven. I just get paid for it now. I just didn't know I could get charged for it now. Like, it's like, you need to know this is who I am. This is what I do. This is what the heck I know it does for you. And here's, you know how I think how I know it's going to help you.

Are you ready to move forward in that? And obviously there's more to it of like, just being able to position that offer or, you know, your expertise, your zone of genius, whatever it is, but there's this expression. And this embodiment that I feel early on, I have seen so many clients, even women who are any, you know, make low for low to mid four figures in their business.

Like you could be making $5,000 a month and still be in this space of like, I don't know, I have a client who's at, you know, 10 K a month and she's, you know, it's like, you've made $10,000 every month. You know, this year, like you're still questioning it. And it's like, yes, it's okay. I've had seven figure clients before through intensive work that I've done where it's like, Hmm.

You know, they're not quite, they're questioning it in a different way. It's like, do I really get to be known for this at this level? Like, there's like, oh yeah, I know I can make 5,000 a month or whatever. Insert your number. Among talking about this, but like, could I really talk, keep talking about this same thing or go deeper in it and do that.

So there's like this, like, I think it's really just, can I really like, that's really just like the beginning of everything. Can I really do X, Y, and Z. It's like, can I? I could do that?

Teresa: And you're so right in the fact of to, to believe in it, ourselves is the first thing to then turn that into a message that tells someone else, because maybe that's the problem.

Maybe people know the importance of messaging, but they don't believe in it themselves enough. I have had like there was a great example of something I still, and I do use this with someone where they were talking about a copywriter and they were like, so, you know, a copywriter is just really good at what they do.

They create an email, that's like a sales email, and it's like, takes them 30 minutes. And they've charged out like, you know, $40 an hour or whatever for that one email that that one email goes out and it makes them like a 100K and it's like, so what's the value of that email. And I, everybody in my membership, everybody, I teach everybody I speak to, they undervalue themselves and I'm really, I'm really conscious of going put your prices up, charge more, because I do think sometimes it's a very easy sweeping statement, but so you can still understand the value of yourself and want to charge less.

And that's okay. Like, it's that kind of value. So. How do you get people to, to appreciate the value of. What kind of some practical things they can do?

Kierra: Yeah. I just want to say something to what you just said. You can charge a little bit less for something and still on your value. I love that you said that. I feel like a lot of times in our industry, we go like, oh, the higher the price it's the more valuable it is.

And then I've heard people even say like, oh, if I have it priced lower, people are going to think of it lower. I do not think there's a piece of bull crap because the reality is our embodiment of something. How we show up in it is what truly creates. I talk about energetic enrollment. It is like, it becomes magnetic because people see how you talk about it.

People see how you believe in it. And they want to step into that power and that belief for themselves, they see how you believe it, that they want that for themselves. So I believe that there's so much I could say on that, but a lot of times we put power on the number. And so I used to, I, you know, I'm often telling my clients like, listen, there's no, um, there's no dollar amount that would ever be worth this. Ever.

There would be no, there's no dollar amount. What are you going to be? Do you charge a billion for, do you charge it? Like there's no dollar amount for, so what if we're just picking a number that feels right for us and that's it, like, it has it hasn't, it has nothing to do with it. So I love that, that you said that.

And so some practical things that I am always invited my clients into so I have this concept called client intimacy messaging method, and it is exactly what it sounds like, get intimate with your client. But the thing is a lot of times people are like, “Ooh, I want to, I want to know my client deeper. Who's my ideal client, or who's my core client.” As what they say.

Who's really my most aligned highest client I'm called to serve. And the reality is the first question is, what am I wanting to express? See, we make it first. Like, what do I need to say to my client? No, no, no, no. What is it you need to be actually saying to yourself, what is it you are trying to express.

So let's actually get intimate with you first. Let's get clearer on what are you here to do. And so I talk a lot about expertise. There's five pillars of the mindset to monetize that I teach on. But one of them is expertise mindset. And it's like, what's your mindset and confidence as an expert in your own, right? Not because you're comparing it to this person and that person, but like, you know, this is what I do.

This is my level of experience on it. And this is what I know that it's worth. There's always going to be someone who can do something better than you. And there's always going to be someone who can't do it as good as you. There. There will always be that. So are we going to spend our whole life like try to.

Like, you know, go above this person or like, you know, it's the craziest game that we play. So being in a space first where you are tapping into what is it that I am wanting to express out into the world and through my work. And then, okay, so now who does that best serve? Who do I feel most called to serve?

And I have this concept where I talked about called versus could, who could I serve? We're women. We have been multitasking like nobody's business for our whole life. So what happens for entrepreneurs? Guess what? You go into, “I could help this person, this person, this person, this person, this person.” That I'm always calling to my clients.

I don't care about who you could help. You could help 50 people, 50 different types of people. Okay. Who do you feel most called to help, to serve, to hold space for, to support. And so making that shift from I could help three different types of ideal clients to like, this is the ideal client I feel most called and connected to supporting.

So now we've got an intimate and clear with you and your genius and the impact of it. Then we want to go into, okay, who's your most like called ideal aligned client and let's get really intimate with them. And it's kind of like, if you look at iceberg. Right. It's like we see the tip of the iceberg and then we see a whole big chunk that we can't see a whole big chunk at the bottom.

A lot of times, a lot of messaging, a lot of marketing, a lot of things that we do is speaking to the surface level of the client. And I'm always like, “Ooh, let's go deeper.” And then I go back to that seven year old me who was like my uncle. He was like, “Kierra, you're so nosy, you asked a million questions.”

I tapped back into her. I'm like, oh my goodness. I've literally been this deeper thinker for this. Like for, I remember it, like, it was this aha that I had around like, you know, I had so many, five women who had made $0 and then, you know, five figure six figure seven figure women that I've done my a power message intensives with.

And it's been like to see them, like, you know, even the women who are at six or seven figures, Oh my God, I never, I never thought to ask myself that about my client. I never, I never thought about that for them. Like, it is so interesting that we get so wrapped up into the thing that we do, that, you know, what I like to do in the client intimacy messaging method is call you to this space where you are actually thinking on a deeper level of what your client is thinking. Of what they're feeling we want to bring in the psychographics.

So basically, you know, just inviting you to what, like what really is causing this from our client. Right. Not just like, “Oh my, my person hired me to help them lose weight. Okay. So I'm helping them lose weight.” Okay, cool. But guess what you and every other health coach is saying that. What is the deeper reason that your client is wanting to lose his weight?

And a lot of times it actually has nothing to do with weight, but a lot of times in the messaging and marketing, I'm just using health coach. As an example, I just came from the gym. So it was my personal trainer, you know, and it can be. You going all in about like losing weight and this and that.

Everything's about losing weight and your client is over here. Like “That's not speaking to me.” Because there's a whole different reason why I want to lose weight. I'm just using it as an example, but insert whatever it is, you know, that you're do for those that are listening. What is the deeper reason why my client is actually wanting this thing is actually needing this thing.

What are they going to get on a deeper level? I talk about these like transformational impacts, um, and, and there's like five of them. In short, just to summarize it. What is the deeper transformation that's going to happen from the thing that I do, insert whatever you do. And so those are some things to really think about one, getting intimate with yourself on what am I here to express?

Who do I feel most called to support? Not who do I, who could I help? Cause we know that you as a multi-passionate amazing, incredible superpower woman, like of course we know you could help 50 people. Plus the squirrel is outside. We don't want to know who you could help. We want to know who you feel most called to help.

And that's where you started to really tap into what I call your shine, where you are literally watching your most aligned clients, be magnetized to you because you're only speaking to them and you're only holding space for them. And all those people you could help. Sometimes they will still come in because the people you could have a who I want to be that.

Right. So you, but speak to the highest level of the client that you're here to serve.

Teresa: Yeah, that's so good. So funny. I was at an event when first speaking in person, because obviously I speak, but I haven't spoken person for a long time since COVID my first speaking event. And I met these two women. I was chatting away.

So then they they'd listened to the podcast. They knew me and I hadn't met them and they started talking about what they did and then membership. I'm like, oh, boom. Right. Tell me that. And like, I just couldn't help myself from much. “Oh, you do this, DM me, detail. So I can have a look at your stuff.” Like, cause all ready.

I wanted to start like picking it apart and go and let see this and do this. Did you do this? Have you tried that? Like, I wanted to start doing all the things. And like, there are some businesses which, and I really liked that called to like, because yeah, I I've worked in marketing a very long time. I could help many businesses, but where's, where's the stuff that like.

You know, I always say to my audience, when your think of that customer that you think if I could have ten of you ohh my life, will be ACEs like, I would love that all day long. Like those are the people, like, I, like you said, it's unpicking and unpacking. What's aligning there. Like, why is it that, that particular thing's really good?

What did I like about it? It's sometimes it's, you know, especially at my world. Previously of jobs I've had, like, it's maybe the actual industry that I'm marketing or the type of thing I'm marketing or the type of people and working with, you know, it could be adding all those things. It's like the, whether you'd worked with just women, whether you worked with men, whether you've, you know, you choose to do people of a certain age or from a certain background or whatever, you know, it's what kind of sings to you.

And it's our choice. It's our business. Like we get to decide those things. But how like, so, you know, if we find, you know, what makes us shine, what makes us great. Like how do I get the confidence to go “This is what makes me brilliant.” without feeling like going this is what makes me brilliant because no one likes to go and check me out. I'm amazing.

Kierra: Yeah. I actually want to say the last thing you said before you asked that question. You said, this is our business we get to, I actually believe that's the answer. But that's also the scary part. And what I mean by that is we go back to let's think about little us being little girls. Let's think about us being young women.

Let's think about us before we were wives or partners or fiancés or mothers or girlfriends or whatever. Business owners we get to. So when we say, Ooh, how do I step into my brilliance and my genius without stepping, like, without claiming I'm stepping to my brain, to my genius. I believe that there's actually this idea that, oh, well, when a woman steps into that certainty on what she does and the value that she brings, “Ooh, well, who does she think she is? How dare she?”

Well, well, because you get to, you were born. That's why I'm always calling my clients to again stepping into your self-concept stepping into your deeper identity on I've been this way since I was seven, probably since I was three, my grandmother has caught me miss Missy, my whole life. She just was telling me a story two weeks ago, but I've already heard, but she was saying it again.

You know, something I told this guy when I was like three years old. Some old man. And she was like, you were like three or four years old saying to him. And you know, so I think there's so many times we actually like get into a space where somebody starts to tell us that something that came so natural to us was wrong.

Hence my uncle's saying, “Whoa, you are so nosy. You ask so many questions. Are you a private detective?” So then it inserts to me. Oh my God, that's really bad. I should not do that. And it took me to see “Wait, that's not bad. That's not wrong. That actually comes so easy to me.” And when I started embracing that guess what?

I don't need to go and tell anyone “My brilliance and my genius is this.” because I'm just being it. I am embodying it. I just express it. It just comes. You get it before I do. And this is this concept. You know, uh, people talk about, you know, I have this, I always have clients who have this one on, but I was working with a client this week on it.

You know, this idea of like, she, you know, she she's, uh, she's done like 5-8K a month. And she's like, okay. Like, I feel like I'm blocking myself from getting to like 10 K months. And I said, wait, hold on. Where have you put the next level of whatever you want to do on a pedestal? Where have you put it on a pedestal?

Meaning, well, women who make whatever amount a money you want to women who they must have this kind of relationship, this kind of house. They dress like this. They look like this, they have this thing going on. Like they're this person. So you're literally putting all that on a pedestal. And guess what?

Then you go back in the mirror and look at you, and then you're not even majority of those things. So you've already disassociated yourself from being that, because you've put on this pedestal of what you think it should look like. So we burned down the pedestals and we come to this space. This is who I am.

This is who I have always been. I'm always expanding and evolving and growing, but the core of me is still there. I'm still her. I'm already in my brilliance. I don't need to do something to be in it. I don't need to have some fake, you know, like when women are like here, I just want to hire you to help me figure out my messaging.

I tell them off that, like, I don't want your money. I don't care how much like, oh, I want to pay in full. Nope, don't want it because you already are stepping into this thinking that there's some magic sauce of words that you need. When in actuality, there's this embodiment. The question that you're inviting yourself into.

Yes, we can finesse it with words and all that, but we do that second. The first word is you being in full identity and ownership of what you do. So to me, it goes back to what you said. We, we, we get to. There's no, there's, there's a dot dot. Like there's no answer. I just get to, well, why don't you get to, because I do, I inherently do.

Teresa: And you're so right. The stuff that I think back to me as a child. Okay. I always told I talk too much. And my dad even says to this day, he's like, can people pay you to talk. I have to listen to for free. Like, you know, he, like, it's still a fairly negative thing in my world. People. If you were close to me, who I grew up with, they, I'm too much.

I'm the loudest one, I'm the one who talked to the time. I'm the one who wants all the center of attention, like, and they will all really negative things. I also ask a lot of questions. I'm very nosy. Like again.

Kierra: Why are you like naming all the things that I am.

Teresa: Basically we're very similar, like, you know, because I really wanted to understand. And you know, the other thing that is totally within exactly who I am and I've just thought, gosh, I was like that from really young.

I liked the finer things in life, right? I did not come from a family that had the finer things in life, far from it. But when I was in school about 13, I asked my mum and my parents are very working class if I could have elocution lessons because I wanted to speak nice. And my mom hit the roof. Like she was like, why do you want to talk?

Like you got a silver spoon in your mouth. Like she literally said that. So again, it was a really negative thing for a very long time. I was the snob of family. I was the one nothing's good enough for Teresa. Teresa, really home maintenance. Teresa's never answered that ed. Why do know why I set myself on the fitness.

Like I'd never do that, it's like a little weird. Anyway, but like I've never asked anybody to, to help me in that. I've done it myself. So it's only now I'm, I'm older and I don't care what people say, but that's okay. I'm 42. Like that, wasn't an easy thing like that. I probably wasn't like that five years ago, but it's only, now that I'm like, yeah, this is me.

And I am too much and I might be lied and I might laugh really loud cause I do, and I might like expensive things, but I am embracing it. And interestingly, I'm not next month, I'm doing my first in-person event as in I'm putting it on.

Kierra: Awesome.

Teresa: And I looked at like, all these other events, I speak at and go to and everyone takes you to a conference center and they give you some rubbish little bag, and then you have like a lanyard, all these various things.

And I just thought, it's not me. Like I wouldn't do that. So I have hired the most beautiful vistas you've ever seen Boutique and tile in the middle of England. And I've hired every room. We've got exclusive use. The bags, like the gift bags that I've got are all beautiful things that you're going to use. No rubbish in there. I've got the best menu for dinner.

We've got wine. That's lovely. We got champagne when you arrive, like it's ACE. And it's like, because that's me, that's like in me, that's who I am. So instead of but I apologize for it instead of trying to go, oh, well, in my industry, people do conferences like this and it's pretty exclusive. There's like 20 people, only 20 people because I like VIP stuff and that's who I am.

And rather than having my parents tell me forever in a day that I was a terrible snob and you know, I don't know where you get your ideas from. And I don't know, I'd like to get my ideas from, but I think you're right. I think it's like going you shouldn't have to apologize that, but I think so many of us do. I bet people are listening to this right now, thinking I was told while I was younger or even at work. I worked at corporate marketing. I was very high up what I did, but no one took me seriously because I laughed and I smiled a lot, obviously don't know I'm joking about. Because I dared to laugh. Like it's craziness, isn't it?

Kierra: Oh gosh. There's like three things in my head. I'm going to the last thing you just said about the smiling thing.

So I, I just came from, you know, personal trainer with, uh, at the gym, with my trainer. And then I went to brunch with, uh, two other entrepreneurs and, and I just, we always have such an amazing time. We never want to leave. I was like, “I have to go.” And one of the things that we talked about actually was this I like receiving. And I was expressing to them how, you know, a lot in my own therapy that I do with my therapist and then coaching with my clients, I'm in this space of like, How receiving is not just in business of receiving clients and receiving money.

It's in all these other areas of life, receiving love, you know, receiving that, you know, Mike cooks two times a week and I have to sit there and I watch him cooking and it took me a minute to be like, okay, I don't need to help them. I don't need to chop anything. I don't need to do anything. He can do it all himself.

I can watch him because I'm going to receive that. To me being in a space where you are able to, what we were talking about was, I'm sorry, if you hear it's my fur baby, he's just like shaking a doodle thing.

Teresa: It's fine. It's fine.

Kierra: But yeah. Being in this space where you are just allowing yourself to, to receive it and you're not questioning it.

And you're knowing that like you're worthy of it. You know how that comes into play with our, our business is so beautiful. And just to add on what you were saying about the, uh, the retreat. So if you're listening to this, you know, I have a shelf behind me and there is a little reward there, an award, and literally it says, um, it says, uh, most extra.

So it's like, here's my most extra trophy. That's what I'm trying to say with trophy. It is a gold trophy and it says most extra. And I even have like a selfie with it because I was like, oh my God, I get the award for being most extra. And I want to say to that. So I'm very much with you on liking the finer things.

I've considered myself a high, low person. And so, uh, I have this concept we talk about in my mastermind. Luxury energy, and we introduced it because it was, you know, one of my clients was going through something and we were talking about it. But it doesn't matter that it didn't cost this much. If it makes you feel luxurious.

Yeah, it's luxurious. So I don't care if, you know, I was saying how, like, I got like a, I dunno, a $5 shirt from old Navy, like a T like a white tank top. And I put it on with this silks silk flat skirt, and it felt so incredible. And then like a jacket that I put over it. And it was like, I don't care that the shirt was like five bucks, but the skirt was more expensive and it's silk and it's all this.

Um, I want to hold space for a part of the pedestals is although you and I in that, you know, we like finer things. I used to have this client, um, who had a ranch and she would love to spend her money on horses and horses are expensive. Let me tell you, oh my God, it's so expensive, but I didn't know that at the time.

So for me, I'm, you know, I'm talking about going to the spa and you know, I get my hair. I go to the hair salon every week. I'd get my nails on and I get pedicures. That is something I do once or two times, um, every week or every other week. And I realized in that this was like three years ago, I had this client and I realized in that moment we both can make the same amount of money.

Right. But I spent, I choose to spend my money on this spa. I, oh God, I can't wait for my facial next week, I can't wait. And then she decides she wants to go buy hay she wants, she wants to buy all these things for her ranch. And it's, it's your priority. And so I just want to express to all whose listening. It doesn't matter how luxurious you are or not, or whatever it is be in a space where you are owning how you want to do things.

You're, you're a bit, I had another client, her annual event is actually a camp style. It's very low key. It's very like wear jeans, wear this. And you know, for me, that's not, I'm a Jean wearing girl, but like I did one retreat where it was like in this tree house with, uh, a coach of mine, a health coach, and it was a different experience and I slept in a tree house and it felt really cool.

I took a shower in a tree that they had made into a shower. It was really, really cool. But I do not choose to do that. That's not my style, but I did it and it's like, cool, but that's her style. And so she got to have the events she wants. So I believe if you just, what we're saying is literally just stop apologizing for how you want to do something.

And you will find this freedom that is like next level. And I used to think entrepreneurship was about freedom of like, I can make my money, my money, how I want, and I can make, you know, my schedule. And I introduce my clients to this concept of energetic currency. You have time currency and you have money currency and your business. Cool.

But the number one currency in your business is your energy. So where are you draining your energy? Because you're trying to be something and have something and speak away and do this and do that according to someone else. And how much for your, could it feel for you to literally just say, I want to do my videos like this.

I want to do my podcast, my event, my whatever I want to do it like this and just own that because just like you're desiring that there's 20 people, there's 2000 other people who also want it like that. And they're like, I don't want to go to a fancy hotel. I wanna go to a camp space and then they're like, I don't want to go to a camp.

I want to go to a luxury hotel. Guess what? Now you both exist so that people can get what they want. And who's meant for you is for you. And. They will be magnetized to you. If you just own your way, you'll find yourself work with like your best, most aligned clients when you start to own your way.

Teresa: And I think as well, that the truth of you don't have to like what I like.

Like I rent that I went to before I had my business, you know, when we had all that free time that we didn't know what to do.

Kierra: Free time, then I was lounging outside. It was all this.

Teresa: And I think probably before I had my daughter's off, I used to love it to the party. Right. And I loved all the stuff. Again, I'm reading this stuff, right.

So I would like get flowers now, lovely table decorations. And then I'd do canopies. I've matched the wines to all the food. I loved this stuff and no one ever used to invite me back. You know why? Because they thought that I wanted that standard. And it's like, no, I'm not asking you to do the standard. I go, do I do it?

Cause I love it. Like I just, I happily come around and have a burger or pasta or whatever is like, I'm not asking you to do that the same as like, I'm not saying I won't go to bed unless it's this. But it's like me as a person of who I am, if you come to my house, like, you know, I'm sat here with my fancy glass jar that I did my wall tray off in a nice fancy glass.

Like, that's just me who I am. So therefore, if I'm going to do something, I'm obviously going to match it to me. It's going to make sense of me. But like you said, it's, it's either. If you're listening to this again, I'm not that fancy. I don't like those things. And one of my members, I messaged her saying, um, have you seen the event?

You know, it'd be great if you could come. And she was like, you know what, it's just not my bag, but the minute you want to do an iddle retreat, I am there. That is absolutely fine. Like that's okay. But she still works with me. She's still in my membership. She's still, you know, because obviously there there's things that resonate with her, whatever.

But I think, I honestly, like if you take nothing else from this episode, just remembering that like the stuff that you are and that you've been known for, even if people have told you. That it's too much or it's not right. Or they've used it as a stick to beat you with, like that's not true. And, and the standard, isn't it. I mean, that is such a powerful message.

Kierra: It is, to me, I believe it is the only message. So your earlier question was like, you know, if you're in that earlier stage in your business, In every stage of business actually. But I, I feel that when you're like figuring things out, it is like a part of figuring out, well, who do I need to be?

And what do I need to do to like, get this to like, to go, like, you know, what do I, what what's, what do I need to do? And it's just like the most, it's like the most difficult thing for whatever reason, you just need to embrace. Like just embrace you, you, you get so much further. So to me, I actually believe that I don't, I don't care what strategy.

I don't care what launch plan, what marketing plan, what sales plan, like how amazing you could be. This is why we as women. Like we can be the best. We can be the best at what we do. And it's like, that's my belief is like, it doesn't matter how amazing you are. If you don't own it. Right. And you owning it also doesn't mean that you are bringing down other women or anything like that with it.

I think that we have that fear, I think about like, it's, you know, one of my clients laughing when I use this, you're, you're a seven years old or whatever, and you're at school and the people like, you know, it's like, oh, do you wanna come to my summer party? Do you want to come to my summer party? And then they don't invite you.

And like, you're afraid of being that one, not invited. I feel like it's like we're, we're little girls thinking that of like, I don't want to leave out this woman or that woman, and it's not a leaving out. Right. It's like what you said with your, like, I have this experience with my client. Who's like curious, put your money on spots.

I spend my money on hay or like whatever. And it's like, I'm like, well, you spend spending money on that. And it's like, there's no judgment. I don't have any judgment for how you spend your money. You don't have any judgment for her wanting the outdoor event, get to love each other and be our own selves and still hold space with each other.

It is okay. And so this idea that like, Well, I don't want to hurt this person's feelings or like, I don't want them to miss out. There is someone for them who's having exactly what they want. I need to tell your client about, you know, my clients can't retrieve it. It's like there's someone out there who has a thing exactly how we want it.

And then there's someone out there who has another thing. It's okay. It's safe. It's safe for you not to be everything for everyone going back to could versus called. It's okay. There's some, there's another coach. There's another mentor. There's another event. There's another thing for them. And we're trying to be all the things for all the people and we can't.

So we're just stepping into a space where you are fully embracing you and watch every strategy, every money, every launch, every. All the external things start to align because you are in alignment and connected with your full self, and you're just showing up, standing in it and shining in it. It will change.

It will, it will transform so, so many things and internal, external, all the things. So to me, it's like, that is actually the only message everything gets built upon from that your strategies of what you decide to do will change because you'll realize, Hmm, I don't like doing this like that. I really love doing it like this.

Great. So then you're going to show up for.

Teresa: Yeah. Yeah. Honestly. It's yeah, this is just brilliant. It's so good. I can't, I was just looking at time and I'm like, gosh, you know, I haven't just totally taken it. And that it feels like five minutes and I could probably carry on that for ages, but. Like I said, I think the whole message of just be you and be all right with that.

And like you said, you know, uh, for instance, the reels thing I'm really battling with the reels thing. Like, cause it just didn't fit with me. It just didn't quite go with how I am. And I didn't want to show up for something that I'm not because it's not me. So like, I sort of find if I do want to do it, I need to find a way that it really fits with me and I'd feel okay about that.

Oh, I don't do it. So, and having that confidence of that's all right, like that's okay. And people still say stuff like I was an event the other day and like, people are still like, oh wow. You know, you'll like, and it's like, yeah, I am. Yeah. Yeah. That's how I am. Yeah. I laugh really loud. Like I love laughing like, it's my favorite thing. So honestly, You're never too much. You're just exactly. Like, how did you feel getting award saying that you live the most extra? Like were you a little insulted? Or were you okay?

Kierra: No. So to clarify, I purchased that trophy for myself.

Teresa: Perfect.

Kierra: It's clarified.

Teresa: I put some old guy gave you, I was like, “Ahh will you please get that did?”

Kierra: I rewarded myself with that? No, I saw it. And I took a selfie with it and I was like, I'm buying it. I don't care how much I'm buying. So it was something I gave to myself and I actually want to say, I'd rather get it from myself and get it from someone else. I don't know if I would be insulted or not. I think I would not be insulted knowing me, but for me it was actually thinking about it in this moment.

It was, I don't think that I knew this, like the moment I saw it, it was just fun. Like, Ooh, this is, oh, I'm getting this. But if I was to really reflect on it really, it was like a part of, to this self-permission of like, yeah, I'm giving myself permission to be this. And I understand that I get to be all of this.

I get to embody it. And there's moments. I want to be clear where I'm just like, I'm chill. I'm like, I just want to lay on the couch with my fur baby. I'm looking out the window, I'm reading a book or I can have moments where, you know, that's why I always say I'm more of a high low like sometimes I want like a really high experience.

And sometimes I'm like, listen, I just want to sit here. Like, and that was something I think too, that, you know, with the pandemic and with things, you know, you hear people say this, like it, it helped me slow down and be patient. I felt like I was already on this journey in 2019, but it definitely heightened it for me, this, like, I just get to fully be present.

To me and to what I'm doing. And I get to trust that it's enough. I think that just to go back to the reels, the only, you know, telling my client this, this morning and office hours, it's only when we make it a thing. If you don't bring self-judgment into the thing, like. I don't want to do reels. I don't like the way that they do them.

I don't resonate with that. Okay. I don't want to do them. Period. And you move on and you do the things that work for you versus this like, oh, I need to, and I know that you know this, but just for those watching, there could be something else. You know, like for me, there are certain things like LinkedIn, like I don't have any desire to go on LinkedIn.

My LinkedIn is so wrong, so old. Like I don't even touch LinkedIn. And I know I have clients. I have friends who like, make so much money from LinkedIn, get clients from LinkedIn. I don't desire to do it. It is okay. I don't need to be everywhere. And just being okay with that. But the only thing that we, we, we, when we start to make it a thing is when it becomes a thing and we start to bring judgment on it instead of just accepting, I don't want to do it.

And I'm not saying forever. It's just like right now, it doesn't feel like something I feel called to and that's okay. I feel called to this. So go be great at the thing you feel called to and accept that and own that and be all of in that.

Teresa: Um, mic drop, boom, see you later.

Kierra you've been so good. Thank you so much for coming on and sharing that with my lovely, lovely people who are listening to this such good messages. And I hope to goodness, everyone's paid attention, have that telling off, go out there and like be awesome. So thank you. Kierra where can people find you if they want to come and say hello after the episode?

Kierra: Yeah, you can find me on Facebook or Instagram @thekierrajones and is my website. K I E R R A J O N E S. You'll see a free tab on there. If you want to get some resources to hear more about the things that I teach on and yeah. So we'll see you over there.

Teresa: Awesome. Thank you so so much, it's been a pleasure having you on.

Kierra: Thank you. Bye everybody.

Teresa: There we go. That was the lovely Kierra. That was a very frank conversation we had there and I really enjoyed it really, really did. It was almost cathartic. So I've got a really exciting episode coming up for you next week. And I'm a little bit nervous about it if I'm honest, because next week I am going to be sharing with you clips from coaching that we've done in the club.

Now, normally these coaching calls and conversations are very private. They are normally just held within the club, but there is so much good stuff in there, and there's so much good value in the questions are amazing. And also I wanted to give you an insight as to what it's like to be in the club to be on a coaching call, to have your question answered.

So next week I have got this episode a very special episode. I'm excited about it, like said a little bit nervous. It's me at my most authentic cause I know my members really well and my members know me really well and it's very vulnerable and they have been very, very brave to allow me to put these conversations out on a podcast.

So I really hope that you're going to catch that one when it comes out next week. But until then have a wonderful week and I will speak to you then.