How to grow your business through Facebook groups with Christina Jandali

Today’s episode of the podcast is an interview with Christina Jandali who is a confidence-boosting, cash creating, business growth strategist who helps course creators build a raving fan base so they can sell through Facebook groups. We talk all about starting and managing Facebook groups, how to grow a Facebook group, and what content to post in your Facebook group.




  • You can create the culture that is going to happen inside your group – you set the rules.
  • You can choose to allow promotion or not within your group – it is important that the people promoting are also engaged and giving in the group.
  • Once your Facebook group starts to pick up pace in terms of growth, Facebook naturally shows your group to more people and then your group grows even faster with less effort.
  • When you first start a Facebook group, you will have to personally reach out to people to let them know about it and ask them to join.
  • As well as giving value in your group, we also have to remember it is a business tool and we can’t just give out free content constantly.
  • Your Facebook group is like your digital living room – people can come inside, relax and get to know you better.
  • The purpose of a paid Facebook group is to give support to your members to execute the content in your paid programme.
  • The purpose of a free Facebook group is to evoke desire and demand for your paid offer.
  • If we put too much into Facebook groups (eg. How to), it can be overwhelming.
  • Your group should bring people on a buyers journey to move them through to the buying decision.
  • Types of content to put in your free Facebook group:
  • Consider your sales system – your biggest priority is to promote your webinar, video series, challenge etc.
  • Look at your core weekly content that is going to start conversation or demand for your sales system (eg. A live stream).
  • Then we look at content that will start conversations surrounding the weekly content you are doing. Get to know what level your members are at.
  • Start with the end in mind and then work backwards.
  • If you want to build and scale, you have to bring people into a shared experience and a container that is going to move them through your sales system.
  • It’s hard to get know for one thing if your group is all over the place.
  • Asking questions and giving shared experiences creates community and connection.
  • Facebook groups work for 3 different types of people:
  • Those who are in the early stages of getting started – they know who they want to serve but may not know what they want to offer yet.
  • Those making sales here and there but they want to see some consistency.
  • Those doing well with their launches and campaigns and want to enhance the experience they are creating.
  • If you are not going to be consistent in showing up, don’t open a group.
  • It takes time to run a successful Facebook group and you have to value the connections and relationships.
  • The larger your group, the lower your percentage of engaged users will be.
  • There is no optimum size for a Facebook group – it is different for each person.
  • It is important to make sure your members align with who you want to serve.
  • In a paid group, you need to claim ownership and lead your group by being present.
  • You don’t have to do absolutely everything in your free Facebook group, but you need to build the group up enough first with your voice.
  • You can look at your Facebook group insights and see who are your active members.
  • True measure of engagement is people observing, clicking ‘read more’ and watching videos.
  • Make sure your active members are at least 50% compared to your overall amount of members.
  • Facebook groups have changed a lot in recent years.




It’s not about being number 1 in the world, but it is about being number 1 in your ideal client’s world.




·     An introduction to Christina 05:35

·     Promotion in free Facebook groups 12:00

·     Starting and growing a free Facebook group 16:20

·     What content should you post in your Facebook group? 19:01

·     How to create a community within your group 34:00

·     Are Facebook groups for everyone? 38:24

·     Can Facebook groups be too big? 42:18

·     Should you be present in your Facebook group? 44:26

·     Engagement in Facebook groups 48:00

·     Facebook groups moving forward 51:35



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