How to Sell on Social Media Without Feeling Salesy!

In this week’s podcast we will be talking all about promoting your lead magnet on social media to build your email list and also how to not feel bad about selling on social media.

  • A lead magnet is content you give away for free, in return for an email address to get them on your email list.
  • A landing page is where people sign up for your lead magnet, this usually has photos of what the lead magnet includes, as well as reasons to why it’s going to benefit your audience.
  • You can put your lead magnet on social media more than once in different posts.
  • Your posts on social media needs to be consistent to your landing page.
  • Don’t worry about posting more than once – you are not bombarding people.
  • You can set up a pop up on your website to promote your lead magnet.
  • Changing your cover photos and ‘Call to Actions” on social media will also help to promote your lead magnet.
  • You can also talk about your lead magnet in your regular content such as blog or podcast.
  • If you are being interviewed or speaking on stage, you could talk about your lead magnet at the end – check you can do this.
  • Promote your product/service in unique ways so it is not just focused on “Sell, Sell, Sell”.
  • If someone gets irritated by what you post, they are not your customer – let them go.
  • There is nothing wrong with asking for money for what you do.
  • If people don’t invest money into something, they are not as likely to invest their time and energy into it.
  • If you are worrying about being too ‘salesy’, you won’t be. Because you are conscious of it so would not come across like that.
  • The only person who sees every single post you share is you.

You have to keep talking about your lead magnet and promoting it, otherwise people won’t know about it. Don’t feel like your landing page or lead magnet isn’t good enough, it’s just that people need to be aware of it and then they can see how awesome you and your content are!

  • Promoting Your Lead Magnet 02:50
  • Sales Posts on Social Media 13:10
  • How to Sell Without Feeling Bad About it 15:54
Transcript below


Hello and super warm welcome to this week's episode of the podcast. How are you doing on this very lovely Monday morning, if you're listening to this on a Monday, which you may not be, or you might be so whatever day or time is, I hope you are super well.


Okay. So this week I have decided that I wanted to talk about something that keeps coming up again and again and again. So as you know, I have my Academy and I also have a 90 day program. And in the Academy we have coaching calls. So a couple of times a month, we all get on a group coaching call and people get to ask me questions directly and I get to help them directly with their business.


And basically they can come on and ask anything. And I love it. Because I love the fact that they kind of put me on the spot. My brain has to work really quickly. I have to think about what they do and what their business is. And I really, really enjoy it, but basically a question keeps coming up again and again, and I thought, you know, what if members of the Academy have got this question then maybe you guys have too, and therefore it might be worth doing an episode to address this question. Okay. So basically what I've been asked over and over is how do you post on your social media about your lead magnets? And if you don't know what a lead magnet is, go and check episode 110, because that episode I talk fully about what a lead magnet is, but basically in short it's you giving away some content for free or giving something away for free in order to get someone's email, to get them on your list.


So how do you post a lead magnet or post a sales post without feeling yucky and salesy and sleazy? And also once you have your lead magnet or also once you have your thing to sell, where should you be posting it and how often? So we've had lots of big discussions about this recently, which is why I thought, you know what, let's come on here.


Let me answer it in front of you guys so that if you've got this thought in your head or you're wondering, then I can help you at. Okay. So let's just take it back a little bit. So I'm going to be talking specifically, I guess, about the lead magnets to begin with. So as I've already said, a lead magnet is something that you give away for free.


So as you well know, I have lead magnets. I have them on my website I put them in my social media and I often give a freebie along with the podcast. So what happens is I create a landing page where you go to and you basically put in your details and that sort of start, the process of giving you the lead magnet.


And on that landing page, I have pictures of the thing that you're going to get. So if it's a download, what I do is I screenshot each page of the download and I might fan it out on a desk or I might, and I do this all on the computer, by the way, I don't physically print it. I literally screenshot each page.


And then I'd go into Canva I find a flat lay image. If you Google or sorry, not Google. If you put the search flat lay and desk into Canva, it will show you lots of free images that you can use and base guide, put the, I put the screenshots on the desk as if it's being printed out and put on that desk.


And then I will use a Photoshop program that my designer sets up for me where basically I can put it on a clipboard, but again, you could probably do this in Canva. So I have a few different looks of this thing that you can get. Okay. And I create it and I put it on the landing page. And then also on the landing page, I write some reasons why you want it, why it's going to help you, what it's for, why it's brilliant and the difference it can make to you and your business.


Now, obviously, if you don't help businesses as such, if you don't do marketing, then this isn't properly. What you would write, you would write how that thing will benefit your audience. So that's the first thing I've got and the idea is I want to get people to that page. I want them to see that page and think, yes, I need that download.


I'd like that download. And therefore they opt in and they get the download. And obviously what I get in return is you come onto my email list and I get to help you further. I get to promote the podcast. I get to email you every week and tell you something or engage with you and hear back from you. So.


What, how am I going to get people to go to that landing page? And I think this is the tricky thing. So what happens is people go to the effort of creating a lead magnet and it takes a bit of time. There is no doubt about that, but I promise you it's worth every second of your time, but it takes a bit of time and you create this thing and you set it up and you have your landing page and no one visits it and no one opts in.


And then you think, well, what was the point of that? It was pointless and I shouldn't have done it and I've wasted my time. But it's not that the lead magnet isn't good, it's not that the landing page isn't good, it's the part that no one knows about it. And you've got to get people to go to it. So let's first say where you can put this in order for people to see it.


So obviously you're going to put it on your social media. That's the very first place, and I'm going to address how you feel about that in a bit, but you're going to put it on your social media, but I want you to think about putting it more than once. And if you need to go back and have a look at mine, just to see how I do it, then please do.


You're probably gonna find it easiest on something like Twitter, because you can scan back quite far, quite quickly, but what you will see is, I don't just have one post for the one lead magnet. I create at least three posts for that lead magnet. So for instance, I've got a lead magnet that is all about launching.


So if you are launching any product or service online and you are going through a launch process, I've got a lead magnet. So it's all about it, which is a And basically what I've done for that one in particular is I've created a little video of it sort of scanning through the pages which I did in Canva.


And I did it myself, it wasn't my designer. Then I've created an image of it's sat on a desk. I think if I remember rightly Oh, no, I don't think no, I didn't actually, I did an image a bit fan down, but it wasn't sat on a desk just have a really nice, nice border around it and that sorta thing. And then I did another image of it on a clipboard and I'm basically on, because it's a landscape image that you would put on sort of Twitter and LinkedIn and Facebook. To the left or the right of the image I've written something that says “Get My Free Download” or something like that. So I, I, I now have three different images, well, two images and a video for one lead magnet. And also I might sort of, when I'm putting the posts in, I will write different things on the first one I might talk about.


Get my complete list or checklist about how I do a launch or I've done loads of launches for myself and clients. And over the time I've perfected creating this launch and therefore you can have this in this check list or whatever it might be. So again, you want three different types of images or videos and you want three different types of caption that is going to go along with that social media and it's Oh, that's posts. And it's going to encourage people to go to your landing page. And I just, one quick thing about your posting on social media is it needs to be consistent as in what I see in the post, I should recognize when I land on the page.


So I want to see similar images, similar fonts, similar colors. I want to see the tone of voice similar. So, you know, whatever you're writing in the caption, I want it to be confirmed in the actual page that I go to because if they are very different, someone is going to get to that page and go, “hang on a minute this doesn't feel right this wasn't what I was expecting”. So make sure that it really matches and that the two are really inline with each other in sync with each other. So like I said, so that's the first thing you gotta do. Are you going to create three different images or videos and you're gonna create three different captions and then you're going to schedule them on social media.


Now I always schedule these because they can be scheduled. I don't need to do them at the time. I use Agorapulse to schedule my stuff. And it's a great scheduler because you can put things out more than once. You'll see why this is helpful. So I'm going to link to that in the show notes, which is lots of links today. So I schedule these in Agorapulse and then what I will say to Agorapulse cause I can cause it's a cool system is I can say, I want you to repeat this and I will tell them how many times I want them to repeat it. And then I have a category called lead magnets.


I'm trying to make this as simple as possible. So I hope I don't lose you. I have a category called lead magnets. And I set in the schedule how often I want a lead magnet post to go out. Okay. So it might be that it goes out four times a week, but I've probably got in there 20 add posts for different lead magnets.


And like I said, if I'm doing three for each one, so then what happens is it will send out one post about the launch lead magnet, and then it might do one about list building. Then it might do one about webinars. Then it might be one about sales pages, and then it might come around. Another launch, one comes out and it'll send that one out and then it might do some other ones.


And then what happens is when it gets to the end of the list, it's starts again. And because it's mixed up in all my other social media posts, because obviously I post a lot on all platforms and I'm not suggesting that you do what I'm saying is have a look at your platform that you're on and how often you post and try and work out realistically, how often you can mention it, because what you don't want to happen is go, Oh, well, Teresa does hers four times a week, but if you're only posting five times a week, it's going to be a really dull feed because you're literally just going to go lead magnet, lead magnet, lead magnet occasional post. Like I said, I do mind very often because I post an awful lot. So bear that in mind when you're thinking about it, but then it goes into the schedule and the schedule just keeps going and going and going and going. And honestly, it's, that's how often you need to do. I need act that all the time.


People think if they post it once that that's it, everybody will see it. Everybody will jump on it and everybody will, you know, go and get their lead magnet. But the truth is they won't. And then I get the question all the time was I don't want to irritate people. Well, you're not going to irritate people.


I promise you because of the fact that the chances are, they don't even see the post half the people we've talked before about algorithms and how they work and the fact that hardly anybody sees your post compared to the people who follow you. So you really, honestly, do not need to worry about bombarding people. And also if they are feeling bombarded, then they're not your customer, then not for you. So, okay. So that was the first thing I wanted to say that this needs to go on social media more than once and in more than one different view. So now you're putting it out regularly, social media, you've got these different posts going out and hopefully that will keep encouraging people to opt in.


The next place that you can put it is you can yeah. Put it as a popup on your website. I know they're a bit irritating, but they do work. You can change your cover image on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn to be your lead magnet and promote that and change your call to action buttons or your links in your social media profiles to go to your lead, to your lead magnet, you can do things like put it in your regular content.


So like I said, I've just talked to you about a lead magnet on my podcast and you might be listening and think actually I really need that. That's really perfect. And you might go and get it from that. So again, put it on your regular content. If you've got them. A blog or a podcast or a video. The other places you can look at putting it is, are you being interviewed anywhere?


So is this something that can help someone if you're doing a podcast interview or if you're stood on stage? So I often have lead magnets at the end of presentations. Now, obviously during this lockdown period, we are not stood on stages, but I'm doing lots of online different types of talks for different sort of events and there might be a lead magnet that works really well. I would just say to check that you can do that. Cause some events don't allow you to do that, but like I said, the point is you put it everywhere and you put it everywhere, multiple times. The same with your sales. Okay. So. When I talk about the Academy as a sales thing, I don't just literally put a post up saying, join my Academy it's brilliant. What I try and do is think of different and unique ways in which I can promote the Academy or the 90 day program. Where I'm selling it, but not in a horrible way. So I'm not just going “buy my stuff”. So for instance, what I might do is I might post about a latest course that's gone in there. So we're just about to launch an amazing Instagram story course.


Honestly, it's taken me ages to do, but I'm so proud of it. I literally go through every button, every thing, every option you've gotten it and show you what they all mean. And then I give you loads of ideas and lots of creative and all this thing. But anyway, so I would talk about that on social media and I would go, “Hey members, the new Instagram story course is now live or active in the Academy”.


This is what I talk about. And then I put that out is if I'm talking to the members and great that I would see that because they do follow me on social media with also, I tell them in other places as well. And then what happens is I get people go, “Oh, how do I get that?”. And it's like, that's fine. Great. You can get it if you join the Academy.


So that is a really nice way of kind of selling your product or your service without feeling like you're selling it. Again, we have coaching calls, we have lives. So there's times where they can come on and ask me questions as this is evident, because this is why I'm doing this episode. And again, I'll promote that on my social media to say, “Hey everybody, look, we're going live in the group on Wednesday”.


And then people will go, how do I get to do that? And it's like, well, you join the Academy. So honestly, it's, it's a really, really useful way in terms of thinking of it in different ways, rather than just straight up saying, “Look at my stuff, it's brilliant” things like let's say you make cakes for a living, you know, you would be posting pictures of the cakes just made, “Hey, cool this idea was, or what this one thing was”. And then you'd go, you know, if you've got one for your next the occasion, then give me a shout. Or if you need this, then, whatever, whatever. If you're florist, you might show pictures of some flowers that have just come in or a bouquet that you've just created. So the sales posts don't have to be as direct and as sleazy selling as you think they have to be, they can be a fairly subtle way. Occasionally you will want to put a much more direct post in, but you can sort of mix them in with some of these more subtle type post. So again, you want to be putting that everywhere. You want to be posting all the time. You want to be mixing up the regular ones. So I think we do an Academy promotion posts twice a week, I think.


Um, but like I said, again, I'm posting an awful lot. So, how do you do all this without feeling like you're selling your soul to the devil? And I know this is something that bothers people, a huge amount. And I want to, I want to just address that. And there's a few things I want to bring into this first off.


I want you to imagine that. Well, hang on, let me go back a bit. So first off you sell something that helps someone. Okay, without doubt. Now I sell membership and 90 day programs that help businesses get better at marketing so they can sell more. Okay. I am good at this because I have spent the last 16 years doing this over and over and over again.


I've learned it. I failed many times. I've learned why I failed. I fixed it. And now I know what to do. So you are doing the same, whether it is you're a personal instructor and you're helping people get fit. Whether you're photographer and you're creating beautiful photos for people to have as memories.


Whether you are a coach and you are helping people get through really difficult times, regardless of what your business is. And I want you to sit the night for a second and think, how do I help people? Okay. You do. And it might not be life changing, helping. It might just be. I fixed that one problem of I create beautiful bags and you have something beautiful to put your stuff in.


So it could be anything, but you help people. That's what you do. Okay. So I want you to visit us. And someone said this to me once and it really hit home. And I often use this in the Academy and they feel terrible after it. It's in a nice little way, not in a, like, too easy, just bring it to past me. But imagine you are stood on the side of a Lake and in the Lake is your customer and they are draining. Okay. Because they are stuck with the thing that you help them with. They are literally drowning out there. They are begging for someone to help them, but you can't hear them because they're in the middle of a Lake and you're stood at the side and your product and service is the bouy.


It's the inflatable that saves them. Okay. I hope you're with me. So my bouy is the marketing that I can help someone with. So I have got a small business owner who is in that lake screaming and begging for me to help them. I can't hear this, but they are struggling. They are literally trying to strive the water and they're about to go under. Their head is back to get under the water and they about to lose their business.


They're about to lose you know their patience with the overwhelm and they are struggling. And I am stood at the side of my bouy is my membership. And I want you to do this for your business. So whatever your customer's problem is, they're in there with that problem. And you're stood at the side, holding the bouy, which is your product or service that you sell.


And you're stood there and they're drowning and you're going well, you know, I would throw it or I would offer it, but I don't want to irritate them. I don't want to, you know, what, if I annoy people, what if I come off salesy? What if I come off sleazy? What if people get irritated by seeing me talk about this. They're drowning, they are literally drowning.


They need your help and you holding onto that bouy is being selfish. And I, like I said, I say this with so much love because I really am not trying to be mean. But me sitting here and going, I don't want to mention the Academy in case people think I'm trying to sell it. And then they think I'm being sleazy.


But the point is, what if you're sat there and you're really struggling. And I know with, I doubt you can come and see the Academy, come on the next coaching call that's available, which is next week. In fact, this week, if you're listening the podcast, when it comes out and that then. Answers your question, fixes your problem, solves your hours and hours and the agony, and then you can move on.


And actually the advice I give you helps you get another new customer. What if that was the case? And I don't want to say it because I don't want to appear salesy or sleazy or yuck. So that's my first thing. I want you to think about you're stood on the side of that Lake and they are begging for your help and you don't want to give it because you don't want to look horrible and sleazy and irritate people.


Like I said, the people who you will irritate are not your customers anyway, they never have been. So let them be irritated and let them leave. Let them get off your list. Let them stop reading your content. Let them unfollow you on social media. That is absolutely fine because they're not your customers.


Okay. So that's the first thing I want you to think about. The next thing I want you to think about is if you ask at them they're going, I don't want to bother people. I feel a bit salesy and sleazy, or if you are offering a leader magnet, there is absolutely nothing for you to be sorry about because you're giving your knowledge, your education, your support, whatever your lead magnet is, you're giving away for free. So, therefore you're not selling at all. You are literally just serving. You are just helping and all you're asking them to do is get on your email list and do you know what if they don't want to be? They can unsubscribe. So, honestly, never, ever feel like that about a lead magnet.


Never. Never, never. You are helping them. Like I said, what if they're sat there struggling with that thing? Like honestly, the launch lead magnet is amazing. I don't ever put anything out there unless it's not absolutely awesome because I hate wasting my own time and therefore I'd never waste someone else's.


So what if you're sitting there going to not really struggling, I don't even know where to start with a launch. I know I want to sell this thing online. I want to do a course or I want to do a membership or whatever it is, but I literally where to start and I then go, here's a list of everything you need to do.


Does that help? Look who else it would help. So don't ever feel sorry about that. Don't ever feel that you shouldn't do that. And then when it comes to actually selling again, what's the problem. You work really hard. Okay. You've spent years learning years, educating yourself, all that practice, you know, you've gone over and over and over again.


You've got things wrong. You've messed up. You spent money. You've spent time and you've got good at the thing you do. You have created the, the product or the service, because you know what you're talking about. So why shouldn't you ask for money for that? Just think about how much time, right? If I just literally looked at the courses that I've done and the programs that I've done with some of the world's experts, I have spent tens and tens of thousands.


So. Even if I didn't look at the cost of my degree, which by the way, I still pay for like, I have 40 hour divided by four two 41. I think I'm 41. I can't remember anyway. So, you know, I went to university a long time ago and I'm still paying for that. You know, I have done marketing now for about 16 years.


So even if I didn't add all that in, I just looked at what I spent in courses and coaching, and God knows what else in these last few years. That is still a huge amount of money that I've invested in me. And the same with you. You've spent hours learning the stuff. You spent, days and days working out how these things work.


You've read multiple books, you've watched videos, you've done all this stuff. So there is no nothing wrong with someone wanting to pay you for it. Or you asking for money. I've been watching this Tony Robbins thing. He's been doing an online and like challenge thing. I'm a little bit late to the game.


Then on day seven, I've just started on day one, but it's fine. And he said something so good. And I've heard him talk about this before that he had gone to work for this guy when he was a kid, because his parents said that used to be, this guy used to be a loser and now he's really successful. So Tony Robbins went to work for him.


And he said to Tony, as a kid, why do want to work for me? And Tony, as a kid said, because my parents said you used to be a loser. And now you're really good, which is hilarious. Cause only a kid would say that. So. This guy obviously was like, you know, okay, fine. And he said, so I want to learn how to do it.


And this guy said to him, Oh, I find a mentor. I found someone who I could learn from. And he introduced him to Jim Rohn. And he said to him that he was going to a three hour conference or something like that seminar where he was going to listen to Jim Rohn and Jim Rohn was going to teach him. And, and that's how he got so good.


And that's how he made his money. And that's how he became so successful. So Tony Robbins said to this guy, I'd love to do that. I'd like to come along and he's like, yeah, you should. And he said, well, can, can you basically pay for me to come along? And he said, no, I won't. And Jim was like, you know, not Jim, sorry, Tony Robbins was like, But, you know, how much is it?


And he told him how much it was. And it was like, literally, I don't know, a week and a half salary of what Tony was earning at the time. I'm telling you. I was like, I can't afford that. You know, could you not just give me a free ticket? And this guy that he was working for was like, no, because if I gave you a free ticket, you would never appreciate it.


And that's why people have to pay for things, because I know, and I've said this before on the podcast, I've spent a lot of money on some things, and it literally scared me to death. Like. Signing the agreement or sending them the money, literally it made me feel physically sick, but I didn't waste a second of that.


I made sure that I got everything I needed out of it. And I am a very different person today because of it. That's why I keep moving up and stepping up and doing more and constantly striving for something better. Because I invested in me to find mentors, to find amazing people who had done what I was trying to do before and could teach me the quicker way of doing it, or I could learn from.


So that's effectively what you are doing with your business. You are giving people that shortcut, like I said, even if you are making cakes, the shortcut is I don't have to make it a mess up and waste my time and money. I can get you to do it for me. You know what I mean? There's, there's always, the learning always comes into it.


So don't ever, ever, ever feel bad, about asking for money for your thing. The other thing I always liken it to is if I had a physical product, if I sold a, you know, some stationary or clothes or whatever it might be, there's no way people would ask for that for free, because I have to pay out to get that thing just because say my head does not mean that I have not spent more money and more time learning it just because it's in my head does not mean it has no value.


So. That's what I wanted to say about that. So like I said, don't ever think you shouldn't charge for it. So that's the next thing. And then the final thing on this is if you are sat there thinking I don't want to seem salesy or sleazy or yuck, you're not going to. The people who are the people who literally are the most.


Like make your skin crawl when you see a post or when you see something or they email you or send you a horrible DM, like the people who are the worst and at this, like they don't sit there and think, I don't want to appear that way because they don't even think about it. So if you are sat there thinking I don't want to pay this way, I can guarantee you right now.


You're not going to pay that way. I can guarantee you. That there's no way you're going to come across as that. Because like I said, people who think like that wouldn't, you know, wouldn't ever come across like that the people who do come across like that don't even give it a second thought they do whatever they need to do to get the sale out there.


So, do how you would want to do, feel and sell, how you'd want to sell, because it's going to come across authentic to you and how you are. So I really hope that's helped because like I said, just because you have, and it's really sad actually. So you spend ages creating these online things, or you spend ages coming up with a lead magnet and making it amazing and then creating the landing page and then do the onboarding emails and then doing all these other things.


And then you put it up in your life. Tumbleweed, literally tumbleweed. And you start to wonder why and what was the point? Because people don't know, you think they know because you've told them. Cause the only person who sees every single one of your posts is you. And therefore you look at it and go, Oh, I've put that three times now.


No one else would have a clue. So you're going to need to, you keep talking about it and keep talking about it and keep talking about it. And just this morning, someone else opted into my launch lead magnet. Because I keep talking about it. So like I said. Don't ever feel that you're just going to do one post and that's going to do it.


Cause I promise you unless you are someone like Tony Robbins, you're not gonna be able to do that. Okay. I really hope this has helped. It was short one, but I think it's a really important one. Uh, next week I have an interview for you and then, uh, I've actually planned the podcast a week after, which is quite a miracle.


And I'm going to be talking about How to start putting together an online product and how to plan it. So if you ask that, they're thinking, okay. I think I want to do a course or a membership. I'm going to tell you how to start planning it. Okay. Guys, have an amazing week and I will see you next week.


Thank you so much for listening to the Marketing That Converts Podcast.


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