SPECIAL EPISODE: Opening up about mental health and how to get help with Teresa & Jane

In this episode of the podcast, I have the amazing Jane Travis who used to be a councillor and now helps other counsellors with their marketing. Jane is a very good friend who has really supported me through some really difficult times and I knew she would be the perfect person to bring on and talk about this topic. Today we talk all about mental health and my own struggles I have experienced and hidden up until now.

  • I have suffered with anxiety for around 14 years now.
  • When you are a perfectionist, anxiety can be triggered when something happens that is out of your control.
  • Many people may experience mental health problems and you would never know from looking at them or talking to them.
  • If everyone keeps their struggles to themselves, this can lead to isolation and feeling embarrassed/ashamed of this.
  • We have to find a way to keep going but we also have to be able to say “I need some time off” – you can give yourself permission to stop if you need to.
  • Anxiety is very common – it affects us all in different ways.
  • Sometimes when we get angry, it’s an accumulation of everything else that has gone on.
  • Anxiety and anger are really closely related – the feelings we have are similar.
  • Instead of judging yourself when you react to something, turn it on its head and question why you may have reacted like that.
  • If you take medication, attach it to something you do every single day without fail and you won’t miss a day.
  • Self-care is something we can do every day that can really help.
  • Don’t judge yourself and be so hard on yourself.
  • Personal development can be really key in how you feel in yourself.
  • You learn right up until the day you die. There are always so many new things to learn.
  • Mindfulness is doing activities that take you out of your normal headspace – takes your brain from thinking about everything that’s going on.
  • We all show our highlights – very little of us show the bad days.
  • Just because people show up in a certain way, doesn’t mean we have it all sussed.
  • If you haven’t suffered with some sort of mental health, it’s hard to understand why someone can’t just do that thing.
  • People only judge because they can’t understand how difficult it can be.
  • There are always going to be people who have a critical view of things, what is important is that you look after yourself and get the help you need so you can get on with your life.
  • You don’t have to struggle with anxiety for the rest of your life – you can get help.
  • Counselling is looking at the reasons you are anxious in the first place – once you have worked that out, you can move forward in a different way.
  • “This is a process, I will come out of it”.
  • Counselling is the best self-care EVER.

You have serious moments and then you will have laughter!

  • An Introduction to Jane – 02:28
  • Opening up about mental health – 04:53
  • Taking time off work due to mental health – 12:03
  • Anxiety – 17:25
  • Medication – 27:40
  • Self-care – 31:44
  • Mindfulness – 35:37
  • We are all in this together – 38:57
  • Judgement – 45:13
  • Getting help – 46:58

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