Running a challenge in your business to increase sales

In this week’s podcast we will be talking all about using a challenge in your business! We will be covering a step by step guide on how to run a challenge in your business and how to make it as effective as possible.

  • The price of my academy is going up, forever! Now is your last chance to join at this amazing price.
  • It is very easy to get overwhelmed when you have your own business, especially when you are attending lots and lots of different courses and content.
  • A challenge can really demonstrate a product or service at the end of it – it gives people a taste of what is to come!
  • What are your customers struggling with that you can help them with? Try to think of something that needs more detail than a PDF or 5 minute video.
  • Make sure you include actionable steps they can follow along every day.
  • It is a good idea to have a private Facebook group for your challenge to help with accountability and understanding more about the people who take part.
  • Go live in your Facebook group to check in with everyone – this adds a lot of value.
  • You could add in some prizes along the way and pick winners who are getting on well.
  • Your sales pitch will be on the final day – you could do it on a Facebook live.
  • Encourage people to join your live with exclusive content.
  • Try to have a limited time offer or a discount to encourage people to sign up straight away.
  • Follow up your challenge with onboarding emails.

If someone has come into your challenge, they are still going to need more information. By doing a challenge, you are giving them a taster but also leaving more for them to learn so they then buy from you!

  • Everything you need to know about The Academy – 04:05
  • Why do a challenge? – 11:51
  • How to set up a challenge for your business – 13:58
Transcript below


Hello and welcome to today's episode of the podcast. How are you doing? It feels like I haven't recorded an episode for ages because I batched so much content and now it's time to do the next lot of rebatching. If you don't batch content, then I would highly recommend it because it really helps to keep you focused and get ahead of the game. So it's very unusual for me to have a podcast so close to when it's coming out. So I'm actually recording this the Tuesday before it's released on the Monday. But what is quite nice is it means I can talk about stuff that's happening at the moment or it seems really, really kind of up to the moment and on the minute type of an episode, which like I said, ordinarily they're not that close because I do batch and I get ahead, which helps me make sure that we've always got an episode for you.

And I am not causing my team to have an absolute nightmare trying to rush to get something done. So at point of recording this, we are still in a kind of semi lockdown situation. And it's really funny because my husband and I were talking just the other day about this and how we felt and basically about the fact of when it first all kicked off. We were fine, we were okay, we kind of cracked on and got on this stuff. And actually it's getting harder the longer that the time it goes on. Whereas actually I've spoken to some people who really struggled at the beginning and are actually now doing okay cause they're getting into a routine. But the problem is the things that my husband's and I are really pining for other things that are going to be the last to come. So our life, like I said, I worked from home so I didn't ever go out to an office so that there's no change.

But what we do in our life for fun is we go out for dinner and go to the pub and have a cocktail somewhere nice and we travel. Last year I flew an awful lot. I think it was about 26 flights in total. We went to some amazing places and this year it's May middle of May and I've been nowhere and and that does make me feel a bit sad because travelling is something that we just absolutely love. However, I try not to dwell too much on that situation and as we speak, my garden is being renovated. Is that the right word? Renovated landscape is probably the more appropriate word. So I am very looking forward to very much looking forward to having that finished and being able to enjoy the summit in the garden at home. It will be wonderful even if I can't go to some amazing and I'm so desperate to go back to the States. I can't tell you.

Anyway. So there's a couple of things I want to talk to you about today before we crack on with today's episode, which by the way is all about using a challenge in your business. And the reason I want to talk about this today is because I used one a few months ago and I am currently right in the middle of running another one. So I want to just talk you through how that might look in your business if you want to use a challenge cause they are very effective. But also I want to tell you about the Academy and about the fact that the price is going up. Now I know that there'll be some of you sat there listening who have been on the fence for a little while thinking I really do need to make a decision whether I'm going to do it one way or next.


Everything you need to know about The Academy


And I know about how that feels. I know about the facts of views of should I get there? Shouldn't I get this? Do I get it at a FOMO? Do I not get it? So let me just want to touch on that for a minute before I tell you about the price increase on the Academy. But one thing I've noticed since lockdown via Academy members and other people that I've been speaking to is that people have been doing lots of learning and taking in lots of information and that is really good. I am going to, you know, put it out there. This is a really good positive thing to do. And obviously if you are going to start something new, if you are going to learn how to promote your business, then that is nothing but a positive thing. However, her comes with a slight caveat that there is a point when I, I think that maybe you might be learning too much.

And actually that sounds like a complete oxymoron, if that's the right word, but it sounds completely wrong because how could you possibly learn too much and you can't in one way. But what I think I'm trying to say not very eloquently is that there comes a point where you're trying to put too much in your head and you're not actually doing anything really with it other than getting yourself into a bigger panic and overwhelm and we all know in our businesses that it's overwhelming at the best of times, let alone my, we're pouring more and more things than I had that all right, I Muslim had to do Facebook ads. I must learn my content isn't quite right, is my avatar right? Should I do a blog? Should I do a podcast? When can I start a podcast? How do I do it? Should I launch now?

Should I wait? How do I do a sales page? There's so many really important things that we can learn for our business, but the problem is is totally overwhelming and I am hearing more and more and more people going into this group joining this free challenge, joining this free thing, doing this course, buying another course, joining another membership and not obviously I have an online membership. I signed like a real hypocrite talking about this but as you well know I'm a very honest person and and I think as much as obviously I think they were amazing and I have built my business through attending these things myself. One thing that I think we need to be really careful is is high, thinly spread. We are, I'm much we are trying to take in and how much we're trying to do and whether we should just pull back a little bit or put more of your eggs in one basket.

So I had someone joined very recently who emailed me and said why am I doing it now? And she identified, you know, wonderfully before I said anything to her about the fact that she had been in this group and done this thing and adjoined this course and had done and she just wasn't moving forward and she decided that she was going to go all in on one thing. And very luckily for me and hopefully very luckily for her it's the Academy and it's with me because one thing that we do, a lot of which I think is so important is the coaching calls and the quarterly challenges and the lives around taking action are huge in my world. And I literally, I've just got off a coaching call today actually before I did this episode. And I literally have sat there and gone, have you got on with that thing?

Right here is your next action and it's baby steps and it's even smaller than for some people. And then it's big steps for other people depending on where they are in their business and what they're doing. But the important thing is it's about that accountability and a bait moving you forward. It's about ensuring that all this information you're taking in, that you're doing something with it and, and it's the right information you're taking in. Cause believe me, I've spent a lot of time taking information that isn't right for me or my business. And that's a learned that the long and hard way. So like I said, I wanted to mention that the price is going up, but I also wants to mention the fact of if you find yourself doing so much stuff, maybe now is the time to a think about how are you going to put that into place and be think about where you're going to put your focus and who's going to help you because we all need it.

I need it. I've been in groups, I am in some amazing groups and I have my coach and I have people who can hold me accountable and you need that too. And that's what the members get. So the price is going up from 39 to $49 per month or if you buy annually, it's going up from 390 to $490 for the year. I'm a just want to tell you what's in that also, you know, I love pretty things. If you've ever seen anything of mine, which I'm sure you have, you know, there was a particular look and style and feel of things and I've just done my new signup page for the Academy. I love it. I know that's so sad, but I actually love my own signup page, but I spent quite a long time making it look pretty and I do love it.

So first of all, I would definitely want you to go and have a look. So Teresa Heath forward slash Academy that's where you go and you find out all about it and basically on there you're going to find everything. Need to know about the Academy. But let me just in brief tell you what's in there. So first off, the coaching calls. Now a lot of the members, when you ask them, they say that's worth the money in itself because you get to join me every two to three weeks on a group coaching call where you get to pick my brain and ask me questions. And I literally answer every single question. I don't come off until I have because I want to make sure that you're getting that help that you need. So like I said, every two to three weeks we have a coaching call.

We all jump on, we're all on screen, we all get to speak. And everyone gets to ask a question if they have on, if not, there are lots of people that just sit there and listen and take in what everybody else is saying and picking up ideas. We have training courses so I have lots of amazing courses in there but quite honestly are worth a lot of money on their own. So content creation for social media. Identifying your perfect customer profile, secrets to an effective sales page to hide to get started with Facebook ads hides to create the perfect lead magnet. That course is awesome. I love doing that one. I also loved in the sales page one as well, getting started with Instagram, get a complete guide to blogging, sales, webinars, Facebook overview, so many good courses in there. Then we do the quarterly goal setting, so every quarter everyone sets goals and actions and I keep people accountable.

Twice a month. There is a Facebook live, one by me and one by my lovely colleague Anne, who is super creative and can show you how to do amazing things on social media. And then we do things like social media updates and then there's the private Facebook group where basically you get to have access to me in the group and I answer your questions and the community is just amazing. I love them and I promise I'm not just saying that I genuinely do. It's one of my most favourite things. So when you get to be a member of the Academy, you get your question marks turned into action points. I help you get clear on what you need to do and support you to do it. So like I said, I didn't want to literally spend the whole podcast just telling you and selling the Academy to you.

But I wanted to let you know before that price goes up because on Friday the 29th of May at midnight, so this Friday coming, if you listened to this on Monday, the price is going up and it won't come down. I am adamant about that. And if you listen to anything I say, you'll know it's very important that you never come back down on your price. So the price will go up to $49 and $490 and will continue to rise from there. If you get in now at $39 or 390 it will never go up for as long as you stay a member. So you don't need to worry about any further price increases. Okay, so that's it. A sales pitch I've with, but to go check out my sales page because it really is beautiful. I love it. I love it. Okay, that's [inaudible] dot com foods, that Academy right now, I can focus on telling you some content.


Why do a challenge?


So I want to talk about a challenge because like I said, I've been doing one and they're really, really effective. So why would you do a challenge in the first place? Well, one of the beauties, well if you think about all the different ways in which someone can come across and find you and find your products and services and interact with you, you've got things like sales pages, you've got things like webinars, you've got other different things like if you're doing lives or if you're doing a private Facebook group or whatever it might be. But the beauty of a challenge is you get to almost teach them in real time and you get to have a, the community of the challenge, people come together for a short period of time where you are communicating with them regularly. So instead of just doing a one hour webinar where you just hit them for an hour and then you're gone.

The beauty of doing the challenge is especially with something like a five day challenge for five days, I am front and centre. So for me, I haven't really done one before and I did one a few months ago and I loved it because I love teaching and also for me, and this is what I want you to think about is it really demonstrates the product and the service at the end of it. So it really shows people that if they liked the challenge, if they liked the motivation that I give them, if they like my energy and inspiration, then they're really going to love joining the Academy. So that's why I do it. To almost give them a taste of what's to come if they join. And also the other really important thing of me to me about a challenge is that I move people forward because I don't know about you, but sometimes you do things and I've signed up for a lot of things as I'm sure you can imagine.


How to set up a challenge for your business


I basically am the queen of signing up for stuff because of the fact of I am very interested in what other people are doing. I like to see the funnel they use in the emails they use and all that. I know I need to get a hobby, but so I signed up for lots of things and there's nothing more disappointing than putting your, and I know it's just your email, but you've got to think about how I instil investing my time, which is the most valuable thing into something and it not being very good. So when I did my challenge, I was really adamant that it was going to be amazing and I was going to put a lot of time and effort into it. So let's think about how you could do a challenge for your business and how it works. Well, the first thing you're going to need to do is think about what is the challenge going to be about.

What is it that your customers are really struggling with that you could help them with? That might take a little bit more support than just doing a PDF or just doing a five minute video. What is something that you know that people are going to need help with, but they're going to have questions about? Because building your email list and I teach it and I'll tell you the steps I go through, but I teach it through lead magnets and doing that sort of thing. Building your email list is a big process. This is a big thing. This isn't a, Oh, you just go to this website, you put this thing in, and then it works. Not at all. You know, there are many steps to it and even a five day challenge cannot go into the sort of level of detail that we really need to get into.

However, it certainly will give them a way better understanding than if I just did a PDF or if I just did a five minute video. So for me it's about giving them something that they're asking for, but giving them in more detail with some actionable steps that they can make a decision on. That was really key. I didn't want them to come at the end of this thinking, well, I haven't done anything, because again, a challenge is something where they're working alongside with you. So rather than something like a webinar or a training or alive where they're just listening and they think, Oh that's a good idea. You want them to actually do the work. So this is great. If you're in the knowledge industry, this is great if you are a coach or some sort of trainer, this is also good if you are teaching people to bake or cook or flower range or yoga or whatever, you know you can do things where they follow along every single day.

So let me tell you how I planned my challenge and and what went into it cause it was a fair bit of work if I'm honest. So the first thing you're going to do is once you've decided yes I've got that subject is you're going to decide over the period, how long am I going to do it for? So I naturally had five steps to my process. So five days worked great. And the first one I did Monday to Friday. And I have to say, I can't really give you a, and I've talked about this on the podcast, what I can't give you a how successful it was because the Friday in which it finished was locked down and basically the world started to implode a little bit. So it was really hard to judge whether it was effective because it wasn't normal circumstances. So the challenge is five days, Monday to Friday.

This one I started on a Sunday because I wanted to see a finishing on a Thursday has any effect, and I'll let you know in the future, cause like I said, it hasn't finished yet. Once I decided that I got five things I was running over five days, I then had to think about what's the deliverable method, what do I want to do a, do I want to deliver this? So I decided that I wanted to deliver it through videos, alongside worksheets. So every day everyone in the challenge gets a link to a video. So I email them a link to a video and they watch that video. And on that page there's also a button to download the worksheet or the download, cause sometimes I just did a download of the information so they didn't have to keep rewatching the video, but they got the content that they needed that day through a video and a download.

And then what I did is they have one of them every single day and then I decided to do Facebook lives alongside it. So let me just talk you through the process of the videos. First I recorded five videos explaining each step and in each step I gave them an action that I wanted them to try and do that day so that they achieved something. Each one of these videos was put on its own landing. So just a page that I created in Kajabi, every page looks the same. So I literally created one page and then duplicated it, but a different video to each page so that I've got one page called day one with video one page called day two with video two. And then like I said, I took the content from the video and decided what kind of download or worksheet I needed to go with it.

And then I created that in Canva and then I had a button that said, here's the download. So I've got these five pages. Then what I did is I have an email written for every single day, which is now already scheduled to go out for the rest of the challenge. And the email just basically says, Hey, and welcome to whatever day it is. This is what we're going to be covering today. It always encourages them to go back to the Facebook group. I'll mention that the Facebook group in a minute, and then it gives them a link to the video in two different places. So I put an image of the video in and then I put a button saying view the video, and then that email goes out to them every morning. And then also at the same ish time, I post it in the Facebook group.

So like I said, emails go out every morning. That's great. And then I have a Facebook group alongside it. And I, one thing that I find really interesting is, and funnily enough, I've just got one of the team to do as an activity for me today, is to see how many people aren't in the Facebook group because I don't, I don't understand why they will get the videos because the videos aren't hosted in the groups. They still get access to them, but all the good stuff like the questions and the answers and the challenges and all that sort thing is all in the group in terms of the activity. So for me, the Facebook group was really, really important to have that. So I had a Facebook group. So obviously if you're going to do this challenge or going to do a challenge, you're going to open a new group and it's a private group.

And I, this is considering this my second challenge, I've done a different group again because I didn't want to add everybody back into the same group. So I'm doing a brand new group every time. This is purely preference as to how you want to do it and obviously I need a cover photo for it. I need welcome sort of post or whatever. And then as people come in, I'm asking them to tell us who they are. The other thing I do in the group is I ask them the question when they join, I asked them what their name is. I ask them what their businesses am. I asked to ask them which one of these statements do they most relate with. And they're things like, I've not started my email list but think I know what to do. I have started but need to grow it and I have no idea.

Send help. And then they tick which one of them. And obviously there's two reasons why I do this. One reason is that I need to know what level they're at so I can help with that in the group. And two, if I know what their businesses are, because we're talking about lead magnets, then I can help them with a more direct answer in terms of what appropriate lead magnet could work for them if I know what their business is. So those are the questions. I was also asked their email address. I'm not their name. So I don't ask that. I'm asked with email address because I need to check that they're on our system that they've actually signed up for the challenge. Cause you will get people trying to join the group who haven't signed up for the challenge. If you do, I send them a DM saying this is a private group for this challenge.

You're more than welcome to join. Here's the link. So then people are coming into the group and then what happens in the group is like that idea if you welcome posts. I am very active as I am in the Academy. I'm in the group all the time and I'm responding to staff. So people post, I always responding if it's just a light or welcome or whatever. I'm trying to be super active in there. And then every day I post two or three things. So the first thing I post is here's the link to today's video, which obviously they've got on their email but they can get in the group as well. And then I post later on in the day, maybe an hour or two later what their action for the day. So what is it that I'm asking them to do? And I'm asking them to respond in the group and tell me, because I want to see that accountability.

I want to see them doing the thing. Then the next thing I do is if we're doing a Facebook live, then I'll obviously post in the group about the Facebook live. I have been doing three Facebook lives over the five days. So the first time I did the challenge, I did a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, this time I'm doing Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. Only because I didn't fancy doing a live on Sunday in the evening when I'd probably had a glass of wine, uh, as truth that happened. So I, I've done it Monday at 6:00 PM I'm doing it tonight, which is Tuesday at 6:00 PM and I'll do it Thursday at 6:00 PM. So obviously I post say we're going live and then if I was really smart and very on the ball, sometimes I am, sometimes I'm not, I'd email them saying, I'm going live in the group, join me in an hour.

I haven't done that for today. I really should have done. But anyway, sometimes we just forget these things. We're not all perfect, which is a real shame. So that's what the group is being used for. And then like I said, as people are coming in and commenting, I am them responding. Now the other thing I do is I do competitions. So every day I pick a winner who told me what they were going to do or got on really well and I pick them as a winner for that day. So I normally do it the day after. So day one I do on day two, day two I do Mt. Three you get the picture and all I'm going to send them is some little goodies that I have normally just recap Jimmy members or for when I do competitions in the Academy. So I have some really beautiful notebooks and really beautiful pens cause obviously I wouldn't not have beautiful stationary so I send them something like that as a little kind of thank you for being involved and well done for taking action.

So I pick a winner every day. And then obviously I do the Facebook lives. And for me again, a bit like the coaching calls in the Academy, the lives of where they get the value. So having you in alive or in a challenge doing alive is so valuable because there's only so much you can get. Someone who's always going to go, yeah, but does that work for me? And yeah, but I've got this situation, is that right for me? So you're always going to get people wanting to ask the question. So the lives are so invaluable now there's two things I do for the lives. I go into the group and I look at what people are posting from a question point of view and I pull those questions out and I decide to answer them on the live. And I ask people to ask me questions on the live.

So if you are new to this and you haven't got lots of people on the live, then at least you've got some questions to answer. And also what's helpful is as you well know, there's a delay when you're doing any kind of live. And when you say to someone, can you send me a question? They're then going to be, you're going to be delayed by the time I hear it. And then by the time they type it, that's quite a big delay. So having those additional questions and that just gives you that bit of buffer time. So by the time you've answered one of them, you've probably got some questions in the group. Okay. Also, I encourage people to ask me any questions. No stupid question ever, ever, ever. So I'm always really keen for to ask the questions. So I'm doing those lives in the group and then, uh, we've got the group, we've done the emails, what next?

The next thing is moving into that sale period on the final day. Now this is really up to you how you do the S, but for me, I do it on the live. So I try and encourage as many people to come on that live as possible and I answer their questions. I then have some content that is only for the live as an encouragement to get them on. And then that's when I would sell whatever it is I'm selling. So in this particular instance, I'm going to be promoting the Academy and talking about the Academy because of the fact that they have one week and then it's the price is going up. So as well as talking generally about it to everybody, because I'm upping the price, I'm doing the challenge or I timed it all to work. So that worked with the challenge as well just to happen that it works.

Everything just kind of fit together perfectly in terms of timing, which has A's. So then I do the kind of promotion side and what I'm probably going to do on Friday, on Thursday, sorry, is I'm going to show them behind the scenes in the live. So I'm literally going to take them into the Academy and show them what the Academy looks like so that they can get a feel for it. And then I give them my office. So you might want to give a discount, you might want to give a fast acting bonus, you might want to give an early bird price, but you're going to need to give them some reason as to why now is the time. So for me, if they took part in the challenge last time, they actually got the option to have an extra bonus call with me. If they signed up for the year, they got a one to one call and if they signed up for monthly, they got a group extra group, monthly call just for that sort of onboarding period.

Whereas this time the kind of offer is the fact that the price is going up. So like I said, you need have a think about what you're going to offer at that stage on that final call. And then you're obviously going to have emails the follow up from there. So again, one thing I do is I send them out some onboarding emails, sort of swipe files so that when they've set up their email, less than that onboarding them that people will be able to have a look at what I do. And use that information in order to do their own. So that's part of that kind of final day bonus as well. So that will be emailed out to them as well. So like I said, I put quite a lot of work into my challenge because I was really keen to ensure that people came away from it actually having done the work and being able to move forward with something and the chance of them doing everything and having their email list running up and running in five days are slim to none.

But by the end of the five days, they would have decided who their perfect customer is. They want, they would have, sorry, I said I was gonna talk you through today. So the day one is decide who your customer is. So I talked them through a whole avatar thing. Day two is work out what their well day one, they work at their pain points and day two where they work out what lead magnet they can offer to their customer to help them with that pinpoint. Then day three, I talk them through the tech. So I encouraging them with that action on day three to kind of draw a line in the sun and say, yes, that's who I'm going to go with day four we talk about Hey to get people to actually sign up to their lead magnet so it's all well and good having on behind you get into to actually sign up.

And then day five I tell them how to or what you should send people once you've got them on their list, because often challenges talk about Hey to get people on your list, but they don't often talk about what you should be sending in an email once you have an email list. So that was how my challenge came out. And like I said, by the end of that week, they've definitely ticked off a lot of action things and they've definitely made lots of decisions and hopefully if they'd been coming into the group and speaking to me, I've been able to give them some tips and advice and kind of some help in terms of whether that lead magnet will work. What else? I think they can do, why that system might work better than that system, what they can put in their emails going forward.

So hopefully that's where the challenge really comes into its own. So I hope this has helped a bit today. I would consider doing a challenge. If you haven't been on mine then obviously unfortunately just missed this one, but I know date we'll run another one again in the future because it's such good fun. I really enjoy it. So do have a think about it. Think about what big pain point can you help fix, but then you're going to need them to go forward. Because in all honesty, if someone is coming to the challenge, they're going to make decisions, but there are still some things they're going to need help with. So for instance, there's a whole course on how to do a lead magnet, you know, there's a whole course on the whole process again. So the whole thing is that I give them enough to get them to move forward, to show them that they can take action and that this thing can work and this is a thing.

But they might still need some help and that's where the Academy comes in. So I hope this has helped. Now next week I have got the most amazing podcast guest. He's probably the most well known podcast guest I've ever had so it's pretty unbelievable. Now if you've been watching my Instagram then you will see who that is. But if you haven't I'm going to leave it until next week. You definitely don't want to miss that one. Have an amazing week and do go check out the Academy. Like I said, their prices going up and if you're on the fence I don't want you to miss it. I don't want you to think in two weeks time. Damn I should have got in cause I actually really could do that. So do go check out Theresa, you're forward slash Academy right guys. Have a great week and I will see for next week's interview.