(Small Business Superstar) Finding a niche and serving your target audience

This week’s Small Business Superstars is Fifi Mason who is a personal brand and a visibility coach.

A little bit about Fifi’s amazing business…

Fifi helps introvert business owners to figure out who they are in business, their core principles of their brand, their positioning, who they want to work with, finding a niche and what makes them different. As well as getting their personality across and the look and feel of everything they put out, helping them to have confidence to show up.

What one marketing thing made a difference to their business? 

The Quietly Successful Summit. A free virtual summit – 5 days for introvert business owners to grow their personal brand. 25 speakers talked all about various topics such as mindset, visibility, sales and productivity. It took 3 months to plan and set up!

What difference did it make to them and their business? 

The summit quadrupled Fifi’s email list. Fifi connected with a lot of people in her industry who she is now collaborating further with. After the summit, Fifi gained new clients and it has a positive impact on her income.

Where you can find Fifi

LinkedIn: Fifi Mason


Next Summit – Quietly Influential Summit – 15th – 19th March.

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