(Small Business Superstar) Offering your clients a “panic button” service

This week’s Small Business Superstars is Alice Jennings who is a small business consultant.

A little bit about Alice’s amazing business…


Alice helps small business owners to find the right systems and structures, to make running their business easy and give them more time.

What one marketing thing made a difference to their business? 


Alice gave all her clients a “panic button” – a 20 minute slot in my diary, whatever the problem is, she will stop what she is doing and fix it.

Alice was about to go on holiday and wanted a quick cash injection so packaged up 3 panic buttons for £99 and sent this out to her email list and had a great response!


What difference did it make to them and their business? 


Extra cash to have gone on holiday with. Not all the panic buttons got used but people seemed to like that they had them. It also opened Alice up to a world of people who may have then used her other services.


Where you can find Alice



Facebook Group: @Sortedsystems



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