(Small Business Superstar) Posting a video of yourself on social media

This week’s Small Business Superstar is Vardeep Edwards from The Branding Fox.

A little bit about Vardeep’s amazing business…

Vardeep designs brand identities for mainly female business owners. Vardeep has been a graphic designer for over 20 years now and has freelanced since 2006. Vardeep now focuses on branding and logo design.

What one marketing thing made a difference to their business? 

Going on video every day for 30 days via Instagram stories! Vardeep spoke about who she is, what she does, her background. She told her audience it was what she was going to do which held her accountable. A little something every day towards her goal really made a different.

What difference did it make to them and their business? 

There was a great reaction and lots of engagement. Vardeep stuck to it for the 30 days and people loved it. It made her audience more personal with her, as if they knew her better. Led to Vardeep speaking in front of other people’s audiences which led to knew conversations and then sales!

Where you can find Vardeep


Instagram: @thebrandingfox

LinkedIn: Vardeep Edwards

Facebook: @thebrandingfox

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