Some exciting updates to my brand and podcast!

In today’s episode of the podcast I share some exciting updates and tell you all about my new branding and website that will be live very soon!




  • It is so important that your website and brand messaging are aligned with you and your values.
  • It is also important to not pivot too much though as this can be confusing to your audience as to what you offer and who you are.
  • Your brand should represent you, who you are and what you stand for.
  • As time has gone on, my podcast has changed and what I want to speak about has also changed! Which is why the podcast will also be having a rebrand.
  • My new podcast name is “Your Dream Business Podcast” because I am all about keeping it real and helping you to create your version of a “dream business”.
  • A dream business doesn’t have to be a 7-figure business with a huge team – for example, it might be you work until 3pm every day or work 3 days a week allowing you to spend more time with family.
  • My membership is changing to “The Dream Business Club” and there will be an introductory level for just $19 per month!




No matter where you are in your business, there will be a level for you to work with me available!




  • Why I am changing my brand 02:02
  • My new brand 05:20
  • The podcast is changing! 10:50
  • My membership is changing 16:55




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Hello, and a really warm welcome to this week's episode of the podcast. I have lots to share with you this week. This new year has got off with a flying start. I say flying start. I'm not sure I got off with a flying start, but we have a lot of things that we're trying to achieve in January, which we were working on towards the end of last year.

Anyway. So I suppose. Swinging straight back into it, but we have got some big changes coming and I wanted to spend this episode explaining to you what's coming, explain to you why, telling you may be a bit at the how we've gone through it, and there'll be a future episode with me and the lovely Ben talking about the process as well.

So I was trying to give you a bit of behind the scenes in terms of running the business and what's coming up, and what we're changing. Uh, let's get started. Now you need to know, I am literally just doing this straight off the cuff, which, you know, I do a lot anyway, but at the very least I have a few kinds of points in front of me.

Whereas today I've just turned on the mic and I am talking to myself. So I apologize now if this is not as polished, I was going to say polished as normal. I'm not entirely sure. And any of them have that polished, but I wanted to kind of like said to have a really honest conversation with you is if you and I were sat talking and you were asking me what's happening and I tell you. So basically towards the end of last year, I started to look at my brand and think, “Do you know what, it doesn't quite represent me anymore.”

I, and I've talked about this a lot in the podcast in terms of like, whom I've sort of, you know, helped mentor and whom I've coached and the work I've done and my experience. And I don't need to tell you all that again, you know, well, good enough, like what my credentials are, but the brand wasn't quite adding up to that. And how that represented me and how it looked wasn't quite the same.

And it wasn't until I did my VIP, or as I was planning my VIP retreat, business retreat, that I started to realize that. I'm all by the nice finer things in life. And yet maybe my brand and my website and various other things weren't demonstrating that, they weren't demonstrating the high-end level of quality of service that I provide.

So there were lots of different reasons, but everything kept pointing towards that you need a rebrand, you need to freshen up, you need to change your website. Also, the amazing Ben who does my website, whom I've talked to before, we'll link up in the show notes. He or his company does it. He had done, they'd launched some other websites fairly recently and I'd looked at them thought, oh, I really liked them.

And I think now I need to change mine. And that happens a lot. I don't know if you find this, you'll see someone else's and think, oh yeah, I want that now. But you do need to be careful with that because. You'll work on something like a website or a brand for a while. And then by the time it comes out to the world, you are fed up with it already and you're over it, but it's really important that you don't just change it every time you feel like that because that's when you start to confuse people.

That's when you start to mix your messages, that's when you start to lose what it is and who you are. And that's where almost like the pivoting comes in. So, so yes. I, I got to a point where I thought, you know what I have at the Teresa Heath-Wareing brand for a while, now. And I wasn't using it because it didn't feel like it represented me properly.

So I got together with Ben and we had a bit of a sit-down and we talked about the possible rebrand and I was messing. That was it. I was looking at someone else's brand. And I was like, oh, I love that. And so I started messing in Canva. Every designer, listening to this now is like literally holding their breath in shock.

Like you can't design a branding Canva. No, you can't. You can, but no, you shouldn't. You should get someone who can do this to do it for you. So, but I started messing around and I sent it over to Ben who obviously has design skills. Cause he designs and creates the website and he came back to me and he was like, ‘Oh, I really want to do this. Can we do this? I think it's time. We need to change your brand.'

So we wanted to grow the brand up a little bit. So as you may or may not know, my brand is very pink. It was very gray. It was soft and muted and quite girly and gentle and lots of flourishes and things like that. I had very kind of scrolly fonts, which I still like a scrolly fonts.

It's not that I've come away from it, but it just seemed a little, a little bit. I use the word childish, but I don't think anybody gets what I mean when I say it, but it just didn't feel like it had gravitas. It didn't feel like it was a strong brand. So we did a load of work arrange, like who I am, what I do. And we did some work around some values.

The thing is your brand. And especially if it's a person should really represent you and who you are and what you stand for. So I started to look at what do I stand for? And if you really came out, so things like integrity. So everything I do, there's integrity. Like I take everything really seriously.

I make sure everything is of the highest quality. I work really hard to make sure that. Not only what you get is really good, but it's really authentically from me and is authentically me in its nature and how I am. And I have a really strong integrity. Like I am not one of these people that will say, Hey, this is only for members.

And then suddenly give it out to the rest of the world or tell you that the price is going up, but oh, look, I accidentally left it down. Or. Don't worry, four months down the line, I'm going to have that price again. That's not me. And, and also my integrity comes from my knowledge and my experience, and the fact of I'm not teaching you to do what I do.

I can very easily. If you want a business like mine, great. I can teach you that. No problem. But I'm not. I am teaching you from a, and this isn't another one of my values is knowledgeable. I'm teaching you from my 16 – 17 years’ worth of experience, my degree, my experience doing all the coaching I've done, working with all different types of businesses I've got.

So those were a couple of words. So integrity and knowledge were two really strong words that needed to come up. The other words that came up needed to be luxury. And like, I joked that I think I've joked on the podcast that like I listened to someone the other week. In fact, she's coming on the podcast soon.

When she talks about I'm Chanel, not Target. And like, that was the other thing that kind of came up at the time. And I was like, no, that's what I need to be showing. Like my event was really high-end, the money that you had to pay was a, is a high-level cost. Some of my programs like the 90-day program and funnily enough, I'm just writing some emails for the week in which this will podcast will come out and I'm mentioning my 90-day program to you and my emails because A, I never talk about it and B the price is going up because one thing I do when I review everything, and especially because we're doing a whole rebrand and few things are going to change is we're going to be the price on the 90-day program is going to go up.

And the reason for that, and the reason I very rarely talk about it is because of the fact that the, the 90-day program is a very limited number. It's one-to-one with me. I don't work with that many people, really, if I have any more than three people doing in 90-day program at once, it's almost too many.

So I've never had to market it before. Cause I've always had more than enough of what I need, but because I'm putting the price up and it is taking quite a jump, I wanted to give people the opportunity to get in at this price. And this isn't like a hardcore sales thing. This is literally me just saying to you the price is going to go up. Obviously, you can join at any point. The 90 days is always open, but the price is going to take quite a bit of a jump. It's going to go up by a couple of thousands so it's great. It's a brilliant program and we get great results, but anyway, that's not what I was on here talking about. But yeah, so the luxury element was really important to me.

So I wanted to make sure that brands showed and the website showed that kind of luxury high-end quality that you're going to get when you work with me. And then the other kind of words that came up in my values are things like inspiring. I want people to be inspired not only by my brand or by me, but by the people I work with by the, by the members that I have, and the successes I have.

Because of the amazing people that I work with. So, you know, and also one thing I'm told I do really well is I inspire and motivate people to get stuff done and do stuff. So again, that had to be part of the brand. And then the last one was honest. I am as much as I love the luxury and the integrity and the high-end, I'm also very honest and straight-talking.

So. I'm really honest about the fact. I like nice things. I'm honest about what works and what doesn't work. I'm honest about my expertise and my knowledge, but also I'm honest about this world wherein, and what you can expect. Cause I often again, and we've talked about this before a million times in the podcast that often people will make out, like having an online business is easy peasy and it's like, it really isn't like its hard work, but is it worth it?

Yeah. Hundred percent. I adore what I do, but you need to understand the honesty in that otherwise. Well, you just think you're the one that's failed and you haven't, it is this hard for everybody. So those are the words that kind of come up when I was doing the work. And like I said, that's hopefully what the branding is going to reflect.

So you're listening to this at the beginning of Jan and we're aiming for the end of Jan for all the stuff to come out, including the new website and on the website, we're going to have some updates in terms of how you're going to have a blog where some of the really good podcast episodes that people have loved we've turned into blogs.

So I'm just going back through my team have gathered all stuff together. And now I'm just going to go through and read and tweak and change and make mine. Cause they've just taken basically through the copy from the, uh, from the podcast. So that's going to change. And then the other thing that's going to change is the podcast.

Now don't panic. It's not going anywhere. However, as time has gone on. It's changed. So when I first started all those many years ago and all these many episodes ago, obviously this is 224 episodes. It's nuts. I've done that many episodes, but when I first started the podcast, it used to be called Social Media Marketing Made Simple because it was all about social media marketing because that's what I was known for.

Even though that's what I was known for that wasn't my experience, my experience, wasn't just social media. So after a while, I started to realize that no, the podcast talks about marketing in general. And actually, at that point, it was almost starting to talk about business and marketing in general, but I thought I can't, or I didn't really want to jump that far.

And I thought jumping to marketing that converts really helps because I'm talking about marketing in your business. However, we've moved on again. And the longer I have my business, the more I understand about running a business in general, and especially what it's like to run an online business, the more I'm able to talk about that.

So now what I'm doing is I'm changing the podcast again. I'm changing the name of the podcast again because the name needs to better reflect what you get when you listen to the podcast. And I've decided, oh, I'm really nervous to say this. I was literally thinking, should I actually say it, or should I just not say it?

And then we'll just wait and see. But no, I think I'm ready to say it. And the reason I'm nervous. Cause if you're listening to like was rubbish, I'll be absolutely gutted. Cause this is, there's been a lot of work in this. And you might think, well, that says like two minutes work, but we did a lot of toing and froing, a lot of questions, a lot of stuff, but basically we've decided that the podcast is going to be called Your Dream Business Podcast because I want to explain myself. Now, you know, I'm not into like, The kind of do three things and you'll become a millionaire.

Like I'm not trying to paint that picture, but my idea of what my dream business is and your idea of what you're dream business is are two different things. And that's the honesty and integrity that I want to get across. That a dream business is not a seven-figure business with a big team. It might be to some people, but it's not set in stone that that's what it is. Your dream business might be that you work three days a week. Your dream business might be that you get to only work with people that you absolutely love. It might be that you get to take the whole of the summer off. It might be that you finish at three every day.

Like it might be that you earn seven figures. It might be that you earn eight-figures. Like whatever it is, it's personal to you. And in talking about your dream business, I can talk about anything. So, you know, I'm a big fan of doing the mindset stuff, and I'm doing more of that because the more I learn and the more I use in my business and I've been using it now for years, the more I share my practices and I share them to other people. So, so now I'm talking, and like I said, from day to day, I don't think you're going to see a whole huge difference. It's not like suddenly when we bring the new podcast name in that suddenly the podcast is going to change completely. It's not at all. Really.

It's just the fact that people coming to the podcast will see that it's more about business than just marketing, just mindset, just social media, just one aspect of the business. So now it's generally talking about business. So we can talk about bringing on a team. We can talk about creating large content.

We can talk about you know, how to get organized or the finance side or the mindset side. There's so much we can talk about in terms of running a business. For me changing the name just better reflects that. So, and I've got some amazing new artwork cover artwork, which again, I am very excited about it.

So you don't have to do anything other than when we launch and change everything towards the end of the month. Shout it from the rooftops for me, that would be amazing. It'd be lovely to invite some new listeners to the show as we're launching the new stuff, but basically, you just need to keep hanging around to keep watching my stuff, listening to my podcast and you will see these changes coming.

So let me think. New brand new website, new podcast name, new podcast cover, obviously new podcasts, social media posts. We're changing all of them up as well. Then the other thing we're changing and I'm actually really excited about this bit. And again, as you hearing this at the moment, there will be, if you're listening to this live, as in the week it comes out, or any time before the end of January 2022, you're unliked bell to go and find anything about this, but obviously make sure you're on my list.

So if you're not on my email list and get my emails, then make sure you do that. Make sure you're following me on social media. So Instagram, all those good places. And you will find out about this when it comes, but basically, we're changing up the membership. So as you currently know, I have an academy and the academy is one level.

You can join the academy and the last time you could join, it was $57 a month. Now the next time you can join it when I open it again, it's 97 and it includes loads of amazing things, including being coached by me and mindset calls and all this kind of stuff. Anyway, I've decided that as much as I am and wants to be known and am known for luxury and the nicer things and the more high-end level, I'm also very keen to make sure that I have something that can support people starting out in their journey who aren't ready to pay that amount of money yet.

So I'm actually bringing in. Or we're going to have three levels in total of the membership.

And again, the name's changing. So now it's going to be called The Dream Business Club, and we're going to have three levels to that club. Now, if you're a member and you're listening to this thinking what, then obviously keep an eye out inside the membership. Cause I'll be explaining all to you, but we're going to be having an introductory level where you can join and that price will be opening up at $19 a month because I'm really keen to make sure I support as many of you as possible. Hence, why I've introduced a lower level price in order for you to be able to come into the club and experience what the other members have experienced or some of what the other members are experiencing.

And get some access to me without paying the higher amount. Then we're going to have The Dream Business Club Plus. Which is the level at which the membership is at currently. So if you're a member, you will turn into the dream business club plus, and then we're going to have The Dream Business Executive Club.

And the executive club is my current next level, which up until this point has been very much a closed private thing. So you haven't been able to join the next level, no one has. Whereas when I open up all three levels will open up at once and you're going to be able to look at each level and decide which level is for you and which level is going to suit you where you are in your business.

And the best thing of all. This all marries up perfectly with the pathway. So I think this is going to be changed to the dream business pathway. That in fact, this is still one thing that's still on my to-do list just reminds me, but the pathway is going to reflect it. So if you are in the club, then you will get access to pathway-level one, as well as some other stuff when the page, a bunch that comes out to sign up, you'll see what you get. If you're at the club plus you're going to get access to levels one, two, and three. And if you're at the executive club, you'll get access to level one, two, and three, but the different executive clubs you'll get more of my time and more of my, so for instance, I could tell you literally, every single one of my next level, which will become an executive club. It's getting very confusing with all these names. I can tell you exactly what they do, how they do it, what their business looks like, where they've got a team, not got a team. So I know a lot more about their business. So I give them a lot more hands-on support and they move faster.

Creates things quicker and they grow faster. So, so this is going to be for me, I am so excited because this is going to be three levels of my club that you can join and any level should be able to meet you where you are now. So like I said, if you're starting out or if your income isn't where you are, and the best thing about this is on level one if you join the club stage for the $19 a month, level one tells you how to get consistent sales. And then as you move into level two, which is when you'd move up into club plus that's when I show you how to increase your sales. So I'm not asking you to come into the next level until or move up to club plus until you're getting consistent sales.

So by that point, You should have the money to then move up to the next level of the club. So it might sound a bit confusing. It still feels a little bit confusing if I'm honest, because I'm still working on all this stuff, but it's, it's ACE I am so very excited and I can't wait for you to see the branding.

I think it looks ACE so I'm really, really pleased, but like I said, hopefully, it's just going to much better match my values of me and the business, and also much better match what I provide as a service that we provide services that are based around growing your business and creating a business and life that you dream of because that's what I've managed to create myself.

So now I can help other people do it. In your own instinct in your own thing. So there you go, I told you it'd be a little bit of a rambling one, a little bit of an all over the shop. Just trying to explain to you what's happened, but I want you to keep an eye out. So this is the main thing you have to, you have to keep an eye on my social.

You have to make sure you're on my email list and you're opening my emails because, in the next few weeks, you're going to start to get things. If you are interested or have ever been interested in working one-to-one with me, then now is absolutely the time to join before the price goes up. And again, the price is going up to reflect the results we get to reflect the availability of me and lots of other things. So, yeah, lots and lots of good things. So I will leave you until next week. I have an interview for you next week, which is brilliant by the way. It's the amazing Natalie Bullen and oh man. She, she spoke at, SOAR, at our online event. Oh, she was ACE, I loved her. You're going to love next week talking about finance.

So that's a good one. Um, and not dull at all in the slightest, in fact, to far from it. Absolutely brilliant. So that's next week and I will catch up with you very soon and we'll keep you updated with what is going on with all the exciting changes. Okay. I hope you've had a brilliant start to your year and I will catch you very soon.