The reasons behind me closing the $19 level of my membership

Today’s episode of the podcast is a solo episode, where I am talking to you about why I introduced a lower price option to my membership earlier this year, and then closed it just a few months later.

I share with you what I did once I realised it wasn’t working and how I went about closing it, as well as the lessons I learned from the experience.



  • There is not a single person in business who hasn’t experienced failure, or something that didn’t go to plan.
  • If the only thing stopping you from making a decision is what other people will think, then stop worrying and do what fits best for your life and business.
  • Just because something doesn’t work out how you planned, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed, everything is a learning experience.
  • What the club looks like today, and what’s included at each level.




It's your business and your life, if something isn't fitting for you, then don’t do it.




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Hello, and welcome to this week's episode of the podcast. How are you doing? I hope you are well. This week. It's a solo one and it's a bit of a conversation this week. I wanna talk about the reasons behind me closing the lower level of the Club. Because I think it's super important to be honest about this stuff. I think. I don't know about you, but we watch a lot of people online.

We see a lot of people on Instagram and a lot of other people's businesses, and sometimes we can look at them and think, why is it all just so perfect for them? And isn't working out that way for me. Because let's face it. There is not a single person in business that has not had some failure or something go wrong or something not go as planned or, you know, not be perfect all the time. That just isn't business. That isn't true.

And I think the problem is when we don't see that people are honest about stuff, we start to think that we are the only ones. So, and I'm not saying that, you know, what I'm talking about today was a failure, but it certainly was a learning thing for me. And I certainly learned some lessons and I made a change.

So that's the first reason I wanna talk about, cause I want you to know that it isn't all sweetness and light and perfect and amazing and beautiful in business cuz it's so isn't. The other reason I wanna talk about it is I want to give you the knowledge and to empower you to know that if something's not right, you can change it.

It's up to you. It's your business. Don't care what anybody else thinks. Why anybody else might say if something changes or the fact that you think, “Well, I'll look a failure or I'll feel this or whatever.” who cares? It's your business, your life. And if something isn't fitting for you and I've got some great examples of other people, who've done things.

If it's not fitting for you. Then don't do it. You shouldn't do it. So let me talk about the club and I talk about the club a lot, and this week as I record this, there's an open house in the club. So if you are listening to this on Monday and you wanna join the open house, you can still do that. Please come and see what we're all about.

I'd love it. It's called an insider experience, but I keep calling it an open house because I feel like you'll know what I'm talking about by an open house and our cool name of insider experience, although it's cool. And it is what it is. I think, you know what I mean by open house. Anyway. So the club had three levels.

So initially the club started as the academy had one level, and then I started to see that there were certain people within the membership who needed more and were maybe getting, not frustrated. But maybe we're asking questions that were a bit further on than the majority of the people. And I was getting concerned that if I didn't provide something for them, and I certainly could, because I am more than knowledgeable in the area of scaling and growing and all this.

And if I didn't provide something for them, that they would go and look to get it somewhere else. Where I knew I could exactly do what they needed to do. So I think quite some time ago, I introduced Executive Club. So Executive Club is the higher level of the membership. And this is for people who are ready to take things seriously, are ready to put in the work and are ready to show up for themselves and for their business.

And. The thing about executive club is it's not extra training. It's not extra courses. It's not 10 more downloads. It's not anything like that. It's my time. So what they get in Executive Club is they get more coaching calls with me. They get more hands on time with me and they get, uh, co-working with me and like half a day planning session each quarter. They get an extra day SOAR, which is the SOAR that is my club only online event in December. And they get discounts to anything else that I might, you know, put out there that needs to be paid for. But basically the thing is I understand their businesses inside and out.

I know them, I know their families. I know their partner's names. I know their kids' names. I know what's important to them. I know what drives them. I know when they need a carrot, I know when they need a stick, it's about me really understanding them so I can serve them better. So I introduce Exec Club and I love it.

And it's great. And it really, really benefited the people who I chose to go in it. And I handpick them to begin with. Now anybody can join Exec Club. You can go and join like anybody else but often it comes through referral. It comes through a conversation with me. Because I need to make sure it's the right fit.

But it's a great group of people. It's a very close knit group of people who really support each other. And it's awesome. So we introduced that and the club at this point was just moving from $59 a month to $97 a month, which I a hundred percent stand by the value that I give people, even in the main club.

I know most people and their businesses and their lives. I might not know their partners or children's names, but I know who they are and I know what they do. And I follow them and I invest my time in them. So I am 100% confident in my pricing strategy of $97 a month. It is worth that and more. Things like the mindset hour, the content hour, the coaching call, the fact that you get to pick my brain as, and when you need it,

I know that money is more than valuable. I've been in membership that cost considerably more than that one I'm in at the moment. And they don't give half as much as what we give it in my membership or as I give it in my membership. So, but the problem I kept having was everybody kept saying, I can't afford it.

I wanna join. I wanna be in your world. I can't afford it. I wanna join. I wanna be in your world. I can't afford it. And I was thinking, I really like serving everybody and I love helping people who are just getting started. And I don't mind answering the stupid questions. There are some people out there who hate the stupid questions.

Personally. I don't I'll answer any, I love them all. So for me, I was like, how can I get those people more in my world? How can I support them? So they can develop and grow to get to the point where they could afford the higher level club. Where their businesses is thriving, because paying out anything like this is about priorities.

It's about where we put the value. And as long as I can show people there's value, then they would decide whether it's for them or not. So I wanted to introduce a lower level like said for, for those reasons one, so that I had a more entry point into my world from a business strategy, point of view. If I had a lower level.

Okay. It wouldn't bring me the money in, but it would bring me them into my world. And I'm more likely in a future date to show them the value of the main club. But mainly so that I could offer something to people who couldn't afford it. And mainly I could support them in a way. But obviously I had to differentiate the one level to the other level because I couldn't have people coming in at $19 when people were paying $97 to be in the club. So I looked at what I offered and I pulled out some things and I said, okay, at each level, this is what you get. And it really made sense to me. And what I offered at the lower level instead of a coaching call, which obviously is huge value. I offered a Q and A. So I would do a Q and A once a month in the club, in the Facebook group.

And they could post their questions and I would answer their questions. And I felt that this is a good compromise. It was a good compromise to me being able to answer their questions, but not giving away the stuff I give on a coaching call, which obviously the beauty of coaching call. And like I said, if you join, if you, if you are joining or will join the open house, the insider experience, you'll get to see how I do a coaching call.

But the reason how I do a coaching call is I ask questions back. I understand who they are in their business. Because if someone says to me, should I put my prices up? Most people be like, yes. Most experts like, yes. Well, I don't know, because I need to know what are you charging at the moment? Who are your customers?

What's, you know, what does your thing look like? How much time and effort you put into it. So. I couldn't do that because like I said, I had to do it for that level, but they did get things like the content hours and they also got the mindset calls. And the mindset calls are with me on zoom, where I have conversations with you.

But of course my conversations are around that mindset exercise. So even though I could have a touch point with them, it wasn't the same as me understanding their business as well as I could have done on a coaching call. So I introduced this lower level and my expectations were that we would get lots of people joining the lower level, because I would been told a million times over.

I really wanna join. I really wanna be in your world. I can't afford it. And the truth of the matter was I didn't, I didn't get people joining. I got a handful of people, like, I don't know, initially about 15 people join. And that was it. And I was just like. To begin with I wasn't blown away. To begin with I was like, no, that's cool.

The whole idea of this is the club is just opened. It's now open permanently. People can join wherever they want. And my hope is that at this level they can join. And they kind of didn't. I had a few people filtering through, but it wasn't what I thought. And I didn't set hugely high expectations. However, it just didn't meet the expectations I set.

So I had to start looking at what I was doing and how much time I was putting in and the number of people we were bringing through the door. That was one consideration. But the thing that actually was the hardest bit for me is I am so passionate about my superpower being that I understand people and I get to understand them and I get to tailor my advice to them and their business so that I'm not this, everyone should do this.

Cuz I totally hate that. This cookie cookie cutter type scenario, that's not me. And the truth was I couldn't do that as well as I liked with those people because of the fact of, I didn't have that touchpoint with them. And I couldn't have that touchpoint with them because one, I would've given them way too much for the price that I was charging them, but, and two I'd have upset and rightly so, my other members.

And I didn't like it. I didn't like that I had people in my membership that I didn't understand, or I didn't know very well. And this might sound really odd because I've been in memberships where I've been one of thousands and I'm not like my membership is not huge. And I think there's a really good reason for that.

And I think it's because I want to get to know people and I totally want to serve them. And I don't know how I could do that if my membership was thousands. I would do my best to, but I don't know how I could. So for me, that level didn't fit for two reasons. One, I didn't feel like I was serving them as well as I could have done, even though I was offering it at such a low price. But two, it didn't do the thing I was expecting it to do it.

Didn't bring in all those people, which I was half expecting it to bring in. So I had a conversation with a coach and she said to me, this is, this is someone that I go to occasionally with. Well, I say a coach, she's, she's a coach. She's amazing. And we often go to each other when we need something, but just to happen this time, I went to her and I was like, actually, I'm struggling a bit in terms of like, how am I getting people in this level?

And why aren't they joining it's $19 a month. It's 15 pounds. Like. What do you spend 15 pounds on in a month? And what if you spent that 15 pounds and it actually helped increase your business two or threefold, which is what I've done with other members. I just couldn't understand it. And I spoke to them and she didn't know I had a $19 level and she was like, “What? You have what?”

And I was like, “Yeah.” And I said, I don't wanna be sleazy. I don't wanna be slang. I don't wanna be like, charge what you're worth just to put your prices up. I said, And I don't feel like that when it comes to the, the club, because actually the value that's in there is huge. And for me, I know the work I've done with my members.

They have some of 3, 4, 5 times what they used to earn because of the stuff they've learned and the work they've done in the club. So I felt so confident about that, but I wanted to offer that level and she was like, “So there's nothing else anybody can do if they can't afford 97.” I was like, “Well, no, I have my open house.”

I have. You know, challenges I run, I obviously have my podcast. I go live once a week on Instagram. Now where anybody asks a question, I will answer that question. And we talked over and she's like, I don't think you should have it. I don't think you should have it for a few reasons. One, it hasn't done the thing you expected it to.

Two, you don't like it because you can't get to know these people. And therefore you feel like you are not serving them. And three, like, and she's so very sweet, but she was like, You've been in this industry for a long time. Your value is huge. There's nothing you should be selling at that price.

And, and that was a really nice thing to hear and a really confident thing to hear helped my confidence in terms of, you know, cuz obviously it does not your confidence when you put something out there in it and people don't buy. You're like, what am I doing wrong? What on earth is going on with this? So I had this big discussion and I decided that she's right and I'm right.

And actually this isn't sitting with me. I'm not getting them the, the growth that I can get the rest of the members because of the fact that I can't get to know them as well as I can. So I made this decision to, to close the club level. So we have club, club plus, and executive club. So the club level club level, I speak English, um, at $19 I closed.

So the first thing I did was took it off the sales page. So no one could actually rejoin. The second thing I did was got in contact with every single member of the club level and asked to have a one-to-one call with them, gave them my calendar link and say, can you book in, I really wanna talk to you about something there's some changes coming.

And before I ignite those changes, I want to speak to you. And I gave them all a link and I booked them in on calls. And I sat and did a load of calls with these members and it was ACE. I loved it. And I realized more than ever that's where my joy comes from and where my superpower comes from is when I sat and talked to them and understood who they were and what their businesses were.

I just enjoyed it so, so much. So that was the next thing I did, but it also enlightened me in other ways. So, what was so helpful about doing these calls was I was getting on and talking to these people and understanding them and their businesses. But I also got to understand what their thought was about that level of the membership and what their thought was coming in.

And it turned out that all of them thought that there wouldn't be half as much of the stuff that was in there in that. They actually said that one of my, the, two of the people in that level had already previously been members and they had had to leave. And then they came back at the lower level thinking, brilliant.

You know, that's a great cost. And because they'd already been members. They joined just to be in my world, which was so very kind of them, but they didn't actually expect there to be half the amount of stuff in there that was in there and they were blown away. And I think that was such an interesting point because is that the reason people didn't buy because they looked at it and thought, well, there'll be nothing in there because that's how much it costs and there's so much the normal costs.

When actually that's not the case at all. There was, there was more than their money's worth in there considerably more. I just think the whole exercise was really, really interesting. And I went through and like I said, I spoke to them individually. I had conversations.

You know, did they wanna join the, the main club, uh, tried to look at ways in which I could help them to join the main club. And if they didn't then absolutely fine. And they are staying in until the open house finishes and then we will remove them, but it was so useful having that conversation, but it was also great for.

I guess for my I, not that I ever felt like I'd failed at it or that I felt guilty or that I had messed up. It wasn't any of that. I didn't feel that which was really good and reassuring. And I think that's because I talked over someone, I talked over with them, I had conversations and I had really good, strong, practical reasons why it wasn't going to work.

But I think at that point, if I hadn't have had those thoughts, I would've been thinking, okay, Like I failed at this. I can't change it, or I might have thought I'm gonna have to stick with it, even though it's not working. And that's just the worst thing. You. To do something that is not fulfilling you or your audience in a way that you want.

And yes, it was fulfilling the people that were in there, but it wasn't the amount of people I thought it was going to be. And I didn't like it because I didn't know them and I wanted to know them better. So I actually felt really good about making the change. But interestingly enough, one of my members has a membership and she has reached a point in her life.

Well, during lockdown was great and she was happy that she's doing all these calls and showing up online on time. But of course her world has changed now. We're not in lockdown anymore. And one of her true passions in life, and one of her values is the fact of travel and the freedom that that brings you.

And she came on a coaching call sort of saying. I, you know, I'm feeling really tied down and she kind of muted the, what if I left? What, what if I canceled my membership? What if I did something else? And initially I think she was a little bit concerned of what would people think, how it'd look. And I was like, But it doesn't matter.

It doesn't fit with you anymore. It doesn't fit with where you are with your life. It doesn't fit with how you feel about your work. It's not adding up for you. So who cares? What anybody else thinks? Who cares whether people look at you and think, “Oh, that's funny, she stopped her membership.” I think you've gotta do what you've gotta do.

So if you are sat there today thinking actually this no longer serves me or serves my audience, then. Question do you have to do it? And if the reason or the main reason you're thinking I want to stay and do it is because you're worried about what other people will think. Who cares what they'll think?

Doesn't matter. Just go with it, just go with the fact of you have gotta do what fits with you, your life, your audience, your members, your customers, and if it's not fitting, it doesn't matter. And the truth of the matter is lots of people. And I say this all the time, but lots of people aren't even brave enough to start a business.

So the fact that we've done something and the same is if you, like, if you had a new job and you went to the new job and you went, I don't like it anymore. Would anybody think you're a failure for going, do you know I'm gonna leave and do something else? No, they'd be like, well, that makes sense. It's not for you.

So I just think sometimes we need to try these things. A hundred percent need to try these things. We need to be brave enough to do 'em in the first place, but then we need to be brave to go. Actually is it working for me and for my customers? And if the answer's no, then it's no, and it's gone. So how the club looks today is I have two levels.

I have the club, which is now the big club used to be called club plus, and I have executive club. I am very happy with both them work. I am very happy with the pricing they're at and the value that people get for them. And I'm very confident about them. So, and that's where I've done the open house so that people can see what they get in there and they can make an informed decision.

And see what I'm like on a coaching call and what a mindset call might be like. And the type of people that are in there when you do a networking session. So I am really happy and really confident about the service and where I'm at right now. And like I said, if you are sat in a position where you're thinking something isn't working for you, it might be that it just needs a tweak.

It might be that it actually, that's not for you and it doesn't fit anymore. So I hope that this kind of debrief of what's happened with the club it's been useful. And given you a couple of lessons and certainly lessons that I've learned during this time. And yeah, you know, I hope you've taken something from it and it's not just been me.

Whittering on about my changes. But anyway, if you are in the open house, please come and say hi. Uh, I am so excited to meet you all. And if not, and you wanna join, then jump in you can. And I will see you next week for a very special interview. Something I've never done before. It's a two parter. One part is on my podcast and the other part is on my guest podcast.

So make sure you listen to that. It's a really good conversation. We had a great chat, uh, and I think you're gonna get lots from it. And anyway, have a great week and I'll see you next week.