The two most powerful lead magnets that can help you grow your email list quickly

Today’s episode of the podcast is a solo episode where I reveal the secrets behind the two most powerful lead magnets that can help you grow your email list quickly and effectively. I share personal anecdotes and expert tips on why these lead magnets are so effective and how you can create them for your own business. Whether you are a course creator, membership owner, or coach, this episode provides actionable strategies to enhance your marketing efforts and build your audience.



  1. The Effectiveness of Checklists and Templates
    I discuss how checklists, templates, and toolkits serve as powerful lead magnets by providing immediate value to potential clients. These resources offer quick wins and practical steps that help establish trust and demonstrate expertise.
  2. The Power of Engaging Quizzes
    Quizzes are highlighted as another highly effective lead magnet. They captivate attention by offering personalized insights, which tap into people's curiosity about themselves.

    • Tips: Ensure your quiz is engaging, fun, and relevant to your audience, while also gathering valuable information that can help improve your marketing efforts.
  3. Simplicity is Key
    I emphasize the importance of keeping lead magnets simple, concise, and focused on delivering quick wins. Overly complex or extensive materials can overwhelm your audience and reduce the effectiveness of your lead magnet.

    • Advice: Create lead magnets that address specific problems your audience faces, making it easy for them to see the immediate value in what you offer.


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One of my very first lead magnets got me 800 opt ins in two weeks with only a spend of about £50. So what made that particular lead magnet so powerful that I was able to build my list that fast? Well, in today's episode, I am sharing with you The two most powerful lead magnets that you can create for your business that will help your email list build fast.

I'm sharing with you why they are so powerful and how you can create them for your business. You don't want to miss today's episode.

Hello, and welcome to this week's episode of the podcast. How are you doing? So I've been going through, as you might know, I've been going through a review, a rebrand, a re looking at my audience. What am I helping them with?

And some of the things that I've been doing, and also I did a masterclass not so long ago, and some of the things that I've been doing are, Going back and looking at what I did a long time ago. And it's funny because I almost feel like in some cases I'm coming full circle, but in the sense of I'm coming back to the thing that I would call absolutely my zone of genius.

My zone of [00:02:00] genius is helping online business owners grow their online business. My zone of genius is everything around lead magnets, funnels, sales pages, like launching, everything to do with that and audience building. So those are the key areas that I am really kind of leaning into. So when I was thinking about today's episode, it was funny.

It was kind of inspired by something I did in order to prep for the master class. So when I was prepping for the master class, I was looking for an example of a really good testimonial that I had from years and years ago, because with this particular testimonial, I had presented it at my first ever talk I did in the States, which happened to be an event that lead pages put on and at the time lead pages were like the biggest in the industry in terms of landing page builder, emails and all of the cool funnel stuff.

I mean, we're talking like eight years ago, eight, 10 years ago, so [00:03:00] I spoke at that conference. So one of the first conferences in the States I spoke at was theirs and the fact that I got to speak at their conference said a whole lot. In fact, Pat Flynn was on right before me, which was crazy. Anyway, so while I was looking, I had to go back and watch the replay because I have a replay of my tour, but I don't have the presentation.

So I've watched the replay and I was looking at the results that I got for this client that I worked with, like I said, literally years ago. And I was like, this is so good. And it kind of, like I said, bought me full circle. And I remember thinking about my very first lead magnet. Now, my very first lead magnet.

I got something like, God, I wish I could replicate this now without spending money. I got something like 800 opt ins in the space of about two weeks, which without a big budget is unheard of at this point in time. Now I used, I think I spent like 50 pounds on ads then, but I put together a [00:04:00] really effective lead magnet and.

I thought what I would do today is talk you through the two most powerful lead magnets that you can have and, or two themes, the most powerful lead magnets you can have, why they're so powerful. And obviously if you can then do one of these two lead magnets, brilliant, because they are really going to help you grow your audience.

Let me just start just in case you were new to me, just briefly telling you what a lead magnet is. And I'm sorry if you know what one is, but just bear with me for 30 seconds. A lead magnet is something that you are giving someone in return for their email address. Now, if you're in the knowledge industry, which I am, and if you have an online business, then you're probably in the knowledge industry too, i. e. you're selling your brain.

So, You are selling a service where you help people with the thing that you are really flipping brilliant at. So lead magnets for us are super easy in the sense of we don't have to give our product away. We don't have [00:05:00] to give a discount. We can just say you are struggling with this. I can help you.

And that brings me to the next really key point is the lead magnet has to solve a problem. Now, I know lots of us have on our websites, if you want to join my mailing list or my newsletter or my whatever it is, then please put your details in here. But in reality, people aren't really going to do that.

Like they might, if they think, actually, I do know you and I want to find out more about you. However, the chances of you building a decent email list through that is Nigh on impossible. So you need to offer them something in order for them to say, yes, please. I want to know that I have that problem that I think you can help me with.

And that lead magnet will help me with it. Yes. I will give you my email address. And then the other thing that I really want to quickly say is it needs to be good. Okay. And I know that sounds like a given and actually with the amount of people, one of the things I do in my accelerator program [00:06:00] is I go through people's lead magnets and I look at them as if I am their customer.

So I literally go to the opt in page. I opt in, I look at their thank you page. I look at their welcome emails. I look at the lead magnet. And more often than not, they are trying to put way too much into the lead magnet. They're trying to talk war and peace. I know a lot of people are like really focusing on eBooks, which again, it's just a ton of stuff.

So the lead magnet has to be good, but by good, I don't mean massive. I mean, give them the quick wins. What we want is a quick win. If I said to you, and I say this all the time, like, if someone could say to me tomorrow, like I could take a pill and lose to stone, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Like, of course you would.

If someone said to me, do this one tiny little hack in your business and you can make a million, I would do it. And we would love to imagine that that is the fact that there are things like that out there. We know there absolutely isn't. However, They want a quick win and we want them to have a [00:07:00] quick win, because if they have a quick win, then they're going to look much more favorably on you and think, Oh God, this person's good.

So when I say a good lead magnet, I don't mean a massive war and peace lead magnet. I mean, good, give them a quick win. The other thing that people tend to do is they tend to go too complicated. Okay. So we assume that people know as much as we do and they don't. So, and I remember doing this years ago, thinking that like my lead magnet had to be, and my content had to be as good.

So that my competitors were like, gosh, she's so smart. I'm not, I'm not, my competitors aren't buying from me. The. My customers are buying from me. So it's really important to make it at the level that your customers will need it. And therefore, like I said, inevitably we make it way too complicated and we give them way too much.

So simple, short, sweet, things that you would think Well, that's just crazy. Like no one's going to want that. You'll be [00:08:00] amazed. You would be amazed. The amount of lead magnets I go through for my clients, my students, and go too much, bring it back a bit. Okay. So we know what lead magnet is, why we need a lead magnet.

I've said already, but I'll say again, people are not going to suddenly wake up one morning and go, Oh, I wonder if that person that I barely know has got an email list that I can get on. Everyone in the nicest sense of the word is very selfish, myself included. What is in it for me? And that's where a lead magnet comes in.

What is in it for your customer or your person that you want on your list? They need a reason to get on your list. And Just in case I need to reconfirm why you need people on your email list, all the other marketing you do pretty much is on borrowed ground. Social media is borrowed ground.

It goes down, people get thrown out of their accounts. People get their whole accounts wiped out and they are going to do nothing about it. I literally, I'm in a mastermind and I was speaking to them yesterday and one of the women on the [00:09:00] mastermind had over 10, 000 followers on Instagram account got wiped. contacted them, nothing.

Like, account couldn't come back, she had to start from scratch. So, I implore you, everything you do, constantly be thinking, how can I get them on my email list? Okay, so what are the lead magnets that are just gold at the moment? So weirdly, the lead magnet I did all those years ago is still gold now.

So the one I did years ago was, I identified that The service I was offering at the time, so I used to do social media management for clients when I had the agency. And I always used to get the whole, you're too expensive. And I started to realize there was a really good reason I was too expensive because we did a lot of proactive stuff way before anybody else did.

So what we did is we realized that yes, social media is brilliant. And at the point people were just shoving up posts, right? That was as big and as much as social [00:10:00] media content that people created and the strategy. Whereas because I had come from a marketing background, I knew, and I had a degree in it and all that good stuff.

I knew that it took more than just shoving up posts. So I did proactive work. We did a lot of stuff that people weren't doing at the time. So when I started to transition over to the online business, I started targeting social media managers. And God, I wish I'd stayed with that niche, not because I want to work particularly with those people, but imagine how big my business would be now if I stayed with one niche, whereas I have flitted and moved, but all for good reason.

And I am where I am today. And it was all for a right reason. Anyway, little unpacking of myself there. So I focused on social media managers. So I created a lead magnet and I can't remember the exact words, but basically it was like how you can charge more and save time because that was the other thing I'd done.

Not only did we do proactive work, but having watched one of my team members try and do the proactive work. [00:11:00] She just used to scroll Twitter for ages, looking for things to like. And I was like, this is not effective. We need to find a much better way of doing this. So I'd come up with this plan for us internally.

So these two things that I did, the proactive work that people weren't doing, and the structure of the proactive work made me money and saved me time. So that was what I focused on. Make more money, save time. I mean, who doesn't want that generally in their business 24 seven? So first off, I hit two massive pain points.

Now I'm not saying that every lead magnet out there should say those two things because that actually, that's not what the, the great thing about that lead magnet was. Although as I've already identified, it needs to answer a problem and fix something for them. The thing that was so powerful about that lead magnet was I made a checklist.

Okay. I'm ready for you to be like, is that it? Is that all you're telling me? Yeah, I made a checklist. So the reason checklists and templates and toolkits are so, [00:12:00] so powerful as lead magnets is because The next best thing than a magic trick that basically tells me how to do something perfectly or gets me to lose two stone tomorrow is a tool or a list or a something that I can follow.

You are taking, do the work for me. If I get outsourced, like loads of the hard stuff I have to do, then God, I would do it in a heartbeat. So. If you are doing some of the hard work for me, so not only did I explain why doing these things was so powerful, but I literally gave them the checklist that we use where we used to write the client's name, the date or the week or whatever it was.

And we would tick as we did these various things. And I know it sounds so incredibly simple. However, checklists, toolkits, templates, anything that saves me a bit of time and tells me what to do is [00:13:00] Gold. Okay. So one of the things I talk about when people first start creating lead magnets with me is we talk simple.

So we talk like a PDF, that's all it needs to be a PDF checklist. There's the one I did on a little while ago. I did a podcast episode, which we'll link in the show notes. That was all about the how to get on other people's podcasts, and I did a checklist with that. So. It, you know, it wasn't a rocket science thing.

It wasn't like this big Warren PC book. It was literally a one sheet checklist. But what it did was it took everything that I said in a podcast and went, there's the list. Do those things. So that is gold because like I said, we want the done for you. If we could outsource this, we would, but the people you're probably talking to are not at the point to outsource at this point.

So if you can help them in any way, that is the way to do it. Checklists, templates, toolkit type things, depending on how big the toolkit is, then you probably want to charge for it. Okay. So that's the first lead magnet that is absolute gold in terms of giving out. [00:14:00] And that is easy. Okay. I'm thinking about doing a session soon.

In fact, By the time this goes out, I might have already planned it about how to create workbooks and lead magnets using Adobe Express, which basically you will be able to follow me along and we'll do like a workshop thing, but that I promise you is easy. And once you've got one, you can just replicate it and do another.

Okay. So the next thing, so there's, there's two main things that I'm thinking. So the next and final thing that is gold from a lead magnet point of view is a quiz. The reason quizzes are so flipping powerful is. The thing that we want is to give away work we don't want, i. e. checklist template done for you, or to know more about us.

We are so interested in ourselves, understandably. Who doesn't love a quiz? Who doesn't love a, tell me more about myself. Tell me how I can work better. Tell me what thing is more designed for me. Tell me what clothes I should wear. Tell me what color eyeshadow [00:15:00] is good for me. Tell me how I'll age. Tell me like all the things we are obsessed with finding out about ourselves.

So Quizzes are a brilliant, brilliant lead magnet. Now I am not going to go loads into quizzes because they are a beast. Okay. But I didn't want to do this where this podcast episode without including it, because in terms of lead magnets, they are the gold quizzes and checklist slash templates are golds.

They are the ones that are going to get you the most opt ins on your list. So I wanted to make sure we include quizzes. The key thing about quizzes is. What am I going to learn about myself? And make it an element of fun. So make sure there is an element of why am I going to do this or what am I going to get out the end of it?

I'm not going to do a quiz to help you better market me. Now, if you're smart, that will do both things. It'll better market you and it will also be fun for the [00:16:00] person doing it. So, if you came to the Rise Above Summit and you have the All Access Pass, then please go and watch Kylie Lang's session that she did on quizzes.

You can go and follow Kylie Lang. She's great. And she does, she talks a lot about quizzes. She's also done an episode on the podcast. So we'll link to that in the show notes as well. And you can go and listen to that one. So, those are the two things, checklist, template, toolkit, all under one bracket, i.e. you are doing the hard work for them or some of the hard work for them, or something along the lines of a quiz that tells them more about themselves. But out of the two, the quizzes are a lot more intensive and a lot more to do. A lot more involved tech gets a bit harder, gets a bit more expensive.

Whereas that one at the beginning is so easy. A checklist is so flipping easy, but you've got to make sure that it's something they want help with. And it is something that they're going to go, Oh no, I need that. Okay. So I really hope this has been helpful. [00:17:00] Like I said, you're probably gonna see more content around some of the strategy stuff that we're doing because this really is my zone of genius.

Do go check out those other episodes. Like I said, we will link them to the show notes, which you can find at The numbers three, five, two. Okay. Have an awesome week and I will see you next week.

Thank you so much for listening to your dream business podcast.

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