Using Surveys To Understand Your Database With Rob and Kennedy

  • You should never log into your marketing platform, type an email up and hit send to your entire list. The more research you on your audience do the better.
  • You need to speak to your customers in completely different ways, based on the data points you can collect on them. This means you’re only sending them information they’re interested in.
  • Using surveys to find out exactly what your audience want is a great way to be sure you’re offering them exactly what they need. Based on the responses they give you, you can send them links that they have already told you they want.
  • If someone has a bad experience you can automatically set up an email that offers them a discount or voucher, potentially helping retain a customer that would have otherwise left. Alternatively, if anyone says they loved your product, you can automatically take them to a page where they can review you on TripAdvisor, Google or whichever platform you use.
  • Surveys make it look like you care about every single customer – which you do!
  • Usually, three or four questions is enough to ensure you get the responses you need. Consider the key questions you need answered in order to offer them what they need.
  • Finding out what topics your audience are interested in, or what their biggest problem is right now is a great way to reduce your unsubscribe rate.

To get people to fill out your survey you can offer your subscribers a free gift in return. Alternatively, you can use an emotional motivator which will mean you’ll be gathering responses from people that are already emotionally invested in your survey, rather than people that are just there for the free gift.

  • Introducing Rob and Kennedy – 05:04
  • Setting Up A Risky Business – 17:05
  • Avoiding Marketing Faux Pas – 20:00
  • About Response Suite – 25:20
  • Surveys As A Marketing Tool – 32:30
  • Getting Your Subscribers To Fill In A Survey – 38:00
  • Finding Out What Your Audience Want Using Surveys 51:40
Transcript below


Hello and welcome to this week’s episode of the podcast. As always I am your host, Teresa Heath-Wareing and it’s an absolute pleasure to have you with me. Now I’m going to jump straight in.


I’m going to ask you a question and I want you to think about it. So how well do you know the people that are on your database might be a bit of a strange question to ask. You might think “What do I need to know about the people on my database?” Or you might think while I’ve created this customer profile my customer Avatar and I target those sorts of people so I’m assuming the people on my database match up to those people. Now the reason I’m asking this is because I did a prediction episode which I’ll link up to in the show notes at the beginning of the year and one of the things I predicted was that we’re going to become a lot more personal within our marketing. We’re no longer just going to send a big mass marketing big huge campaigns to everyone on our list we need to start getting much more specific, much more considerate of the people who are on our list and what they actually want from us.

Now I think one of the mistakes that most businesses make when they are looking at their data is they are making big assumptions about the people on their list because if you’re anything like me when you ask someone to come onto your list, you are asking the most minimum details from them because I would tell you to. I would say to you if you were doing a lead magnet or you were doing something where you were asking people to sign up, you don’t want to be asking them 20 questions or otherwise they’re not going to want to sign up because it’s too much effort. So I would recommend and I do myself that when someone signs up the only bits of information I get is their name and their email address. Now you might think “well of course I know about them because I know what they’ve signed up to. And surely if you weren’t interested in a social media check list or a webinar on content then you wouldn’t sign up to them.” But of course it might be that someone signed up someone else or in that job they were interested, but in that job they’re not. Or another thing that’s quite interesting is sometimes I will sign up to webinars just to watch the webinar process. I know it sounds a little bit weird but I would just want to see what webinar processor use, what emails they’re using, what technology they’re using. So it might not be that I want the actual thing; it might just be I want to see what the process is.


So the reason I’m bringing all this up for you today is because today I have on the podcast Rob and Kennedy from ResponseSuite and we have a great conversation about serving your audience and how we can get to know and understand them better and find out more about them. And it’s something that after the interview I’ve been doing some work on and I’m gonna do a future episode on the process in which I went through and how well it went but I’d been working on creating my own survey for my own audience because like I said, I’ve made big assumptions about my audience. I’ve assumed they are a certain type of people because they wanted a certain thing. And as I’ve said all along, the more you understand about them, the more you can talk to them in a tone of voice in a way that they want to be spoken to and give them content they want to receive. So for me this is such a crucial episode with some amazing crucial stuff that we need to all be thinking about. The technology is a bad to start to understand our customers better. And like I said, since I recorded this episode I’ve been working with the guys they’ve been showing me how to put together my survey and how it connects with things like Infusionsoft and quite honestly, I’ve been propagating over it. I love it. So the technologies out there, these things are not uber expensive. You know we’re not talking thousands of pounds, you know we’re talking you know under 100 pound for some systems. So I definitely think this is a really really good one for you to listen to and I want you to be really open minded and think about how can you make this work for your business. Because I really do genuinely feel the more you know about someone, the more you can target to them. The more specific you can be, the higher the conversion you’re going to get if and when you actually go to sell them something. So I think you’re going to love this episode also. I need to mention that these guys have got quite a funny background and story. They are very entertaining so I’m sure you’re going to love it. So now I planted that seed.


Let me hand you over to the very lovely Rob and Kennedy.


So I am super excited today to welcome the very lovely Rob and Kennedy. Welcome to the podcast. Yeah. Wild applause. Crowd goes lot. It’s always nice so there’s a few of us because it’s like it seems like it’s a real party going on when there’s like two of you. I feel like I need to have the second person..


Like radio breakfast shows.. “They all go.. woooooh in the background. Yeah. Oh you’re have an official woooh-er.


I think I should. I’m going to bring em. The other day I recorded a podcast and I had an official dog barking in the background that wasn’t quite what I was looking for. But you know we could make it work. We Could try to make it work.


That too if you’d like. Colin could you make a dog noise *laughs*.


Welcome to the podcast. I’m so glad to have you on. I was very lucky to come on your podcast a little while back and I said that I would want you guys to speak to my audience because I know what you’re going to talk about is gonna be of real interest to them. I’m personally a part of marketing that I really love to talk about. So this is gonna be a great one. But you guys have got a very interesting backstory and where you’ve come from and how you’ve got to do what you do so I’d love if you’d share with my audience who you guys are and how you got to do what you do now.


To do the short version.. *laughs* We were abducted by aliens and struck by lightning. Magic powers no. Perfect.


That’s the story I like to tell. So we’re both entertainers by background. We both got… We both weird children and we decided that we learned to be entertainers. So we both came through an obscure route. So I’m actually a hypnotist and I’m a mind reader.


So very bizarre looking at me like he knows what I’m saying.


This is terrible. It is not barking like a dog. By the end of this podcast you know what. You will ask him for dog barking noises and we’re going to arrange it.


We’ve been entertaining people at events and things for a really long time. And over the course of that it sort of turned into this business trip where we wanted to create something where we could effectively build something it was bigger than us because obviously when we’re on stage that’s great. But when we come offstage or if we can’t perform for whatever reason that everything ends there like that’s all there is to it. So we wanted to create something it was a bit bigger than us. So we both started online businesses sort of separately in our own way and didn’t really talk very much about it.


And then eventually we started to kind of share ideas and secret online entrepreneurs were closeted and then so a few years went by.


And then eventually I run into a problem with something I was trying to do in my business. We were both selling infill products online and myself with marketing and hypnosis and personal development. You have a business where you teach effectively entertainers how to improve their entertainment businesses. And whilst we’re doing this I run into a problem with something that I was trying to do. I wanted to run a survey to my audience and I ran into a couple of issues with it and we ended up talking back and forth about the problem. We both experienced the problem for different reasons and eventually that led us to where we are now which is this lovely journey of starting a software company.


Yeah it’s amazing. I like the fact that this wasn’t just like one day all right how we’re gonna get rich then well idea number one: let’s start a dog impersonation but I’ll do what you while do a beagle.


It was more about we really wanted to…


It was like it was literally solving a problem that we really had. And then I didn’t know that Rob had this problem. And similarly he he didn’t know that I was sort of looking for a solution like to do this as well which was basically all we wanted to do was take us put a survey into our businesses which allowed us to then use the results of that survey in a meaningful way, automatically rather than having to log into my survey account download the results, figure out what Excel does. I don’t remember because it’s a long time since I was at school and my IT teacher was pointing at graphs ago you’re doing it wrong.



And then and then actually just be able to do things automatically with those results like segment people based on their answers or whatever it might be. So we couldn’t believe that at the time we just couldn’t find a way of doing it and really need to do it.


There was a similar problem as well which was I wanted to send an email to my email audience and tell them about this survey. Get them to go in for that. And so I did. And as soon as I did it and I thought “oh I’m gonna have to email them again tomorrow to catch the people who were online at this time of year 80 percent. Yeah exactly. Yes. I have to email them again tomorrow” and I thought “Hang on a minute I can’t exclude the people who fill out the survey.” Like when you sell somebody a product or service you would exclude them from any culture so you don’t bother them.


Yeah. And I thought Oh my God I can’t do it.


You would just end up punishing the people who took action and you’re you’re most active people you end up beating over the head and they’ve already to end up doing the two things I hate the most which is either you send the email which has that really ambiguous in case you didn’t take the survey it was like even though you don’t think notice consciously subconsciously it’s really irritating but yeah just not that much or again you have to do blanket marketing thing just well I just e-mail everybody and hope for the best. Yeah you know unsubscribe some of the people who’ve probably taken the survey.


Yeah. I mean getting people to complete surveys is challenging enough for some people and people talk about the response rates to those so they do need follow up. So the idea that you couldn’t follow up on a survey is just absolutely bonkers. So that was the fundamental thing that started it all off. I suppose that’s where we are now and that’s why we have you know a UK based software business right here in the northeast of England our staff are all right here in this room and yet we work together really collaboratively to build the solution. That’s right. It’s all come out of that frustration isn’t it just really nice when you know your businesses and outgrew growth out of yourself.


Yes that is the case. Like if you read like the E Myth by Gerber we know that we start off as the technician and we go to do this thing because it serves my purpose or whatever it might be or it helps me fix my problem.


So it’s the same for us. For years there was a lot of people said to me Oh Robbie you really need to start selling software you need to make and sell software apps because that’s where there’s loads of money and that you need to start you’re not having any good ideas like free software. If I have a good idea for one and then and then this idea came along I realized this has to be a thing. So let me ask you Did you two know each other before? When did you two get together and then decide to do this together?


We met about 14 years ago at a convention of entertainers. Yeah at a Magic convention.


I could only imagine what fun that might be like.


You can’t imagine how lovely it is to spend the weekend with 3000 people with with ties with bunny rabbits and playing cards on. A dream you’ll never experience. A nightmare you never want too…


We met. We sit at the bar both realized we were that we lived on on either side of the same city of Newcastle. We live just north of Newcastle I live south of it. And yes we became we became pals.


So that was really lucky. Obviously you both worked together, you both as well. You knew each other using a similar ish industries and then both with a similar progression path that led you to this point where you went. Now we’ve got this problem and actually I think the software companies that I have engaged with the most in terms of their marketing are the people who when I needed this. No one did it. I did it. You know, I am in awe of you guys because the set up the software company and your background isn’t software. I mean you might be tech geniuses for all I know but you know your background wasn’t software to set it up. You were brave man like that is is ideal. I don’t know me some cool I’m from a forward slash but we neither have another of us have and that’s what is really interesting.


I mean you know what. I think one of the things when you try to build a team around you whether they’re just outsourced workers or they are in-house staff are you going to employ. You always have to employ people who are better than you. Then you have to get to go out of the way because it’s not that difficult for us no matter. What’s the point. So we had to first hire was Colin. Our developer and the big thing for us was we didn’t know what we were looking for we didn’t even know which languages you could program software like knowing a language we didn’t even know us. So I think we’ll C sharp was it C sharp?


PHP did not see shops that thing were gone. So I think what was the other one that we were we weren’t dot net dot net. That was a useless thing in my life. We’re not we’re not we’re not on an act.


It’s a sound clueless like this is what we get on and we literally had a guy who was trying to tell us “Oh no actually we should build dot net because of that because and then we go somewhere else comes in says no we need to build PHP because of this and this and that.


So we decided basically what we could do is put a recruitment company in the middle of all this and say well this isn’t a problem is what we want to fix. There are a specialist in tech businesses.


They found the person. Yes we paid a lot more. A few thousand pound more for that to happen but we ended it with a person who was all he was an all round person who actually and most importantly fits all values and actually can put up with the fact that we go well yeah yeah.


No that’s really get an actually again this is something that I’ve been looking at and talking about building those people around you and I have exactly the same strategy. If I’m bringing in someone to do Facebook ads although I can do Facebook ads, I want some better than me you know if I’m being a copywriter I can muddle my way to a better copy. I’m not a copywriter. I want some better than me. So to bring these people in and especially if you have the background but also for you guys, you could have had the world pulled over your eyes so easily. So bringing in lots people don’t want these recruitment agencies because they are expensive but I think in your in your case it was a really smart move to do that.


Isn’t it more expensive to make the mistake and hire the person pay them you know whatever and then you realize they’re actually trying to carve a software but a software out of a moldy piece of fish. I mean you wouldn’t know the difference between that and an actual business offer that’s going to stand up and do it.


I just think it was one of the many reasons why we didn’t want to sort of outsource the software overseas because whilst lots of people do that and it worked out and we know what was going on we wouldn’t know whether could have been nicked from somewhere else because we’ve got no eyes on anything you know.


Yeah just gives us a lot of control over it here and just creates… Because we’re dealing with data in these really secure. So we actually take it really seriously. So we want to make sure that it’s all hosted in a really secure way which is why we use things like Amazon and make really big trusted not in the cheap versions of stuff. We don’t just like banner on a reseller server we’ve sort of got from some place/ where we’re using the big boys to do all of that and that’s all really important for us and that sort of speaks of the way we sort of run the business as well which we are really proud of the fact that we have a policy called radical transparency which is about everybody in the business knows everything that’s going on. There is no there are no secret behind closed door meetings. Everybody knows where we’re at no matter what you do. And that’s really important but also there’s no hierarchy so our staff keep us in check as much as we might keep them in check and as I am that real respect of collaboration rather than while I’m the boss. So you can yes literally I would hate to pull in rank I have enough to do it.


Yeah. And I think that that is such a good way to have the business a good way to manage these people in the business in having them invest in it because of the fact that like you said you’ll not be experts in that. So even if you wanted to pull rank in some cases you need them to help you with that thing. Data they say so. I love that. The other thing I just wanted to pick on to pick up on your story is the fact that presumably the cost in setting up is so much more expensive to do that than say for instance when I start my business there was no setup costs it was just me, needed a laptop. That’s it done. However. For you guys the risk of because you’ve got to separate the software platform which you obviously can’t do, you know.. without Having that fund that money in there first can you.


Know. Right. So one of the things you were conscious of was obviously Rob and I have not closed down all other businesses. So I mean we are not naive to think that we could just put a pot of money there and go right. That’s how much we’ve got. That’s just not the way we’re doing it. We we we obviously what we decided to do is because we’re like, All right because hey neither of us ever had a job. We don’t know what employment looks like. Okay. So we don’t know what a normal day in the office should look like. We don’t know what’s the right thing to do when the right thing to say and what this is a paper people are supposed to fill in to take a holiday or I don’t.


Much like Jimmy Hall Pass, I have no idea.


We just don’t know that stuff. And it’s really interesting that we use that to our advantage and actually we don’t have to deal with any of that corporate bullshit. Other people have to deal with it in their normal jobs. And so we’ve taken a lot of advice on that. I’ve kind of got off on a tangent. I had a really interesting point to make about something. We were talking about the cost in setting up before.


So you run your own businesses alongside it which obviously means that you’ve got some income coming in but there’s got to be that point where you think because it takes time. So there’s got to be a kind of tipping point where you go how long do we leave this until we go.


“That didn’t work.” But I mean I’m not sure this is started enough obviously like we’re not financial advisors or anything like that or even business advisors really but things we decided to do is we take our responsibility to our staff really seriously and with that where are the entrepreneurs. They’re not the entrepreneurs. That are people who need the wage otherwise they will be entrepreneurs themselves. Yes. So we said before we can take on any member of staff, we need to have 12 months of salary in the bank for that. Yeah. So we did the saving up for a bit beforehand so we can OK. We’ve now got enough to pay a salary of this amount. Let’s hire that person. OK good. We now need this role. What’s the amount we need for that. Cool, I’ll use this amount. Put it in the bank but then and this is the key bit for us is we then backfill that amount every month as well. Awesome. Right. So we don’t end up with this runway which has an actual end. Because software businesses have a very famous ability to eat cash very very quickly. And run out of capital and we want to make sure that if we’re going to do this we’re not going to put ourselves at risk. So you’re not going to put our staff’s well-being and livelihoods at risk as well so that’s a decision we made right the very beginning about when we sat down to have that meeting about how we actually going to do this.


Yeah. And we also just made the decision we wanted to be bootstrapped so we wanted to be entirely self-funded. We didn’t want to take on any investment or have any outside input at all and we were true to that. So that’s that’s just just as our core value and that’s awesome. I love it. I love. Take and Take the stuff we’ve built as solo for years with our own entertainment businesses and our own online businesses and use that to leverage it to do something bigger.




That’s awesome. So tell me guys about this amazing software. And so because I know this is an area that I am likes it’s super keen on I feel that the digital world has lots people think it’s made us further apart from our customers because we’re no longer getting into shark you don’t know what Jeff has on a Tuesday when he pops into his local shop. However the digital world has allowed us to know so much about our customers. If you are willing to put in things to find out about them and then only that but that automation so that when you’re emailing them or if they do something you can trigger something. It just allows you to be super personal because I am exactly the same as you guys. I’ve had a few examples recently from big people in our industry where one I’m part of someone’s membership and they sent me emails trying to sell the membership to me which I thought like basic music big. And secondly the other bug bad I get all the time is I sign up to an event and then they keep remarketing back to me on Facebook the same event. And you’re like hello. You know so for me it makes no sense but it has really this.


We have this whole philosophy that you should never ever ever log into your marketing platform whether that’s an online email or a responder. Whether it’s an SMS marketing platform whatever it is and you should never ever just type something a hit send and send to everybody in the audience.


The more data and collect about people about. For example if you do your shopping online. Let’s imagine you buy your groceries and whatever from in this case you know Tesco if you’re in the UK or somebody or the supermarkets are available. You log on and use their website you log on you say I want some broccoli I need one of these I need one of these I need one of these only one of these yeah. Your it comes to 50 quid you pay for it and it gets delivered to you as has lots and lots of people do and more and more people do. Well what we know is Tesco of the supermarket are now collecting all of this data not about not just about the stuff you’ve bought but about the type of stuff that you’re buying. In other words I can’t speak for each individual supermarket but the technology is being used to say Okay great well this person has has not bought any meat products Let’s rank their likelihood of being a vegetarian I put them together they’re doing all this stuff that we just don’t think about as consumers. So the more that we can start to leverage our technology to gather as much data about our customers as possible and start to realise that we need to speak to them in different ways. It’s not just about what products they buy. Okay great. Don’t sell them that product anymore. Of course that’s important and more people should be doing it but it’s actually about how do we speak to our customers in a way that they’re going to understand that based on the stuff that we know about them. So again it’s collecting as as many so little data points about them as we possibly can and then using that data to only present them with the stuff that’s most relevant to them and it gives them a better experience.


What are the things we all tend to do as marketers make massive assumptions about our contacts our subscribers and our customer. So for example let’s say one of our listeners might be in the fitness niche for example. We all pretty much understand that the basics of and you might have an opt in you might have a squeeze page or a bribe which is that here are some exercises you can use to tone up your belly great or to get abs for whatever right cool.


Somebody opt in for that for that less they want to get that product. Now we’re going to make some massive assumptions about them automatically you are going to imagine OK the person probably wants to lose weight and they want to get fit and they’re probably…



We’re making all these massive assumptions in actual fact. The only thing we actually know about that person is that at that moment in time they were interested in toning up their belly. Yeah I don’t know that they want to get abs we don’t know that it was for them. Yeah it can be if someone.. Making lots of assumptions cause it might be that I was talking to a friend of mine and he was talking about he’s got this don’t know this thing he’s going to go and do what he wants to look really good for it and he’s like oh I could really do with something do that. Have you heard of any ex and the exercises I could do while he’s been at the gym a lot. And then I see an ad for something or I’m thinking around the Internet and I see it and I go oh I’m going to download that thing and email it over to Rob. Rob have you seen this thing boom and now I’m getting all the ads Yep I’m getting all the emails saying hey Kennedy do you do you also want to do this and you wanna do that and I’m like no while you're doing your press ups I want to be eating cake yeah. Because because I’m the wrong person who made that massive assumption.


think I mean let’s imagine there was somebody who teaches you know social media and entrepreneurship like you know Teresa for example maybe just maybe like somebody you probably you probably you probably have in your audience a bunch of people you’ve probably got online businesses you’ve really got offline business you’ve got people who are starting up you’ve probably got people who are in the middle somewhere you’re probably got people who’ve scaled and want to and but haven’t used social properly you’ve got a bunch of different sort of avatars and more and more businesses are realising that actually it’s not about having the one person they sell to it’s about having a bunch of different companies to speak to and the language and the style of marketing that you’re used to those different people is going to be different depending on what they want.


Just The way it’s different in the way you speak to people via email versus Twitter versus LinkedIn versus Facebook versus this they’re all quite different terms. So here end of the lesson let’s talk about the software because that was the question. So this came about because of one simple thing a big name in the online marketing world did a training a few years ago probably like six years ago something that I bought and basically what it said was as a cool campaign literally just plug and play this campaign and your business at any point and it will make you some more money basically was run a quick survey where you asked two or three questions like you know what do you want help where and how much do you like to spend how much can you spend and what sort of training do you like best. Yes so some relevant questions to your audience and then as soon as people fill out the survey you make them an offer for like a few hundred dollars where they could get maybe like your thousand dollar course discounted for a few half their. Yeah. And basically what happens is when you send that email you’ve got a bunch of people who never opened the email because that’s how it works. Yeah and you got a bunch of people who never clicked the link and you got a bunch of people who never take the survey. All of those people which is going to be the majority of your list they never even know there was anything for sale. You haven’t sort of like you haven’t given them the sting of a picture if you like next to them the more you sell at people the less the sort of goodwill the more goodwill sort of starts to dwindle. So basically you haven’t lost any goodwill with them because you haven’t sold them anything. The only people who’ve made the pitch to other people who’ve gone through the survey and what’s nice about that is the service of removes some of the pitch from the pitch it makes it less sales. As you’ve shown interest in them first is up to what it said create a survey sending out your list and sell them some extra afterwards you get some interesting intel about your people. Yes everyone’s a winner. So it’s a really solid campaign. You could just go use. Yeah. So I decided to I decided to do it signed up with a survey platform that was big. Create a survey and try to find the bit where I sent them after the… I made a page that sold them something. Tried to find the bit in the survey where I could tell them where to go after the survey. Yeah I couldn’t find that I realized I had to upgrade to a really expensive package about to do it at the time was about 700 pounds a year. Oh like I don’t know if I’m going to do this or not. Yes it’s going to work like this is just an idea but I had to pay it and just get on with it. So I did it and it worked really well actually as us as a structure but it was this that led us to thing actually not as a problem because like I said earlier I can’t now email my list several times about this survey because I don’t know who’s taken it. Yeah that’s a problem. And then as we were talking about it we started to realize wouldn’t it be great if you could segment people on different lists based on what they said. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get into different pages based on what they said. At the time it was the wrong time in our lives does try and start a software business you know we didn’t.


This is like six years ago. I was busy partying hard. The firm does not mix and we didn’t know anything segmented segment different clubs never mind different lists. I love this I’m collecting all the good ones. The trumpet player by the trumpet.


Yes sir. So we realize that is the wrong time of our lives to try and start a software business. I never thought I’d be able to do it. And then a few years went by and it became more and more of an irritation that I couldn’t do this thing and nothing existed. That’s right. Response Suite was born. It’s an online survey platform you can create amazing beautiful looking servers all drag and drop it makes nice and easy with everything you’d expect the servey to have. Yeah but then you take the survey once you’ve created it and you can then plug that in to your email marketing system whatever it is you’re using whether it’s MailChimp or Infusionsoft, HubSpot whatever you can pull them back into there and then you can start to push people into different lists based on what they say. Now again not always. That was all born from the fact that all I wanted to do was put people on our list. I just want I just want a more of that survey and tag them or put them on a list so I can exclude them from future mailings. But then we realized the power of actually that was what it was born from. Then we realized power of the segmentation.


Know you multiply by that by the fact you can then pull people to different Facebook or Google retargeting audiences based on their responses. So now you’ve got a social impact on that as well so if somebody tells you that what they really want right now is help with their Facebook ads campaigns you can follow up with them in your email marketing sequences about giving value and then pitching a Facebook ad program and then also you can show them Facebook ads which allow them to purchase or invest in those kind of things. The big the big lesson for us when we talk to a lot of customers. Are you a big fan of the customers. That’s what you guys do and it’s part of our ethos is we did a lot of customer surveys and of course customer interviews as well and what we learned is that a lot of people only run surveys once a certain period they’ll go “Oh it’s that time of the year again or it’s that time of the quarter. Let’s Run the survey out.”.


Actually if you do that you’re probably missing the boat on the real purpose of the survey. Because if I ask you right now: what are you interested in right now? what’s The biggest problem or challenge in your business? And you said to me: I don’t know finding enough hours in the day. My productivity levels I really need to get that and I say Great thank you for that. And then I call you back in a year’s time and go you’re having trouble with productivity aren’t you. All I know I fix that. It was a bloody year ago. Yeah so. So what if instead every time somebody takes what I would call a significant action that is opting into something clicking a link and consuming a piece of content maybe take a making a purchase segmenting themselves into some sort of way taking it well I could say a significant action if you follow up just a few days later by asking them Hey what did you think of that thing. So it looks like you’re getting feedback. Yeah. What people expect the survey do but then tag onto that also what is your what is your biggest challenge you’re facing right now. I mean imagine that they click Oh I really need help now with I don’t know.. Traffic From social right. Okay I won’t. So now on the funky they hit OK I want help with traffic from social. And by the way I thought it was five stars. You say that’s great thanks very much. They hit submit on the next page there’s a video of you on the front page. Say hello thank you for completing the survey. I’m so pleased that you really enjoyed the product that you just bought from me. I’ve got a special offer at the moment. It’s about social traffic program. If that’s going to be useful to you right now rather than it being 9 9 7 it’s available now for just 2 9 7 if it’ll be useful. Well will it be useful again. They’ve just told you it’s exactly what they need right now. The cool thing is you get to sell more stuff. You shorten the time that it takes you to sell stuff because so many people take so long to actually ask people for the sale. And by the time they do they’ve subscribe to 30 other people’s list and they’ve sort of forgotten who you are. And finally you’re doing in a way that is much more cool to your left. You’re actually building rapport with your list because you’re only offering them the stuff they want to be in your engagement forever.


Emails go in up your content. Engagement is going up because it’s not just to do with the stuff you sell them. Imagine if you only sent them links to the content that was relevant to that person right now. So your email open rate goes up. You click through rate goes up, your unsubscribe rate drops through the floor with your value of every subscriber goes up. Now let’s take it in terms of your talk about reviews and feedback because there’s a really awesome thing you can do with it too.


Yeah. So obviously we’ve taken surveys and made them into a marketing tool. What we realized is that most businesses only use service for customer feedback and we think if they do that they’re missing the boat. Kennedy just said but if you take a survey and you send it out to your audience to say great. So you came into our coffee shop and what did you think or you bought this product and what did you think. Oh we came in fix your toilet last week. What did you think? Yeah whatever it is you send them a survey and you ask them what they think. Well when they saw standard survey platform the way that most people do it is they run their survey because they’re not being told they should. It sort of sits fairly low priority and I think it just goes out automatically. And then what happens is once a month once a year once a fortnight once every three or five years whenever somebody logs in and you can look at a graph you can download a CSP file and you look at the data and then well what do you actually do with that. What you know is well 30 percent of people thought it was crap and 60 percent of people would recommend it to a friend and 10 percent of you thought you know those kind of in that kind of information ego’s sort of nation isn’t it. Yeah yeah it’s it’s benchmarking I guess to know whether you’re improving or not. You know that that’s all you’ve really got. So what we realized is that actually with the power to plumb a survey into your email marketing system. And it didn’t have to be my marketing it’s whatever your CRM can handle if you do as a mass or direct mail or whatever that’s fine. Basically if you can plumb that into your CRM or email system then what happens is somebody fills out the survey and they say well this was good and that was that was great. The service was terrible though. And this was good. They could hit submit three minutes later without any human woman at any human intervention. They got a text message they got an email or it sends something to somebody and says well you need to ring Derrick because he thought because he thought it was rubbish. Yeah. And instantly they get an email saying we’re really sorry. Here’s a voucher or whatever your customer experience is for somebody who’s like you service with rubbish as opposed to it just because otherwise what happens is somebody has a bad experience or they think most of it was good but that one element of it was rubbish. Yeah they fill out the survey they hit send. They never hear anything back like that’s just it’s a message in a bottle that they’ve just jammed in the Atlantic and now they’re just hoping for the best. Whereas a few minutes later they get a great response that tells them they actually can save you a sale it can save you the reputation. Imagine your reputation when somebody says oh well I thought it was rubbish but I complained and they did this thing they offered me a discount you offered me one of these.


Likewise they said it’s a very small place. Yeah. You know we had a bad experience with you. They’re going to tell us about it. You know everybody knows you’re a scammer on the inside.


The flip side of that is if somebody thinks that everything was great and they were everything five stars or four stars and I think it was really good when they hit submit. You can take it to another page that says this is great. Could you go over here and post that as a review on our Google page. Could you go and share this on our Facebook page because getting good reviews is difficult. So I think the really great thing here is a you find out how you’re doing. Are you good? Are You bad even to performing is there something you’ve missed as the entrepreneur in your business. Is there something you’ve missed about the mechanics of it but also you’re able to give people a much stronger customer service.


Big key on this is that it’s not in a broadcast message. You serve as if you’re if you’re doing them just broadcast messages that you go right today’s it and send out a survey. I think you’re doing it probably a little bit old school and you can tighten up and get a much better result from your surveys and from your customers and subscribers. If you build them right into your campaigns so that post purchase a post opt in or any significant actions taken. These things are already built into a deal to your campaigns so you can immediately be looking like you really care about every subscriber just to pick up on that customer feedback thing again as well.



This is really important to not just residents but if you’re running a survey right now and let’s imagine a time let’s assume that everyone listening is great at what they do and I’m sure they are but there’s always going to be something where something something goes wrong or some customers there’s always because that’s like if somebody feels like you’ve got a small percentage of your subscribers or customers who are buying who are buying a service or product and they don’t like it and they fill out this of anonymous feedback survey where they don’t hear anything. It doesn’t do anything. That’s the that’s the cul de sac of the data. Then the next thing is your all you know is that’s another customer on your email list and you are going to start emailing them and selling your next product and service. That’s worse than sending a product somebody who’s just complained about the one that you’ve just sold them like you need to make sure that they are excluded until you’ve dealt with it.


You know what guys. I love everything you just said. And from a from a marketing perspective from a customer service perspective from a moving your business forward and really getting to understand your customers it’s it’s amazing. It’s perfect. And why didn’t someone come up with this which is very good for you guys. But you know this is not kind of the most crazy site their software it’s all going to. It just is. You know with all due respect you know cause this isn’t just simple. But you know what I mean it’s a kind of simple idea. It needed to happen.


So I love how I needed to make it so it’s easy to implement like you don’t need to know how to do anything if you can if you can use like Microsoft Word or something like that you should be able to use this. It’s not difficult. That user said of course as a bonus you can also run surveys.


Yeah. And so I’ve got some questions for you because this is sparking some ideas in my mind because I’m sitting here thinking hey I didn’t do enough. Let myself on one hand and help him out with that don’t you worry. Thank you. Thank you. And actually I use Infusionsoft, I have Infusionsoft and one of the things that I love about it is the ability to understand who my customers are and what they’re doing. But actually I’ve just done and I’m going to put my hands up and admit it. I’ve just done exactly what you’ve just said. I’m running a lead magnet campaign at the moment which is going really well I’m getting probably 40 to 60 people on my list a day and I’m not a huge amount of money which is awesome. However all I know of those people is that they’ve downloaded that one thing and one thing that’s really interesting and the Mar a marketer’s nightmare is when. And funnily enough I did a call yesterday and I heard someone say on the call when their target market is everyone. And it’s like… “Awesome. That is really not helpful although it might seem like it is because you think well anybody could buy this product. Well yeah. But you know they’re all very different with different motivations and different drivers.” So again it’s really getting under the skin. Now my question is though because now I’m thinking part of my Infusionsoft process which I have already set up for once I’m not seen on the lead magnet is I need to generate some kind of survey in order to understand them a little better. How do I get them to fill in the survey. Because. And is there an optimum number of questions that I should aim for for people to fill in. Because that is one of the big things is that it’s like you know you can send it and get crickets.


Yeah absolutely. There’s two different motivators you can use to get anybody to do anything. One of them is what I call a business reason and that is like a commercial. Like a reward based reason. So yeah fill the survey in. And when you do your set you apply a tag to them when they finish the when they finish the survey. If you’re using something like response for that and that means you can give them a free gift. And that might be a voucher. It could be a some kind of special group that they saw something significant of value. The other one is that’s that’s the business or commercial motivator.


It’s a pretty good motivator and it’s the default one that most people will fall into. However not as nowhere near as compelling as an emotional motivator an emotional motivator is the kind of reason. Like how do you get people on podcast there’s two different ways of getting you on the podcast.


One is you can offer to pay them.


Are you going to get the best guest. Probably not. Because the reason they’re doing it they’re just showing up for the cash. Yeah. And these people just complete the survey because they’re getting the reward they’re not completing the survey because they’re actually they’re actually emotionally involved in that process. Instead it’s because I want to understand you. I want your feedback on the product and what I’m creating some new training. So I want to do this. You can use them too. For example if you’re doing any kind of coaching program and much you go to high tech a coaching application program to make it like an a little thing like only the elite and you wouldn’t say it so much but you do. You do appeal to that sort of everyone wants to feel like they’re the best of the bunch. No time wasters. This is only for people who are serious about what I’ve read that a million. Absolutely. You know this is not a push button thing in all that takeaway selling stuff you do all of that lovely stuff that’s fabulous. You put together a night survey and you and it’s basically an application form but you use the answers to that thing in order to decide whether the person is actually suitable to have the sales call that’s going to be happening so that you do that all by appealing to ego or any other psychological motivators and that’s how they fit in among a crowd. They get a certificate to get an actual little badge whatever it’s going to be. Yes. Or to understand themselves and what’s really interesting and I hadn’t planned and talked about this and this is really interesting. I wish I was going to say that we designed responsibly specifically for this but actually we came up with a feature by accident and it’s an amazing one we’re all being creative in business how we can solve our best off by them like how many times would be on who’s coaching called have you got a process? Listen you go. Yeah. Process boy or call a lamb.


The ADL stands for lovely old geezers paradox dolls. That could be a moron. Oh. That’s what it was only. But no. One’s really happy. It’s a business.


It’s terrible. I think it’s Petey.


Well I have no idea. We both learned something today.


I think there’s a silent W on the. I call Grace’s bathroom. Oh exactly. We’ve had this spell checker rejected even creative. So yeah.


So we can’t let this accidental feature which is one of our customers is actually using it and we’ve asked him if we can talk about it cause it’s really interesting and what he’s doing is, he’s doing a test which is about how addicted to your mobile phone are you. Very high product which is about phone addiction right. Yeah he’s he’s a psychologist. So he’s put together this thing which is you have to take as many things of these statements as you think are applicable to you. And he’s using this as a lead magnet. So he says stick all the things that apply to you bump bump bump. Give us your email address and we’ll give you the results and see how you compare to everybody else. That’s really compelling because we are in a know where the freak. I want to know if we really fit in and everyone’s just like us right. So you hits you put your email address in Hello list building and things on in a really compelling way. Thank you very much. You hit submit and now he’s got a bunch of different fun Q pages where he’s built. We have we have a complete report Building within response which you don’t need to download your data and then try to figure out how Excel works. You can really drag and drop different different charts to actually show the different results. Right. Without even doing anything. But then we thought it’d be interesting and we don’t really know why it’ll be interesting to be able to publish those reports onto live pages which means now that when you hit submit on one of teams on Tim’s thing about the phone addiction as a video at the top of the page because he’s sending you a different different ending on depending on what you said saying hey turns out you’re totally addicted and look at that look at the results below and you can see the live results of how you fit into everybody else. So that’s a really compelling reason for anybody to fill out a survey.


So it’s absolutely on a tactical level. It’s all about making it suit them. So the way that we originally designed this was literally keep it short and sharp and to the point you ask a couple of questions and you base it as I’m working on this thing. Some training or whatever it might be it’s going to help you but I need to know what you’re looking for right now what’s your biggest obstacle. And so for example if you if you teach e-mail marketing and you’re about to create a new course about e-mail marketing there’s a bunch of stuff that people might need to know they might need to know specifically everything how to write the emails they might need to know how to get their open rates Hi there click through rates high that all those things are different different levels of importance when you ask somebody that information and it’s all about them they know that there’s nothing more relevant or important to them than themselves. So all about I’m doing a thing whether it’s free or paid you don’t have to say I’m creating something for I’m creating you I want to know what you want and then three three or four questions is typically enough you know which of the following is most of interest to you is your biggest it’s either which of the following You need help with right now or which of the following is your biggest obstacle right now. Those are really the same question but worded from a different angle yes then you know how do you want this delivered.


So do you want this to the madness where you want like this one at that restaurant I say it’s like to work isn’t the written word is it the coaching podcast was there one thing I said on it yes. And then I have that you have a letter to buy a pterodactyl and you can ask him you know how much can you afford to invest right now.


Basically what you need to do is come up with what you would consider to be the key questions in your book. Yes we can question so it’s things like you know where are you in your and your journey as a tennis player right now have you just picked up a tennis racquet for the first time because you think it looks fun or are you about to win the Grand Slam. Is that a thing the grand slam.


I think a Wimbledon. Wimbledon you know that little event happens every year. That’s a thing right.


So again you’re going to sell to those people in very different ways. So it’s all about asking them what they would need help with.


And I just wanna pick up on the fact that you said previously and this is the most perfect example that someone could be downloading a lead magnet that says hey Tim treat your swing well like you said you have no idea at that point whether they have literally just hit the racket or they are some professional wanting to get a bit better. And the problem is if you send out a generic email that says Thanks a lot. How did you get on. And you are not speaking to them on their level then it’s not going to resonate. Now you are going to resonate with some people because that is going to hit some people where they’re at the numbers game at that point. Some totally whereas actually instead of then doing that step further where you you survey them afterwards and go do you know what that’s great I’m so glad you enjoyed that. I’m so glad you downloaded it. I really want to help you some more tell me where you are in your tennis journey and then you sent the next e-mail saying great. I’m so glad to hear you. You know you’ve you’ve decided to take the sport and then target them with something else. It’s best Jeannie.


And also let’s talk about something absolutely terrifying when it comes to e-mail marketing. There’s this myth that we’ve heard a couple of times which is e-mail marketing is dying and it’s difficult ahead of it and social crazy. It is if you do it wrong. It is if you do it wrong and here’s why. Right. So for those who don’t know this is really terrifying. And that is this if you’ve got a list of a thousand people and you’re hitting the same message to all at 1000 of those people and like you say some of them are experts in what you’re doing and they’ve been playing tennis for years. Some of them are absolute beginners and everybody else is sort of in the middle.

If you’re sending out messages for beginner tennis lessons in your local area if you’re a local market that means let’s say at least 80 percent of your list will now know not to open your e-mails. Yeah because you’re going to be teacher. And most people don’t subscribe anymore. Don’t unsubscribe anymore. Exactly. Yeah right. Just delete. So what does that actually mean. What’s the impact that has the impact it has is it tells. Let’s say you use g mail. E-mails your email provider available. And if you’re using Gmail. Gmail now knows that e-mails because it’s collecting all this data. Of course it is. It knows that 80 to 90 percent of the e-mails sent from this sender from you go unread. Yes. It values them really low. So what happens. They end up at best in the promotions folder. And what next. It’s the spam folder. And of course sometimes they get hit by the spam even at the server level. And you don’t even get to see them. And what’s terrifying is that the email marketing platforms a lot of them will say we have this level of deliverability. Spam folder. Counts as deliver it. Because it actually lands with the gas it’s delivered has not yet delivered where to. Nobody knows it could have been you know could be under a rock in the middle of the middle of the desert that they delivered it.


But they delivered the worst thing that anybody can be is happy enough with how their e-mail marked. That’s the worst thing you can do. Well you know we get this spot the average open rate that everyone else has got and about the same number click through what’s to be average like nine or while no no no. My friend Betty you know she got loads on yesterday and I didn’t get any like you can’t just be happy because you’re kind of on par or slightly better than everybody else. We have to realize there are so many tiny things going on behind the scenes like numbers affecting your over stuff you’re doing now that will affect your delivery for the next five years.


You know it’s like tie your deliverability rates to people who do come to the people who are in trust is absolutely being affected by the people who don’t get it or not open their e-mails. And that is a terrifying thing that you can’t reach the people who do want to buy from you Do you want to help you can provide them with.


But you’re not able to reach them because the people who are a waste space on a more micro level let’s imagine somebody listening to this is a digital marketing agency and they offer you know paper clips services they offer SEO what they might do e-mail marketing they might do social media manager I know as a business owner I have never ever ever. This is me speaking personally I’ve never ever paid somebody else to do SEO because you’re not really part of the business I really care about just my own thing I know I’m leaving loads of stuff on the table I just I don’t interest me so I will never outsource SEO to anyone else I can tell you that no matter how good they are at selling it. So if I sign up to a newsletter for somebody who is a digital marketing agency and they spend three weeks trying to tell me it’s sending me emails and columns about SEO I can tell you no matter how good that marketing is that I will never pay them for an SEO. I do however outsource paid advertising like Facebook ads and Google Ads. I Do outsource that. So if they were to market that stuff to me I probably would. But if they’re going to spend three weeks hit me over the head with their CEOs sequence you know this automated sequence of broadcast e-mails about that I’m good I’m probably gonna unsubscribe at some point or again just stop engage just ignoring my. If they’d just asked me the question Which of these are you interested in and then categorically work through the ones I said yes to then they would know that actually I want to quit.


I think everything is by the time they get to offering rob the paid advertising management is probably disengaged or Yang takes lives.


The core thing you think well that’s all right if you’re selling to somebody want to win if you’re just having a one to one conversation with somebody we want two people to start using service to do that to everybody in their audience you can you can do this mass personalization to everybody it’s almost like e-mail marketing becomes a Choose Your Own Adventure story.


Yeah. Yeah. Love that. Like when you were a kid you could decide the endings on things like Page 26 if you think he turned. But you know what. I think one thing that puts people off kind of sending regular service or asking people to survey is no one wants to bother the customer. No one wants to like oh I don’t irritate by asking them what you know what you’re going to irritate the hell out of them by sending them a load of rubbish afterwards that they didn’t want to know about. So just ask them.


It’s really funny. The problem is what we do is and we think about service. We think about corporate service and maybe you go and you’re maybe a member of a loyalty scheme for some enormous corporation like a supermarket or retail is just me and the way that they run service is mostly very corporate and very cold here because we are I guess most people listening to this are gonna be small and medium businesses micro small businesses. We have a very different level of engagement with our customers and they actually like us to care. They actually like us to show what they’re interested in what’s going on for them. So actually it doesn’t irritate. Actually recently I was speaking at an event talking about surveys and teaching this stuff. And besides I’m speaking at the event and what they did was they said it was a business exhibition and they organized the exhibition with GDP and everything in mind. They’d asked permission that people could register to attend the different speaker seminars and they could say please give my information to the speaker so that they can send me some information of what they’re gonna be taken away.

So I got this email through from the organizers says here’s all the people who have registered in advance for your session. Doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll show up. It doesn’t necessarily mean they have to come. But here’s the information people who’ve said that they’re interested in your session drop them an email that know what’s going on. So I took that list I import them into our or respond I typed up an email sent hits and sent it out to them. I included a survey and the survey was four questions it was I mean we’re talking about email marketing and segmentation which of these is your biggest problem right now increasing rates increasing click through rates decreasing unsubscribe ratesetc. And I remind my presentation is going to cover all of those things. So I said Which one are you most interested in which one do I put the most emphasis on. So I sent out that survey a bunch of people responded it was like 40 odd percent of people filled out the survey and that’s out. So I turned up to do the event I did the presentation not to show up thing did beforehand. So first of all when people say so you can just use straight away and fill out a survey and they say what they’re interested in we now can send them a follow up sequence a short sequence between this them taking the survey and the event now that could be an in-person seminar that you’re hosting it could be an in-person seminar you’re speaking at. It could be a webinar. And we’ve done it for webinars and you tell a seminar if you performing in the 1990s. So somebody fills out a survey where you’ve said which of these you need most help with right now which of these is your biggest obstacle right now. And you put them through a chain of emails that says I’m really excited to share this with you. You just talk in those three to two one two three emails Yeah about the thing they’ve said they want help. I’m going to teach you the number one strategy that I use to get higher click through rates the next time you do this let me do this all of our webinars and our show up rate has gone and it’s really powerful. So I did the summit anyway. So somebody in the audience at the end of my presentation said 100 percent. Does anyone I don’t like cloud servers anymore. So I said Well listen there’s a bunch of you in this room. Some of you will have just turned up without registering and you wouldn’t have got this. The people who did register out advanced though will have received a survey from me. Put your hand up if you received the survey and about over half the room put their hand up. Great. Now put your other hand in the air if you filled out the survey and every one of those people put their hand.


Including the lady who asked other people fill out servers anymore hilariously. Yeah it really does work like we just have to get over ourselves in this area that we’re gonna be.


So it’s like anything like when you send a marketing email it’s very different to what if you are sending a corporate news that or email isn’t it. And the same survey service we look you build a marketing survey. Remember it’s a marketing survey so you can drag and drop a video into your top of your survey so you can have like a video of you going Hey man how are you doing. Can you fill this thing. That’s what funky graphics in it put gifts in it animations in it and ask the questions and friendly engaging ways have me. What would one require assistance with. I mean you don’t have to do that. It could be it could be like awesome thanks for that. Brilliant. What do you want. What do you need to help with. Crack on fill in that question below. It could be something as simple Yeah yeah.


You can also take a response we serve in embedded in your own thing. So if you’ve got your own page builder whether you use click funnels or something else. Basically if you think where somebody clicks a button then you can make a little pop up window here. You can put a server in that so you can really make the survey in a place where people already feel at home where they already feel comfortable you can put it on your blog you can put it wherever you want it to be. So it’s really ingrained and embedded into your business.


And funnily enough I was few podcasts ago which would have already been ad by the time this comes I was told to manifesto and we were talking about Facebook groups and how well firstly in Facebook groups they’re putting surveys at the front and they’re asking key questions. So you know the fact that a Facebook the giant that is Facebook do things you kind of go Ah okay you know if you’re doing that then perhaps that’s probably a smart thing to do. So it did and it’s literally three questions and one of them is just confirm your e-mail address or something or you know. And then the other two are kind of you more. Well every group I’ve gone into recently is what’s your number one problem right now.


Which again is amazing from a kind of management point of view isn’t it in terms of knowing that customers and because of the connected world we live in and because of social media being connecting being the thing that connects us all together like glue is people can more about themselves than they’ve ever had before. Yeah the old marketing books that talked about what’s in it for me these days we put a picture up and we have to check every hour. How many likes that picture. Yeah yeah. Because we eat. We have trained or. We have been trained to to require validation. Yeah. And therefore we can see how we compare to other people. And the fundamental way of doing that is is is by putting surveys. Yeah asked the question that very important. Guys do you know what this has been so cruel and I am now completely converted and very ashamed that I have not been surveying people.



And now we see you hang your shirt your head.


I want to show you this is no. If you could do the jacket at the back of my.


Head and say well I am Hey. Yeah because I live on the fourth floor I love it.


Honestly guys it’s been so good and I and I feel that with the technology available now the system that you guys have created plugging that into the likes of infusions soft or drip or MailChimp or whatever it might be the opportunity to not only understand a customer but ultimately to convert into sales because the more you know about them the more you can sell them what they need and what they want. So you know this has been such a great upside. I really appreciate you coming on such as this. Obviously I’m going to hook up everything in the show notes for you. So it’s shown it’s and you’re going to find them. And I will put all the links to everything. And thank you guys so very much.


Pleasure. Our pleasure.


So what did you think? Do you think this is something you can bring into your business? Do you understand it? Do you see it? Cause for me I just like I said geek out over the whole thing. I love how marketing has changed over the years. I’ve made it very clear that I did my degree about 15 16 years ago. I’ve worked in marketing that whole time and marketing like it was then is not like it is today. The technology that’s available to us the tools the things we can find they the processes the speed in which we can do things and set up these systems and just let them run is amazing. So I love this. And also I love the fact of finding more out about your audience not making those assumptions like Kennedy said just because you’ve downloaded elite magnet or downloaded something doesn’t necessarily mean a it’s for you or B you’ve got it for that reason. So being able to just send them a couple of questions and a survey just to get that little bit more information from them is definitely going to be something that I am working on and I am going to be doing continuously for my my business. So if you are on my list then fully expect at some point you will get asked if you would fill in just a couple of questions. And you know what. Do it because it means I’m not going to waste your time. I am going to be sending stuff that you want to hear and see and that’s going to be relevant to you. And I definitely think that every business should be looking at these type of tools and seeing how they can make them work for their business because even just finding one or two basic bits of information could actually make a big difference to someone going through your funnel and the potential for them to drop out at certain points.

So like I said loved episode really like the guys. They’re such good fun. And as I said in a future episode, don’t know what number yet. I’m going to be telling you my experience about setting up a survey what I did and how it went down and what kind of results I got. So I’m really excited to take you through that. I’m currently setting up as we speak so I can’t wait to see how this works. Also as always I have a link to everything in the show notes so go to and you’ll find everything in there that you need you’ll find a link to these guys and you’ll find a link to Response Suite. So do go and take a look at the system. I’ve really enjoyed using it so far. So it’s definitely worth having a look at that one. So that’s all from me this week. I hope you have a great week. Please do come on say hi to me on social media. I do love hearing from you and I will see you this time next week. Take care!