Why testimonials are so important for your business and how to ask your customers for great ones

In today’s episode of the podcast, I give you some practical tips you can implement into your business surrounding testimonials. I tell you why they are important, how to get them, how to get good ones, what questions you should ask and so much more!


·     Only 20% of people actually complete online courses they purchase. In my latest Follow Along Build My List course, 80% of the people who took part finished it!

·     Testimonials are so important for businesses because they build trust for potential customers.

·     Testimonials have evolved – you used to be able to do just put anything on your website and there wasn’t much proof. However, we now need that proof to be stronger that someone real has written it and experienced the product or service.

·     There are lots of different types of testimonials:

o  Written (includes name and business name) – these are the most basic type and you should always make sure to ask people that you can share them, along with their name and business name.

o  Written testimonials with photos are great because it shows it is a real person who has said it.

o  Social media testimonials – make sure you include a photo of them and tag them in your post.

o  Recommendation on LinkedIn – comes straight from their account so it instantly connects the testimonial to a real person.

o  Video testimonials – really important and effective. This can be mutually beneficial as if you share it on your platforms, they are getting exposure to your audience. You could ask them a question in Zoom and then edit the recording so it is just their answers.

o  Social Proof – someone saying something about you on their own social media. This is brilliant because they are sharing to the world how wonderful you or your product so their audience is getting to see it too. Social proof is also great because you then have content you can use and share.

·     Every time someone shares something about you or your product, screenshot it and pop it in a folder – you can then use them as testimonials.

·     Encourage social proof – ask for it, incentivise them with something like a prize draw, share any social proof you get.

·     Try to get testimonials that mention each of your products or services.

·     You should offer a variety of different types of testimonials.

·     If you don’t have any existing testimonials for a new product/course/service, try to use a testimonial you have with similar features or general ones about you and how you are to work with.

·     You have to give people a structure to follow when asking for a testimonial to make sure you are getting the right stuff out of it.

·     You need to make it as easy as possible for someone giving you a testimonial.

·     Things to ask for in your testimonial:

o  How did you feel before…

o  What inspired you to buy this product/course/service?

o  What made us stand out? (Why did they pick you)

o  What was the best thing about…

o  Why did they love working with you?

o  What did they get at the end – the result?

o  Why would you recommend to someone else?

·     Your task: Think of 3 customers you know loved what you did – ask them for a testimonial.


Most of your customers will be happy to give you testimonials, they just need a nudge in the right direction. Make it easy for them by encouraging them and giving them a structure to follow.


·     Why does my business need testimonials? 04:40

·     Different types of testimonials 07:05

·     How to get great testimonials 25:42


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