Why you should consider using Pinterest ads when marketing your small business with Precious Rodgers

Today’s episode of the podcast is an interview with Precious Rodgers who is a Pinterest marketing expert, helping established online coaches, services providers, content creators, and podcasters jump-start or enhance their Pinterest marketing strategies to skyrocket their visibility with or without Pinterest ads. We talk all about Pinterest marketing and Pinterest ads.




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·     Pinterest is a top eternal platform – it is a great place for people to find you.

·     As a business owner, you want your content to be found because more eyes on your content means you can grow.

·     Pinterest is a search engine, not a social media platform – people are there searching for your solutions to their problems.

·     Pinterest is at the top of the funnel.

·     You don’t have to specifically create content for Pinterest, you can repurpose content for Pinterest – driving traffic to your content from Pinterest.

·     Pinterest has social aspects such as comments and likes, but Pinterest does not aim to get to know you, it aims to get to know your content.

·     The success of your content has nothing to do with engagement activities, it is about your content.

·     Story pins is a new feature on Pinterest that is being rolled out – not about directing people elsewhere, all about the content.

·     Pinterest is there to help you find something and then leave the platform.

·     If you are using Pinterest for Business, hide your personal boards.

·     Try to keep pinning other people’s content to a minimum on your Pinterest business account as this changes your algorithm.

·     You can have a personal account and business account that you can switch between easily.

·     The life span of a pin is forever! Once something is on Pinterest, it can always be found. Content usually hits peak after around 3.5 months – you will not see an immediate reaction.

·     There is nothing you can post on Instagram and Facebook where people will still be finding it a year after.

·     When you promote blog posts on Pinterest, do not make them too long where people have to really look for the answers they want. Make sure your opt in pages and sign up pages are set up for cold traffic and quickly answers their pain point.

·     Pinterest traffic is very bouncy – users want to immediately know you are answering their problem.

·     Pinterest ads are the best way if you do not have patience and accelerate your growth quicker.

·     Pinterest ads mean you have to spend money in order to make money.

·     Pinterest ads do not optimise as quick as Facebook ads.

·     It is a good idea to build your organic strategy at the same time as running Pinterest ads.

·     Cost-wise, Precious recommends a $20 a day budget. You need to give Pinterest the money in order for your ads to be put in front of the right people. In the testing stage, you can start lower ($7-$10 per day) but aim to increase this.

·     Consideration campaigns – let your Pinterest ads run around 7-10 days to get a good idea before tweaking/testing it.

·     Conversion campaigns – give it 10 – 14 days before making any tweaks.

·     Pinterest ads allow you to build an audience via a ‘Pinterest tag’ (similar to the FB pixel), your email list, website traffic, retargeting or your product sales list.

·     You need to set up your Pinterest tag right away – that way it can track people who go to your website and interact with your content.

·     Pinterest ads do not require copy – they use keywords instead. The important thing for your Pinterest ads is the pin image and the keywords on that image.

·     Make sure to do your keywords research!

·     Get your funnel ready before you start your Pinterest ads – welcome sequence. You have to warm them up and nurture your audience.

·     Have a call to action on your pin image – then they know what they are going on to do next.

·     Don’t compare Pinterest ads to other platforms such as Facebook – your Facebook sales funnel may not work the same as your Pinterest one.

·     Audiences on Pinterest are different to other social media platforms.

·     You have to test and tweak your Pinterest ads, not just leave them!

·     You can retarget people on Pinterest via your Facebook ads and vice versa – they will be seeing you everywhere!

·     Pinterest ads help your pins to be seen by more people and saved, which will then organically help the pin even after you have stopped running the ad – it is the gift that keeps on giving!

·     Don’t put all your eggs in one basket – make sure you have a backup plan.




Pinterest is a search engine, not a social media platform.




·     An introduction to Precious 06:29

·     Why we shouldn’t be ignoring Pinterest 10:03

·     Engagement on Pinterest 13:45

·     Pinterest for Business 18:55

·     Promoting Blog Posts on Pinterest 22:55

·     An overview of Pinterest ads 26:12

·     What to do before using Pinterest ads 35:00

·     Common mistakes when running Pinterest ads 40:28

·     Using Pinterest and Facebook ads together 44:55




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