Your Best Year Yet: Goal Setting for 2024 + Free Workbook for Your Success

Today’s episode of the podcast is all about making sure you are in a position to set your goals for 2024; so if you haven't set yours yet, or you need to add detail to the ones you have, then this is the episode for you!

I delve into how you can ensure that the goals you set are based on what YOU want, what YOUR business is, and what season of life YOU are in.

And the best bit?

This episode comes with a free goal setting workbook, that you can fill in whilst you listen or at a later date!

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  1. The questions you need to ask yourself before you set your goals
  2. The questions to ask yourself during the process of setting your goals
  3. How to break your goals down into actionable steps and avoid self-sabotage



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Welcome to the Your Dream Business Podcast. I'm your host, Teresa Heath Wareing, an international bestselling author, award winning speaker, TEDx speaker, certified coach, and the host of this number one ranked podcast. I am so excited to guide you on the journey of creating a business and life that you not only love, but one that perfectly aligns with you and the season of life that you're in.

In each episode I'll share with you easy, actionable, and insightful strategies to grow your online business. Plus we'll be diving into some mindset tools and strategies that keep you focused, motivated, and are going to stop you from getting in your own way. So if you're a course creator, membership owner, or coach, you are in the right place. Let's get started.

Hello and a really warm welcome to this week's episode of the podcast. And as always, I'm your host Teresa Heath-Wareing. How are you doing today? So I am coming to you with a solo episode today because we are midway through January. And I want to do a quick check in with you to see if you have given some thought to what you want to achieve this year and whether you have set your goals and planned out what they are and how you're going to actually plug them into your day to day life to get them to be achieved.

So what I thought I would do is, as you well know, this is my jam. Like, if you're new to the podcast, if this is the first time you're listening to an episode, welcome. I am so grateful to have you here. But I am all things goal setting. Like I love this stuff. I am a qualified coach and part of that coaching that I offer and what I do is in and around goal setting.

And this is something I have done myself for a really long time. So. I am a big fan of it. It's proven to work for me. It's really helpful for me. Now, I'm not saying that everybody will find it useful or helpful. Some people are super creative. They might not want to set goals. But for me, one of the reasons you do is that you have a kind of true north, a guiding star as to where you are trying to get to.

And if you don't know, and there's the analogy of like, you know, it's like having a map, no idea where the destination is that you could just waste your time going around and running circles because you're not entirely sure where you're trying to head. And that's exactly how I feel when we do goal setting.

And when we run a business, what is it that we actually really want? Now, one of the things I am super passionate about is making sure that these goals are based on you, what you want, what your business is, and what season of life you are in. Because that makes a humongous difference to the goals. It's all well and good watching other entrepreneurs, other business owners and think, Oh, well, they have achieved this.

They think that this is a version of success and therefore that's the version I should go after. But actually that might not be what you want. And depending on your season of life, it might not be appropriate for right now. It's not to say that you never want to earn X amount of money, or you might not want a huge team, or whatever it might be.

But right now, is that right? Is it fitting with you, your family, your needs, and like I said, the season of life you're in. And by season of life, what I mean is What is important to you right now? Is it that you have young children and you need to be present for them? Is it, I know one of my friends, their child is going through exams.

So actually come the summer, it's going to be a real tricky time for them. So they need to put that into consideration. 2023. It was a huge growth year for me from a personal point of view. And that season of life actually meant that I didn't put as much into my business as I would have liked, but it was the right thing to do to invest that time into me and getting me to where I am today.

And all that will come clear. I'm going to be doing an episode very, very soon on that as to what happened. But goal setting is super, super important for me to kind of look and attract and go, where am I trying to head to? What is it I want out of the business or this year or. And again, it's not about seven figure launches working from a beach.

Now, if that's what you want, great, let's go for those goals. But just because other people go for those goals, you don't have to do the same. Yours can look very, very different and that is fine. So what I thought I would do today is this year I actually tweaked my goal setting worksheet that I do with my clients and my members and within the executive club, my mastermind.

So I thought I would give you an opportunity to download a goal setting workbook, which I have put together really, really quickly. So don't expect like the most beautiful of landing pages, but I've put together a goal setting workbook. And in this episode, I'm going to talk you through some of those exercises in there.

And if you have the workbook, great, you can download it and maybe listen along. Or if you just want to listen and make notes in a notebook, then absolutely fine. Or if you just want to listen and do it in your head as you're driving or getting ready or whenever you listen to this podcast, then that is fine.

But I do think it's super important to spend a bit of time and I'm not going to dictate how long, but a bit of time giving this some thought and making a plan for 2024. So I guess I should start by telling you where you can go and get your free download. So if you head to, then you will find the free goal setting workbook, which you can work through with me as I'm speaking, or you can do it in your own time, or you can just listen to this podcast and make some notes in your head, like I said.

Okay. So the very first thing we do, and I know it feels a bit dull and a bit boring, and sometimes I get a little bit embarrassed, like, Having to take people through it again and again, because I think surely they know this by now. And it's not about, they don't know it. It's the fact of giving them space to do it.

We need to review what happened in 2023. Now, the only way we can improve, we can move forward. We can make changes is by understanding what happened in this last year. Now, the aim of this isn't to beat yourself up and be like, you know, well done, me didn't do as much as I said. The aim is to learn from it.

So the first thing we do, and the first thing you'll see in the workbook is what went really well this year. And this is like typical me, but when it was New Year's Eve, it was my daughter and my husband and I, and I almost did like a whole year review with them. I didn't get my workbook. And I did choose more fun questions, but we talked about what went well in the previous year for us.

So this is something that we do in our personal life as well as in the business and it was really good. It's really nice to remember what happens. Now for this bit I always go back through my phone or I go through my photos or I look at my calendar to remind me what happened this year because believe me when you're sitting down and reviewing the previous year.

That kind of January, February, March feels like a million years ago. And actually what's always fascinating is kind of looking at it and going, Oh, okay, gosh, that was all that time ago. And I'd forgotten that even happened. So what went really well this year? So make notes of them, what happened, what was really good.

Then we look at what didn't go as planned in 2023. And the reason we look at that is because we need to see where we didn't make the moves that we wanted to. And there could be a million reasons for this. It might be that you put it on the, in your goal setting, or you thought you were going to do something, or you tried to do something and it didn't quite go to plan.

And that's okay. You know, part of being a business owner is failing and getting back up again and failing and getting back up again. And if you think we can go through this entrepreneurial life and never fail and never have something go not to plan. Then we're really mistaken because that can't happen.

Every single year in my business I have a very long list of things that didn't go to plan. Now, you might not know that you might not see that. Look at it. Instagram. And I will talk about it because I do. However. there's always things that don't go to plan. So make a sort of a list of what didn't go to plan. And then the key bit to take from both of those sections, which is the next in the workbook is what did you learn this year?

So what did you learn by those two things? So the stuff that went really well and the stuff that didn't go so well, what did you learn from it? Because that's where we're going to be able to start making those shifts and changes going into 2024. It might be that you learn, actually, that was not that important to me.

So I'm just going to literally ditch it off. It might be that actually I did this and I got this. So if I want more, I need to do X, Y, Z. So what could you learn from those answers that you've already put in? And then the next question is, what do you plan to do differently in 2024? So those are the kind of setups in terms of like the main kind of review of the 2023.

The other thing I've put in this workbook that you can download is what marketing have you done? What worked, what didn't, and what do you want to do in 2024? Because this will help you understand the marketing kind of framework. Again, if you put a lot of time and effort into a particular marketing plan and it didn't work, then you probably won't want to do that exactly as it was for the following year.

You might, it depends. But then the key bit about this is doing the goal setting. So this is the whole point. You can't goal set for 2024 if you've not reviewed 2023. The other thing that's super helpful, and the reason I'm doing this episode is because, and I probably should have said this at the beginning, but come the 22nd of January, running through to the 26th of January, I am running an insider experience in the club.

And as part of that insider experience, I am doing some really cool sessions that will help you with all of this if you need some help. So one of the first things we're going to be doing in that week, which I was just about to talk about, hence why I'm mentioning it now. Is we're going to be doing a wheel of life. Now, this is the next thing I get people to do when we're doing this, these exercise, because before we can sit down and go, okay, we reviewed.

So you reviewed the previous year first, before we can decide what goals we want to set for this year, we need to have a look at where we are today and what the wheel of life does. If you've not done it before, or even if you have done it before, having that space to do it and run through that exercise with someone is really, really effective.

So. Okay. In that wheel of life, you decide the areas of your life that you want to look at. And I'll give you examples of this in the free session. And then we rate them and we look at what is it we really want from them and what is it that they are doing now. So let's say, I don't know, let's say your health, you rate at a 5 out of 10.

And so then I'll get you to think about, well, what would make it a 10 out of 10? So what would health, what would you like it to look like? As to why you only scored it five. And then once you know what you would like it to look like and where you are today, then we can take some actions and then we can set some goals as to how we can get further up that sort of sliding scale to 10.

So that's how we can then decide whether that's important enough to go into our goals. So, like I said, in part of part of the insider experience, we're going to be doing a wheel of life. I think we're doing that. In fact, I should probably find this out if I'm actually going to be speaking to you about this in this call.

So we are doing the mindset call on the Monday, the 22nd. We're doing it seven o'clock, 7 PM UK time, which if I was really helpful, I'd be telling you what time that is for Pacific and Eastern, two seconds. And I will go to the right link and I will tell you what time it is. Okay. So the mindset workshop is going to be 11 AM Pacific time and 2 PM Eastern time and 7 PM UK time.

So that first workshop, which is entirely free. The whole week is free is looking at the wheel of life, which is then going to get us ready for doing a later workshop, which is going to be on Thursday, the 25th of January at 4 PM UK time, 8 AM. Pacific time, 11 a. m. Eastern time, and this is going to be the goal setting section.

So, we are going to take some of your goals and I'm going to show you how to split them out over quarters and how to set quarterly goals. Because if we can split them out and set quarterly goals, then we can actually go to achieving them. The problem is when most people do goal setting, they literally just write annual goals and then they wait till the end of the year and then review them and go, Oh no, I didn't get them.

And they don't know why. And the reason is because you haven't given it the kind of, you haven't been paying attention to it all the way through the year, but also you haven't been breaking it down. And that's what we're going to be doing in that session. So not only will I be helping you set some of those goals, but also let's see how we can break them down so you can actually achieve them. Anyway.

So yeah, that's on Thursday, the 25th of Jan. And again, that's all free. Also, by the way, there is an amazing session on the Friday. I've pulled out all the big guns for this week on how to set pricing with confidence. So I know that pricing is a big thing and you might have one of your goals as. I want to increase my income, which might in turn mean you've got to increase your prices.

So how do you know if it's the right price? How do you know if people will pay for it? How do you know if you're too expensive, too cheap? Who should you listen to? So we're going to be going over all of that and that's going to be on Friday, 4 p. m. UK time, 8 a. m. Pacific and 11 a. m. Eastern. Okay, let me get back to the workbook and to the plan as to what we do.

So, like I said, naturally, the next thing you would do is a wheel of life to help you understand what parts of your life you want to change and improve and to decide then what goes on your goals. And We try and do goals between anywhere between kind of six and ten or twelve, like you get to decide your goals.

Now, what I don't want to happen is you to have twelve massive goals that quite honestly are going to completely overwhelm you. Again, that's really important. So you kind of want to balance. You don't want them too big. You don't want them too small. So the first thing we do is come up with the main goal headings and the main goal areas.

And we literally just in the workbook, it literally just says one goal, one goal, two goal, three. But the important bit is the breakdown of the goal. Now, the reason we need to break down the goal is for all of the reasons I've already said. One, we need to make it so that we specifically know what it is we're trying to achieve.

So having a goal that says I want to get healthy is not a goal because how do you know when you've achieved it? You don't. Like, what does that measure of getting healthy look like? Or I want to earn more money. Well, how much more money and how are you going to go about doing it? And that's why, like I said, People's goals often don't make it past the written right in the first goal down.

So in the workbook, what I give you is a goal deep dive. So in the goal deep dive, we look at whether it's an achievement goal or a habit goal. That's just so, you know, because obviously if it's a habit goal, you want to get it on your habit tracker. So one of my goals is to ensure that I am. I've started a new morning routine.

I will share that with you at some point, I'm sure, but to make sure I'm doing my morning routine. So that would be a habit goal and achievement goal for me would be to build my email list to a specific number or to launch a summit that I'm doing. So you would write your goal summary down. And then what I do is I get them to break into three mini goals.

And this way we can make sure that we can start to see where the actions are going to take place. So the example I give in the workbook is let's say you want to build your email list to a thousand subscribers by the end of 2024 so. That goal is the goal summary.

And then when I break it down, the three mini goals, which are more like the actions are, I might run ads throughout the year. That's mini goal number one.  Mini goal number two might be have three different lead magnets. Mini goal number three might be

make sure I post about joining my list. So those are more specific goals that are verging on actions in order to get you going with this main goal.

So. Then I get them to identify three next steps that they can take. Again, we want to make sure that we're actually moving forward. So not kind of like just, you know, I'm going to run ads throughout the year. Well, what is the next thing that I can do? And in an ideal world, this is where we start to break it down into the quarters, into the weeks, into the months.

So the next step with running the ads would be plan when I want to run ads. And research, what kind of ads to run. The next step for the different lead magnets would be review currently magnets and come up with ideas for new ones. Then the third one, which is make sure I post about joining my list. My next step would be adding posting to my email list and adding it to my habit tracker, because that might be a habit thing. Then in, once you've written down those three next steps, then we write a few more details.

So how will I know when I've achieved it? This helps you make sure that you've made the goal specific enough so that you will know how you've achieved it. So for me, I wrote when my list has grown and hit a thousand subscribers, because that obviously makes sense. And how will I feel when I've achieved it?

That's the next question. And the reason we do this is because when we can tap into emotions. It can really motivate us more than just literally seeing a kind of list of things. So I'll feel proud and happy that I'm growing my business and imagine, and, you know, in this, you can take your time over, but imagine how it feels to look at your email list at the end of the year and be like.

Oh my goodness, that's a thousand people on my email list. Like I couldn't fit those people in my house, you know, and that's the way I like to think about it. Then what I've put in the sheet is how might I self sabotage and how will I respond? And this is super important because we at some point are going to try and self sabotage even if we don't think we are.

And even if you think, well, I really want to achieve this goal. We still might sabotage ourselves. So what I want you to do at this point is to seriously think about, well, what could I do? And if I might do that, how am I gonna fix it? So let's say one of my ways I might self-sabotage is thinking that I don't have the budget for ads.

So how will I respond? Well, I'll make sure that I keep money aside for ads, no matter how little this is an investment. So when I start to panic and think, well, I haven't got money for the ads, then I'll go, no, this is an investment. You know, we've. Thought about this Teresa, you're going to do it. So then another way I might self sabotage or you might self sabotage if you, if this was your goal is not posting enough about your email list because you're worrying it will annoy people.

I hear this one a lot. So +then how will I respond? Well, I'll remind myself that I'm in business and I'm there to serve and I will add it to a habit tracker and make it more of a kind of achievement thing like, yay, well done me. I posted it today. And then the very last question on this breakdown on the deep dive is, Where are you starting today?

And this is super, super important because one of the key things about goal setting and about trying to achieve goals is you can't actually guarantee you're going to get the goal. If you are starting with an email list of 500, and you're trying to get to 1000. Unless you physically get 500 email addresses to sign into your list, you can't guarantee.

Now, that's why we break it down and we break down the next steps because your actions are going to help you get the goal, but it won't guarantee you the goal. So the reason we put, where are you starting today is because I want you to see how you've grown. I want you to see that even by the end of 2024, if you don't have those thousand people on your email list, but you've increased by 300 people.

Then that's still really amazing and you should still pat yourself on the back for that. So in that bit, I put my list is currently 350 people. Obviously this is just an example. And I have one lead magnet that I don't post very often. So you literally just make a note of where you are today, because then, like I said, when you go and review it. You've got a starting point.

So you can go, okay, well, I took these actions and this was the result I got. If I want a bigger result, maybe I need to take more actions, different actions, whatever it might be. So, like I said, that's the new deep dive that I put together and you can get that in a free goal setting workbook, which is at

And also at the back of that workbook, I've included just a little table for KPIs. So key performance indicators. So on here, I would include things like what are my podcast downloads? How many followers have I got? How many people are on my email list? What are my monthly sales?

And it's just a way for you to keep track of it. Remember, this is not a competition with anybody else. This is a competition against yourself and improving. And the only way we're going to know if we've improved is by looking at where we are today, making a plan, taking action, and then reviewing it at the end.

So I really, really hope if you haven't done your goals already, or if you want some help doing them, that you go ahead and download this freebie. Also do make sure you check out the insider experience. Like I said, we have got a whole host of amazing stuff coming up in there. Not just the ones I've talked about, but we've got the mindset workshop.

We've got a coaching call. So if you get stuck on anything or you want to talk about your business or need some coaching, you can come and do that with me on zoom. We can have a conversation. We've got a content hour with the lovely Becci who will help you with content for social media. We'll do a networking call, which means that you can get to share who you are and who your business is.

And of course, the more people who know about you and your business, the more chance you can get customers. Goal setting session, and then that training on how to price with confidence. Okay. I'm going to leave you to it for this week. The two important links are the download, which is, or if you want to join us for the insider experience,

And like I said, all that training is for free during that week. So let's get your year off to an awesome start. Okay. Have a wonderful week and I'll be back next week with an interview.

Thank you so much for listening to your dream business podcast. And if you loved this episode, then please feel free to go and share it on your social media or head over to iTunes and give me a review. I would be so very grateful.