Key Takeaways Covered In The Podcast

  • Try not to worry too much about what you’re pinning. Pinterest is about pinning what you like and if you want to Pin a cupcake recipe, Pin it! Whilst a niche is important, you want to give your audience what they need. That’s why they’re following you!
  • Pinterest is a visual search engine. You don’t go to engage with people, but rather to discover and dream.
  • Males is currently fastest growing demographic on Pinterest, so don’t rule it out if your business is geared towards men. Ultimately, a user’s feed will be geared towards them.
  • Although it may seem as though you need to create a pretty picture for Pinterest, often this isn’t the case. Yes, as a visual search engine it is important, it’s not the be all and end all.
  • If you have a product that you think is hard to market on Twitter, reconsider the content that you’re writing. There is an opportunity for everyone, just some may have to work harder.
  • If you’re using Pinterest for business reasons, you need to upgrade your account to a business account in order to comply with the terms of service. A business account will give you more features, lots of stats and use of promoted pins.
  • When designing your Pins remember that a high percentage of viewers will be viewing your Pins on mobile. If you can’t read the text or see the image clearly, the likelihood is they can’t either.
  • Although you can use large amounts of hashtags, it’s best to stick to 4-7 per post so you don’t take up your description space.
  • To draw more people to click through to your website, consider the different ways in which you can design your pins. Different images, text and quotes will attract different people so it’s important you’re creating 3-4 pins per piece of content.
  • Use other networks to push people towards your Pinterest account using ‘Pin it for later’ buttons.

The one thing you need to remember above all else…

Although people believe Pinterest is a lot of hard work and something they don’t have time to do, often it’s just adding in one more step to your process.

Highlights You Simply Can’t Miss

  • Introducing Jeff – 06:59
  • Pinterest As A Discovery Engine – 14:20
  • Pinterest For Men – 16:00
  • Using Rich Pins – 21:20
  • Using A Business Account – 24:20
  • How To Ensure Your Pins Are Noticed – 28:12
  • Using Group Boards 32:57
  • Finding The Time Use Pinterest 39:40

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