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This week’s episode is an incredible interview with Mike Stelzner, the creator of Social Media Examiner and Social Media Marketing World. As an expert in the social media marketing world, I wanted to speak to Mike to find out how he uses his platform to stand out in a busy industry. We look at what makes people successful, giving his formula for creating content that people will want to engage with.

Key Takeaways Covered In The Podcast

  • The speed in which social media moves is one of the biggest challenges for those working in a social industry, as well as those using social media to grow their business. Luckily, it’s starting to slow down.
  • You don’t have to be on every single social media platform. Instead, you need to ensure you’re putting your energy into the spaces where your customers are.
  • Social media is great when it comes to tracking your results. If you’re struggling to track your results, however, you need to ensure you’re making goals to ‘stop’ things as well.
  • If you want to stand out in a noisy industry is to understand exactly who you are trying to reach. Who is that somebody? What struggles do they have? What do they do? When you create something, remind yourself of the person you’re creating it for.
  • Once you know who you’re trying to reach, you need to ensure you’re creating content for that person. This could be a podcast, written word, video or live and in person. Think about what you’re best at.
  • If you don’t know what your customers want, ASK THEM. Once you have asked your audience, you need to see if their actions are matching their statements. Clear signs are the messages you receive from your followers.
  • Not everyone is supposed to be in your tribe.
  • If you’re not putting information out there, someone else is. You want to be the resource that people come to every single time they need information.
  • We should all be doing stuff that makes it easier for people to remember who we are.
  • The formula for success is ‘great content + other people – marketing messages = growth’. When it comes to your business you need to ensure you have amazing content, strong connections and less of a pitch. This is the Elevation Principle.
  • The best way to make an impact on someone in person is to meet them in person.

The one thing you need to remember above all else…

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to social media is be yourself. Successful people are authentic.

Highlights You Simply Can’t Miss

  • Introducing Mike – 6:00
  • Social Media is Ever Changing – 12:10
  • Tracking Your Results – 17:15
  • How to Stand Out in a Noisy Industry – 21:10
  • Creating Connections Through Details – 33:15
  • The Importance of Relationships – 37:38
  • The Future for Social Media Marketing World – 49:30

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