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If you are planning an event, I know the pressure you are under! You have so much to organise and finding that perfect lineup of speakers is crucial, especially now in the world of social media. You want to see your event hashtag trending on Twitter with attendees sharing what an amazing event it is, with comments, photos and quotes from the inspiring speakers.

Keynote Speaker

You want speakers that will entertain, educate and motivate the audience. You want the delegates to be talking about the event for weeks and months to come. And you want them ready to sign up to next years event, before this one is even over!

I get it.

And that is what I want too.

In Person Events

There is nothing more incredible than being on stage and seeing engaged faces looking back at you, laughing at your jokes and are constantly scribbling down useful takeaways that they can do when they are back in the office! Also getting the opportunity to see their faces as they get that lightbulb moment or when clarity hits; this is a true honour.

I love getting off stage and having a queue of people wanting to ask questions or thank me for the breakthrough they have just had. And seeing all the amazing social media posts I am tagged into, honestly I love it all.

“Teresa has an amazing presence on stage, and also gives really actionable advice that attendees can implement straightaway – that’s why we had to have Teresa at our event.”


Online Events

As a online business owner Teresa is more than used to speaking virtually. Throughout the pandemic Teresa continued to inspire, motivate and educate attendees from all around the world, either pre-recorded or live Teresa continued to bring all the energy and lightbulb moments through the screen. Teresa has all the equipment needed to provide a quality set up to bring only the best online experience to your audience.

During the pandemic Teresa spoke at many online events including one that was streamed to 104 countries around the world and to over 500,000 attendees.

Teresa In Brief

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What’s Teresa Like On Stage?

Teresa is one of those speakers that can captivate an audience, providing them with the latest knowledge, proven strategies and practical tips: all delivered in a friendly, fun and engaging way. Her passion for her subject area alongside her knowledge and years of experience is evident and captures the interest of any audience.

Teresa is a practical speaker, offering lots of quality content and loves nothing more than seeing the audience scribbling notes during the presentation and getting tons of takeaways.

Being a speaker is not just about
being on stage

I am super aware that my speaking engagement starts the minute I am announced. My team and I support you every step of the way, with social media promotion, pre-event interviews or videos if needed, helping you to fill those seats. To find more about what is included in my speaker package click here.

During the event I make sure I am present and available for Q&As, interviews, networking and more.

I love getting off stage and having a queue of people wanting to ask questions or thank me for the breakthrough they have just had. And seeing all the amazing social media posts I am tagged into, honestly I love it all.

We are in this together to make this the best event out there!

“Teresa was hired to give a keynote presentation at Converted 2017. Her presentation was impactful, entertaining, and provided our attendees with actionable insights they were able to put into motion immediately following the event. Feedback from Teresa’s session was overwhelmingly positive, and she even stuck around to network with attendees and answer questions following her keynote. Teresa is a digital marketing wiz, a class act, and a true joy to work with.”


Example Talks

Title: How to start and build your email list

Description: We all know why having an email list is important for our business, but how do we get started and then grow an email list full of potential customers? In this session I will walk you through my 5 step process to starting your email.

Key points:

– Discover how to attract the right people to your list.

– Find out what a lead magnet is and how to use it in your list building.

– Learn what email system might be right for you.

– Once you have a list discover what and when to email them

Title: How To Create & Market a Highly Converting Sales Webinar

Description: In this presentation you will discover my exact webinar process that I used to convert viewers to buyers. We will look at the whole process focusing on the live webinar itself and how to sell with ease.

Key Points: 

–  Why you should consider using webinars,  

–  How to maximize conversions at each step of the process – before, during and after the webinar

–  How to showcase your authority, meet objections, and get more engagement from your audience

–  How to sell without feeling like you are selling 

Title: Becoming a confident speaker and how speaking can build your business

Description:  You may not have ever thought of speaking on a stage in front of people or the thought scares you to death! Or maybe like me you love being on stage and want to build a speaking career. Either way this session is for you! In your business life you have to speak and get your message across and this session will help you do that.  

Key Points: 

– The impact speaking can have on your business 

– The story of how I went from speaking from 3 people to thousands

– How to get started with speaking

– How to get over the fear

Example Workshops

Title: What are limiting beliefs and how do they affect us and the success of our business

Description: In this practical workshop we will deep dive into how limiting beliefs can affect us and what we can do to change them.

Key Points: 

–  What are limiting beliefs 

–  How can they impact us and the success of our business 

–  Discover your own limiting beliefs and how we can overcome them.

Title: Setting your goals for business success

Description: In this session we will review where you are today, then put a plan together to help you get clear on what you want from your business, as well as look at the mindset to set you up for success.

Key Points: 

– Reviewing where you are 

– How to discover what do you want from your business 

– How to goal set 

– How to break down the goals into actions

– Mindset exercises to set you up to achieve your goals. 

Included In Teresa's Speaking Package:

“Teresa is an eloquent speaker who shares her knowledge willingly with her audience. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Teresa speak several times; she adapts her content to the specific audience, ensuring that it is at the right level. As an event organiser she’s a dream speaker, always keen to discuss who our attendees are, what they need and how she can deliver the most value.”


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