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This week we’re going to be talking about how we can motivate ourselves during these times to make sure we are still being as productive as we can. We are going to be focusing on personal development, and I am going to put together all the things I have learnt from various books (because I read A LOT!) and put them all together to give you all some tips on how you can manage your time better, and stay motivated!

Key Takeaways Covered In The Podcast

  • Write your goals down for this quarter – Be realistic considering the situation we are in, but do push yourself. Aim for 3-5 goals.
  • Don’t use this situation as an excuse!
  • We need to work smarter and harder during this time.
  • What will you do each month for the next 3 months to help you achieve those goals? Be specific!
  • Join my academy – Members are all benefitting right now from weekly coaching calls and the support we all give each other.
  • Get out of bed – Set a time for every day.
  • Get yourself ready every day as if you are going into the office or out to work.
  • Have a structured morning routine that you stick to every day.
  • Plan your day – What are you going to do? What 3 main things do you want to achieve in that day?
  • Start on the hardest thing first – Once you’ve done it, it’s done!
  • If you are not accountable, it is so hard to motivate yourself. Decide who is going to hold you accountable (Friend, Colleague, The Academy etc..)
  • Think about who are you doing this for? When you lose motivation, think of them!
  • Journaling can help get everything out of our head so you can get on with what you need to do.
  • Imagine exactly what your day is going to look like before it has started.
  • Time yourself – Set a timer for each task.
  • Watch, listen or read something that motivates you.
  • If something resonates with you, print it out or put it as your screensaver!
  • Give yourself a reward. Have something to look forward to when you have finished your tasks! (A bath, a nice dinner, a film etc..)Read More

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