Key Takeaways Covered In The Podcast

  • Think about everything that went well in the year, and how they made you feel. If you need to, scroll back through emails and social media and make a note of everything good that happened. At the same time, make a note of the things that didn’t go so well.
  • It’s also important to make a note of the things I loved in the previous year. These may be completely different to the things that went well, but it will give you a chance to see what you want to do more of in the year ahead.
  • When analysing your metrics, think about money. What did your business earn? Did you achieve your goal? What services made you the most money? How many customers have you sold to?
  • It’s also important to think about your social media numbers. How many followers have you gained? Has your engagement rate increased? How big is your email list?
  • When thinking about next year, think about what you want to be reviewing at the end of the year. How do you want your business to look? What do you want your personal life to be like? What would you like to achieve? Remember to dream big as nothing is out of reach!
  • Once you have thought of your goals, who do you need to be in order to make this happen?
  • It’s also worth thinking about what you need help with in order to achieve your goals.

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