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Teresa is focused, motivating, and inspiring. Her upbeat, go-getter energy is infectious and she is absolutely hilarious. Teresa is a treasure chest of knowledge. As a beginner in my entrepreneurial journey, I had no idea what to do.  If you were to ask me if Teresa is the right marketing professional for you, I would say "without a doubt!”

Alyssa Thompson

- Mindset Design for Moms

"Something magical happens when you work with Teresa. By the end, you feel like a marketing genius! She has this incredible way of breaking down a seemingly complex marketing strategy into a simple, digestible, and doable plan of action."

Mary Hyatt

- Life and Mindset Coach


Lesson One – Why webinars, in this first lesson we will look at why webinars can help you achieve your sales targets and how they fit in and around your general launch.
Lesson Two – I explain the 3 main sections you MUST cover in a webinar in order to help you convert your audience. We deep dive into the first section, which looks at how to start the webinar and what area you cover here that ensure your audience are in the right place and understand what you and your product/ service can do to help them. I also explain how to confidently mention the offer at this point, so there are no nasty surprises at the end.
Lesson Three – We deep dive into the last two sections of the webinar. The last section looks at how you introduce the offer natuarlly so the webinar flows and your audience feel like it the next natural step! I talk you through the all important sales slides and what you put on each so you can sell without feeling salesy.
BONUS – Getting your sign ups to attended the webinar is KEY! Which is why I am giving you my emails that I send prior to a webinar to encourage them to turn up live. You can swipe this copy and use it to get your signups to attend live to your webinar.
BONUS – There is nothing like seeing thing done in practise, which is why I am including a full recording of a previous live webinar I have done, so you can see all the steps I talk you through in action.
BONUS – Need help with the all important slides? I think you will be surprised how many you have, thats why I have given you a copy of my slide deck to inspire you and I have thrown in a copy of the webinar workbook that I send out.

Hi, I'm Teresa

Online Business Owner, International Award Winning Speaker, TEDx Speaker and international Bestselling Author.

Through smart strategy, clever marketing and mastering my mindset, I am now recognised alongside some of the world’s digital marketing thought leaders and am widely regarded as one of the UK's leading marketing influencers.

I have spoken on stages around the world including a TEDx stage and co-authored a book that hit number one in 9 categories across the UK, US and Australia.

And alongside all of this I have created a successful 6 figure online business and have a community of amazing and passionate business owners that I help to create a business and life they dream of!


How To Create A Highly Coverting Sales Webinar

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"Without Teresa’s help, I would have a course still not launched, in the dark about all the little things needed to launch and procrastinating from the overwhelm of doing it all myself."

Michelle Blais

- Branding, Graphic & Website Design

"Get ready! When you work with Teresa you are going to have your mind blown.
It was mic drop moment after mic drop moment."

Bentley Caldwell

- Men's stylist