Ready to create social media content for your small business with ease and fast?

I get it!

You are a busy business owner juggling all the work and you would love nothing more than a beautifully engaging and consistent social media presence! But let’s be honest, life is too short to spend hours trying to think about what to post and then create the post or find the perfect photo!

But you constantly find yourself looking at other people’s instagram and wonder how do they manage to show up every day and make it look so good!

“Another great investment for me. Teresa always create quality so there was no surprise that this was brilliant. Great images & very useful, time saving tips & tricks.”


What if...


“As soon as saw Teresa advertising the social media bundle I knew I had to have it and like everything Teresa does it is exceptional. The bundle is packed with inspiration and useable content and has inspired me to create some great social media posts that have created lots of engagement. I have only used a small part of the bundle so far but i know its a brilliant business investment and would recommend to everyone. Can't wait to use the rest of it!”



Canva Course

I have put together a mini course on how to use Canva and if you already know how to use it don’t worry I have something for you some awesome hacks that will save you time and improve the quality of your posts.

Social Media Templates

I have personally created 25 different social media Canva templates for you to tweak and use. You can swap colours and fonts so that they are consistent with your look and feel.

Story templates

We know that doing stories are important, but you might not always feel like putting your face on there, so I have created 25 story Canva templates for you!

Unique images

I have selected over 40 images that I have personally taken for you to use in your own marketing and social media these are Royalty Free and you won’t find these images on any stock site!


I know that coming up with ideas of what to post can be hard which is why I have included all of this!

And I am a self-confessed Canva addict.

Seriously for a business owner I spend way too much time creating and tweaking social media posts, workbooks or downloads. In fact it has been the one thing that I have struggled to outsource as my business has grown because I am so particular about it and I like to think I have a good eye for things and love nothing more than making things look beautiful!

After being in Marketing for 16 + years I know how important it is to not only have a presence online but to ensure that presence looks professional and is nice to look at!

Also after training and working with thousands of small businesses I know that this is one of the areas that people struggle with!

That’s why I decided to put this bundle together!




“The bundle came at a perfect time for me as I needed a break from thinking of content and what to put out there. With the bundle I have been reenergised without scratching my head all the time. I could easily use this to come back to when I'm feeling lost and need of direction. I loved the stock images, they fit in really well with my business”


Wondering if this is for you?

If you are a busy small business owner, social media freelancer, coach or personal brand, and you would rather be spending your time on doing other things in your business or maybe putting your feet up for a minute rather than thinking of what to post on social media then this is for you. 


Although you might have seen these types of bundles before and maybe even bought one but then realised there is not much you can use! And the ideas weren’t that good. 


So what makes this different?


I created everything in the bundle and I create my own social media. So if you have ever looked at my social media and thought I wish mine looked like that – this is for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

No problem I have put together a Canva basics video which will show you what it is and how it works.

No not necessarily, everything I have used in the templates are available in the free version. However I do have a paid version of Canva and would say it is well worth the money! 

So these are images that I have taken and used in my own social media. I have picked ones that are as generic as possible and don’t have me in it (other than the odd hand) As I am a female some of the images are more feminine, however there is a good mix in there. 

All these images are taken and owned by me and once you have bought the bundle I give you permission to use them for your own marketing and social media as needed. 
They can not be sold on or used as part of a product or give away they are for your own use only. 

All the templates have been designed so that you can change the colours and fonts as needed and to ensure it is consistent with your own brand.

Within a few minutes of buying an email will be on its way to you with login details and everything is there waiting for you. 

No there is no refund offered with this product.
The bundle is for use in your business only, if you work with clients and you think the bundle will benefit them then a separate subscription must be purchased for each client/account.
Unless they have their own copy you can not use the bundle for other peoples, businesses or social media accounts.
Ready to get started?